Satellite L850 - cannot make Bluetooth work under Win 7 64 bit

I bought a "new" L850, with Window7 64 Bit
I managed to have Bluetooth run only once, but now it still says "Bluetooth is not ready" when I try to make a new connection.

I have the Bluetooth Manager icon in the taskbar and then I turn on and off Bluetooth, but the icon does not change, and I still get the above message.

Can you give me advice what to look for?

I can't imagine that there is a problem with bad or old drivers Bluetooth worked a few days ago, and I'm not aware of having changed anything that has to do with Bluetooth.

Thanks in advance



AFAIK, you must activate the BT as well as the WLan using the function key F12 (or FN + F12)

Have you tried that? BT is enabled?

It would also be interesting to know what Sat L850-xxx you exactly.
I think that the laptop was equipped with a WLan/BT combo card, but I t know if its a Realtek or Atheros module.

I think in the worst case you should try reinstalling the drivers necessary to run.

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    So you say that the touchpad works properly using the Vista operating system, but you are not able by using the touchpad running Win XP.
    Is this good?

    If Yes, then I think that you have not installed the XP drivers good touchpad.

    Satellite L305 belongs to the Toshiba U.S. series and you should visit the Toshiba driver page us to get XP drivers

    Sorry, but for me it s a clear case. It's a softer question, and possibly the right driver installation is required.

  • Satellite L850 - webcam suddenly stopped working

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    Even if you have not changed the settings in the BIOS, you must Access the BIOS to make sure that the webcam is turned on it!

    I also recommend the suite of this workaround:
    Uninstall the webcam software
    Uninstall the VAP
    Uninstall all software needed the webcam (Skype, etc...)
    Now, restart and install CCLeaner (cleaning of freeware software)
    Reboot once more.
    Run CCleaner and clean the system and the registry.
    Now follow with installation of VAP
    Install the webcam software
    Test webcam.

    Good luck

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    Hello markward4905

    You should be able to download the drivers from the website of the manufacturer of your web cam.

    This forum post is my own opinion and does not necessarily reflect the opinion or the opinion of Microsoft, its employees or other MVPS.

    John Barnett MVP: Windows XP Expert associated with: Windows Expert - | | |

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    Double post / Double post

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    Because the Adobe PDF printer is not supported on 64-bit operating systems, version 64 bits of the AdobePDF.dll does not get extracted during installation. So, the installation program is unable to locate him. Although Acrobat is installed, the Adobe PDF printer will not install. Following the update procedure above will address the issue.

    333360 : support policy for Adobe Acrobat (8.0.x Windows x 64)
    333780 : support policy for Acrobat 7 and 8 on Windows Vista

  • Satellite L850/046 HDMI not working not

    I have the laptop above 8 win with a plug vga on a monitor.
    Recently, I bought an HDMI cable to a spare with dvi - d 18 pin port monitor.
    He worked for a week then suddenly just now connected HDMI monitor cleared port.

    I tried to use the display function to turn it back to the but no luck.
    Only the VGA connected monitor works and the laptop monitor is also disabled.

    They only way I can get the laptop monitor to work is to disconnect the HDMI port.
    Some how connect this port is now interfering with the monitor to the laptop to function.
    I tried to restart the laptop but having the same problem.

    I saw on another forum where the moderator suggested using this link to reinstall the driver, Toshiba

    I tried to use the serial number and model number, but it does not either.

    Someone has an idea?

    Kind regards


    Your PSKG8A-046001was Toshiba Satellite L850/046 released in Australia and you must use the Toshiba Australia support page to get the drivers.

    But I put t know which driver you want to reinstall or update?
    There is no particular HDMI driver. The HDMI port is recognized automatically by the system.

    But of course, it might be possible that your graphics card drivers are muddled up: Intel and AMD
    So uninstall the ATI GPU driver first.

    The laptop uses the Intel Core i5 3210M CPU processor and this graphic unit supports internal Intel HD 4000 CPU.
    I recommend you update the Intel HD Graphics 4000 driver and the ATI/AMD driver.

    By the way: the latest version of the Intel HD Graphics driver 4000 can be downloaded from Intel page too.

  • Satellite L850 - cannot play Minecraft - graphics driver problem


    I have a Satellite L850 with this specs: Intel Core i7 3630QM with an AMD Radeon HD7670M and 8 64-bit windows.
    I installed the latest drivers display amd by toshiba Web site and java 64 bit.

    Walker I launch Minecraft is as usual, but when I click on connection a black screen stands for awhile, then the failure Message screen comes and it means something like this:

    Bad video card drivers!

    Minecraft could not start because it did not find an accelerated OpenGL mode.

    Generally, this can be corrected by updating the video card drivers.

    So I hope that you are able to help me.
    I've already spent many hours to fix it, but nothing works

    In this game forum, you can find several discussions on the problems in playing Classic.
    All cases have been resolved by the update of the graphics card driver.

    To my knowledge, the driver of Toshiba page does not contain the OpenGL but DirectX (of Microsoft)

    Then maybe you will need to install the driver of an another 3rd party sources
    Your laptop supports the AMD (ATI) graphics chip?
    Well, in this case, you could test a driver of but the use of this driver is your own risk, don't know if it will work stable

  • Satellite L850 - cannot use the FN (function) button to turn wireless on

    I have a Toshiba Satellite L850 PSKDLA-0D100R. My problem is what is stated in the subject. I tried to reinstall windows, that did not work, I tried everything I found concerning this problem on google and none of this helped then please help me! The 'flash cards' I think they are called do not come to the top when I press 'FN F12' to turn on without thread, even if they do not work when you adjust the brightness of the screen and the sound.

    Please help me!
    Thank you.

    Usually, this should work if you tried to reinstall the OS using original recovery image that you got with your laptop.

    Have you tried to reinstall Toshiba Value Package?

  • Satellite A500-1f5 - FN key does not work with Win 7 64 bit


    The FN key does not work

    I have the installer: added value package + Flash Cards Support utility

    Laptop model: Satellite A500-1f5

    WIN 7 64 bit

    Thank you


    Try restarting Flash cards.
    Start > all programs > Toshiba > utilities > restart Flash cards.
    After doing this press FN button several times.

    or remove the vap utility and support of flashcard and download:

    Then install the utiliy and flashcard Vap, support.

  • Satellite L850 cannot access BIOS by using the F2 key on startup

    I'm trying to get to the BIOS of a Satellite L850, but now the F2 then turn does not hit the power switch and then now the "F2" key does not work.

    The key does not work, press fn and F2 change the brightness.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    A retired old man, the only easy solutions and it is not my PC, I try to help a still older retiree.


    If you use Windows 8 Please perform the first full stop. After doing this restart your machine and press F12. There you should be able to find the opportunity to enter the BIOS settings.

    Check it please t.

  • Satellite L500 FN buttons do not work with Win 7 32 bit


    try to install the value-added package 1.2.28 from the DVD driver (shipped with my laptop and newer computer as the pilot on toshibas website).
    Installtion works well and the keyboard shortcut does not work after restarting.
    I even try the old driver from the Web site 1.2.25 it does not also.

    After that, I try to install a part of the driver. I find this comment:

    + For the FN keys that you will install Toshiba Value added Package and Flash cards supports the utility. Make sure that the two versions are released for Windows 7 64 bit already. If you choose a version of Vista, it will not work! +

    + Here you can download everything: +.
    + > support & downloads > download drivers +.

    + Value Added Package must be installed in the first place. ;)+

    But the usefulness of flash cards is a part of the added value package and I wasn't able to disable the utility under Windows 7 32-bit flash cards.
    This utility seems to be used for other public services.

    Someone at - it solution to activate the shortcut keys?



    > But the usefulness of flash cards is a part of the added value package and I wasn't able to disable the utility of flash on Windows 7 32 bit cards.

    There are two applications that can be downloaded:
    * Added value package v1.2.34 * and * supports Flash cards utility v1.63.0.4 *.

    Please install both applications again!

    If the two were already installed, and remove the system first, after restarting again install the two drivers again.

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