Satellite L855 - 13 G - can't adjust the brightness after update Win8


After update of windows 8 and installed the latest AMD driver on the Toshiba site, I cannot adjust the brightness of the screen using the Fn F2 or F3.

In this thread:
He says that he has solved his problem but how?

I installed the Package value added, but no change

Thank you

Franco said he has updated the graphics driver and it helped

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  • Satellite A300 - 21 c - impossible to adjust the brightness of the screen


    I am not able to adjust the brightness of my screen on my Satellite A300 - 21 c - control panel-> the menu options of power does not give me the opportunity to do, and my Fn keys do not work either (can't adjust the brightness).

    The operating system is Win. XP Pro - SP2

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


    You can adjust the brightness of the screen using Toshiba Power Saver? With this tool, I can set the brightness of the screen for Macintosh (AC adapter) and normal (battery). I like it a lot because I can also put more options and you can download it on the Toshiba site: decision-making supported Downloads & => Download drivers

    For the FN keys on your laptop, you need the tools Toshiba you can find on the site of Toshiba, too.

    Welcome them

  • Cannot adjust the brightness after display driver update on Satellite L855-118


    I just bought a SATELLITE L855-118, with ATI graphics card today, it was between this and another of them, but I know that you have problems updating graphics drivers on a portable Sony.

    I did a restore point.

    So I uninstalled the ATI catalyst graphics card and then did a sweeper driver and rebooted and then installed catalyst 12.6, installed fine, but my screen went to the maximum brightness and I can't adjust, BRIGHTNESS osd is displayed but the brightness of the screen does not change.

    So I used my restore point.

    This time I crushed the catalyst 8.9 with 12.6 stock, still cannot adjust the brightness.

    Someone knows how to solve this problem.

    My spec full in the link below.

    Satellite L855-118 - product specifications - Toshiba

    Thank you


    You mean that you can not use the Fn or Fn + F6, F7 button combination?
    Do other combination works properly?

    Also check this doc:

    There is a that installs the additional registry key

  • L520 - can't adjust the brightness

    Another problem on my Lenovo Thinkpad L520:

    After you have installed the Lenovo power management driver, I can no longer adjust the brightness of the LCD screen using the keys FN + DELETE/POS1.

    Immediately after setting the brightness, it gets returned to its old value, defined in the power management software.

    I tried the Windows 7 ( driver and the driver WIndows XP/7/8 (, both with the same result.

    It's really annoying and I'm very frustrated with Lenovo now, because is not the only problem I have with the phone.

    I tried to call customer service, where an automated message directed me to their support forum.

    Someone here has a solution for this?

    Can confirm all these probs!

    Brightness: uninstall Lenovo Hotkey Pack / Power Management Software (not Power Management driver)

    For HARD drive: HDDScan using > select your HARD drive > build command line > your power settings. After you save your batch/cmd, start a plane of task!

  • How can I adjust the brightness and contrast of an object that is part of a vector?

    I have edited one (text & symbols of color, brightness, contrast, etc.) file, generated from its original file, LOGO.eps LOGO.tif, . Now, I am trying to edit the EPS to match the TIFF. I got regarding the extraction of the color of the text in the TIFF file and applying it to the text in the EPS file. My problem is that I can not change the brightness and contrast of the symbol in the logo. Is it possible to adjust the brightness and contrast of an object that is part of a vector? I need make a darker symbol and I tried change > change colors > saturate and adjusting the intensity to 100, but it does not darken. And I can't really spend extra money on plug-ins like Phantasm cs. Help, please.

    I may be as simple as adding a transparent overlay with some gradients.

    It can be incredibly complex and be better done in photoshop.

    without seeing it, it is very difficult to help more.

    even a clipped sample can help.

    Choose the logo...

    (comment out) What is the point of a Logo, no one is allowed to see?

  • HP Notebook: Why can't adjust the brightness of my screen on my

    I have a HP laptop. I want to adjust the brightness because it was too bright for the darkroom, in which I was. I tried to use the F2 and F3 keys to turn down the brightness and I tried to adjust parameters and control panal but the brightness is not adjust when I move upwards or downwards. I tried to turn off my computer and restarted it, but I still cannot adjust the brightness. Help!


    Yes that's fine.

    Here are the graphics drivers that you need for the W10...

    This package provides the graphics driver AMD/Intel switchable high definition (HD) for models of laptop computers that are running an operating system supported. For laptops equipped with switchable graphics modes, this package contains the drivers for the two graphics (GPU). Switchable graphics allow users to switch between a mode of graphics to save energy (normally used under the power of the battery) and a high-performance graphics mode.

    File name: sp72066.exe

  • How can I adjust the brightness on my monitor, model G205HV. The instructions aren't the helpfu

    The brightness of the screen adjustment, contrast needs to be clarified.  The instructions do not match the keys 1 to 5 at the bottom of the screen.  Give instructions regarding the identifiable sequence.  Thank you

    Press the middle button. This should bring up the screen Display (OSD).

    On the first point, photo, you should see a list of options on the right.

    Press the Center button to select this menu.

    Use the button on the right to select brightness.  Use the middle button to select.

    Use the two buttons on the right to adjust the brightness.

    These buttons all have an iconographic icon above them in the OSD.

  • Cannot adjust the brightness after installing Windows 10

    Hello. I have a Dell XPS 15 L521X.   Recently updated to Windows 10 and I can adjust is no longer my brightness upwards or downwards.

    Now the screen is quite low.  I'd say about 30-40% brightness.  10 widows I found about 5 different places to adjust your brightness and I made sure all of them have been set to 100%.  I have my power plan to high performance and I went into advanced settings and turned off Adaptive brightness and made sure that the brightness of the screen the two Dim brightness set to 100% on battery & are plugged.  Rebooted and still dim.

    My question is, on Dell laptops, Windows has full access to the brightness control?  Or Dell replaces Windows with their software customized for the display settings?   When I bought this laptop in 2012, the software, at the time, was called Dell QuickSet.  What is the responsible application of brightness of the screen control?  And is it necessary?

    Thank you


    I am also having this same problem. My brightness has been set at max after update and it hurts my eyes. I did it... Control Panel > Device Manager > graphics cards > Intel HD Graphics 4000 > pilot > Update Driver > Browse my computer > let me pick. Choose Microsoft Basic graphics card.

    After doing this, my problem was solved, and I was able to adjust the brightness of my screen again. BUT if you play games on your laptop, it will cause display problems in your game.

  • Possible bug: Lightroom 5.7 now adjusts the brightness after cloning as a white backdrop. Ideas?

    I just found this: work on a larger series of images, shot on a white background.

    It is a mobile facility so sometimes the backdrop covers the whole frame.

    So after I do my settings to my select I use the spot removal tool to clone in some parts of the background if necessary...

    So far so good. But Lightroom then auto adjusts the brightness and contrast of...

    No idea what's going on... Restart LR and the computer did not any changes.

    I'm on a Mac 10.10.3




    The beach of the adjusted values of highlights, shadows, whites, blacks, clarity (at least) all depend on image content so your cloning on a dark area left replaces the range of values of the image and changes as well as cursors.

    The difference is very accentuated between the cloned image and uncloned if clarity is equal to 0 and black to-100 with all the remains the same that the DNG downloaded, where all parameters are identical between the two images and the background being cloned to white is the only difference in the parameters and settings, so the Visual difference is how LR applied 5 toning of the sliders.

    The problem is that unwanted background on the left is darker than the subject so it's existence or not determines what means 'black '.  It cloning of 'Black' changes that she will fix the details of the subject and affects how the highlights, shadows, white, black and clarity sliders work.

    I think that toning using tone instead of these 5 sliders below curve contrast will not have this problem and I think that cropping away rather than cloning in the background, then using the 5 sliders will not the problem.

    The essential is that cloning apparently happens before you tone up in the pipeline of the image and how these 5 sliders work is designed so that you will see this difference and is not a bug.


    For the reference of someone else reading this, here's the default settings has been made in the two DNG as downloaded before changing Black =-100 and clarity = 0 for the side-by-side, supra.

  • Satellite Pro 440cdx - how can I change the brightness or contrast

    My screen is weak and hard to see objects on the screen, any advice will be more welcome.many thanks for any help.


    The brightness of the display can be changed by pressing the FN or FN + F6, F7 key combination.
    The contrast could not be changed on the screens of laptops that it is set automatically.

    But if it of very difficult to see anything on the screen, then an FL inverter may default.
    The fl inverter is a small part that controls the brightness of the display.
    Maybe it s need to be replaced.

  • Satellite A100 - can't adjust the brightness F6/F7 problem

    Already tried updating the BIOS as sugested in similar to the forum thread but still the Fn + F6 will not work.

    Help, please!

    I totally agree with kody;

    If you have XP OS, you must install the common modules first.
    It is very important that this driver would be installed before the other Toshiba Utilities.

    But generally it s necessary and indispensable to install all available Toshiba drivers and tools for you notebook series in the right order.
    I saw the Setup file instruction txt on the driver page.

    Please follow the order mentioned in this text file.

    Good luck

  • Lenovo A2010 - can't adjust the brightness

    Newly buy flipkart. Everything is OK. But impossible to adjust brightness in the drop-down list at the top. If it is possible to help. 2 reset time. Does not.

    Comment to Moderator: Topic said.

    Install app control brightness of the game store and even uninstall it.

    Brightness slider will begin the work

  • Easy transfer gets "Can not open the file" after update from XP to 7

    In Windows XP Sp3, I created the Windows Easy Transfer file on a USB - I see it. I did the Custom installation of Windows 7 that seems successful. When I try to access my data using file transfer, the program will not open the file, although he sees there. Is there a way to retrieve this file?
    I saw similar posts but have not found one with an answer yet.
    Thank you

    Agrivated after myself, I found the problem.  And it's simple!  I hope it works for everyone, always in need of response.  So I upgraded to Win Xp 32 bit to 7 64 bit.  I had a 39 + GB Easy Transfer file.  I was getting the same error, «...» "Cannot open a file... "Well, to solve this problem, I opened the Transfer Wizard, thenm go through your files, using the options"Advanced"and my limited to a size of transfer to 2 GB or less.  It could be a tedious job, but it should work for you, as it did for me.  You can experiment a bit more with the measures, but I've just stuck with 2 GB and was fine.  Good luck to you all

  • I can't activate the iphone after updating iOS 5

    My Apple ID and password is correct, because I am able to connect through site icloud and apple. But when connect you to the iPhone itself, the error message "Incorrect Apple ID,z*** does not unlock this iPhone. Advice me please.

    Did you buy second hand device, or are you the original owner?

    If so, you will need to contact the seller and ask him to remove this iPhone in the devices list. Otherwise, your iPhone will be a useless brick.

    Find my iPhone Activation Lock: a mechanism of extraction of the previous owner - Apple Support

  • Qosmio G30-140 - cannot adjust the brightness of the screen on Windows 7


    I installed Windows 7 on my Qosmio G30-140, but I can't adjust the brightness settings.
    Instead of allowing me to place the cursor on any position, I want that I'm stuck with only 3 steps which elect to.
    The last of them is way to bright and my eyes keep tear having to deal with this crazy amount of white, especially on white background.
    The other two are very, very dark.
    What is going on? I installed the right Nvidia drivers.
    Also, I can't adjust the brightness using the FN keys on my keyboard. They simply produce no result at all.

    Need help appreciated, I can't work like this.

    Thank you!


    The brightness of the display can be controlled by the FN + F7 and Fn + F6.
    I think you should install the VAP and buttons of the Support of Flash memory card utility in order to get this to work!

    Check the added value Package and Support Flash Card which are released for Satellite L500 utility or new models of laptops.
    In my case it worked!

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