Satellite L670 - unrecognized USB keys

I have a Toshiba Satellite L670 with Windows 7 64 bit Home Premium edition.

Recently, I bought 3 keys usb SanDisk Cruzer, 2x8Gb, and 4 GB. Have you tried multiple USB ports on this computer, but the same result. The computer recognizes that the SanDisk Cruzers, because it makes the sound when the USB drive is plugged into the machine, but it does not appear on the file manager or Explorer windows of this machine, so can not use the USB.

I moved that the USB stick to a two other machines of Windows 7 (Home Premium version). The USB is immediately recognized by the Office else opens and is available in the windows Explorer, with no problems. I found a temporary solution of desconecting my Toshiba of the cable of power supply and after reboot, the sticks are recognized, but only for 10-15 minutes.

very delicate situation, please help!



Well, if the USB is recognized from another computer USB sticks seem to be ok and it must be a problem of your laptop.

Have you checked the Device Manager if all USB ports are recognized correctly or is there a yellow exclamation mark in the Device Manager on the USB ports?

I had a similar problem with the USB ports, so I removed all the USB ports in Device Manager (right click > uninstall) and then I rebooted the computer. After that, the ports have been recognized again and I could use my USB devices again. :)

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    After upgrading my bios Toshiba Satellite C640-10F (PSC02E) to WIN 2.00, I can't boot the laptop using USB key, when I checked the BIOS with F2, I was stunned because the USB port connected to the laptop has been labeled as FLOPPY drive. Y at - there no possibility to downgrade the BIOS?

    Thank you

    Stand by.
    Set the BIOS to default and after restarting, use F12 to get into the boot menu.
    USB option is available there?
    What is saved on your USB device? I mean why do you want to use device USB to boot from it?

  • Satellite L30 - unrecognized USB device

    I am a pc novice, trying to help my mother to fix his Toshiba satellite L30 series.
    None of the usb ports seem to work. They all worked very well before.

    A printer is installed on this computer seems to be the only change, and it worked for a while.
    When he stopped it appeared to turn off the dvd/cd player and I had to download new drivers to do this, which now works fine.

    But when I plug anything into the usb ports, they come with the annoying "device not recognized" I clicked on the message that does nothing. "
    I restarted and disconnected from the.

    I reloaded the printing software and removed and reloaded it several times.
    I've removed all the usb ports and restarted it if they are reloaded.
    Nothing is known about the ports not even the mouse, she had used before. I hope someone can help.

    As I said I'm a newbie to pc and I dare say use a mac, so please talk to Slowey! Thank you all.


    I think that you need to reinstall the chipset driver:

    * Note *, I found in this forum that drivers from the chipset built into the display driver, then I guess you have to install the display driver.

  • Satellite L670 - missess keyboard keys

    Hey all, had this problem since the new - November 2010.

    I've seen several threads on the same issue, but above all, all have been solved by an update of the BIOS.

    I did this update of the BIOS when it came out and everything was fixed.
    So long that I have been using an external keyboard, but I decided to unplug the unit yesterday and once more the problem occurred.
    It took about 3-4 minutes to type while it should take me less than a minute.

    Here is an example of a sentence:
    "I have a keyboard problem which is irritating a me lot"-FIXED
    "I am avea keyoard isue wich is irriatin me a lot"-RAW

    Thank you


    You have installed an additional driver for this keyboard? If so, I would recommend removing this driver. For external mouse and you n t need special keyboard drivers, the internal Windows driver is enough and can be used for this.

    In addition, enter the BIOS setup and load the defaults (F9 key). Then save settings and exit the BIOS.

    It works again?

  • U940-108 satellite starts from USB pendrive

    My laptop does not start by Satellite U940-108 USB key. I tried all USB connetors, I also change the boot order in the BIOS but still continue to start windows 8

    Proceed to a complete stop and after starting your laptop press F12 again to enter the BOOT menu.
    There you should find USB boot option.
    I assume you have created a USB recovery media so that media can be started on this path and you can install the recovery image on this path.

  • Satellite L670 Fn keys do not work after the upgrade to Windows 10


    I ve upgraded my Win7 L670 to Win10. After upgrade do not work key Fn. is it possible to recover the functionality of these buttons in Windows 10.



    Each cell function requires special tools and utilities.
    In the case of FN keys, Toshiba software controls this feature.

    But as far as I know that the Satellite L670 won't get any utility Windows 10 so probably this key will not work running Win 10.

    Here the details on the 10 Windows upgrade:

  • Satellite L300D - how to restore factory default and USB key?


    I need urgent help. I got an error on my laptop and I lost my recovery disc, so I borrowed a friends disk by mistake. I deleted the partion that everything has been installed on.
    Can someone please help urgently? I have all my files on a USB key and really need to give a presentation on my laptop by Thursday September 23. Can someone please? I read about a secret partion on laptops to default factory default

    concerning Ross

    Hi elrossco22,

    What Satellite L300D, you have exactly and are - this a European model?
    If yes try to access the Windows Advanced Boot menu and choose fix my computer. Then, you can start the recovery of HARD drive feature.

    If this isn't the case, you need a new Toshiba Recovery disk to restore to factory settings. You can order such a drive here but it s for European models only:

  • Satellite L670 - Windows 7 cannot format a USB flash drive


    Can anyone help? I also try to format a USB drive on my Toshiba Satellite L670 Windows 7 but he repeats to me windows cannot format.

    Can you confirm that Windows on another PC or laptop do the same thing?

  • Satellite L670-1EE - reinstallation of Win 7 - key not readable series


    I bought a Toshiba Satellite L670-1EE January 2011
    Now the system completely crashed and I need to reinstall from scratch.

    My problem is, that the first 5 digits of the product key Microsoft are not readable.

    Are there opportunities to get the key, or can I use a special image of Toshiba to retrieve?

    I can't access the installed windows, fails to start, I tried a recovery with a DVD of victory but it didn't work, so I need to reinstall it.

    > My problem is, that the first 5 digits of the product key Microsoft are not readable.
    This key cannot be used as part of the new Windows 7
    It is an OEM key that belongs to the image of Toshiba. For the most part, these keys don't work.

    The point is that Toshiba preinstalled system has already been activated in the image of the Toshiba.
    But there is no need to be activated after the recovery procedure.

    So if you want to use the own system of Windows, you must purchase a license from Microsoft.
    In case you want to use the image of Toshiba, you must use the Toshiba Recovery disk that probably, you have not created in the past. Right?

    In this case, there is another option: you can order this disc from here:

  • Re: My Satellite L350 does not recognize USB key

    I have a Toshiba Satellite L350-235. It suddenly stopped recognizing my usb key that I use every day. Normally, he would say "new hardware found" and allow me to click on the F drive, now I get nothing!

    Can someone advise me?

    I guess that the USB ports are working properly if you connect another device; something like USB mouse. Right?

    In my opinion, you should test the USB in USB ports.
    You can also try to remove the USB controllers and hubs from the Device Manager list.
    After restarting of new laptop, (ports) USB controllers must be recognized, and then you could connect and test the USB again.

    In the event that the USB is not recognized by one of the available USB ports, try to connect to another USB key.

  • Satellite M40-237: CD Boot does not not + is possible startup USB key drive

    * Model: Satellite M40-237 (PSM40E) *.

    I decided to reinstall windows, my hard drive is now formatted. So as usual, boot from the Windows CD is necessary to start the instalation but it does not start. I never had problems like this, always worked boot. It's as if there is no bootable CD in the drive (but it is bootable and it works on another PC).

    -J' have the latest version of the BIOS
    -The BIOS detects the optical drive and everything is ok, HARD is the ODD main drive is secondary
    -J' tried selecting the boot priority, with F12 and/or the BIOS setting but it works anyway

    What could be the problem here? Drive does not properly (hopefully, that and not something worse)? I had some problems with the drive I have (...) before, but it reads the disc normally and as I said start was working fine before. I cleaned the lens a bit, disconnected it and it put. Is there something more, what can I do?

    I'll try to find someone who has the player that fits so I can try with that one, but who knows when is what will be.

    Now, here's the second question, which I've linked to this. Because my laptop is practically useless now (I can't install anything), is it possible to boot from a:
    (a) optical drive USB external
    (b) USB flash drive

    BIOS on this laptop has no USB boot option, it has HARD drive / CD / floppy / network. But I red somewhere this FDD = USB legacy emulation is enabled.

    If that is correct, I should just plug in the USB key and select FDD as boot option? If I can't find a USB optical drive, I thought make it bootable USB flash drive and copy the installation of windows xp on it. So once it starts in DOS I start just the installer from the key.


    First I must say that the initialization of memory flash USB (USB key) is not possible and you shouldn't t waste time to try this.

    With regard to your reader of CD/DVD boot problem
    Well, it s really strange, it sounds a bit like a sort of master/slave/c-salt settings problem. But generally, you should get an error IDE (#0 or #1) if one of the devices (ODD or HARD disk) would not be recognized?  :|
    This whole thing seems mysteriously
    There may be a firmware issue

    Several months ago a friend of mine was not able to boot from the CD.
    He went into the BIOS and set the BIOS default settings.
    This has contributed to

    This is a suggestion, but I'm really putting t know if it helps.

  • Satellite L670-134 - how to boot from a USB?

    Hi all

    I have been carried out by the facebook virus and have to re - install my system using a system recovery on a USB drive (bootable stick).

    My system:
    Hardware: Computer laptop Toshiba Satellite L670-134
    Software: Win7

    The Bios shows that the possibility to choose between:

    No usb!
    Please advise as soon as possible.
    Your support is most appreciated. Thanx

    Did you check that once the USB has been connected to the laptop?
    Please connect the USB stick to the USB port laptop s (check all) and then turn on the device and access the BIOS settings.

    Alternatively, you can press F12 while turning on the laptop in order to get the menu boot device

  • C870-191 satellite - how to start on a CD or a USB key?


    I would like to know how to boot from a CD or a USB key.
    My computer is a Toshiba laptop Satellite C870-191.
    I saved a new order of starting on the BIOS screen, but it does not work as expected.
    Your sincerely,.

    When you start your laptop press F12 repeatedly to enter the boot menu. There, you can choose which device should be used as first boot device.

    Check it out.

  • USB key used in iMac unrecognized by any other device

    Hi all, I recently encountered a problem using USB keys with my iMac 2010 10.11.3 running OSx.

    My iMac will recognize UBS sticks and allow me to save documents and files for them, but when I insert into any other device (e.g. a few friend PC and Macs, professional printers to Officeworks etc.) the USB stick is not recognized and does not see the same on their system.   Then when I insert the USB in my iMac, it is recognized immediately as well as its content.

    Before that, I was able to share files and documents with family, friends and clients on USB with no problems at all.

    I tried a variety of different USB keys (old and new) and what is happening to all of them, whatever the brand, age, size, etc.   Is produced only for a few months and at first I was in denial and thought that it was my friend PC, but now I see that it is certainly a problem with my iMac.  He may have started happening around the same time that when I upgraded to IE Captain earlier this year.

    Any ideas please?

    Thank you.


    The fact that this happens with different computers suggests that the problem could be the configuration.

    Go to Applications/Utilities/Disk utility. Insert your flash key and look at the settings. It may look like this:

    Everything on this list must be verified. While you're there, see if your USB is correctly configured:

  • Satellite L505 - 10 M - problem starting from Icidu 16 GB usb key

    A few weeks ago, I bought an Icidu 16 GB usb key.
    And I have the following problem:

    Selection screen of the BIOS does not go as everything else with a prepared Unetbootin usb key with UBUNTU12.04 on my Toshiba L505 - 10 M with W7x64 Home Premium.
    BIOS select (F12) and the bios (F2) Setup stops after you have clicked.
    After that, I installed again with Unetbootin, same result. ICIDU 16 GB.

    On the desktop with Win XP pro X 32 no problems with this stick.
    Selection of the BIOS and Ubuntu started OK.
    An another usb Unetbootin doesn't stick with Mint 12 no problem on this Toshiba L505 - 10 M. Hema 4 GB.
    After that, I made the stick Icidu new boot-able with creator usb Multiboot-YUMI with the same result!


    ICIDU assistance points me to Toshiba

    The name of the BIOS: Ver 1.00PARTTBL
    SMBIOS version: V2.10
    BIOS date: 05/06/2010


    > an another usb Unetbootin doesn't stick with Mint 12 no problem on this Toshiba L505 - 10 M.
    Does this mean that you could boot from another stick using Unetbootin usb stick with Mint 12?

Maybe you are looking for

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