Satellite L750 - 17 p does not load Windows

Hi all... I have a Toshiba Satellite L750 - 17 p, since a few days now, when I turn on the PC after the toshiba logo I get the loading screen and the window ms back with the inscription: system32 / drvload.exe
MS-DOS screen remains empty and the computer doesn't load... could you help me?

Are able to repair the system using the Windows own repair options?
I guess you are using Win 7 because this system has been pre-installed by Toshiba.
Switch on and press F8. Here, you choose the first option called fix my computer.
Now you should be able to choose between several options. I think you should try the first option that allows you to automatically repair the system.

If this option does not help, try to set the system on the last good configuration/status running

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    were of no irrelevance that even once and adde the application in the windows store "parameters of Lenovo.

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    Try opening the energy manager and click on settings, click on conservation mode to turn it off, then unplug the power cord and plug it back again and you should see the battery load again.

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    Printer is off, did reset, everything was fine, Windows loaded etc.  Repeat the action and came to the conclusion that the power of the computer with the printer off left (it's a fax machine, it should be all the time) or even reset the onboard computer after, say, install new software, prevents the loading of Windows on them turn on the computer.

    Only possible mode of operation is to put off the printer, then turn off the computer, then turn on printer to serve fax standby and then do the same set of operations before turning to new computer.

    Please refer to the manuals that you received for your PC and disable the "USB Émulation" and "USB devices starting" the BIOS settings.

  • Re: Satellite L670D does not load windows

    Hi, I have a toshiba L670D, who recently had a windows update and since then, every time I try to turn it on will not load windows, but just comes up with the error "error fatal c0000034 application update operation 207 0f 102311 (_00000...)"

    Is there anyway I can fix it myself or is it a case of calling an expert or even go shopping for a new?

    Try to start Windows in safe mode and try to roll back OS to an earlier time using System Restore tool.

    Please post comments.

  • Computer does not load Windows. (Missing\corrupt file and the disk read error)

    I woke up this morning and my computer screen said:

    "Read a disk error has occurred."
    Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete to restart»

    So I did, and he just keeps it again and again. I turned off my PC, disconnected from the power and took out the battery. EXPECTED, put everything back in and turned on the computer. This time he made a lot of strange beeping noises and took forever and then I got this error:

    "Windows was not start because the following file is missing or damaged:
    Please reinstall a copy of the above file.

    I pressed on enter and it gave me the error reading disc again.

    Yesterday I updated my BIOS. So I also tried to go to my BIOS screen and "Load factory default settings", but I always get errors that I said just above and windows does not load.

    Help =)

    Hello I would wait until you try to do the repair first

    Make sure that the hd is just a notebook size hd
    Make sure that the speed is the same thing that you already size is really for you
    before you start to have a complete set of installation discs for the mfgr
    If you only use the os disk you will not load the microsoft embedded key encode any additional programs the mfgr installed or modified specially for your computer model and the party in the form of hard disk, you will need to do it yourself the format should be identical to the new factory
    uninstall all the equipment installed after you bought the computer (you must add once installation is complete)

  • Samsung laptop computer does not load windows 7, need to reinstall (no cd, no cd key)

    Samsung laptop comes with windows 7, does not load past the bottom (and even in this case, does not load the user/pw. Need to reinstall how? It did not come with a cd key and I tried to go back to the last good config and it did not work (im going with a file corrupt and need a cd key). He gets in the background, but is not past. I want to just reinstall windows 7 home 64 bit, but I miss a cd and don't know how to get the cd or the cd key for it.

    New computers coming often pre-installed with Windows 7 have what is called a recovery partition. This is used to reinstall an operating system in the case of a system failure. To access it, you need to start when you start your computer by pressing a function key. This can be either F1, F2, F9, F10, F11, F12 key DEL or tab. See the manual that came with your PC for instructions on how to reinstall Windows.

    This is how the recovery partition is accessible to most popular brands...

    For Samsung, press F4 to the power upward...

    You will probably find the product key in the compartment to batteries.

    COA certificate of authenticity:

    What is the certificate of authenticity for Windows?

  • Satellite L300 - portable computer does not load


    I just wanted to know roughly how much it should cost, or what can I do to fix my laptop. It does not load and I bought a new charger to see if it works but it started to load for a few days and then stopped working again.

    All responses will be apperciated, thank you.

    Hi DeeDee_1,

    If you have already bought a new charger and it doesn t work there seems to be a motherboard problem, but another part could be affected too

    Here he s just a user to user forum and nobody can tell you how much it would cost because a professional diagnosis is necessary. After that an authorized service provider can make you an offer on all repair costs.

    Then contact the guy and ask for help. They can give you a good answer ;)

  • Satellite L655 - 14 d does not load

    Hi all

    My Toshiba Satellite L655 - 14 d gave me the alert battery becomes low return over six months, and until today it worked fine but now it is abruptly stopped and I noticed that the line of LED does not come with or without battery. WHST canbe likely reason... is it a power line in the failure of a circuit?

    My charger and battery are fine I checked with another system of Toshiba...

    Help, please

    What happens when you start Notepad on mains only and turn at the time where Windows is loaded?
    Battery is correctly recognized?
    Battery is ON?

  • Satellite A100 (PSAA9L) - the does not work Windows XP it has close

    I recently put a satellite A100 (PSAA9L) and when I try to turn off the laptop. It shows the closing of the screen but does not work, stop.

    Please tell me what to do with this problem.

    Thank you!!!


    There must be something wrong with the OS files or registry entries.
    Maybe some background process cannot be closed and therefore the shutdown process does not
    Microsoft has released a useful document about solve the shutdown problems in Windows XP.

    Please check this box. Maybe this helps:
    Resources to solve the shutdown problems in Windows XP

  • Help, please! computer HP laptop g72 does not load windows

    I can't get my laptop to initialize. I was it clean and running virus/spyware scans when it overheated and judgment (something he seems to do more in more often lately), I came back to the room to check on it and he stopped. He gave me the usual message about how he had disappeared in hibernation because the internal temperature exceeded blah blah blah (don't remember exactly what he said, but it wasn't the basics of it) now normally at this stage it will restart and be well and I can continue with what I was doing before. However this time it will not go beyond the second screen. It's what he does... (I will include the information in the end system)

    I press the power button then screen shows the following

    1 HP screen of the logo with the message "Press ESC for Boot Menu" at the bottom left then flashes to the next screen.

    2. starting Acronis Loader...
    Press F11 for Acronis Startup Recovery Manager... (horizontal cursor flashing after...) then flashes to view the first screen again

    and this process is repeated again and again until I got disabling or press ESC to #1 screen or F11 to the screen #2 how it will load either the menu start screen where I can access info sys diagnotics, BIOS or system recovery system.  or Acronis where I can make backup dics or start the Recovery Manager (who I'm trying to deal with the system if that is possible at this time because there are pictures and things on the hard drive that I want not deleted if it can be avoided)

    the process is normal to start but after #2 it should be blank with blinking cursor and then begin loading windows... I cannot at this point. He repeates just the first two times, I let it run for about 10 minutes at a time to see if she would do anything else, and it won't.

    System info-

    portable mode: HP G72 notebook PC (not sure what particular model because I don't know where to find this info)

    System ID: 1425

    Product number: LE846UA #ABA

    Warranty start date: 27/03/2013

    BIOS date: 08/11/2010

    BIOS version: F.26

    Processor type: Intel Pentium CPU [email protected]

    Processor speed: 1866 MHz

    Operating system: Windows 7 premium 64-bit

    I bought this computer used. The battery has never held a charge, I've always had it up to use it, but I don't know if I had to buy a new battery it would probably work. I never had the money to make and never really needed it so never bought.

    I tried to access the BIOS and it requires system administrator password. I tried to enter my password that I used to connect to windows, but that did not work. After 3 tries I have a message to disable the system with [6207076] below.

    Is there someone who can help me to fix it?

    I really don't want System recover unless there is a way to access the LIBRARY (documents, music, pictures) if I can help it. I don't have the ability to transfer all of my photos from my other computer before that happened.

    Please help me!


    The code below should allow you access the bios menu:


    Once, I would like to delete the password entirely - use the arrow keys to select the Security tab and press ENTER.  Use the arrow keys again to select the admin password option and press ENTER.  Enter the current password (use the above code), and then for the new password, just leave this blank and press on enter – do the same for the confirmation field.  Press f10, select this option to save the new settings and press to enter.

    Once completed, boot into the bios menu and reset the default settings - it may also be useful running a quick diagnostic on the HARD disk and the memory that is to be found under the Advanced or the diagnosis tab.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • computer does not load windows xp

    computer will not load in windows sometimes happens at startup repair but still does not work
    Pentium 4

    judged fault dust stop start thank you for your suggestions

  • Satellite L750-A114 - display does not

    Hello world

    So sad story, I bought a Toshiba satellite series notebook PC (L750 A114) 20th day of the month last through digital LLC Dubai. I gave the maximum care for the last 20 days. Sentence might have used for 10 hours.

    Yesterday, I started to do something and closed the screen and kept in the mode 'sleep' (I hope that it goes into sleep mode while closing the screen).
    Orange light on the far left at the front of the laptop was that I guess.

    Thought he was in the mode.then sleep later in the night after 3-4 hours I opened the laptop and you press the power button once to turn on the laptop, but instead of this, he went off.then do not think to put it on again.

    In the morning when I tried to turn on the laptop, it starts, but no display is coming.lights on the keyboard are all about. Can someone help me please on this?.

    I am so depressed thinking about the money I spent for this and works that I let go because I don't have another pc or laptop with me.

    Laptop specifications are:
    I7 2670QM D 6 750 15.6 BT 2 G WC W7HP white

    Thank you very much in advance.


    Try this:
    The laptop must be turned off.
    And remove the AC adapter and the battery.
    Now press power 30 sec long and wait a bit.
    Now connect the battery and the AC adapter and try turning on the device.

    This support allows you to get the laptop working again?

  • Satellite A100: webcam works does not for windows live messenger on Vista

    I recently lost my picture when working for video calls in windows live messenger, the sound of two ways and I can see them, but no one can see me.
    I also bought an external webcam, and it does not work either.

    When I go to Device Manager it says that the two cams don't work properly.
    I tried to update the drivers but they are up-to-date.
    I wonder if it's a problem of Windows live or Toshiba.
    I use Windows Vista Home Premium and the new version of messenger.

    > I also bought an external webcam and it doesn t work either.
    > When I go to Device Manager it says that the two cams don't work properly

    For me, it looks like a windows system problem.
    Usually two webcams operate independently from each other and so I don t think that it is a webcam driver problem I think that it s windows or windows live messenger problem
    Maybe something confused keys registry or files may be some updates to update or similar

    In your case, I recommend you to uninstall the software of webcam software, internal external webcam and the windows live messenger.
    Then, you must clean the BONES and the registry tool like CCLeaner cleaning, for example. It the free tool.

    After this, reinstall the Chicony webcam software and test functionality without installation of windows live messenger.
    If the webcam will be functions then you could install the windows live messenger again.

  • Satellite A100-225 screen does not load

    I have a toshiba A100-225 and whenever I start the laptop the screen will not load or show anything. Does anyone know what the problem with him?

    Hi Michael,

    The screen itself may be defective or the FL inverter has failed. Try to connect an external monitor to your laptop and see if you can get a good view. If the external monitor does not work then it is probably a problem with your graphics chip.

    Kind regards

  • Satellite C05D-B-121 does not load

    Hey so I got this laptop for Christmas and all of a sudden it won't load at all
    I managed to run it once or twice but cuts shortly after with no warnings other than seemingly dead.

    Any help?

    By "does not" do you mean problems with the AC adapter?

    If the battery is not empty, the laptop must turn on without the power adapter connected.
    If the battery is empty, the unit must be connected to the power supply.

    If your adapter is defective and the battery is empty, you wouldn't be able to turn on the unit.
    There so all first if the adapter is OK or if there is some sort of dysfunction.

    If you are 100% sure that the AC adapter is not the troublemaker, then the problem could be bound if your motherboard or another party... but in this case, it is hard to say what role might malfunction

Maybe you are looking for

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