Satellite, L9W Click-Mini-B does not start from the USB flash key

I have a mini click L9W - B.

* What I'm trying to boot from a bootable USB key.

I tried different sizes (1 GB to 32 GB), different manufacturers (without name and brand) different systems (for example. Linux distributions, rescue, antivirus, Acronis Rescue sticks), EFI sticks and non - EFI.
All USB keys to start correctly on my computer desktop and even with my other laptop.

* The Mini Windows 8.1 updated, the current version 1.70, in the BIOS BIOS are Secure Boot and TPM , which I've also tried a variety of combinations. The stick will be recognized in the start menu, the name of the USB device is displayed.
I click on "USB", the Mini restarts, the reader is addressed (the LED flashes at the stick) is launched but not USB, but even once the HDD / SSD.

If Windows starts, the key works fine. It matters little that, two USB ports, I use, or if the docking station is connected or not.
If I restart Windows - settings - settings of PC - update / restore - restore - Enhanced start - use a device - try EFI USB Device, which is exactly the same thing happened.
who can help?

I hope that there are German support. -Hopefully, there are German-language support.
If this isn't the case, please contact me.

Message has been translated


I don't know what is the problem here, but it turns out that it is certainly possible to boot from the memory stick bootable USB flash.

Many users have been abele to boot from the memory stick USB external flash, but it is necessary to disable the secure in the BIOS boot option.
Also if you want to install an unsupported UEFI system, the boot mode must be changed of UEFI in the CSM.

by the way: it's English language community

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    Hi guys I had problems of CAs with my mini was diging place difficult. The problem is in the BIOS. This is so a few "patches" for bios or smth. Eventualy steals my mini, no booot or other problems so far. IM using F04 BIOS is a bit.

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    I have a Satellite A30 and sometimes it does not start.
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    even if sometimes the BIOS starts, but the OS does not load.

    I figured out that its related to USB devices connected at boot time.
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    Even if the start-up is suspended, as soon as you unplug start it BIOS USB devices.
    Its ok to connect USB devices later, once the system has started.
    I disabled "removable devices boot" and "network startup."
    just in case, but it makes no difference.

    BIOS is version the most recent (1.70) and it comes up with all kinds of USB devices.
    printer, mouse and (self-powered) external USB hard disk.

    Is this a known issue?
    There is no known workaround solution?


    I put t know why this happens, but it has to do with the BIOS.
    The same thing happened on my old laptop. I couldn't start my unit while the USB printer has been turned on and connected.
    The only solution is to disconnect the external USB device during the boot process.

    RSY you should check if the order of boot in the BIOS has been on the HARD drive first.

  • My C50 - B Satellite does not start from the HARD drive

    Details of the machine: -.

    Model number: PSCMLA-03F07Q
    Serial number: XE343127P

    Computer does not start from hard drive. No error message, just the start Toshiba at the end of self-test screen.

    Sometimes a reinstall of the operating system seems to correct the problem, but then he would go again, now the problem is consistent.

    I reduced the possibilities to a fault of BIOS, reasons.

    System boots from USB with no problems. Installation of operating systems is done without error. SMART hard drive data indicates a perfectly healthy hard drive. Memcheck will return no error.

    The obvious solution is to reload the BIOS, just reset it doesn't help. But that is the problem.

    1.4 BIOS update that the Australian site offers is a Windows program and the computer cannot start Windows.

    Obvious answer is to use a bootable USB key with an operating system 'live' on this issue, but all of these systems are Linux and the update of the BIOS is a Windows program. So much for smart solutions.

    Downloaded Bios version 1.7 of the European site but the iso inside the rar file is empty, 25 MB in size but nothing in there according to Linux. Tried to run his program on a Win7 64 bit computer and it returns an error that it could not find the correct iso file.

    I submitted a support request by email to Toshiba, but they believe that it could take three days to get a response, so I thought I would ask here as well. Can someone tell me please to a working copy of the latest BIOS update disk for a laptop Satelite C50 - B? Note: this model does not have a CD player so iso should be compatible with USB boot.

    See you soon,.



    From my experience that I n think that BIOS update is the final solution for you. When you set the default settings of the BIOS disk HARD appears correctly in the BIOS settings?
    HARD drive is also offered and listed as boot device when you enter in the start using F12 at startup menu?

    What happens when you start using recovery image installation created recovery USB key (I hope that you have created a)?

    Offer BIOS updates are versions of WIN and can be performed by running the Windows operating system.

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    Thank you much in advance.


    During the POST (power on self-test) all parts laptop as RAM, motherboard (also of connected devices) is enabled.
    If a problem (compatibility problems, etc.) would be detected during POST, then the laptop would not initialize correctly.

    This mouse nano-receiver is unknown to me and I m not very well what s wrong with this unit, but I doubt that this problem is related to the laptop.
    I guess that the laptop starts properly with other devices connected to the laptop. right? Well well, in such cases, there s no question cell phone but the 3rd unit affect the functionality of the laptop.

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    Any idea will be very appreciated!

    Thank you!

    Your HL will start automatically in these two scenarios:
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    (2) the phone is restarted-> which is the magical part where your file bar - descriptor.xml is to record your target without head to call when the OS up bb.action.system.STARTED action.

    If you want your HL to be launched at the start of the user interface, you must manually call.

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    On switching on, does not pass through the boot sequence.  F2 does nothing and the only sigh of 'life' is a blinking cursor, upper left corner of the screen.  Tried to close - turn several times with the same result.

    I suspect a motherboard problem because there is no start. Don't know any other tricks to try to resuscitate the box.

    Does anyone have experience/solution for this type of problem?


    As there is no "beeps", I guess as a failed motherboard.

    Try the following, if you are comfortable working around computers:

    Note: The only 100% POWER supply test method, is to install a known working power.

    Unplug the power cord, hold the power button in for about 15-20 seconds, open the case, disconnect the power connector 24-pin motherboard and jumping the Green wire to one of the black wires, plug in the power cord and the power of the system, if food and case fans and disk hard drive performance then the power supply should be good.

    Note: Do not remove the wires from the plug, use a small piece of wire or a paper clip as a rider.

    Excerpt from power supply, again, unplug the power cord, hold the power button again for 15/20 seconds to discharge residual power, reconnect the connector 24 pin to the motherboard.
    Remove all the computer PCI cards, remove the video card [as appropriate], disconnect all devices, except the monitor, mouse and keyboard and unplug cable power & data of all readers.
    Reconnect the power cord and power the system on, see if you get something different from the LED on the power button, or any 'beeps '.

    No difference, remove the system memory and try again.

    Still shows no signs of life while looking at a motherboard replacement & maybe a processor.

    Note: The good news is, processors lack rarely, being the only method I know to check a processor, install a compatible work PC, or use a known job processing.

    Unfortunately the Dell OEM XPS 9000 renovated/new motherboards are not cheap.

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    Organizing element refuses to boot from the first item welcome screen 12. I had the same problem with PSE12, which was solved by systematically starting from the taskbar. I failed to get the screen of welcome to PSE12. Ss12 and PSE12 parpadean normally also. I could produce a film without difficulty. Pluggable 8.1 Windows on an ACER Aspire 8920 32-bit with 4 GB of memory. Although having as bought PSE12 and ss12 together I only install ss12. Plug-in these Adobe products for several years.

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    Local disk C






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    Please review and then let us know of your progress.

    Thank you.


  • Satellite A100 - BIOS and Windows does not start after the BIOS update

    Hello, I extend my Satellite A100 laptop BIOS.

    After update, I can't start my laptop and the BIOS will not start.

    You see the Toshiba logo?

    Was there a power failure when you updated the BIOS?

    Try to remove the battery and the adapter and leave for a few hours. You can also try reinstalling the RAM.

    If this does not help, you will need to send it to a Service Center for repair.

  • Satellite C660-108 does not start if the USB Bluetooth dongle connected


    I hope you could help me.

    I'm having a problem with my dongle bluetooth and satellite c660-108.
    It all works perfectly. It connects devices via bluetooth and I can do whatever I want.

    But then when I'm mobile stop and turn it on again it will go if the bluetooth dongle is always in the USB.

    I see Toshiba screen and then it hangs with a black screen and a cursor flashing at the top left.
    I have to turn it off, remove the bluetooth dongle and then turn it back on.
    And then windows starts. After that, I put in bluetooth dongle, once again I want to work with her.

    It isn't a huge problem, but it is a bit annoying when I have to leave the bluetooth and put it back again to get the windows began.
    I'm running under win 8.1 but he already had with 8 victory.

    Anyone any ideas?

    > I see Toshiba screen and then it hangs with a black screen and a cursor flashing at the top left.
    Especially the blinking cursor is displayed because the laptop can not find a boot device.

    It seems that the device cannot put on the HARD drive while the USB dongle is connected.
    I would recommend you check the boot order in the BIOS.

    Put the HARD drive in the first place and the USB boot last device.
    Save changes and check if it helps.

  • Satellite A105 does not start from the CD Rom

    Today WinXP fall & I decide to reinstall.
    I change in the Bios to boot to the cd-rom first.
    But she continue to start the hard drive first. I don't know what to do, because I don't Win & I can't boot from any device except the HARD drive.

    Any body can help me? Can be extracted bios battary motherboard...


    If you want to boot from the CD Rom, then a bootable Windows CD must be inserted in the first place.

    Immediately after starting the laptop, press the F12 key.
    This should allow the start on-screen menu then you could choose the ODD (CD/DVD drive) and the laptop should boot from the drive.

    Good bye

  • Windows 7 Media Center does not start from the icon...

    If I right click on a .avi file, I can choose Media Center and it works fine, but if I choose the icon Media Center, Media Center does not open. It's as if the shortcut has no where to go. The multimedia center in the Start Menu icon is a white icon (no picture). I can choose to start Media Center when Windows starts and it works fine. The shortcuts will perhaps in the wrong place...

    My PC;

    HP Pavilion dm-4

    2.5 Ghz processor, 6 GB of Ram, AMD Radeon Display, 1 TB harddrive...

    Dual Boot OS: Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 and Windows 8 Pro

    BTW, this laptop is Dual Boot with Windows 7 ultimate and Windows 8 Pro. The Win 8 Pro Media Center works great.

    This problem with Win7 Media Center which happened BEFORE I installed the Dual Boot.

    right click on the menu icon, then the shortcut, and then in properties, paste into
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    I have an old pc under win xp. It does not drive start hard when it starts. I always have a cd/dvd in master dvd for it to start windows players. Can anyone help?


    Hi herikhi,
    Change the start of the base system (Input Output) BIOS setting to boot from the hard drive.
    Consult the manual of the manufacturer, to do the same thing.

    NOTE: BIOS change / semiconductor (CMOS) to complementary metal oxide settings can cause serious problems that may prevent your computer from starting properly. Microsoft cannot guarantee that problems resulting from configuration can resolved BIOS/CMOS settings. Changes to settings are at your own risk.

  • Portege R500 does not start from the XP CD

    My basic problem is the following - I have a Portege r500 with Vista on it. I'm moving from Vista to XP Pro, but when I put a bootable XP installation CD in the drive, it turns, looking around for awhile and then I get a blank screen with a cursor blinking on it.

    Now, I've done this before, so I know that something is supposed to happen, but nothing don't. And I tried 3 well-known installation CD, is not a problem of CD. Do I need some update BIOS/firmware to boot from the CD on this thing? Or am I missing something?


    Thank you.

    Often the Portege R500 should be able to boot from the CD/DVD drive and should begin the procedure of installation of the CD Win XP SP2 installation.

    But it is a tricky thing.
    The Portege R500 needs an Intel (r) Matrix Storage Manager (iMSM). This iMSM is necessary to recognize the HARD drive and install Win Xp on the HARD drive.

    I recommend you and create a new CD of Win XP starting with software called nLite to integrate the SP2 of Microsoft and Intel Matrix Storage Manager (iMSM) in Win XP.

    You can then use this CD for installation.

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