Satellite L750 - face recognition (more rant of partition)

With this Satellite L750 - I just, I would say that I'm getting a little cheesed off with it! I thought that Toshiba has improved, but maybe not.

When I click on the face recognition program, all I get is a window that says "you are not authorized to perform this task - please contact your administrator for help"-great! Any ideas?

And the drive is partitioned into equal parts between C: and D:. I want to reduce D: and extend C:, but to do that I need a third-party program like W7 disk management doesn't let me do. Why on Earth put in two equal partitions! Maybe I'll empty the bunch and do a clean install of W7 Ultimate (I have a permit) - Tosh is simply a hash of it in my opinion...

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Who cares what are Toshiba? Toshiba offers portable computers with factory settings. No one force you to use while it is. Create the initially and later recovery disc you can do with the partitions you want.

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  • Is it possible to run on Satellite A200 face recognition?

    Hello world.
    I have A200 - 10 X. I'd do it for launch new security program "Toshiba Face Recognition' as A300.
    See this article, 1759,2289030,00.asp

    Is it possible or not?

    I think that you are the first person who asked. As much as I know there no reason why it should not work. Download the software and test it.

    Please be nice and post the result. It can be very useful for other people out there info. I think I'll test it on my Satellite P200D. :)

  • Satellite L750-11W - its more powerful is on the left side - SOLUTION

    Ive always noticed something strange on the sound when you use when using headphones and portable speakers.

    The sound is more powerful on the left side. I checked the sound balanced and it is balanced. I mean that it is attached to the same amplitude of the right speaker and the left...

    When you test the speakers with the windows audio software (tested the speakers, one at a time) the left is more powerful than the right and another strange thing is that the test of the right speaker its peeping (sound tests) is lower amplitude for the right speaker and it is not complete...

    The sound is about 2 sec and on the right speaker, this is what happens: the sound is lower and it can be heard for 1 second and after that the rest of the sound can be heard on the left speaker (the sound is more powerful)

    The audio driver is up to date

    I just found out what my problem was. It's the smart audio 3d immersion option. * I disabled it and the sound is normal now *... but there is a question why 3d immersion for whom?

    > I just discovered what my problem was. It's the smart audio 3d immersion option. I disabled it and the sound is normal now

    Great! Thanks for the comments!

    > but there is a question why 3d immersion to whom?

    Smart Audio provides various settings that change the audio properties, that I want to say that it is a sort function that allows you to change the sound.

  • Satellite L750 goes no more 'sleep' mode

    I've had my L750 for 10 months now. Suddenly it will not go in mode 'sleep' when I close the lid. I checked the power settings and it is set to standby mode when closed.

    Everyone has ideas, I'm sick of working full time.

    On this virtual path, it is not easy to say why this is happening. The configuration of your laptop is unknown for us but maybe some background process or in the background running application block it.

    Try to stop some of them manually and check again.

  • Cannot use 'Toshiba Face recognition' Satellite L750-22Z

    Hi all

    It's my first post probably a large number

    Im having problems with face recognition software if I go all programs, TOSHIBA, utilities, face recognition is there, but when I try to open it I get a pop up that says that you are not allowed to perform this task. you contact the administrator, BUT I am the administrator.

    It's a new laptop so I could just do something stupid as im not that good with the PC I do cars

    Thank you Brett


    All the tools of Toshiba, also face recognition Utility, can be downloaded from the European pilot page Toshiba:

    Here you can find all the drivers and tools.

  • Re: Satellite A200-1ZF how to run the Toshiba face recognition system


    How can I use on my Satellite A200 Toshiba face recognition system?

    The only problem with this software is the program do not see my cam.
    I mean... he see cam, but when I try to save the new face in system then I can read something like "the webcam is currently used or there is problem with hardware.

    So I turn off the webcam toshiba utility, but nothing has changed.
    The hand of the webcam is running correctly. Her webcam Chicony as in the series of toshiba A300 same driver is the same (date, time, number, series)
    So if someone knows what could be wrong please answer...

    Thank you
    Good bye


    I checked the download page for your laptop Satellite recognition tool and the face is not available, so I assume that you downloaded it for a different model of laptop.
    It is not so important, and I think it should work anyway.

    I have more Satellite P200 and he was also delivered without face recognition tool. I installed it anyway and it works perfectly. My laptop have factory settings and camera Assistant software is DISABLED.

    Your laptop is installed with the recovery image too?

    Try to remove the preinstalled face recognition software and remove the webcam in Device Manager, restart your laptop and try to install it again. It works on my laptop and I see no reason why it shouldn't work on your too.
    On this forum many people asked if this software can run on older models of laptops and a lot of people have confirmed that it works well.

  • Download of Satellite A200 2Bo face recognition is available?

    Is there a download for facial recognition for the Satellite A200 2BO?
    I also have a Satellite A300-1mc, who has it.

    Can it be sent to the Satellite A200 via a file?


    Why you n t check this on site pilot European Toshiba?

    The A200 2BO seems to belong to the PSAE6E series.
    I checked the page, and unfortunately the face recognition tool is not available for this series of laptop.

    If you want you can test other sets of portable tool but I don't know if it will work on your laptop, but it s worth a try m

    Good bye

  • Crush the recovery on Satellite L750 partition

    I've updated windows 7 Home premium to Windows 7 Professional. Please could you give me some tips to update (or replace) the recovery as well as Win 7 Pro partition becomes the default o/s, and all software and drivers Toshiba Satellite L750 are included (bluetooth and wireless software & drivers, etc).

    I have already created a new system image on the recovery partition and a system repair disc.


    > can you tell me how to use the recovery discs to recover
    The question is what you want to recover? The whole machine or only the missing files?
    In any case, a partial recovery is not possible, all you can do is complete recovery image installation.

    After the installation of portable full recovery you will have factory settings again, only in this case, you will be able to use without any problem recovery disc creator.

    If you still have some questions you are welcome.

  • Satellite A300-1MT: where to download for Win XP Toshiba face recognition

    Hello. I bought Satellite A300-1MT, but installed Windows Vista does not suit me.
    I am install Win XP. I found all the drivers on the toshiba web site. But cannot find Toshiba face recognition.
    Please advice me something!


    I fear that you will not find this tool for Win XP m.
    It seems that this function can be used only under Win Vista OS.
    If page European driver of Toshiba does not provide these software for Windows XP, then you won't be able to find it on other sites

    So I see only one solution; back to Vista if you prefer to use!

    Welcome them

  • Re: Satellite L750-Question about a data Partition

    L750 HARD disk is divided as follows:

    Drive C: 232 GB
    D drive: 233 GB (recovered files)

    I'm not sure, if drive D is the one where do I place my own data, why must the files of recovery that probably should be in a separate partition. Can I create a new partition in the disk D for my own personal data that I don't want to place it with the recovery files in case they are accidentally deleted?

    In addition, I don't want to put my data on the C drive.

    > I'm not sure if drive D is where should I place my own data...
    Why not? What is the problem? Why is - what are irritated you with existing collection case here?
    I n t have Satellite L750 but if you can see folder HDDRecovery there you can set it to be hidden and you see it, but it will always be there. After doing this, you will not be able to accidentally erase.
    >... Why does have the files for recovery that probably should be in a separate partition.
    It doesn't have to be on a separate partition.
    > Can I create a new partition in the disk D for my own personal data that I don't want to place it with the recovery files in case they are accidentally deleted?
    There no sense to create a third partition if you already have the second partition D. use this partition to save all the data of a personal nature. I do the same.

    By the way: s user guides described document that you must create recovery DVDs. This recovery with the recovery image DVDs can be used for installing the OS. In General, after the creation of recovery disks, you can even remove data recovery. Don t move anywhere data recovery. Result may be that you will not be able to start the installation of HARD drive recovery -

    If you have any other questions you are welcome.

  • Satellite L750 - unallocated space after custom partition


    I bought a new Satellite L750 of 640 GB HD and made a custom 400 GB for C: partition and expecting a ~ 200 GB for a D:; with the remaining GB in an HD hidden for the restoration of the window use.

    After the complete installation and start-up of the window, I can only see a C: or my GB of 200 ~ 400 becomes not allocated. No other player number is displayed.

    Can someone help me how I can create an E: or what that lead to make use of this no allocated space.
    How can I access? I have to redo the entire system again and just send it to C: and forget a second drive?

    H.E.L.P. Please.


    I hope that you have created a recovery disc before changing the partitions on the HARD disk.
    I guess you HDD recovery would not work after the partitions has been changed.

    In any case, all partitions can be verified in disk management.
    Right-click on computer-> Manage
    Here, you go to disk management

    Generally, all partitions and unallocated space must be visible. Here, you can create a new partition or can change and change the partitions again.

  • Satellite P300 - How can I change face recognition tool?

    I have a Toshiba Satellite P300.
    This laptop has the recognition of faces. There was an update on the facial recognition available so I tried to update the program.
    But when I tried I got the message that there is already an existing version of the program and I should delete this first version.

    So I tried to remove it using the remove program under Vista.
    But then I had the message 1628 has not finished the install script-based.

    So my question is: How can I update the facial recognition?

    In my opinion you n t need any update. Please test the functionality and if the face recognition works correctly, you should be satisfied with it.

    By the way: which version is preinstalled on your laptop now?

  • Satellite A305-S6905 - recognition failed using the face recognition


    I have a probem with the face of Toshiba utility.
    It's weird, because I can not connect using the software of face, but when I turn on or off the automatic locking, it recognizes my face and turns on or off the auto lock feature.
    I can't understand.

    I have a Toshiba Satellite A305 S6905.
    I tried to update my face, changing the picture of my face and by defining a word past on my account, but nothing seems to work.

    Please tell me why whenever I try to log in using face recognition I get this error message saying recognition failed!

    Thank you.


    I put t know what was wrong with your tool for recognition of face, but you should check this thread:

    Here you can find a detailed how instruction use face recognition software.
    Go through the steps and try it

  • Face recognition not starting not not by Satellite L300

    Just bought a Satellite L300-13r for my daughter. One of the selling points was the guarantee of face recognition. Only problem is that he isn't starting from the start. Found the software on the computer laptop-even if it has not been shown on the desktop - I had to use the search option. I signed up his face and think that I entered the settings properly, but that's all just not running at startup.

    Whenever I have run the software of Recon face manually, vista wonder confirmation that it's alright to run it. (This would have something to do with the failure to launch?).

    I am also concerned by the gfx chip. It was announced as x 3100 but I seem to have an Intel 965 chipset. Is it the same?


    All you need to do is visit the forum good category and take a look a bit and you will find everything what you want ;)

    According to the specification for computer laptop notebook has you follow components:
    Chipset - GL960
    Intel Chip Set Mobile Intel GL960 Express Chipset
    Graphics Controller Intel GL960

    So I wonder where you found info about x 3100? A link?

  • Satellite A350 - which driver should I use face recognition


    I have a Satellite A350 laptop and wanted to know what driver I need to install for the recognition of faces, because my manual is not something of this nature.

    Thank you


    Computer laptop A350-xxx is this?

    You n t need any special drivers to use face recognition.
    Toshiba face recognition software is available on the European driver Toshiba page and it of designed for Vista OS.

    This tool must be installed on your laptop if you want to use.

    Here, in this thread, you will find details of face recognition and how to use it.

    Check it!

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