Satellite L750-A114 - display does not

Hello world

So sad story, I bought a Toshiba satellite series notebook PC (L750 A114) 20th day of the month last through digital LLC Dubai. I gave the maximum care for the last 20 days. Sentence might have used for 10 hours.

Yesterday, I started to do something and closed the screen and kept in the mode 'sleep' (I hope that it goes into sleep mode while closing the screen).
Orange light on the far left at the front of the laptop was that I guess.

Thought he was in the mode.then sleep later in the night after 3-4 hours I opened the laptop and you press the power button once to turn on the laptop, but instead of this, he went off.then do not think to put it on again.

In the morning when I tried to turn on the laptop, it starts, but no display is coming.lights on the keyboard are all about. Can someone help me please on this?.

I am so depressed thinking about the money I spent for this and works that I let go because I don't have another pc or laptop with me.

Laptop specifications are:
I7 2670QM D 6 750 15.6 BT 2 G WC W7HP white

Thank you very much in advance.


Try this:
The laptop must be turned off.
And remove the AC adapter and the battery.
Now press power 30 sec long and wait a bit.
Now connect the battery and the AC adapter and try turning on the device.

This support allows you to get the laptop working again?

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    MS-DOS screen remains empty and the computer doesn't load... could you help me?

    Are able to repair the system using the Windows own repair options?
    I guess you are using Win 7 because this system has been pre-installed by Toshiba.
    Switch on and press F8. Here, you choose the first option called fix my computer.
    Now you should be able to choose between several options. I think you should try the first option that allows you to automatically repair the system.

    If this option does not help, try to set the system on the last good configuration/status running

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    I have a satellite 1110
    Connection of a monitor second - does not work
    The settings are correct in what, move your mouse off the screen of the laptop and he enters the secondary monitor - but this monitor is empty
    Tried all the normal things - control work? Yes etc.
    I'm running XP Professional could be corrupted or is it more likely to do with my laptop

    Please someone help - new monitor for Christmas - just can't make it work

    Thank you

    Hello Nick

    According to your description, you can't write that the second display doesn t work. Of course, you have activated the option called extend my Windows desktop on this monitor. In this case, you can remove all windows laptop for external monitor screen.

    If you work with more different windows on this way, your work will be more comfortable. I assume that you do want this and it will be interesting to know how you want to use the secondary display:
    -secondary display only
    -but both with the same point of view?

    Remove the scope option and use the FN + F5 key combination and choose display to use.

    Good bye

  • Satellite M100-164 display does not illuminate after hibernation

    After the computer wakes up from hibernation by lifting the display panel (cover) and the LCD screen turns off due to power management settings, display shows the Toshiba logo and does not return after a key is pressed and the keyboard is not responding.

    I turned - power & removed the battery without success-.
    OPS: windows XP.
    Help, please.


    You have removed the battery but wait you a bit?

    If please plug the laptop and remove the battery.
    Wait 15-20 min and then plug the AC adapter and put the battery in the laptop.

    Then try again!

  • Satellite T130 - HDMI display does not


    I'm trying to view my Toshiba Satellite T130 on my Toshiba 32 '' LCD TV, model 32BV702B, using an HDMI cable. The computer recognizes the TV and when you use desktop double or extended, the builtin laptop screen behaves as expected. However, the TV shows "No Signal" when the HDMI input is selected.

    We have another laptop with an HDMI output, and this configuration works very well. On two laptops, we use a 1366 x 768 display.

    Anyone know how I can get this working on the Toshiba laptop?

    Thank you.

    (P.S. It seems that someone had a similar problem: []. In this case, the solution was to use a VGA instead of HDMI cable and the original problem has not been resolved. I really want to use my HDMI cable!

    Well, the other option attempts to retrieve the laptop using the HARD drive recovery or a recovery created with preinstalled Toshiba Recovery creator software image.

    I read that the other thread and the other user did not try this
    On the other hand, you can try to set the default BIOS and save the changes. Do not forget that the HDMI is it activated.

    Also, try this:
    Disconnect the battery and AC adapter
    Wait a few hours (3-4 hours) and then press the power button / stop for 30 seconds.
    Connect the two parts, and then test the laptop computer s HDMI.

  • Equium A300D - 16 c - display does not

    My girlfriend has an Equium A300D - 16 c which had some problems lately.

    In recent months, whenever she turns on the system, the display does not pull upwards and it takes several tent for lights.

    The strange thing is every time that happens, the system boots normally always that you can hear the Windows 7 startup sound.

    I'm looking for in this question for some time now and I'm running out of ideas.
    Initially, I thought that it could be a wiring problem but by stripping the laptop down, I found that the cable was still firmly in place.

    I also tried to remove the RAM, HARD drive and DVD drive, but it still doesn't pull upward. On the odd occasion she started upward when you do it, but after restart, it has not started again.

    I think that this could be either a transmitting power or the mother board is on its way. This problem has worsened gradually (it took more than 20 attempts it turn on and off this morning) so finally he come not at all.

    To clarify, the system will start after several attempts, but most of the time that the screen not turn on (not even the backlight). It works with an external display on the HDMI so the GPU works.
    I tried to keep the power with no energy source button to unload the system, but it does not help.

    I also noticed that if you hear it boot and close the cover, the reopening of the display lid will come on but with the bad (1024 x 768) resolution that has intrigued me even more.

    Any ideas on what could be the problem? I would repair it rather than just buying a new as its still a decent system apart from this problem.

    > To clarify, the system will start after several attempts, but most of the time that the screen not turn on (not even the backlight). It works with an external display on the HDMI so the GPU works.

    This means that you can use the laptop as part of the external screen, but it does not work with the internal screen?

    This means that the internal display module isn't OK. It probably needs to be replaced.
    But this does not explain the problems while turning on the laptop.

    In the worst case the mother for laptop AND the internal screen are affected, but it would be really strange and rare bad luck

  • Satellite C650 - 1 CT does not recognize the CD/DVD


    I currently have a problem with my model Toshiba C650 - 1 CT (PSC08E-03M001EN) satellite. The laptop does not recognize the CD/DVD and a check in the "Device Manager", said a damaged device driver!

    Now, my problem is that I searched on the internet and also on the websites of Toshiba for the right driver, but no use. The device (DVD) opctical no not also appears in the list of devices 'removable '.

    System details:

    Satellite C650-1 CT PSC08E-03M001EN
    OS: Windows 7 64-bit
    Place/country: United Kingdom

    Assistance in finding the right driver or advice how to solve the problem will be highly appreciated.

    Thank you

    Post edited by: jammehkunda

    As first step try please remove the optical disc drive from Device Manager and restart your laptop.
    After doing this review please the Device Manager and let us know if the problem persists.

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    Go to and select settings once you are connected.  Click on your device listed there and remove them from the account (not typing not erase or lost mode).  Restart your device and must ignore this lock of Activation screen because you actually disabled the lock by removing the device for

    I hope that helps!

  • Satellite C - DVD tray does not open properly

    My Satellite C DVD tray does not open properly. It opens only after several times.

    Can someone help to solve the problem?

    Thank you very much

    Please check this thread:

    The ODD (optical disc) contains a small ejection hole. You can insert an object like a paper clip to open the ODD plateau

  • Satellite L30-10 s - does not start after RAM uprade


    I've updated my 512 MB of RAM with one of my dads old 512 MB RAM from another laptop upgrade to a 1 GB. It shows the black screen saying Windows Vista startup repair. Then I have the choice of the common eider "Launch Windows Startup Repair" or "start windows normally". What we I choose I get a popup saying "Windows Vista startup repair failed launch" and then theres only 'Ok' or 'X' and eider there click you on it shuts the laptop! Then I start again and it does exactly the same thing for the Common Eider option grey-headed!

    I don't have any idea what to do now, and the only choice is to bring a professional and pay for repair which I did not have money to make. I can to fix on my own? I know a few people saying updating the BIOS but how can I if the display does not illuminate.

    _Before you leave a response, I want to clarify that I removed the 512 MB of RAM on the other laptop and the same thing happens. _ there is nothing I can do! :(:(

    Help, please



    I think that your installation of Windows Vista broke down because the RAM did not work properly in your laptop.
    You should only use manufacturing even modules with the same specifications.

    However, have you tried the Vista repair option with the original of the RAM?
    If it doesn t work I think you need to reinstall Windows Vista with the installation disc. :(

    Good bye

  • Satellite A300 - easy (key) does not not after SP2 update

    Satellite A300 easy (key) does not...
    I have recently upgraded my Vista SP1 to SP2 (do not know if this is the problem, but I'm pretty sure that's not)

    Yesterday, I discovered that my easy keys no longer work. Lights are out, when I press the keys, the light comes on and goes off again as they do normally, but no reaction on my screen (can not turn on any light without restarting my computer and select turned ON manually cannot transform media of windows opened by the touch and play the key do not work).

    Is it supposed to be a driver or something for this?

    Sorry for the bad English...


    A few days ago, I had the same problem on my laptop Qosmio. Lighting keys stopped working after installing some updates and the 3rd application programs the keys no longer works and also the lighting.
    At the end of the story, I had to reinstall Windows :(

    In any case, now, you should try to reinstall the Toshiba value added Package. He controls these buttons that you want to say and you can find it on the Toshiba site: decision-making supported Downloads & => Download drivers

    Before installing you need to remove the old version first, restart the computer, clean up your Windows with CCleaner for example, restart again and then install the new VAP.

    Good bye

  • Satellite A10 S203: sound does not work - just enough


    To my satellite A10 S203 sound does not work, I updated my sound card and the bios but nodifferents. Nothing in the system that says that I have something wrong whith my sound is just enough. I tried speakers headphones and challenging systemsounds, mp3, Auidi direct works cd... nothing.

    Any tip?
    [email protected]

    First check the status of the sound card in Device Manager.
    If there is a yellow climbing brand then you should try to reinstall the driver. (first remove it and after reboot, install a new)

    Have you checked the volume setting and the site of laptop? Eventually he s a very simple idea, but believe me, I read many comments here in the forum and a lot of guys forget this option simply.

  • Link to BIOS 1.50 for Satellite C660D-13 q does not (404 error)


    Link to 1.50 BIOS for Toshiba Satellite C660D-13 q does not (error 404) - file not found.
    How can I get this file after all?

    Who should I contact for this?
    Any help email address?

    Thank you

    You are right. the link says 404 error.
    To be honest, it is not for the first time something like this happens, but after a few days, everything was OK again.

    Try to download this update in a few days. I hope it will be fixed.

    By the way: you have a few problems installing the BIOS update should be made as soon as POSSIBLE?

  • Satellite L655 new battery does not charge

    Satellite L655 new battery does not charge

    Hello halik

    It is not easy to say what the problem is here.
    Purchased new and original Toshiba battery with the same part number (model number).

    New battery is recognized by the system?

  • Satellite L300 (PSLB8C-0H901X) does not work

    My laptop Toshiba Satellite L300 PSLB8C-0H901X, does not work, no power, no MESSAGE, nothing, lamp power and charge Get when pluged into anything else, any known issues? All the fixes, thank you in advance for your help.

    Of course, your laptop is completely dead. In such situation, there is no magic solution and I m afraid that you need professional help. If there is absolutely no reaction is maybe defective electronic power supply and the motherboard must be exchanged.

    As you know this is part more expensive so you need to check if this is the solution for you.
    Call, explain the situation and let it check your laptop.

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