Satellite M30 - restore the external DVD drive

I have a Satellite Pro M30. There is a problem with the drive DVD internal Multi - replacement will take a month or two to get here. I need to perform a restore on this machine. I connected an external DVD drive to the machine. When I start the machine starts on the restore CD but seems so looking for a Player X, I get the following messages displayed on the screen of the BACK:

Device name: TOSCD001
Number of units: 1

CDR101: Not ready reading drive X
Quit, retry, fail?

Insert the recovery CD #1!

What should I do?

Kind regards


Hello Sammer

Unfortunately the recovery media is created to be used as internal drive only. I put t think you will be able to use it with an external device. On the restore CD there is a ghost image and it is not easy to fix it for use with an external device.

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    Not so long I asked help to reinstall win 7 on my laptop.
    The only option was actually in the restoration of order dvd what I did. Today, it has arrived.

    Problem is, or was that some of the CD or the DVD couldn't be read for some reason any.

    Now it won't boot from the cd, it says faulty hard drives.

    So what I did I have pluged my detached external DVD drive and it started from that.

    But just after a few seconds, she told me to '1 support recovery' and open the drive in the laptop. Tried to insert the disc - nothing, like its not inserted, tried to disable computers portable cd - nothing please help


    You should first check if the external CD/DVD drive is recognized as a boot device.
    Connect the external USB CD/DVD drive and switch on the device.
    Press F12.

    Now, you will see all bootable devices. Generally, the CD/DVD USB drive should appear if his support. If it does not appear, you will not be able to boot from the external USB CD/DVD drive.

    In this case I recommend you to create a bootable USB flash memory and install Windows 7 from USB flash memory

  • Satellite A500-141 - the CD/DVD drive will not recognize any disk in the status bar

    I watch the DVD yesterday and he played upward halfway through and almost jerky. Ejected and thought no more of him now, the player will not recognize any disc, be it video or sound. I tried a system restore but still the same thing that it is not read disks. Any help appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

    Hi quietly,

    If your CD/DVD drive doesn't work, how do you have a system restore?

    Is the CD/DVD drive listed in Device Manager correctly or you see a yellow exclamation mark on it?

    Maybe the lens is dirty and must be cleaned with a Microfiber cloth. Open try CD/DVD and try to clean the lens with a clean Microfiber cloth.
    Check this box!

  • I'll be able to use the external dvd drive on microsoft surface?

    I like really the surface so far and I was wondering if I'll be able to use an external dvd drive on the surface because there only 1 usb port.


    You can attach an external USB hub or port replicator and connect USB devices to one. And, if connected to the network, you can use the DVD player on any other computer network with any active permissinns and sharing.

    In addition, there are at least a DVD player wireless.

    Tom Ferguson

  • Implement the external dvd drive on iMac


    My superdrive drive started acting funny (not eject disks and then do not read), so I bought an external dvd reader/player.
    Everything worked fine until I installed an SSD instead the superdrive.
    Now, when I go to play a DVD in the DVD drive external drive says "there was an error of initialization, a valid dvd drive could not be found."

    Other applications do not recognize the dvd either, as they did.

    Disk utility will find the dvd if it is in drive but you will not find the player if there is no DVD.

    Is there something I can do to recognize the DVD player as the default player for the iMac?

    Thank you

    iMac 24 inch early 2009

    El Capitan updated

    DVD writer Samsung laptop, SE208

    There is nothing to recognize without a disc in the DVD player. It's normal. Apple's DVD player software does not work on my iMac 2009 with the original drive in an external case because I also installed an SSD in the optical Bay. I use VLC to watch videos. My disc burning software, Toast, recognizes external very well.

  • Installtion of recovery using the external DVD drive


    I have a satellite A50 and try to use the recovery disk using a USB DVD drive (internal is damaged), is it possible? and how?

    Thank you


    It is possible, but you need an extended drive Toshiba compatible and taken in charge.
    I would recommend asking the service partner for readers supported and ordering of the ASP him. He has information on the supported devices and you'll be sure you get a car 100% taken in charge.

  • I can't install the external DVD drive windows

    My laptop CD/DVD drive is damaged and unusable. I bought an external drive. I tried in vain to reinstall windows by putting my installation in the new external DVD/CD drive disc, connecting to the computer with the USB cable supplied with the player. BIOS Boot sequence first to the value "CD/DVD/CD-RW' and other devices (device USB storage, internal HARD drive, floppy drive and integrated NIC) were not marked to start." When I restarted the computer a message "no bootable... devices. "came. Same message came when I tried again with the first initialization of parameter on "USB storage device. I tried other options and means, I could think of, but could not install a fresh copy of Windows. My drive is good and works normally. Is there a way I can install new Windows on my computer, USB key or drive external hard external HD or DVD/CD drive?

    Ooops! -Sorry - in this case...

    can help

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    I have a powered hub that I have attached a DVD player/recorder to. The hub is also connected to my Dell coming Pro 8 5830. I can use this DVD player/recorder in 8.1 for Windows to burn a Macrium rescue disc. I was also able to play videos with the DVD recorder/player while being connected to my Dell Tablet.

    I want to be able to start in the DVD player, if ever, I have to use my Macrium rescue disc to restore a saved backup image.

    When I go into the bios to make sure that the DVD player is selected first, he does not appear in the list.

    How can I configure the startup Dell Tablet in the DVD player if it is not displayed in the list of the Bios boot?

    We could use the power of Dell + data dongle USB OTG or similar device for example from other manufacturers, to circumvent the problem of power?  Then, it is a question of modifying the BIOS to boot from the DVD drive, if possible.

  • Connect the external DVD player to Satelite Z930

    Hello world

    I recently bought a Toshiba external dvd drive, which officially supports win7 and Vista (no mention of 8) of the brand.

    The external dvd drive is model PA3834A-1DV2 aka Portable SuperMulti Drive

    When I connect this drive with one or two USB connections (SuperMulti drive has 2 USB connections), there's enough power to the drive eject and spin, but the computer does not display the drive in my computer. It is displayed in Device Manager with a yellow exclamation however.

    Y at - it no formal or informal word there is a way for this device works with Windows 8 on the Z930?

    My apologies if I should have posted this in a different thread.

    Which is really strange. I have the external BD drive and it is automatically recognized by Win7 or Win8.
    You use original Win8 preinstalled that you got with your laptop or you install on your own?

  • Load Windows XP from external DVD drive

    Replaced the hard drive on laptop. DVD drive does not work on the laptop. How to install windows XP from an external DVD drive hard disk new?

    You must change the boot order in the BIOS of your computer.

    The boot order is order this computer tries to start from, for example, it can check the internal DVD first, then if there is nothing in there, go to the hard drive.

    You need to plug in your external DVD drive (it's probably USB).

    Then go into the BIOS setup - search for boot order and move the external DVD drive to the top of the boot list, so this is the first device to be "started" from.

    Then restart your laptop and then it should boot from the external DVD drive, which probably contains the installation media for Windows XP (DVD/CD).

  • Satellite A660 - do not find external DVD drive

    Hey guys. Newbie displaying in total despair of and needing help! I posted in other forums without success. I bought a Samsung SH-D162D DVD drive in a USB enclosure to connect to my Satellite A660 via USB.

    I can't get Windows 7 to find! When I plug in the USB cable, the ball comes up to say that it has been installed (sometimes), I can see it on for about 1 or 2 minutes then he falls. It is not listed in my hardware or anything. Its not found in disk management or my devices, so it is not a case to change the drive letter - I can't find the drive to change. I also tried to find upper and lower settings in regedit. Could not find them so couldn't remove them as suggested in other posts of this nature.

    It is set to master, the IDE connector and power connectors are very good. Its got to be a cause of problem of Windows 7 it comes very briefly. In the minute or 2 sound, I can't do anything with it. It crashes right although it will open and close. I've google it and can't find anything. Mainly of registry issues, but they did not help.

    Ive also connected to another laptop with XP and had no problems so I know the DVD Rom works very well and all the cables are ok. Ive tried all 4 USB ports on my laptop and also disabled all the parameters of energy. All with no luck. And I also all Windows 7 update.

    This is exactly what happens to the power out of the Cabinet.

    1. I connect the USB cord then turn on the enclosure.
    2 - I quickly click Start, and I can see the DVD Rom E player beside my computer laptop dvd rom.
    3 - the green bar above starts to fill to the top, from left to right and gets to half way then suddenly disappears icon of DVD Rom and makes the green bar.
    4. He then flashes up in computers laptops DVD Rom icon with a player of Local E drive, but only for a fraction of a second.
    5. sometimes a balloon comes up saying peripheral installation, then the installed device successfully... but not every time.

    And that's all. I'm at a total loss and the cant work, so any help is really appreciated!

    Hi Smee,

    So if you have already connected the external hard drive on another computer, and it worked correctly, it seems to be a driver or compatibility between your external DVD drive problem and and your Satellite A660

    It will be connected to the port USB then you tried to remove all the USB ports on the Device Manager? After that, you must restart your computer and the USB ports will be recognized automatically from the Device Manager. In addition, I would also try updating the chipset driver. New version, which you can download on the official website of Toshiba: > support & downloads > download drivers

    Have you also tested other devices on your A660 if they work properly?

  • Satellite P300 - 19 p: CD/DVD drive is trying to read the disk then ejects


    I hope someone can help,

    I have a * Satellite P300 - 19 P *.
    I've had this laptop for 3 months and it's the last frustrating problem; occasionally when I insert a DVD or CD and close the CD tray tries to read the disc and then ejects the disc, even if I remove the drive and close the drive drawer pops out again,

    If I shut down the system and restart the problem still exists.
    I checked the drivers that are updated and the operating system is Windows Vista Home premium 32-bit.

    It is the fourth time this happens and the problem seems to fix it of self and reappears as and when!

    If anyone has had this problem or can anyone help because it makes me crazy.


    I think that s a problem with the CD/DVD drive.

    In your case, I would go to an ASP (authorized service provider). They should check your laptop and change the drive if necessary.
    Here, you can search an ASP: decision-making supported downloads & => find an ASP.

    Good bye

  • Satellite A200-1vp with Vista - code 39 of the CD/DVD drive failure


    I was burning and watch DVDs on my Satellite A200 - 1 VP, with vista, since February, the last time I burned anything was a couple of weeks.

    Suddenly, there is a problem, no response when I insert a disc and my divx player says me no recorder found.

    When I am looking in the Device Manager I get the message 'windows cannot load the driver for this hardware' (code 39) "driver is damaged or missing.

    I tried to uninstall it and using the limit filter upper/lower of Toshiba, repair tool but on restart it still cannot install.

    Should I try the Toshiba Recovery Disc and lose a lot of that programs/files, as a last resort?
    Would this work?
    Anyone have any ideas?

    Here's an interesting article from Microsoft Knowledge:

    You must first access the Device Manager and should remove the reader of CD/DVD from the list of devices.
    Then should access the registry and delete the Upperfilters and Lowerfilters completely from the following registry key values:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\Class\ {4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}

    Reboot the laptop and check if the CD/DVD drive would work again!

  • My Satellite phone does not recognize the external hard drive

    I recently bought a Toshiba Satellite with Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit. I connected an external hard drive (brand is seagate) that still works on my previous laptop (Dell), but the system does not overlay the external hard drive. It does not recognize there is an 'external Hard Drive FreeAgent' but when the AutoPlay window appears & I choose "Open folder to view files" it gives me the following message is displayed:

    "G / is not accessible.
    Access is denied. "

    I called the manufacturer of the external hard drive (Seagate) & they told me that it is a windows problem.

    can someone help me? ... Thank you

    Can you please tell us which model of laptop you have exactly?
    Do you use an original preinstalled operating system?
    Are you using USB ports?
    Have you noticed the same problem using all available ports?

  • Re: Satellite A660 - 2nd HARD drive instead of the CD/DVD drive


    I found a few solutions to this problem ([solution |]), but none of them are dedicated to A660.

    There is no device dedicated to tosiba a660?

    Thank you.


    I know Satellite A660 can't stand not a thin Bay select only some models like the M400 Portege, Portege M750, Tecra M9, Tecra S3 or S4 Tecra, Portege M700 support this feature

    So 2nd HARD drive instead of the CD/DVD drive does not seem to be possible

Maybe you are looking for

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