Satellite L755 - WLan turn on automatically

Hi everyone;

I just bought new laptop Toshiba Satellite L755 with Windows 7 home premium,
Is what I am facing strange issue when I turned off the wireless FN + F8 and when I shut down the computer and turn it on after a few minutes automatically wireless switch and the red light indicating that make the question or it of normal?

To find out, I got the laptop trying to see if that solves this problem.


WiFi on / off is controlled by software.
As far as I know, the buttons FN control the Flash Card Utility, which is part of the package added value PPV (in most cases). So my first idea would be clocked a VAP.

In addition the Wlan driver update. This is the portal Toshiba WLan containing all available wireless drivers:

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  • Satellite L755-167 turns off suddenly without any warning game

    For a while, every time I play a game like ' PES 2014, NFS,...» ETC. "
    My notebook "Toshiba Satellite L755-167 ' computer died suddenly almost with in 2 minutes.

    I tried to do a clean boot, but it does not work, the laptop runs a bit more then it turns off again.
    And lately it happened several times during navigation on internet.

    I use Windows 8.1 pro 64 x operating system

    What could be the problem, how can I solve this?

    On this virtual path, it is not easy to say with certainty what the problem, but it may be overheating.
    You use your laptop on the desk with free cooling fans?

  • Satellite Pro P300 turns on automatically after 3-4 minutes after the stop

    We have a problem with the new laptop Pro P300 series (P5PC5E). It's not OFF after his stop. Laptop turns on automatically after 3-4 minutes after his stop.
    This occurs when LAN (RJ-45) is connected to the laptop.

    -We have disabled "Wake on LAN" from BIOS and tried to disable some other Wake on the options, but nothing made.
    -In addition, we tried to use the laptop on the other room in another cable RJ45. Is not helped either.
    -Laptop is new and there has been nothing, except installed Vista for installation at the factory at the end and install F-Secure.
    -After that, F-Secure has also removed with the uninstall tool.

    Now... what someone has idea how to solve this problem or shoud simply return laptop to Toshiba for repair?

    Don t think you need to call the ASP for the repair.

    Just a question; did you check if the laptop wakes up automatically if the LAN cable is NOT connected?
    Please check this box.

    If the laptop won't wakeup automatically after that the LAN cable has been disconnected, then everything is ok with your laptop and I don't suppose some settings need to be changed.

    In the BIOS please disable:
    Wake on keyboard
    Wake-up on LAN
    -Battery clock criticism

    You should also go to Device Manager-> network controllers-> Lan card-> properties-> Advanced tab.

    There, you might disable wake-up settings to.

    Check it out dude!

  • Satellite C660-258 turns off automatically

    I have a laptop toshiba c660-258, that the problem is when I turn on my laptop, that the led power indicator turns on but after all turns... I alread change ram but not yet tunrning on normally.

    Is it a hardware problem... what should I do?

    Can you help for this one.

    The laptop turns off automatically enter BIOS mode?

    Usually the laptop turns off automatically due to the higher internal temperature.
    This automatic switch prevents the parties from overheating...

    But I'm not sure if the higher temperature causes this problem... it's probably a fault of the motherboard... but it's just my guess.

  • Satellite L40 - 14F turn on automatically


    I have a laptop PSL4CE L40 - 14F. When I use it with the AC adapter / CC, he makes a strange mistake. When I turn off the laptop, it stops normally, but after 4-5 seconds it turns on automatically. When I use it without adapter it not dΘmarre automatically. I swith off when it is in the BIOS, but it puts one more time.

    And if my laptop is in sleep mode, it does not wake up again I have to swith it.

    I reinstall the entire system. I tried Xp, Vista, and Win7 and I've updated the BIOS also.

    I use my laptop with original Toshiba AC adapter and tried with my car charger too.

    Thank you

    > When I use it with the AC adapter / CC, he makes a strange mistake. When I turn off the laptop, it stops normally, but after 4-5 seconds it turns on automatically. When I use it without adapter it does not start automatically

    I'm not quite what could be wrong but I could make some assumptions m

    I think that might have something to do with the motherboard failure
    For me, it's only a plausible explanation maybe some problems with electronic or similar food. I think that the laptop should be checked by a technician of ASP.
    Guys could test different adapters and batteries and could finally run a diagnostic test that could help diagnose the failure.

  • Satellite L755-10 q stops automatically

    Nice day!
    I just bought my phone toshiba L755-10 q here Jarir al madinah last October 8, 2011, on the 1st day I feel that my laptop does not open when I press on restart button its not opening.
    I thought that was just lowbat why I waited until 15 minutes, then it will open after I saw that my battery is full...
    Why is - this open?

    I tried another to disable and open it again its not open... for 4 times I tried to do like that, but still when I tried to open the button on the 1st time it always fails... It's the 1st night.

    3rd night after 4 to 6 hours, surfing the net and watching the movie, my laptop off automatically without cause... I tried to open it opens, then it says start windows normally and I chose it... This means his force stops.

    What had happened I checked all settings of my energy and sleep is NEVER all.
    How can it be then after once again for help after 10 minutes it stops again. Then I opened then after 5 minutes its shuts down again, then after that I opened it stops again. As soon as I put my password in the Welcome screen. hats of this?

    Earlier, I brought my laptop in jarir. They put the energy setting to high performance and said they will ship my laptop in Riyadh which will last 2-3 weeks... He said to check back for 1 day and I'll be there if something happens...

    Then I tried when I arrive home after 10 minutes of surfing the net it turns off again... I tried to pull the plug, just using my 1 hour battery after that it shuts off again...
    Really, I don't know what to do with this... last week I'm so excited but this and I have toshiba confidence that all their cell phones are great, but then 4 days, imagine that...

    I am really so disappointed... all my salary for 4 months, that I collected, I put to this laptop, but then it's going to happen for only 4 days? I DEMMAND for the nine, I really can't withstand this pressure I need computer realkly laptop that's why I bought as much as I can, then technician Jarir said it will take 2-3 weeks for it?
    What is a hard time for my NEW laptop?


    In most cases the laptop stops automatically due to high temperature.

    Usually the cooling modules should be able to cool the laptop properly, but if don t cooling modules work correctly, the CPU temperature can go up to a critical level and this would lead to close
    In most cases dust and debris inside the cooling modules prevent fans to run with better performance so in this case you need to remove the dust that I use the jet of compressed air that helps

    Not sure if dust could be the reason for your problems, but I think that the high temperature would be possible in Saudi Arabia temp is high and you must make sure that there is enough free space around the laptop to ensure good air circulation

    You can also try some additional cooling pads that could cool the internal parts

  • Satellite A200 - LCD turn on automatically


    I have a Toshiba Satellite A200 with power saver software Toshiba. In order to save energy, I sometimes activate the low-power mode. I have the top of the LCD must be turned off after a minute, that after this minute, the LCD is just off very shortly (about one second) and turn it on again.

    What is the problem?
    Thanks for the reply (s) :-)

    Greetings from the Germany


    Maybe you tap the mouse or another thing, and if the LCD display is activated again. What do you think?

    Alternative, I would try to reinstall Toshiba Power Saver. On the Toshiba site you can download.
    Also, make sure that this power profile is activated when you have chosen the option of turning off the LCD.

  • Satellite L650 - Bluetooth turn on automatically

    I use Toshiba Satellite L650-I5310. It hav a shortcut to toggle the bluetooth key. whenever I got disabling bluetooth, after a few seconds it activates again automatically.

    Please help me how to get rid of this problem.

    Sumit (India)

    Hi sumit_king7,

    Which short key you use exactly to disable Bluetooth?
    As far as I know, you can do so by using the FN + F8 key combination.

    Alternative, I recommend the Bluetooth software update. Just look on Toshiba Bluetooth portal to download the most recent version.
    And before you install it, delete the old version first and reboot the laptop.

  • Satellite A100 (PSAAN) turns off automatically

    When I try to do some actions as the portable audio and video conversion just turn off.
    Then turn off fan start working faster and then click sound examples and everything on.
    I have to turn it on again.

    This is temp without conversion
    When converting it comes up to 85

    It is a clear case to me.

    The problem described is related to overheating.
    Overheating is caused by different reasons, but the main reason are the dust and debris inside the cooling modules.
    Cooling modules do not work with the best performance because of the dust, which leads to a higher temperature and finally to overheating.

    The laptop stops automatically to prevent the equipment from damage.
    I think if the fans would be carefully clean then you should be able to solve this annoying problem.

    The jet of compressed air can be very useful. It is a professional tool and can be bought in most computer resellers.

    Check it out

  • Re: Satellite A500 will turn on automatically at 23:00

    Hi all

    I have a Satellite A500 who decides he wants to get into itself every night about 23:00.
    I disabled all the tasks in the Task Scheduler and it still happens.
    I have no other idea I can do to prevent this.

    Can anyone help. It starts from the complete closure. It is not in sleep or Hibernate either mode.

    Thank you


    There is a problem similar but if starts up to 8.20

    In addition, you should try to disable WOL

  • Satellite A75-211 turns off automatically - overheating problem

    I have the A75-211 3.2 Ghz, and at first, he started cutting when I was burning DVD.
    OK, fair enough it just need more air circulation.
    But now if I get a lot of hard disk activity it's cut more. Seems to be more sensitive.

    Anyone else had this experience or advice?
    Below recommended laptop coolers?

    Thank you...


    These issues are described in this forum very often. Especially the laptop automatically stops because the cooling modules may not work correctly.
    Usually, it happens because dust and debris inside the computer laptop occlusion grids air. Well, in my opinion you should check the vents and if necessary try to clean.
    My advice: cleaning with the vacuum cleaner is a good idea. But be careful.

  • Satellite L755 - 10 k shut downs automatically

    My laptop computer 03701far Satellite L755 - 10 k psk2ye automatically stops all a few minutes after I start / the only problem which appears is & BATTERY indication led flashes in ORANGE color.

    Help please give me the solution, due to the problem mentioned above, I can't use my laptop please help me.

    Thank you.

    Looks like she may have a hardware problem.
    Send it to a Toshiba ASP for repair.

  • Satellite A100 - 784 PSAANE - screen turns off automatically

    Hi friends,

    I have a Toshiba Satellite A100 - 784 PSAANE with windows visa Home Basic edition.
    Now for 15-20 days I am facing a strange problem. The screen of the laptop emits a sometimes (not necessarily every time) and then when the frequency increases the display turns off automatically!
    Then I must Hibernate or he put laptop to sleep to find again the screen... Seriously, I don't understand the problem.

    Please help me.
    Thanks in advance

    Hi Julie,.

    It sounds as if something is harming your graphics driver causing the display to turn off. If the problem occurs only when you use certain applications or only started after installing a new application you may need to restore your system to a restore point before new applications have been installed. As a test, you can try to start your system in safe mode and see if the problem persists.

    I also recommend that you re-install your graphics drivers to see if it improves the problem.

    Other possibilities are that your graphics chip is a failure or overheating causing this problem in which case you have to return your laptop to a Service approved for the additional diagnostic agent.

    My last thought is that you may have a problem with the inverter FL (the component that provides the lighting of your LCD screen). Check, when the screen turns off, if you can still see a residual image on the screen. If yes then the FL inverter is definitely at fault.

    Kind regards

  • Crackling sound on Satellite L755 when WLan is enabled

    I have windows 7 toshiba satellite may
    whenever I listen to a music every few seconds just a few disturbances in a sound...
    I tried to install the new drivers, and that did not help

    I don't no what is the problem and I hope someone could help me
    I think, but I'm not sure that this problem was there when I bought the pc...
    It's new. 15 days. Toshiba satellite L755

    I use windows media player, but sound disturbance has not just here.

    If I play a game, Watch youtube videos, if I play the movie on pc... In whatever it is when it is solid.


    What network card you hear exactly: LAN or Wlan?
    Have you noticed this first day of purchase?

    Try to recover the laptop using the Toshiba HDD recovery (power on, press F8, choose repair my computer, HARD drive recovery). Then test the sound using this new OS preinstalled.

  • Re: Satellite L755-13 q: WLAN N (802.11n) not visible, how to enable it?

    I have a Satellite L755-13 q which is sold with a compatible 802.11n wireless network WLAN but the WLAN n are not detected by my computer.
    The N-WLAN is detected on another computer.

    I have driver updates Realtek RTL8188CE since the download from Toshiba site.
    Driver for the type of network option is well-defined on 802.11b/g/n. other B-WLAN is detected by my computer.

    Have you ever seen this problem?
    What could be done to enable detection of the N-WLAN?

    Thank you and best regards


    Are you sure that the wireless network adapter is set to Draft N (802.11 N)?
    In the Device Manager-> card WLan-> properties-> Advanced tab, you can check if the Draft N is enabled and set.

    If it s set and the laptop would not recognize the Wireless N network, then you must update the WLan driver. I recommend you to choose one page Realtek.
    Of course, you can also test the driver here:

    It could also be a problem of compatibility between the card and the router.
    Some WLan card supports the standard 802.11 N standard to 2.4 Ghz band so if your router supports 802.11 N only at 5 GHz then local laptops network card would not receive this network.

Maybe you are looking for