Satellite M105 - replacement hard drive capacity problem

Hello, I recently installed a new hard drive of 320 GB (Seagate Momentus ST9320421AS) in my Toshiba Satellite M105-S3041 laptop to replace the original 80 GB drive.

I use Windows XP Service Pack 3 and the latest firmware (v2.90).

However, the new drive is restricted in some way to only about 130 GB.

The size is not reported in the BIOS, just the model number of the drive. Utility disk management Windows reports the size as: go 127,81 and using a Live CD of Ubuntu Linux and Seagate Seatools reports also this drive must be about 130GB.

So, I think that it is a BIOS or hardware problem. Can do something to allow me to use the full capacity of this disc?

Help, please. Thank you.


As far as I know that some specialists PC uses special tools to manipulate of the BIOS and the ability of the entire HARD disk can be used. But I really don t know what you can do.
In my opinion, you need to use maximum supported HARD drive, but if you need more capacity for private data, you must use an external 2.5 HDD.

Friend of mine has bought yesterday 400 GB 2.5 for 99 Euros only. It's a really good investment.

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    I have a Toshiba Satellite C850 with a completely dead hard drive. I have no Win 7 DVD but I don't have the product key.
    Where should I go from here?


    If you have a valid key, you can download the iso file of Windows 7 from Microsoft.
    This image file can be burned to a disc.
    Then you can use this disk to install the Windows 7 and activate with valid key.

    But be careful: If you mean the serial key which is located at the bottom of the device, you would know that those keys cannot be used for activation of Win 7. Its key OEM belonging to Toshiba preinstalled image. I guess that it will not work.

  • Satellite A500-1CO - HARD drive recovery problem

    I have a PC laptop toshiba Satellite A500-1CO.
    Previously, when I wanted to again pour Windows
    Recovery program HARD drive that I used

    But now I delete d:\HDDRecovery folder and when I run the HARD drive recovery program a mistake with this article shows you:

    Folder HDDRECOVERY not found in d: \.

    Excuse me for my bad English


    > But now when I run my program of recovery of HARD drive
    > An error with this article shows:
    > Folder HDDRECOVERY not found in d: \.

    Have you checked if the folder in hard drive recovery leaves the local d? Perhaps, you have removed before...

  • No sound on my Satellite after replacing HARD drive.

    I recently got a new hard drive on my PC, but there is now no sound system in the computer.
    I guess I need to install drivers? What drivers do I need and how to install? Thank you.


    You really think that someone will be able to post a useful answer without knowing details of your laptop model and the installed windows operating system?

    I can tell you a standard procedure.
    After having changed and replaced the HARD drive, take the Toshiba Recovery disc and install the system using this disc.
    All the drivers and tools are preinstalled on this OS, and by using the recovery disk, you should get the sound on your laptop.

    Good bye

  • Re: Satellite P300 - replacement HARD drive with no recovery discs

    Hi all

    I came to the conclusion that my HARD drive has failed. (PXE-E61error) now seeks to replace.

    Unfortunately I didn't create a recovery CD, and even if I did, my windows (label) key is unreadable.

    He comes, if I replace the HARD drive, to buy a new copy of windows, can I simply start from the CD, install windows on the new HARD disk, and then install the drivers from the Web from Toshiba site or what I need to buy recovery CD?

    Model - PSPCCA-05Y01Y

    I had to spend an hour or so scouring Google and the forum, but to no avail.

    Thanking you in advance for your help.

    Yes, you can do it. Install the version of Windows. All the drivers, tools and utilities that you can download from the Toshiba support page -

    This machine has been delivered with Vista, but I recommend you to install Win7. It works perfectly and very stable on this machine.

  • Satellite Pro 4360 - HARD drive replacement

    I have a SP4360 with v.nosey 12 GB of HARD drive I want to replace. In the technical specifications for the 4360 it is listed as EIDE. I looked on EBuyer and there are a couple of replacement if necessary:
    Western Digital Scorpio 40 GB EIDE LP 2.5 5400 RPM 8 MB Cache (WD400VE)
    Scorpio 40 GB EIDE LP 2.5 5400 RPM 2 MB Ns (WD400UE)
    The WD400VE is listed as ATA-100 connector type, but the WD400UE is listed as EIDE. These use the same connector and either will work in my SP4360?


    If you want to be 100% sure contact Toshiba service partner. I'm not 100% sure but I think he should avoid any problems. The only question is to know if the laptop can manage with whole HARD drive capacity.

    Good bye

  • Satellite A135: Vista will not start after replacing HARD drive using the recovery disk

    Toshiba Satellite A135-s7403 HARD drive failed, I have replaced the 80 GB with a WD Scorpio blue 250 GB hitachi. When I try to restore with recovery disk came with the laptop, it passes through two discs 1 and 2 and starts with the start-up of windows for the first time and then runs to the greenish with the spinner blue screen please wait... thne black screens for a second or 2 and then back to spinner, please wait and then it appears the box "installation of windows could not configure windows to run on hardware. This computer' only option is to click OK.

    Where to click ok, you get an another msg that says "windows could not complete the installation, install reinstall windows. I tried like 50 times now. Startup Repair indicates the root = failure cause while the installation program is underway. I know that my drive are good, as I adjusted used then about a month when I upgraded the memory because the original memory 512 MB was not enough o well running vista.

    To be honest I n don't know what the problem is there but can you get the original installation disc of Microsoft and try to install the OS, just to see if the OS installation will complete successfully?

  • Satellite 1410 714 extremely slow after replacing HARD drive


    I have a Satellite 1410-714 which has had a hard drive failure. I replaced the drive, but now the computer is extremely slow. Windows has been reinstalled, it was really slow too much and now it takes minutes for windows to start.

    I suspect that something might have broken on the motherboard and the hard disk. I checked mobo replacement parts, but have not found anything for-714, so a 1410 mobo compatible? This model has a processor celeron 1.8.

    Thanks for help.



    I can t think the motherboard is broken after replacing HARD drive.
    I suggest updating the BIOS first. Maybe your old BIOS have a few problems with the most recent HARD drive.
    Please check site driver Toshiba for the latest version of BIOS.

    Have you used any anties Virus applications?

  • X 40-replacement hard drive for more capacity - CD

    I have a 40 X, which works fine, but I continue to faced with 15 GB hard drive capacity, so now have a replacement of 60 GB.

    Find a CD with Windows XP and especially the drivers on this subject, I can't.  Looking at the other sections of the forum, I start to think that a CD was not necessarily initially sent with the X 40.

    If this is not the case, how can I create a CD with the drivers and the Windows original XP?

    If a CD is provided with the system, how can I get a replacement if outside the warranty period?

    I had the same problem with my x 40. I bought a device cloning for 45.00 on ebay and was able to clone the larger hard drive and it worked. It validates, it is still a legal system as far as microsoft is concerned. I used it on ibms, valleys and a gateway. what you do, is leave your old hard drive in your computer and attach your new appliance of cloning. He will hold through the usb port and will copy all of your old drive to the new. It will leave everything on your old drive and you can keep it for a backup in case something happens to the new. the device is called an alley to apricorn, the accompanying software is called ez gig II cloning software. There are 3 different connections on the device you can clone any hard drive that is done.  your drivers will copy, your files, movies, all programs, it will be just copied to the new.  If you don't want to install the software on your old drive because you do not have the room for it, you can go into bios and set your computer to boot from a cd drive, and you can start from the cloning software.  It takes about half an hour to clone your drive.  I was buy x40s on ebay without hard drives and cloning of new readers with my original drive and then install the new readers and all valid by microsoft. It works really, and I believe that it's the only way to do it.  Apricorn has a web site where you can no doubt but it but its cheaper on ebay.

  • Satellite L300D-10 q recovery DVD Can be used on the replacement hard drive?


    I was wondering if the DVD Recovery allows to install Vista on a replacement hard drive? The original hard drive is too small at 160 GB contain all the files that I use the virtual operating system image. The disk hard 500 GB of replacement must be large enough for that.

    The reason why I need to Vista, it's that the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Ubuntu 8.04.1 and 8.10, cause the fan to run at full speed all the time which is very annoying. So for the moment I can only use Linux in a virtual machine.

    I intend to stay with Toshiba, though, as my two latest portable Toshiba Satellite a PII and a PIII still work today, and both have had Linux on them.

    Now, back to my story, I intend to remove the existing laptop, hard drive use DVD recovery to install to external USB 500 GB disk, replace the existing hard drive in starting up the laptop from the USB and copy my data overall. Before you reformat the old drive as external storage, I will replace in the laptop with 500 GB drive and the test so I can boot from the new drive.

    Key question will be the change of equipment, i.e. the new hard disk of 500 GB prevent Vista to install or activate?

    Thank you very much

    Vista itself can handle huge HARD drive sizes, but the question is: the recovery disc will be happy with 500 GB? The laptop will recognize 500 GB?

    I think it will work very well, because the new laptops are released with 320 HARD drive. 500 GB is not far.

    Its a few trial and error unless anyone here has tested a disc 500 GB HARD themselves.

  • Satellite 4070 CBT - HARD drive replacement

    I have a Satellite 4070 CBT and my hard drive broke down
    My question is can I get a new one and wat is the price of a new one or an opportunity
    Broken HARD drive capacity is 4 GB but a bigger should be better who can help me


    I never heard this model of the device.
    Did you mean Satellite 4070 CDT?
    I know that this device also came with a 4 GB HARD drive.
    Reference numbers: P000258800 and P000262190

    But if you want, you can ask Asp for detailed information.

    Good bye

  • Replacement hard drive after the failure of the HD, restore disc problem

    The replacement hard drive should be the same capacity as the original hard drive.

    If your goal is to use a SSD, then you will need to migrate the operating system with a working operating system software cloning.

    Samsung, Corsair and other manufacturers sell kits of migration with usb connectors SATA that allow the cloning process work perfectly from a hard disk inherited a smaller SSD.

  • Due to a hardware problem, I had my logic board and replaced hard drive. How can I do to reactivate older versions of adobe products? (Acrobat, Illustrator and Photoshop)

    Due to a hardware problem, I had my logic board and replaced hard drive. How can I do to reactivate older versions of adobe products? (Acrobat, Illustrator and Photoshop)

    Old version download apps:

    CS 6:

    On the same page, you will have the possibility to download other versions.

  • Satellite Pro 2100: How do I reinstall the OS after replacing HARD drive

    I have a Toshiba SP2100 and I want to replace the hard drive, but I don't have any recovery CD
    So, how can I put the o/s back on?

    Try to connect the external HARD drive to the computer via the USB port and try to copy all content from the internal HARD disk external HARD drive. Then you could try to insert the external HARD drive in the laptop.
    But I've never tried this procedure and don t know if it will work.

    But usually after replacing HARD drive you should boot from the Boot CD as recovery CD or the original CD of Microsoft Windows.
    After the installation of clean Windows OS, you can visit the Toshiba drivers and you can download and install the drivers of Toshiba and utilities.

  • Satellite C870 - 1 K 1 and replacing hard drive


    I would like to replace the hard drive of wonderful this notebook with a hard disk of 500 GB 750.
    How should I proceed with the Windows installed on the original hard drive, the migration to the new.
    I do not have a CD ROM of Windows 8, was not included when I bought the laptop

    Thanks for your help and suggestions...

    Lambert (Belgium)

    If you use your laptop with an original operating system preinstalled, you can create recovery media using pre-installed recovery media creator tool. After replacing HARD drive, you can use this media and reinstall the original recovery image.

    After that your laptop will again have to factory settings.

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