Satellite L755-144: drive Blu - ray (BD - ROM) game back support


Sorry if this sounds a little silly question.

I am looking to buy Satellite L755-144 ( that comes with a Blu - ray (BD - ROM) game back support disk drive.

Now, I don't know what that means. I can see that it plays Blu ray DVD and CD, I understand it does not burn Blu Ray, but it burns DVD and CD?

Thank you



I searched for some more details on the Satellite L755-144 and the ODD support and the internal disk drive support this:

CD - R (read/write),
CD - RW (read/re-write),
DVD - R Carbon SL, DL (read/write),
DVD - RW (read/write),
DVD + R Carbon SL, DL (read/write),
DVD + RW (read/write),
DVD-RAM (read/write),
BD - R SL, DL (read),
BD - RE SL, DL (read),
CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, BD - ROM (read)

PS: Means DL double layer and SL means monolayer ;)

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    A 1-day-old Satellite L755-144 was a constant humming noise and vibration on the front half of the body of the laptop. I thought it could be the fan, but it still happens when the Toshiba PC Health Monitor says the fan is at 0%, and when the computer is idle (without windows).

    How much noise this machine must be idle (I find it annoying)?

    Hey Buddy,

    Are you sure the noise is coming from the HARD drive? You can test it if you remove the HARD drive and start your laptop without one.

    Generally the HARD drive always creates a little noise because to HARD disk platters turning and cause noise. Also the head makes this is data is read or write.

    So some noise is normal but no one can tell you if everything is ok with your laptop or not. It s just a user to user forum where you can talk with normal people like you and me. If you are not sure and you want an official answer contact an authorized service provider and ask for help.

    By the way: on my Toshiba laptop I can hear the HARD drive if I put my ears on the case.

  • Message on the screen 'BD - J' drive Blu - Ray - Satellite-P50t-B - 10 K

    First, a comic book, first playing a message saying "the AACS key has expired. You will not be able to listen to some Blu - ray titles. You want to download from the internet now? "Click Yes, it is downloaded, update has been applied, reader closed and restarted."

    BD reinserted, saying "while he was playing a BD - J, mouse operation title and keyboard shortcuts are ineffective" message. Down in Google to find how I was destined to do work the reader saw that keyboard, mouse and touch screen had no effect. Read a few posts that say the arrow keys / directional are supposed to be used to fight against it, but they do nothing when I tried.

    Only things I can do with a BD disc in the drive is: opening and closing; maximize/normalize clicking via the touch screen anywhere on the drive; Right-click with limited function (display power switch and open Information from).
    I hate phone calls so don't really want to phone Support, someone at - it ideas what is happening and what I can do?

    What software did you use to play the disc comics and movies?

    If the error appeared using the TOSHIBA Blu - ray disc player, the solution is not very complicated.
    You need to update drive Blu - ray TOSHIBA by TOSHIBA Service Station.

    This doc may also be useful for you:

    If you have received this error message by using the patch to update software of WinDVD V8 Blu - Ray player



  • Satellite L775-111 and Blu - Ray player

    Okay, so I got my Satellite L775-111 for awhile now and at this time its served me faithfully. Recently, however, the original hard drive died and I had to replace it. Essentially, he did have a problem with that, but I'm now pulling my hair on the drive Blu - Ray from Toshiba or, on the contrary, the lack of it. It was on the original machine, but with the change of drive hard, I lost all my software. I've been trawling through pages of pilot and various other software sites, but I can only find UPDATES that obviously do not work without the drive itself.

    Does anyone know where I might be able to get the software and the drivers again? Not being not able to watch my DVD/Blu-Ray becomes a real pain and I don't really know of any other service that I can use without having to pay even more money for it.

    Have you tested drive features using several different original BD movies?

  • Satellite L755-144 - bluray player gives an error of e/s


    I have a Satellite L755-144 (psk2ye)

    My bluray dvd combo is not written on the disc and give me an i/o error tells me to check the firmware, I've recently had the laptop share but went all fine and the drive has no problem playing games or DVDs.

    I went to download the drivers for bluray on the Toshiba site and installing it says cannot find our player and cancels the installation.

    According to me, Miss me the firmware of origin perhaps?

    The Toshiba site has the latest firmware released this year, I want the original firmware installed when I bought the laptop, but I am at a loss.

    Help, please?

    > My bluray dvd combo is not written to disk...
    The disks you are using?
    Please note that your ODD can write on empty, CD/DVD media only.

  • Qosmio X 870-152: lack of disk drive Blu - ray after own Win 8.1 installed

    Hello guys,.

    After a clean install of 8.1 to win Miss drivers thereafter for the built in blu - ray player_.
    If someone could provide a link to the Toshiba blu - ray Disc Player 3D software or alternative software player which is compatible with this model as well, I would be very grateful!



    Only a Blu - ray player from Toshiba update to win 8 to 8.1 win can be downloaded.
    The full version is not available for download.

    This means that if you want to use the Blu - ray Toshiba, you go back to factory settings of s for laptop (including the system Win 8). Next, you must complete an 8.1 Win update. After that you can download Blu - ray Toshiba-power drive package to update (Win 8.1) for the Toshiba UE driver page.

    If you n t to perform this procedure, you can try a freeware like VLC player software.

  • Satellite L650-BT2N23: reading Blu - ray as part of the Intel HD graphics card

    I'm considering the purchase of the Satellite L650-BT2N23 with Blu - ray player, but it does not come with a discreet graphics card.

    My only option is the integrated graphics card Intel HD, and I fear that Blu - ray playback can suffer.

    Can someone give an opinion on this?
    Thank you.


    Please read some information on the page of Intel on the Intel HD graphics chip.
    The chip is called HD because it is able to process HD video which means it should eb strong enough to work with the blu - ray!

    So in your case I wouldn't be afraid. The graphics chip is OK for video content high definition!

    Welcome them

  • Drive Blu - ray Toshiba does not play a Blu - Ray - Qosmio X 70 - A PSPLTE

    Hey guys,.

    I want to play a Blu - Ray disc with my laptop Qosmio X 70A. I think that it should be possible with Toshiba Blu - Ray disc player, but when the software starts, the Blu - Ray does not play. I don't see an image with the label of drive Blu - Ray TOSHIBA. I use the latest version of this tool. I don't think there is a problem with my Blu - Ray Disc player, because I can see the file on the disk with windows Explorer.
    Does anyone have an idea how I can solve the problem?

    Thanks in advance!

    Hello. Sorry to ask, is a Blu - ray Disc movie? If so, need special software to view.

  • Blu - ray discs say not detected / supported

    How to play blu - ray disc, s keep saying not detected/pick-up of discs

    Windows 7 does not natively read Blu - Ray discs of movies/TV support (if that's what you try to do) - you must use the 3rd party software/codecs. Your PC manufacturer may have delivered a program on your PC, like PowerDVD from Cyberlink, so check. If this isn't the case, you need to buy or download something like the free VLC media player.

    This can also help: .

  • Satellite A-P70-11R - drive Blu - Ray from Toshiba does not work after windows 10


    Please can someone help with my Satellite P70-A-11R

    I have upgraded to Windows 10
    My Blu - Ray player would not work but the DVD worked,
    All drivers OK

    I tried to update and it said to remove old version first.
    I uninstalled it, then says cannot install the update as the program was deleted!

    I could not find the full program file to reinstall, so has restored a system.
    The program will be same not open even if its there and shown in the Task Manager.

    I asked Toshiba if they could send me the link to the full program (not an update or a patch)
    They sent me this link below, however its been said patch when you try to install it...

    Following our previous phone conversation please select the link below to install new software Blue Ray

    When I try to install it says.
    Build version of the source is not build target error 2

    Now I'm stuck
    Thank you

    P70-A-11R satellite belongs to the PSPLP series.

    Windows 10 drivers and updates to tools Toshiba (update of the Blu - ray Toshiba disk drive) can be downloaded from this page:

  • Satellite P855 - 33 X - Pascal spent the first menu disc drive Blu - Ray


    I have a Toshiba Satellite P855 - 33 X. Whenever I try to play a disc Blu - ray (2d or 3d) on the Toshiba Blu - ray disc player, I never spent the first menu (main menu according to disk or the language selection). I'm unable to click on the menu or use the keyboard to select the options in the menu, the bluray is unresponsive.

    It has worked well in the past so I wonder if there was a recent update that could have made this a problem?

    I have Windows 8, recently updated to 8.1.
    Thanks for your help.

    > I have Windows 8, recently updated to 8.1.
    I m wondering if you have updated the Toshiba Blu - ray disc drive after the update of the Win Win 8.1 8?

    You will find on the page of the Toshiba UE driver all tools Toshiba drivers and utilities to win 8.1.
    Usually after the Win 8.1 update, the software should be updated as well.

  • Satellite L850-161 - Tempro Blu - ray driver update notification

    I have just received an alert of tempro on a driver update that my L850-161 will play blu - ray discs. Now, I was quite surprised that I only have a dvd player of standard model provided with L850 when I bought it.

    I have downloaded the driver and tried to install it but nothing happened that was not surprising.
    Any help with this would be greatly apreciated because he left me quite confused.

    You are the one second that reports about this alert Tempro. Unfortunately this will not help at all.
    Some update can not change anything.

  • Satellite A200-23W and blu - ray optical disc drive

    Y at - it news, as if we can replace our perspective with a * blu ray writer dvd writer *? (not only player...)
    Thank you for your help.

    It is a very interesting question. I didn't find relevant info on the WEIRD Blu - ray compatibility for Toshiba laptops. Qosmio check category.
    Several months ago, I saw a thread about it and one user has successfully upgraded its Qosmio with Blu - ray player. Perhaps is the same player that is compatible with your laptop.

  • Re: Satellite A500-1DN - disk Blu - Ray Writer

    Hi all!

    My problem is that, in my laptop, I have a burner TSST CDDVDW TS-L633C.
    With this i ' t can record or play blu - ray content.
    Is this opportunity to get a blu - ray disc burner in my toshiba laptop? If Yes, how much does it cost?

    Thanks in advance!


    Unfortunately I can't give you prsice info about it, but what I know, it's that some laptops computers Toshiba come with Blu - Ray disc players and I wasn't able to find info on Blu - Ray driver is used on A500.

    I have my Satellite P500 mast * one BD - MLT UJ240ES and this car has BD read and write function. I put t know if you can use this CURIOUS on your model of laptop (compatibility).
    I recommend you contact Toshiba service in your country and ask for help. They need to know if you can use this CURIOUS or not.

    Price? Google!

  • Satellite L755-144 - USB memory stick problem

    I have a L755-144 Satellite with Windows 7 Home Premium.
    I tried two USB keys with this computer. It works fine, the other has the following problem:

    When plugged in the first time, a driver loaded for her and then he saw in devices and printers, but not in the computer. It is not possible to browse the files in devices and printers for this stick and it does not activate the remove material option safely; the files that are on it can not be seen.

    I installed the latest driver USB from Toshiba, but that made no difference. Should I give up and use a different memory stick, or is there something else I could do to make this one work?

    > I tried two memory sticks USB with this computer. It works fine, the other has the following problem

    I think that there is a compatibility problem between the USB and the USB key because the other key USB worked fine so I put t think that it s USB port or driver issue.

Maybe you are looking for