Satellite L670 - unable to connect to the Bluetooth


I am trying to connect to the bluetooth on my Satellite L670. The driver is downloaded but it not to finalize the installation. He's always asking to connect to the laptop computer, a bluetooth device.
This laptop have bluetooth? If this isn't the case, I can use a USB bluetooth (all?) to connect a bluetooth device.

Thank you for your support



> This laptop have bluetooth?
What model of L670 you have exactly?

You can check the specifications of the laptop on the official page of Toshiba.

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  • Satellite L650 - unable to connect to the public network (has no valid IP address)


    Toshiba satellite L650 laptop computer (with windows 7 64-bit), I bought two days back and I'm unable to connect to the public network. Sometimes, it must be connected to the public network and after a few minutes it disconnects. I get the message "wireless network doesn't have a valid IP configuration him."

    I have visited many forums and did everything, but of no use.

    1. people with disabilities the tcp/ip V6 of the registry.
    2. the DHCP is enabled. With the help of the automatic IP (DHCP)
    3. also tried with a static IP configuration.
    4. uninstalled the antivirus provided with laptop computer (Norton).
    5 disabled the windows firewall.
    6. restored to factory settings.

    I called Toshiba Tech support as well and they have suggested that it may be a problem of H/W but I don't think that so that it can be hardware problem because sometimes he must be connected to the public network. Now I'm left with no option except return the laptop to Toshiba (I'm less interested in this because I know that sending laptop for replacement will be more frustrating).

    Can someone please give some other suggestions for this problem?


    Can you connect to your home WIFI router correctly?

    If you have problems with the public network connection, you should ask the owner of these networks. Usually, there is always a contact, you can ask if you have any problems with the connection.

    What you can try is updated WLAN driver from Toshiba's official website:

    If it doesn't work, ask the person contact I mentioned.

  • Unable to connect to the bluetooth control server file not copy files

    original title; CELKON MOBILE A95 device MODEL

    Not able to connect to the Bluetooth server control File and not able to copy files from the laptop to the phone's memory card. My laptop is HP 430 and Windows 7 Ultimate edition.

    Urgently need a solution.

    You receive an error?

    Try to run Windows Update and install all updates.

    Visit the HP Web site:

    And install all the drivers for your laptop, you coul also contact HP support from there.

  • Satellite L20: Unable to connect to the internet using mobilephone & dongle BT Mecer

    Hi all

    Mine is an edition of Satellite L20.
    I recently installed XP Professional Service Pack 3. I connect to internet using my USB cable with my Sony Ericsson C702 (use the phone as a modem).

    Since there is no bluetooth built into my laptop.
    So, I bought a Mecer bluetooth dongle. I installed the bluetooth software. Can I transfer data between my laptop and my mobile phone via bluetooth.

    Now the problem is I can not connect to the internet via bluetooth. I opened my bluetooth IVT software and paired my laptop and mobile computer. Then I opened my Sony ericsson suit and looked for my mobile finds, my mobile and still once he pairs with my cell phone and when he tries to connect with my mobile phone its shows "device cannot be detected, try again." I tried to reconnect, not matching and pairing it several times, but no use.

    I also found one thing, just after it displays "Device cannot be detected," a pop-up message "SEPCSuite.exe has encountered a problem and closes the window with options."
    1) send to microsoft
    Including 2) send.

    What can we do to fix this problem?

    No idea...?

    See the website of your provider of Bluetooth software to help. This forum is for Toshiba Software only.

  • Satellite L510 - unable to connect to the mobile phone

    Hi, I have a question and hope to get a solution for everyone! I use Satellite L510 run with Windows vista but the problem is that I can't connect my bluetooth with nokia 5230!

    It can connect to the nokia 7610 and 7610 connect to 5230 also no problem. So I'm just wondering why the laptop can not pair with my 5230! Thank you!

    What error message do you have? What is the last message on the side of the phone before the error occurred?

  • Satellite L670 - unable to connect to my 802.11n WLAN router


    I have a new Satellite L670 with Windows 7 Home Premium. With this laptop I can connect to my network 802.11 g WLAN. Everything works very well. Now I wanted to connect to my 802.11n wlan (router: linksys wrt610n) but it does not work. Laptop can't see the network (ssid) and it does not work if I entered the ssid manually too. The network works with my mac mini perfectly if it is not a failure of the 802.11n.

    I have updated all drivers from the laptop, all the updates that are installed under windows and I tested the driver broadcom broadcom itself (once the driver from toshiba Web site and the other driver from broadcom site) but nothing works. Laptop can't see the ssid and a manual configuration do not work too.

    Can someone help me pls?

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    What Satellite L675 you exactly and what WLAN card there?

    On the Web from Toshiba site, I saw some L675 models they support project t N n

  • Satellite A60: Unable to connect to the internet via a modem - no dial-up

    In my Satellite A60, WinXP Home, when I try to connect to the Internet via the modem of Toshiba, I get error 6: handle not valid, and after a few attempts, I get error 50: all devices connected / request not supported.

    Device Manager / network / card Asynchronous RAS displays an error (black exclamation point on a yellow background).
    The driver is asyncmac.sys = MS Access Remote network serial driver.

    I have:
    -tried to uninstall the RAS asynchronous card, but no luck, didn't say it may be necessary to start
    -modem uninstalled / reinstalled
    -update of Windows XP through windows update
    -update of the bios / modem / network drivers from Toshiba

    No luck, the RAS asynchronous card error is still there.

    Any suggestion?
    Thank you
    Alessio - Italy

    I think that this problem is Windows XP and map Asynchronous RAS, not the modem.
    The modem correctly composed the number, negotiates the user and the password, and then I get error 6 and 50.
    On the internet I found this tip for uninstalling and reinstalling the RAS asynchronous card:
    I followed the instructions and run RArepair.exe.
    It uninstalls and reinstalls the map Asynchronous RAS, but RAS is still in error (the yellow field in the Device Manager).

  • Satellite A500 - unable to connect to the WLan

    I'd like someone to help me.

    Have recently bought a satellite A500.
    I'm new in the world of laptops so I'm wrong.
    I connected to a router via a modem, the two netgear, the news.

    Had the two config for my network. Works well as long as ethernet is connected to the router of computer.

    My wireless icon on the front of the laptop is orange.
    If this should be green as the router?

    Pressing FN f8 it tell me wireless is connected.
    When I remove the ethernet cable it tell me to fix the problem, I need to plug in the ethernet cable.
    But I want to go wireless, I'm sure I'm missing something.

    Rang netgear but after that my router and it is not connected to wireless technology they could help me more.
    I use windows7.

    Thanks to anyone who can help me.

    > My wireless icon on the front of the laptop is orange.
    > Should it be green as the router?

    The WLan led can only be ON or OFF. If the light comes on (any color) then it means that the Wlan switch is on!

    It seems that the WiFi is enabled. In this case, you will need to properly configure the WiFi network.
    You can use the own WLan settings in Windows or a Wlan configuration tool like Intel ProSet utility.

    First need choose the right SSID (wireless network name), right of encryption (WEP, WPA, etc.) and password encryption.
    Please note that all of these parameters should be the same on the router WLan and WLan configuration software!

    Please check if the firewall does not affect the connection to the internet as well!

    PS: make sure you use the latest version of the WLan driver
    Here you can find the drivers:

    In addition, search and read comments here on the forum!

  • Satellite L300 - unable to connect to the wireless network

    I have a NETGEAR router and a Toshiba Satellite L300 laptop HP DV2000.

    The HP can connect to my wireless network and also my neighbors network next door (which is not secure)
    However, the L300 can only connect to the network of my nextdoor neighbour even if it can 'see' the NETGEAR network.

    I changed the security from WPA to WEP up to now no security at all, and it seems not to matter.
    The strange thing is that my L300 CAN connect to a wireless network, but not mine!

    And my wireless network works as I can connect from my HP laptop.
    On the L300 it shows 5 bars on the NETGEAR is not a problem of weak signal.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Try changing the WLAN settings on your router. Compare the WLAN settings on the settings of your laptop and the router.

    Test it with standard B on both devices.
    I mean if your laptop can see neighbours WLAN card wireless network in the laptop must be OK.
    I really thing all is due to wrong WLAN settings.

    Play around with that sort of thing.

  • Satellite L - unable to connect to the internet

    My laptop for some reason any does not connect to the internet!
    When I run diagnostics it says that there is something to do with the Windows Firewall, but when I have my remarks with the firewall that it used to always let go me on the Internet even if a connection is present.
    Restore factory will help?

    I also have the restore CD/DVD thing, but I'm a bit confused as the product key on the bottom of the laptop is different than at the back of the CD case.
    At first I thought that it would be grandpas CD/DVD as it also has a Toshiba Satellite but when I compared its product key on the CD/DVD was different.
    Is how important it?
    If this is not the case, when restoring to factory settings what product key can I use the CD/DVD or on the bottom of my laptop?

    Please help I need 2 fix this problem quickly, as soon as possible!


    If you want to install the operating system and to have the factory settings, again, you must not enter the activation key. It is already enabled for your laptop model and you can use it so often desired. Please don't be confused on this issue. Everything is OK with him.

    What about your Internet connection?
    As you wrote: for some reason any does not connect to the internet!
    If you do not know the reason how should we know it. ;)

    If the network adapter is properly installed, I guess some false parameters are responsible for this.

  • Satellite P750: Unable to connect to the other PC with WLAN

    Satellite P750 was working fine until yesterday.

    Today, when you use the Atheros AR9002WB-1NG wireless adapter I can't connect to the other pc on the network.
    However, I can connect to the internet ok.
    Other pc can not see me either.

    * When I use wired everything is ok *.
    I tried to stop the antivirus and firewall, but it made no difference. I reinstalled the drivers and etc. shares checked file.

    Can anyone help please?


    You should enable the option called Ad-hoc to peer option in your WLan settings!
    Go to network connections
    Select connections-> properties-wireless
    Add the new network
    Here you must configure this (insert SSID, encryption, and password), and don t forget to check this is a computer-to-computer (ad hoc) network

  • Re: Satellite L770 - unable to connect to the WiFi N project

    I can connect when I set my router "mixed b/g/n" but only 54 Mbps but if I change the router 'one n' while I can find the network but cannot connect. My most old laptop, Satellite L500D can connect mode "n" without any problem. These are the only devices connected wirelessly and the problem persists if old pc is turned off. In the interface of the routers, I see my connection has / g, older Satellite mode shows n mode as it should.

    Drivers are updated, router D - link DIR - 615 with the latest firmware.

    Hi JP75,.

    What exactly happens if you try to connect to the router N project? You get an error message or what happens?

    It is not easy to say why the works of N doesn't correctly project but first of all, I would try a driver WLAN official Portal of Toshiba:

    Is it in eco mode / normal too?

  • Satellite L500D - unable to connect to the hotspot free

    I have Satellite L500D and when I connect to the freedom of a hotspot Wi - Fi with no pc security says connected without an internet connection. As PC is brand new, I have ran troubleshoot-made said something on the cards to reset but no result. PC poster networks, connects but won't give internet.
    I see girls download via vUtiliser, but do not download.

    Please help I won't feel stupid if I missed something stupid.

    Hey Buddy,

    Can connect you to your WIFI router at home?

    Usually for these free hotspots you need a key of the owner to access the Internet or the MAC address must be allowed.
    In addition, the correct TCP/IP settings should be used as well.

    I put t know how this works exactly, but if you have problems, you should ask the owner of this hotspot WIFI free. Generally, they can give you more details about this.

  • HP TouchSmart 15z-g000: unable to connect to the Bluetooth

    The only way I can see the bluetooth on my laptop is if I go to Services and click Bluetooth support Service. Bluetooth does not appear in Device Manager. Bluetooth support service is running and is configured to run automatically. This icon does not appear in my Center of the Action and I can't pair a device through the connection option. I installed the drivers from HP.  I also tried all the other fixes that I could find on HP forum. My cell phone has been upgraded to Windows 10 Windows 8.1.


    I use this one.  Also works with W10.

  • Unable to connect to the bluetooth mouse "make sure that your mouse is still detectable.

    Original title: Bluetooth mouse

    I have an of travel Dell WM524 wireless mouse that uses bluetooth 3.0, but I had to reset my computer and after I did I can not connect my mouse. I try to add the device to bluetooth devices and it seems, I select it and click Next, and then he said: "that has not worked. Try again and make sure that your mouse is still detectable." My mouse is right by my laptop and I'm under window 8. All solutions?

    I had the same problem but I found the fix after weeks and weeks of searching, note this work only if you are running windows under bootcamp or dualboot with other os

    all he need do is désapparier the Bluetooth on any other place you have paired it with.

    for me am running windows under bootcamp and I had my bluetooth mouse and a bluetooth keyboard paired under osx.

    Once again, if you have the device paired to another operating system via bootcamp or dualboot please disable pairing it.


    1. remove the battery of the device

    2. turn off windows and log in other os

    3. Remove/désapparier the bluettoth device

    4. If you have mac os remember to do the following

    "Click OK on top of your mac, click on go to folder, type the following ' com./Library/Preferences/com'", delete this file, turn off Bluetooth and now restart in windows ".

    tadáaáá I hope this helps someone :)

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