Satellite L850 and partition recovery

Hello, I want to ask about my recovery my computer portition L850 corei7 satellite phone.
I got the pc 3 years ago and my restore partition has been deleted by mistak and I found one about 1.46 GB partition is tiltled by issue of recovery active healthy partition .my, these is the recovery partition? If its how can operate agine and if not how can my recovery partition agine reback... If she need to make an order in Egypt cost... and thx in advence


This recovery partition belongs to the operating system itself and has nothing to do with the Toshiba recovery partition. If the recovery partition is deleted you can not get it back.
Only thing to do is to reinstall the recovery image and use laptop with 'presets' again.

In my opinion, only option for you now is to order the original installation of the recovery media -

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