Satellite L750-A218 - Windows 8 problems and solutions


This is my first post.
I upgraded my Toshiba laptop a218 l750 Windows 8 and I was faced with some problems (hiccuos).
I waited for the updated drivers and they were released the 21,22,23 this month and they had no solutions what I noticed on windows 8

1. the function keys flash cards have disappeared. I tried every PVAT available for windows utility flash Cards for other media and 8 mobile but its does not work. falsh cards do not appear on the screen, but all the keys are working, except that I can't turn, bluetooth and Wi - Fi power switch separately.

2 bluetooth drivers: I could not find the driver for this laptop so I used atheros bleutooth filter another laptop toshiba to series B which comes with windows 8 and bluetooth driver. now his work.

3. the computer lights up when opening lid even if its judgment down or in hibernation. I saw an option to turn on the pc when opening lid tried the two power without a change in your toshiba drivers installed

4. use nvidia graphics card drivers from the nvidia official website

5. charge and toshiba sleep changed to stop and load probably due to the #3 problem, I turned off usb sleep and free from the bios.

6 synaptics I used the official drivers from their site

except that everything works fine.


> except that I can't turn bluetooth and wifi on / off separately.

This is how it works in Win 8

> 2. Bluetooth drivers: I could not find the driver for this laptop so I used atheros bleutooth filter another laptop toshiba to series B which comes with windows 8 and bluetooth driver. now his work.

Yes, some drivers Win 7 works in the frame to win 8

> 3. computer lights when opening lid even if its judgment down or in hibernation. I saw an option to turn on the pc when opening lid tried the two power without a change in your toshiba drivers installed

Here, you must perform a complete shutdown in Windows 8
In Windows 8, during the shutdown of a computer, in fact a hybrid shutdown is running by default.
More details here:

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  • Satellite L750-1WW - Windows 7 Home premium OEM reinstall


    A few days ago, I bought a laptop Toshiba Satellite L750-1WW used (about 3 years).

    The only issue with it is, that there Windows 7 Professional and of course corrupt, but the original OS was Home Premium. This laptop will be my mother, and I don't want to (and also) to pass messages each time you start: "this copy of Windows is not genuine" and other things.

    Another thing: there is no recovery partition! I couldn't do a simple system restore...
    However, it is a key product for HP Win7 64 bit on the bottom of the PC, it does not work on any Windows 7 (Home Premium - Ultimate - Professinal, 32-64 bit), I tried all the possibilities.

    I asked Microsoft Community to give me assistance on the resettlement of the original operating system.

    They told me to say to my Toshiba problem, because only the manufacturer can wake the system, or reinstall the original OS.
    So now, I ask you for help.



    > Another thing: there is no recovery partition!
    Of course the previous owner has modified (formatted) HARD drive and the table partitions, and consequently, the recovery of partitions isn't available.

    The serial key you will find at the bottom of the unit does not have in relation to the clean Microsoft Windows operating system. He touches s an OEM and belongs to the Toshiba system preinstalled.

    If you want to get the original operating system preinstalled, you can order the recovery disk. The recovery disk would fix the laptop to factory condition.

    Here, you could get this disc:

    Welcome them

  • Satellite L750 - Director Windows starts with the E945000E error code

    Satellite L750 (PSK1WA-03c00R)


    Previously, I had windows essensials and used Director!

    I had my hard drive empty and reinstalled Windows 7 and some web Toshiba drivers to start all over again!

    I have redownloaded Movie maker and now get this error message "error code window movie maker c945000e.

    He said that I might need to update my video card driver! Problem is that I can't see all downloads for video card on the Satellite L750 download page?

    I have Intel HD 3000 family video card! But since I've started using movie maker my CPU had slowed down somewhat and was part of the reason restore my hard drive! I think I just have too many things in the background!

    I can do the basic CPU features but a guru IT Im not! Can someone help me or explain what I could do to solve the problem in laymens terms!

    Post edited by: tony73 update of what I use the video card

    Did you notice the same problem when using original Windows 64-bit Home Premium that you got with your laptop?

    Generally speaking, it is Microsoft related question and best explanation to this problem, I found here.

    You have the Australian mobile phone model and drivers download page you can find on
    > I previously had windows essensials and used Director!
    By the way: do you use the same version as before?

  • Re: Satellite L750-A218 - vibration of fan

    OK, here's the thing.

    I put my hands on the base of rest, and I feel the rotation of the fan.
    Its annoying, especially when I need to type for more than 1 hour.

    My original fan v3.00 BIOS table was acceptable for writing.
    However, after the upgrade to a recent, this issue was addressed. He has updated the minimum speed on a very high value.

    On other laptops, I don't have this problem at all. I even checked on another laptop from a family of satellites of different. The question isn't here.

    In any case, I took the laptop to the Toshiba service provider.
    They told me, that they did not have a solution to this problem. I asked the engineer he sends you a note in this respect. He responded that he would convey my message to you.

    Anyway, this issue is one of the two most important, that I have with the laptop.
    However, this is not acceptable.

    * Please, provide a solution to this problem and contact me with what to do as soon as _dΦs possible_ or give me a way to contact you directly.*

    All serious forums has moderator so I think that this forum is monitored by a person and keep it clean, but it doesn t mean you will get direct support from Toshiba here.

    If there is hardware problem only option for you is to clarify this point with the Toshiba service provider.

  • Need BIOS for Satellite L750-A218 (v3.00)

    Hello, I would like to know if anyone can get me this exact BIOS for Toshiba L750 - A218 (PSK2YV). Thank you.

    Post edited by: danion

    The BIOS and all drivers are available on the European driver Toshiba page:

    Satellite in a series
    Satellite L750
    Satellite L750 PSK2YV

    The latest available BIOS is v3.30 - WIN

  • Satellite L50-B05D - Windows 7 support and drivers

    Hi all

    Has anyone lowered successfully a L50-B05D Satellite to Windows 7 drivers and everything? I took a look at the website of Toshi at THE and the only drivers for windows 7 for the battery bluetooth.

    After talking with Toshiba support, they said to go to each site component manufacturer to look for drivers that is pretty poor if you ask to be, but anyway there are a few features as Toshiba Webcam and no matter what driver Toshiba system is that guess what? is not the site of the manufacturer (Toshiba).

    Then I read the various reports on drivers Atheros and wifi dropouts so don't know everything either.

    So before I go and spend too much time on a downgrade from windows 7 - has - what someone did that? Anyone know if the material is all 7 compatible Windows or if Windows 8 pilots work?

    Thank you

    You are right. I checked the Toshiba download page to THE and your machine is not supported for Win7 64 bit you want to install, I guess. Do not search for drivers on other pages.
    Theoretically, you can use drivers, tools and utilities available for other models supported for Win7 but you must find what model has same or similar hardware configuration.

    If you want the list here some hardware components such as chipset, display, its LAN, WLAN and we can try to find the right drivers for you.
    With Toshiba specific stuff it shouldn't be a big problem.

  • Satellite L750 - 10 Windows driver version

    Can someone advise please when Toshiba will release updates to pilot Windows 10 for Satellite L750. I do not have this model listed in the eligible devices for upgrades of Windows 10 is this means Toshiba declare the Satellite L750 is obsolete?

    Would appreciate any information on this.

    This laptop is not listed here:

    Models not listed do not support an upgrade to Windows 10.

    Unfortunately; This means that the drivers Win 10 won't come out for this device

  • Satellite U840W-C9S - Windows 8 installation and effective use of SSD

    I am trying to install Windows 8 on my Toshiba Satellite U840W C9S.

    It has two disks: * HDD (500 GB) * and * SSD (32 GB) *. Originally, my computer has Windows 7 HP, and, as I understand it, SSD has acted as a cache, so that Windows has been installed on the HARD drive.

    I installed Windows 8 at the disk and started looking for information on the ssd as cache usage.
    But it turns out that you must set the SATA RAID mode in BIOS, but I don't have the option here.

    This is why when I install technology Intel Rapid Storage (which is used to configure the SSD as cache) there is no option to use the SSD as cache.

    It is clear that my computer used to treat the SSD somehow. The question is, how can I use SSD + effective + (not only as another hard drive, but as cache, for example)?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    > It turns out that you must set the SATA RAID mode in BIOS, but I don't have the option here.

    This option isn't available in the BIOS because the RAID is still active / active.

    To use the QuickStart, you must follow these steps:
    -Firstly the Intel IRST utility must be installed
    -Now go to the disk (win key + X-> disk management) management and format the SSD drive. In this case the SSD will be visible in the Explorer (windows Explorer)
    -Now right click on the SSD drive, choose Properties and here you should find a tab (don t know exactly how its called) that contains the option for the quick start

    I hope that this will be functions, otherwise there is no other way to effectively use the SSD drive

  • Satellite A135-S4527 - Windows encountered problem & fails to load

    At startup, Windows attempts to load, but I get the message Windows encountered problem communicating with a device. Windows does not load.
    Tried all attempts for load in SafeMode etc but no luck. Tried to load the Toshiba Recovery utility but still no luck.

    Fortunately the data is saved, but I have no recovery disks.

    How can I get the recovery disc for this machine for delivery here in the United Kingdom when it is a product of the USA?
    If the recovery discs can be ordered in the United States where to order? (I have an address to the United States for delivery if necessary).


    As far as I know here in Europe, you will not be able to recovery media order for the laptop models to the United States. If you have a person in the United States, they must contact the nearest authorized service provider and order it for you. Later they send it to you.

    If you need to address and check phone numbers

    Good bye

  • Satellite A200 running Windows 7 jumps and leave a loop of HARD disk write

    Programs to stop responding and the machine mode of writing permanently on the HARD drive. Will be repeated for several minutes then stops. Programs then work again. The machine makes it every two minutes. That is good for about 2 minutes then locaked for 5 to 6 minutes

    Programs that run in time are only Internet Explorer, Windows Explorer and scan Antivirus Vet CA

    The machine has the last Vista BIOS loaded after the problem started.
    Have also updated the following drivers... Chipset Intel, Intel Turbo Memory, Nvidia Display Robson, all after the occurrence of the problem and the problem persists.

    A few times the computer crashed with a blue screen message, codes error recovered at startup as follows:

    Signature of the problem:
    Problem event name: Bluescreen
    OS version: 6.1.7600.
    Locale ID: 1033

    More information about the problem:
    BCCode: f4
    BCP1: 00000003
    BCP2: 881C94C0
    BCP3: 881C962C
    BCP4: 82A3BD50
    PS Version: 6_1_7600
    Service Pack: 0_0
    Product: 768_1

    Hi Bagsy,

    Have you noticed this problem on Windows 7 only or with other versions of Windows too? What happens if you run preinstalled OS to Toshiba, you see this BSOD too?

    Bluescreens are often associated with drivers, RAM or HARD drive. Because of this entry permanently on the HARD drive, I'd say check with Drive Fitness Test. It is a freeware for HARD drive diagnostic tool that you can download here:

Maybe you are looking for

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