Satellite L670 - using a WiFi connection is not my own

Using the Satellite L670 with windows 7 32 bit. Australia

I use my neighbors wireless because I lost my connection to the local network. I don't have a paid Wi - Fi connection

I have been in contact with my ISP Distributor and the modem. I can see myself as th e local area Connection is not on my computer. I did a system restore and it did not help. Obviously because it is a question of Toshiba... I was told to ring Toshiba, but because it's the weekend they are not available.

Is there anything that i can do - download soomething? If so it will download to my connection or my neighbor as it is concered, that will be the case.
Can anyone help please?

Thanks in advance


Maybe it sounds silly now, but it is not easy to understand your ad. Sorry, but what is the main problem? LAN connectivity?

If I understand you right, WLAN option on your laptop works fine.

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    Hi Shinmilla,

    I have a problem with Win 7. How did it crash the system when you use multiple wifi connections. How can I stop this from happening?

    Thank you.

    Hi Triode888,
    It is not recommended to have multiple Wifi connections since signals can be contradictory and therefore it crashes.
    You can't have several active Wifi connections at the same time.
    Also, I suspect it might be caused by your network wireless itself. It could be automatically connected to a network of 'death '. So please check that your wireless network is disabled or no if you do not use.
    You have installed VMware or Virtual PC?
    If so, these programs will create a new network - please open the network and sharing Center and disable these additional networks.

    1. open the network and sharing Center page in the control panel.
    2 confirm that it says multi-network right under the icon in the Middle, like the screenshot above.
    3. click on the link customize to the right of the first illustrated network, directly under the Internet icon, to display the window set the network location:
    4. move the window set the network location away, but let him open. (You'll need it in a minute, but at a time where it is otherwise inaccessible.)
    5. back on the network and sharing Center page, click on the link manage network connections (in the left task pane).
    6. in the network connections window, select the network adapter through which you get your Internet connection. (The views drop-down list, select Details; you want probably said something like network, unidentified in the status column.)
    7. click on disable this device network above (next to the big red X) button. Wait a few seconds for the chart on the network and sharing Center page to reflect the change.
    8. return to step #3 set network location window, and click on the merge or remove link network down locations.
    9. Despite Vista earlier assertion that he detected "multi-network," you will see probably only a single network in the window of merge or delete network locations:
    10. turn highlighted the only participant and then click on remove. (If there is more than one, you can delete all.)
    11. When you are finished, close the merge or delete network locations, and then close the window set the network location.
    12 return to the network connections window and with the adapter disabled network always highlighted the #6 step, click the option activate this device network (next to the big orange arrow) button.
    13. after 10-15 seconds of delay, your Internet connection should work now, signified by the absense of the treacherous of entries multiple networks in the network and sharing Center page:
    For more reference in look
    Aziz Nadeem - Microsoft Support
  • Sharing of readers do not reconnect - error "an error occurred during connection [drive letter]: [share name] Microsoft Windows network: the local device name is already in use." This connection has not been restored. »

    Original title: Shared readers do not reconnect

    I have two PCs connected wireless. A laptop (Vista Business) was the drives mapped to actions on the other PC (XP). Whenever the Vista PC is started or out of hibernation, or after only a short period of time these discs are not available. Click on the drive in Explorer to display the message "an error occurred during connection [drive letter]: [share name] Microsoft Windows network: the local device name is already in use." This connection has not been restored. »

    If I click on 'Network' within Solution Explorer, the XP PC is not visible. The only way that I can "reconnect" these disks is to go into my anti-virus (Trend) and open the network map. This shows the XP PC and then the shares are available through Explorer - XP PC is still not visible by clicking network however.

    It started only happens in the last two months - cannot locate exactly when, but quite recently. I use connections to store small files and backup critical files a few before nailing the laptop away and it is quite annoying to have to go through this routine every time.

    Any ideas?

    Just in case it helps others - I found that if I make sure that my XP PC has a fixed IP address, and then set up the shares so that they are defined using the IP address and not share names, then I do have more problems - seems like it's something to do with Windows solve the share names rather than something to do with the personal firewall after all.

  • Satellite L670 - How can I connect my TV to HDMI port?

    Recently bought a Satellite L670 and now I am trying to connect to my HD TV.

    Checked the manual and it says to go to "display settings" then "change the appearance of display you" then "Advanced settings" then "list all modes" and change the settings for one of the HD modes for example 1920 by 1080 etc etc. None of them are available in the "list all modes"! higher is the true color of 1600 x 900. This means that the HDMI output is not available on this laptop?

    Also tried the "Intel Graphics and Media Control Panel" option and the "monitor / TV Settings" says it is not supported! Assuming that this laptop "not" support HDMI output (why have a HDMI port, otherwise?), can someone advise a step by step procedure that will work.

    I just thought that I would press a FN key + and TV out turn... it seem as simple.




    Normally, it is possible to use the screen 1080 p with HDMI output resolution if the external monitor supports this.

    What operating system you are using?
    You have reinstalled display driver with the latest version on the official page of Toshiba?

  • Re: Satellite L670 loses the wireless connection


    I have a Satellite L670 - 1 H 1, a new laptop that runs Windows 7, with all the drivers and software uptodate, including the wireless card.

    I have a BT Home Hub 3 with an Edimax EW 7416APN v2 300 m range extender to help boost the signal in the kitchen area.

    The laptop works fine when I stay in the room where the reception centre. If I move in the kitchen the laptop will usually lose the wireless connection after a few minutes and I cannot get it back unless I turn the LAPTOP works and return to the Home Hub.

    I see no obvious reason to this problem. Two other laptop computers used in the home, more a smartphone stay connected with full signal in every corner of the House, at any time.

    I have to use the range extender, but is it possible that the laptop Toshiba just don't hear well with it?

    Any advice would be welcome.

    Thank you

    Hello Canton

    As you know quality of connection WLAN depends on different factors is not easy to say why you have this problem, WLAN. I use Toshiba laptops for a long time now and I didn't notice in the past some serious question of WLAN.
    For example I'm 4 router with standard g and have very good signal even in the cellar too or out in the back yard.

    If possible, try to test the WLAN connection elsewhere. Maybe your friends have WLAN routers so you can test it.

    You have a new router or old?
    What WLAN standard do you use (b/g/n)?

  • Satellite A300 - give up WIFI connection

    I recently bought a Satellite A300, but unfortunately it keeps down the internet WIFI connection while surfing the net.
    It's only recently, in the last 2 weeks and I did not install new software that can do this.

    I have a connection by wireless modem netgear aged 12 months which is connected to my main computer (wireless).
    I use a secure connection which needs a wep key and is compatible with Windows Vista.

    I also use this connection for my laptop from a different manufacture that I have no problem with. I also have Wifi on Wii and Xbox so I was wondering if there could be interference. Xbox Cup connection also.
    I have only 2 related both objects and they are not even in the same place or even near each other...

    When I diagnose the problem it says weak signal, but the intensity of the signal on the computer shows excellent.
    If I plug the ethernet cable then everything works fine.

    Very puzzled as to why this happens, having run checks virus on computers and nothing.
    Uninstalling the connectivity doctor, still no joy.
    All that it suggest that there is problem ISP but given that I can connect to my other laptop and desktop PC and no problems so do not know if it is...

    Can someone help, I'm not very technical and am now very mentally drained

    Thank you


    First of all, you must update your WLAN driver. You can find it on the Toshiba site:

    He recommended to disable some options that could have an impact on the energy-saving WLAN functionality.
    In your case I would deactivate the energy saving WLAN and maybe this document option is useful for you

    Good bye

  • Satellite Pro NB10 limited wifi connection

    I use Satellite NB10 Pro with version 1.20 of the BIOS and windows 64-bit of 8.1. I have trouble with several times the limited wifi connection. When I remove the driver and reinstall it, it works again. Pilot already updated, but keeps same problem. Tried several Satellite Pro NB10 same problem. Any suggestions?

    For most of the WLan connectivity issues are related to the IP attribute the problems.
    Usually the IP address is assigned automatically using DHCP service.

    In case this question would appear once again, you can try to refresh the IP address.
    Start the console (black DOS window) using the command: CMD (type CMD in search)
    Then use the command: ipconfig / renew

    If this question would never happen again, I recommend you to reset the WLan router.

  • Why my wifi connection does not work correctly?

    I had problems with my computer for a while. The first problem I had was that after I hibernated my computer it would be even not show me internet connections. I discovered that the hibernation of the computer can sometimes cause this problem. A little later that I realized that even when the computer had not been put into hibernation for weeks sometimes started upward with the same problem. He said networks is not available and there is a red cross on a box where my wifi bars should be. I had to reboot my computer up to 5 times to get the bars will appear. When he did not connect to all pilots and equipment I need to connect does not even appear in the control panel. The other times where it worked the drivers were all there. I don't know yet how this can happen. The other computers in my home connect very well and are able to interact with each other at high speed and get internet just fine.

    Recently, I lost any connection even when I rebooted my computer 10 times it doesn't.

    I came across a thread that told me to access prompt as administrator and type in this

    netish int ip reset

    I was able to connect to my network now, but he says no access to the network or Internet. I also tried typing in this...


    now I can access the internet and communicate with other computers. I tried to play Minecraft while my friend was the host through the router, but the connection was so slow that it was as if I was looking at the past in slow motion. I crossed several times and abandoned. The internet is too slow. It's like I'm on dial upward, but it should be high speed, I don't know what the problem is. What else I can watch on my computer to help me solve this problem? Should I restore it to factory settings? Or is something broken?

    Hi Veronica,.

    Thanks for the reply.

    Sorry to hear about the inconvenience caused.

    According to my understanding, you are having trouble with internet connectivity.

    You upgrade windows or what was the first operating system installed on the computer?

    This problem is mainly due to drivers get damaged.

    To rectify the problem, you will need to uninstall the current network using Device Manager drivers and install the latest drivers from the computer manufacturer site.

    Please refer to this sub article, which will guide you to uninstall the drivers using the Device Manager:

    To download the latest drivers from the computer manufacturer site, see the link below:

    Hope this information helps, for assistance please answer.

  • hokey WiFi connection does not not as expected

    Original title: wifi connection

    Hello... I have an acer aspire 4745. It doesn't have the mannual-off button for wifi connection, you have to press fn + f3. An option previously used to come on the screen to select dor bluetooth or wifi. Now its not appearing in doing so, instead of opening default bluetooth but not WiFi. Help, please. Is dere any process or something on it witout pressing above keys... or there are a few hardware problems.

    Thank you in.advance

    Hello Pravesh,

    Thanks for the reply and we update on the State of the question.

    Ideally, install the Launch Manager application on the Acer site should solve the problem with the function keys.

    I would like to know, are you able to use other features such as sound/growing noise reduction or modification of brightness when using the function keys?

    As the access keys depends on the application provided by the manufacturer, I will ask allows you to get in touch with Acer Support once before you plan to reinstall the operating system.

    You can also test the issue on a new user account. To create a new user account in Windows 7, please see the steps in the help provided below Microsoft Article.

    Create a user account


    Install the Manager Application to launch on the new user account after logging in it. Also make sure that this new user account is defined as administrator account. To change the type of administrator account, please follow the steps in the link here.

    We know, if the problem persists on the new user or not. We will be happy to guide you further.

  • Satellite A200-1js: local network connection does not appear

    Hey people

    I have windows xp sp3 in my Satellite A200-1js but my Ethernet connection does not shut... and I saw this in my network connections:

    And in my etiquette system shows this:

    I installed the correct drivers

    Everyone knows what is happening?


    Satellite A200-1js belongs to the PSAE6E series.
    Just a few questions:

    You would update you BIOS to the version of Win XP?
    If it isn't-> do this!

    Have you tried reinstalling the driver Realtek LAN 5.664.205.2007 from the Toshiba page?
    If it isn't-> do this!

  • Satellite L50-B-13F - WIFI hotspot does not have a connection internet key USB


    I have a laptop Toshiba Satellite L50B 13 E and I use the USB (with sim card) for internet connection that works very well.
    Now, I have a smartphone and I would like to turn my laptop into a wifi hotspot so I can use my smart phone in Wi-Fi to surf the internet, while I have the USB connected to the internet.

    I have 10 windows and I followed all the directions for the creation of the hostednetwork with name, password but my smartphone can only connect to wifi without connecting to the internet. Whenever I try to open an internet it page downlods for a few seconds and stops.
    I'm wandering if what I do is correct or even possible to do so. Is it possible to do? Should I use a larger antenna or need any additional driver?

    Help, please!

    Hello, I have a model Satellite L50 B 13th and for surfing the internet, I use the USB with sim card and it works fine.
    Now, I bought a smartphone and I like my pc to become a hostednetwork wifi so I can connect my smartphone, while the USB is connected.
    I created the wifi hostednetwork with name, password and I can actually connect the smartphone on the wireless network, but I can't surf the internet. Any help?
    Should I use the updated drivers or add an external antenna?

    Thank you!

  • Satellite C50-B16T - slow WiFi connection using battery power


    I have a new Satellite C50-B16T and discovered that when I take it off the power, wifi is slowing down as HELL, to the point that I can't even use it and have to connect it to the power.

    I saw a few solutions on a TX adjustment, but my Satellite actually doesn't have this option, and if this is the case, I don't know how to find it and why it is happening.
    Would really appreciate if anyone has any suggestions, since my laptop is now essentially a desktop all the time, which makes its pretty useless goal...

    Go to-> WLan card device manager-> properties-> tab power management

    Here, uncheck the option that allows the system to disable or control the unit in order to save energy.

    Also check the tab 'Advanced' for possible energy saving options.

  • Satellite L350D-118 - WiFi connection is not stable

    Instability of satellite L350D - 118 RTL8187b Wireless

    Since the first unstable connection. Closes in 30 minutes, sometimes repair itself.
    My other laptops have a stable connection.
    Each wireless connection is stable, this is not.

    Configurations are substantially the same... my ISP says that there is a problem with the wifi on the laptop itself.

    Windows Vista 32, have reinstalled the drivers several times, same Windows Update did a reinstall.
    Problem remains. Everything looks ok accept the title of the pilot, he says: it's USB 2.0 when it is internal.

    Someone at - it solutions?
    This machine is very good on other aspects, but I'll have to return if this problem cannot be solved...


    Maybe you need to download the Realtek page Realtek WLan card driver directly?
    To do this, and check!

    Then I recommend you to check the settings in the Device Manager-> properties-> Advanced tab WLan card.
    Disable energy saving settings and check if you might improve performance by changing some settings.

    Another idea would be the update of the BIOS. Check if a newer version is available on the page of Toshiba Europe.
    If yes-> updated!

    Welcome them

  • How can I connect to my sony wifi new tv to my pc using a wireless connection its not having

    How can I connect my new Sony Bravia WIFI active TV to my computer via WiFi, my system is vista. I connect fine with my ipad


    I suggest you to return the item and check if it helps:

    Play your media anywhere in the home using Windows Media Center

  • Satellite L30: WiFi connection does not work with wanadoo box

    I bought a L30 for my daughter for Christmas and wants all ready to go on the day, so have tried to connect to my wanadoo wireless & talk.

    Unfortunately, the laptop wireless card doesn't seem to work. He acknowledges the wanadoo box and tries to connect, but when I enter the WEP key, it searches the network for a few minutes then returns to the "If you want to connect to this network, select 'connect' page."

    I took the adapter wireless to my PC, connected to the laptop, loaded the software wanadoo wireless and connected to the Internet wireless with no problem at all. The problem seems to be with the connection itself - as the laptop detects the wireless network very easily, it just cannot connect.

    I'm not an expert and do not want to 'break' the Christmas gift from my daughter. It is too late to guarantee a replacement arrived, I have to go out & buy a wireless adapter, but deliberately, I bought a laptop with wi - fi, if deeply resent what of not working. I feel so stupid.

    Help, please!


    Sometimes it of not possible to connect the wireless network adapter to the router because of the compatibility.
    I have a similar problem with my second notebook at home. The card is compatible with A and B WLan standard but the router support B and G.
    The WLan card is not able to connect to my router.

    However, I think that if the laptop recognizes your wireless LAN, it should be able to connect it. You can try to update the WLan driver and additional test with encryption settings disabled.

Maybe you are looking for

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