Satellite L850 - USB and touchpad stopped working

Hey guys

I got this laptop from toshiba Satellite L850 (faptop) and I am having some problems.

When I turn it on nothing is wrong.
When I hit the first screen after registration on (windows 8) with all the options of what to do (office, internet etc.) none of my USB ports work and my laptop mouse (touchpad) doesn't work that way.

The only keys that work are the F-keys (F1, F2, etc) I was wondering if anyone knows what's the problem with him.

I saw a message when I was turning right at the first "loading screen" (black red background text "TOSHIBA" or something else he said) saying that he was going to scan C drive and fix it.
He finished and turns off.

Being a person I turned it back and that is when the problem occurred.
Before this problem came to me was to play counter strike and 10 minutes after it happened.

If anyone can help I will appreciate it. Thank you.


I think that there is some sort of software problem because the system has started the automatic repair process. Of course, this repair process touched the keyboard, the touchpad and USB device.

I assumed that the updating of the system, reset or restore would solve your problem and this is why I think you should start with the option refresh your PC without affecting your files.

This option should be selected if your PC is not made as in the past and you don't know why, you can refresh your PC without delete all of your personal files or change your settings.
To refresh your PC
1. start charm bar (Win key + C), click on settings, then change PC settings.
2. click on update and restore and then click recovery.
3. under Refresh your PC without affecting your files, click Start.
4. follow the instructions on the screen.

If this would not help you, you could _Restore PC to the point of beginning at the time. _
To restore your PC to an earlier point in time
1 win key + X and choose Control Panel.
2. Enter the collection in the control panel search box, and then click recovery.
3. click on open system restore and then follow the instructions.

In the worst case you will need the laptop initial configuration using the Toshiba HDD recovery recovery.

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