Satellite M-115 S1061 not correctly configured Ethernet controller

Hi all. I am the third person who is the owner of this laptop and I don't have any of the original documents, software - nothing. I recently had to reinstall the operating system, and because I didn't have the original operating system I had to use another copy of Windows XP pro that I had. Well, the network card is installed fine and work correctly, but the ethernet controller isn't. I don't know much about these things, but I thought that if it was not working right the other should be too. They use different drivers? I tried the file here:

and I tried the latest file from the realtek site, for my Realtek RTL8139 Family Fast Ethernet NIC.

No one who has solved the problem. The Ethernet controller is still there in DM with an exclamation mark next to it - as well as the SM Bus controller. The bus controller would be the reason why the controller sets not right?

What Miss me? Any help will be greatly appreciated.


I agree with Akuma. Please note that the Chipset driver must be installed first.
After installation of the chipset driver continue with graphics, sound, modem, LAN and all the other drivers.

But chipset driver must be installed first.

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    The link in the ad doesn t work earlier then you should check this one out:

    There, you can choose: computer A series-Satellite Mobile-Satellite-Satellite A20

    Well, if you have installed your laptop not from the CD of Toshiba Recovery, so you must install all Toshiba drivers and utilities. This should be done in the right order!
    The chipset utility is very important. It must be installed first.

    Download the right WLan driver and extract it to the folder.
    Go to Device Manager, select the Wlan card and install the driver. The source of the driver is the folder of extraction.

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    I wish that refer you to this article-

    Note: Make sure that you get the computer back to the Normal start once you have completed the troubleshooting steps.

    Make sure that you back up the data on the computer before you continue.

    Thank you.

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    You have security software installed on the computer?

    I suggest you to try the steps in the following Microsoft article and check if this may help.

    The update is not installed successfully, you receive a message, and the computer restarts when you try to install an update in Windows Vista and Windows 7:
    Hope the information is useful.
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    Hello X-x_MaGiC_x-X,

    Thank you for visiting the website of Microsoft Windows Vista Community.

    Try the rest of the stage in this article:

    System restore points are created automatically when the following occur:

    • When you install a new application or driver.
    • When you uninstall or install some programs.
    • When you install new updates
    • Automatically on a daily interval
    • Manually by creating a.
    • If you choose to use system restore to restore to a previous restore point, System Restore creates a new restore point before you restore a previous state in case something goes wrong. If you are restoring to a previous state in Mode without failure, a restore point will create for the current state.

    So that the restoration of the system to work, you must have 300 MB of free space for each hard disk that monitors the system restore. System Restore will also use up to 15% of disk space on each disk that it monitors. That hard disk space runs out, older restore points will be deleted as newer ones. It is also important to note that you must be logged in as an administrator in order to use the system restore. Now that you understand the basics of the system restore, you must continue to the next section to learn how to use it.

    Restore Windows Vista to a previous state

    In the case of a problem on your computer that cannot be solved by normal means, you can restore your computer to a previous working state. To do this, you need to start restoring the system so that you can choose the restore point to restore. If you currently have Windows Vista boot problems, you can use the system restore in Windows recovery environment. Instructions on how to do it in this tutorial can be found: System Restore using the Windows Vista recovery environment.

    If you can connect to Windows Vista, you must follow these steps.

    1. Close and save any documents that you have opened.
    2. Click the Start button to open your Start Menu. The Start button looks like this:
    3. When the Start Menu open click on the menu option all programs.
    4. Click once on the Start Menu Accessories group.
    5. Click once on the System Tools Start Menu group.
    6. Click once on the icon of the system restore. After you click the icon, if a user account control window opens, click on the button continue.

    You will now be on the screen as shown below in Figure 1 system restore. From this screen, you can specify the restore point that you want to restore.

    1 screen of system restore

    By default, Vista will be already selected the restore recommended option. This restore point is one followed a new pilot program, or update has been installed. If you do not want to use this restore point, you can click on the button next to start the restore process. On the other hand, if there is a more recent restore point that you want to restore you should select choose a different restore point and press the next button. This will bring you to a screen, as shown in Figure 2, which contains a list of all available restore points that you can restore.

    2. the list of available restore points

    You must select the restore point that you want to restore, and then press the button next to start the restore process. Vista will display a window showing your selected restore point and asking you to confirm that it is that you want to restore.

    3. confirm the selected restore point

    If you want to select a different restore point, press the Back button. Otherwise, you can press the Cancel button to exit the system restore or the button finish to begin the restore process. If you have selected finish, Vista will display a second prompt asking you to confirm that you want to continue restoring.

    4. second Confirmation

    If you are sure you want to restore, then press the Yes button. Vista will now log you off the computer and start the system restore process, as shown in Figure 5 below.

    5. restoration of a restore point

    When the restore is complete, your computer will be restarted and when Vista starts it backup will be restored to its previous state. When you open a Vista session for the first time after the restore, you will see a message indicating that the restore was successful.

    6. system restore was successful

    If there are problems with your computer because the last restoration, you can return to your previous settings to ebb in the system restore utility and select Undo system restore by pressing the next button.

    7 undo the last system restore

    Your computer should now work correctly again.

    With the help of the restoration of the system in the Windows recovery environment

    Manual creation of Restore Points

    As mentioned previously, it is also possible to create manual restore depending on points. Some popular designs to create manual restore points are when you have your computer configured perfectly and I would save the State in case of problems in the future. To create a manual restore point, you must follow these steps:

    1. Click the Start button to open your Start Menu. The Start button looks like this:
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    3. Click the option menu system and Maintenance.
    4. Click on the system menu option.
    5. Click on the System Protection in the list on the left.

    You will now be at the System Protection tab in the system control panel. This tab allows you to enable and disable the system restore as well as making the new manual restore points.

    8. the System Protection tab

    To create a manual restore point, you must click on the button create. When you press this button a prompt asking you to give a title to this manual restore point.

    9. Enter the manual restore point title

    Type a title for the manual restore point and press the button create. Vista will now create a restore point manually and once finished, post a notice that it was created successfully.

    10. Manual restore point has been created

    Now that you have finished doing the manual restore point, you can close the system window.

    Try to download the correct and up-to-date drivers.

    This should solve your problem.

    Let us know if these steps solve your problem.  I hope the information is useful.

    Kind regards

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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  • Satellite L30-115: does not start when external keyboard and mouse are connected

    My Satellite L30-115 starts when my external keyboard and mouse are connected to PS2 USB adapter.

    Everything is OK, when they are not connected, and they work fine when they are connected after boot.

    Someone has any idea how to solve this problem?


    I don't think there is a way to solve this problem. Also, I assume it is the related issue of the BIOS. Is perhaps the time to be up-to-date and use new and compatible equipment. ;)

  • Satellite A105-s4064: where to find the Ethernet controller (LAN) driver?

    Hello, I was recently forced to reformat my Satellite A105-s4064 due to some virus problems, and now when I look at my device manager my Ethernet controller is not installed.

    I checked the main site and they don't have an Ethernet controller I've ever seen.
    I can just be giving on it or research in the field of evil, but anyone know where I could find the Ethernet Controller driver for my laptop?

    Thank you

    First of all, it would be interesting to know which driver LAN do you need? XP or Vista

    Second, the A105 laptop is an American series. I know that because of the last digit in the model number. 5 at the end means that it is a series that was designed for the American market and you need to find the drivers on the Web from Toshiba site we!

    However, if I understand correctly, you have already activated the Device Manager and the network card is not in the network adapters. There is an unknown device. Am I wrong?

    Often the LAN chip must come from Realtek. Then maybe you should try to download the driver directly from the Realtek page.

    Check it out

  • HP Pavilion g6-1310ea: can not find the ethernet controller driver

    I reinstalled Windows on my HP Pavilion g6 - 1310ea and can not find the drivers for the Ethernet, PCI Device and SM Bus controller controller. There seems to be no more this kind of drivers on hp suupp.


    I can't even to the driver page.

    Here are the drivers you must however...

    Ethernet controller: download and install the 2nd driver on the list. & PNid = 14 & PFid = 7 & Level = 5 & Conn = 4 & DownTypeID = 3 & getdown = false

    PCI device: Download, unzip and run the exe file to install from the first item on the list at the link below... & PNid = 15 & PFid = 25 & Level = 4 & Conn = 3 & DownTypeID = 3 & getdown = false

    SMBus Controller: This is not on the driver page even if it worked...

    I zipped and attached to the driver that you are interested in below.

    Download and uncompress the file in its folder.  Don't do anything with the files in the folder.

    Go to Device Manager and click the controller smbus who need the pilot.

    Click the driver tab.  Click on set to update driver.

    Select her browse my computer for driver software option and navigate to the driver folder, that you unzipped.

    Make sure that the include subfolders is selected and the driver should install.

    Then restart the PC.

  • Satellite C660-117 - where to download the Ethernet controller driver?


    Can someone please help with my laptop? Here's my laptop specs:
    Model: Toshiba Satellite C660-117
    Part number: PSCOLE-00Y00JEN
    Serial number: XA458343K

    I have just rewiped my laptop with Windows 7 Ultimate. I use the laptop on a wireless connection. In Device Manager, I have an exclamation mark next to the Ethernet controller. This prevents me from going online.

    Can someone direct me please the link to download some driver I need?

    Thank you much much in advance.


    Hey Buddy,

    Controller driver Ethernet can be both: WLAN or LAN card. All the drivers and tools can be downloaded from the official website of Toshiba: > support & downloads > download drivers

    You have installed Windows 7 Ultimate, but may I ask why you haven t used the Toshiba with Windows 7 Home Premium recovery disc? On this disc are all the drivers and tools are installed because it s a picture of factory for you don t have stress with driver and installation tool.

  • Satellite A100-773 - how to install the Ethernet controller driver?


    I reinstalled Win Xp Prof on my satellite A100 - 773 (PSAA9E) and have a problem with the Ethernet controller. In Device Manager, the controller is marked with a yellow '?'.

    I use this driver = 2 & selFamily = 2 & selSeries = 153 & selProduct = 624 & selSho rtMod = 444 & language = 17 & selOS = 10 & selType = all & yearupl = DST & monthupload = & dayupload = & useDate = null & mode = all Machines & search = & action = search & macId = & country = 12 & electedLanguage s = 17 & type = all & page = 2 & ID = 55434 & DISO = 1 0 & driverLanguage = 42

    Install it on the Device Manager and right click on ethernetcontroller - installation driver. This is the message that no driver is found (in the right! folder) nothing can be installed...

    I also remove ethernet controller, so that windows automatic reseacht for this, but nothing works.

    I don't know what I can do

    PS: Chipset utilities are installed


    I can post a link where you can download the driver but I put t know what driver is missing now. Do you mean the WLAN or LAN card? What is the device?

    Please check the vendor and device ID to identify which device needs a driver. Go to Device Manager > right click on Ethernet controller > properties.
    There you should find some information like PCI\VEN_xxxx & DEV_xxxx
    With these codes you can look here to identify the device:

    After this verification, the page of Toshiba to download a driver.

  • Error code 28: the drivers for this device are not installed for Ethernet controller

    Original title: I received an error message for, controller ethernet, the drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28)

    I don't know how to install the drivers for ethernet controller, and I don't think that I have a CD for it. And I don't know where to go.

    Hi jhawkerchic,

    1. What is the number of brand and model of your computer?

    To resolve this problem, you must install the latest version of the drivers for the device.

    You can check the manufacturer's website and download and install the latest version of the drivers available for the device.

    You can see the following article for more information about the error Code 28:

    Explanation of error codes generated by Device Manager in Windows XP Professional

    Hope this information is useful.

    Jeremy K
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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  • Can not find control Ethernet controller SM Bus for P 1000 - 1404TU Notebook PC driver


    I just buy a laptop as topic, I installed window 7 64 bit and some drivers, but remain 2 drivers as below, that I can't know the HP website

    1. Ethernet controller (adapter cable LAN)
    2. SM Bus controller.

    Could someone help me?

    Thank you very much.


    Please try:




    Kind regards.

  • Windows 8.1Secure not correctly configured Boot error

    Just did an upgrade to Windows 8. 1 on a HP Pavilion g7-2269wm.  Now, on the desktop screen is a notification that the 'secureBoot is not configured correctly.  It doesn't seem to affect the general operation of the laptop but don't know what it does to the security.  Any ideas please?

    Thank you.


    It is a known Microsoft issue.

    All you have to do is go to the UEFI and change allow secure startup and the message will disappear. the steps are given below.

  • Gameport or gameport drivers not correctly configured

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    Hi JackBowen,

    1. Did you the latest changes on the computer?
    2. When was the last time it was working fine?
    3. Are you experiencing a similar problem with other games?

    I suggest that you download and install the latest drivers for the Xbox 360 Controller for Windows using the link below and check if it helps.

  • Downloads do not correctly configured Windows updates

    I have a Dell laptop with Windows Vista Home Premium that will not download updates Windows, when I re - start it says "updates are not configured correctly. Restoration of the changes.

    On the online Microsoft Fixit Center, I ran 'Windows updates' and 'Security', but they just said "Troubleshooting Wizard can not continue" with error code: 0 x 80040154, context: high.

    Please can someone help? Sincerely, Debbie

    Hi Debbie,.

    I suggest you to follow the steps from the link and check if it helps.

    Error: Failed to setup of the Windows updates. Restoration of the changes. Do not turn off your computer when you try to install Windows updates

    I hope this helps.

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