Satellite M30X-154 - how to get the new recovery CD?

How can I get a new CD to recovery my laptop Satellite M30X-145?

Thank you.


I don't know if you could get this m recovery disk.
Because the M30X is an older model laptop and it is possible that the recovery disc for this series are not more available.

But it s worth a try to contact the ASP in your country.
Maybe the guys could help you, and it may be possible to order the Toshiba drive.

You must simply ask.

See you soon

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    Thank you


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  • Re: Satellite M100-164 - how to get the recovery disk?

    Hi, I have a used Satellite M100-164. (short only model no psma0e)

    Its a M100 changed for the Middle East market as well far as I can tell its basically the same as the European models of M100, except with a smaller hard drive.

    I bought it in a store of play (Computer Exchange in London), but it did not come with a recovery disk.

    Also, I was a little too active pro removing unwanted software of the machine, so I have not installed the Toshiba tools that would be able to create a recovery disk.

    Now I need one because I want to install a bigger hard drive and then re - build the operating system (which is XP)

    * So my question is, where and how do I get a recovery for this notebook drive? *

    I tried to use, but it did not work because the serial number was not recognized (probably because it is a region of the Middle East series no)

    is there another way to get the Toshiba recovery disks? I'm happy to pay a little for one.


    In most cases it is possible to get the EPA recovery disc in your country.
    But this is not always possible if the laptop model is too old or abandoned.

    Therefore, get in touch with the ASP guy and ask for more details.
    Maybe you are a lucky man and could get this disc.

    If you will not get this disc, you will need to install the OS by using the MS XP disk.
    Pilots must be placed on the page of Toshiba Europe!

    See you soon

  • Satellite A100 PSAA8C - how to get the recovery disk

    I got Toshiba Satellite A100 PSAA8C - SK800C NOTEBOOK. I had lost the product Recovery DVD-ROM of this model. I had smoker
    Save the product recovery dvd. Can U tell me how I should get the product Recovery DVD - ROM with XP Service pack 2 operating system.


    I m not very good if you want to be able to order the recovery for this unit disc, because in very rare cases, the recovery disc may be pronounced if the laptop model is too old.

    So I hope that you can order it here:

    You can also try to contact the ASP in your country and ask the guy if he could order the Toshiba disk directly

  • Satellite M30x-154 works only with the battery in use

    I own a Satellite M30x 154 and did so for two years. Now the laptop is more fuel with just the battery in use.
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    Any ideas?

    What to say? The battery is possibly defective. The fact is that M30 x is old enough laptop model. Everything is possible.

    What happens if you start Notepad with AC adapter, then remove the connector ca? Can you use Notepad on only battery power?

  • Satellite A200-AH7 - how to get the camera program?

    I installed Windows 7 today and now the Chicony Webcam does not work. I've updated the drivers and the software for the Toshiba for Windows 7 download site, but nothing happens when I click on camera assistant. I tried to run the compatibility program, and he tells me that the program is not compatible even tought that the software is for Windows 7.

    Any ideas on how to get the camera to run program?

    Thank you

    Sorry my mistake, the camera assistant was hidden.
    Of work.

    Post edited by: gary blainville

    > Sorry my mistake, the camera assistant was hidden.
    > Work.
    This means that your webcam working properly now?

    If so it of great and thanks for your comments! :)

  • Satellite A500 PSAM3A - how to get the HARD market under Vista 64-bit disk Protection System


    I would like to know how to get the HARD drive Protection system up and running under Vista Home Premium 64 bit operating system. I downloaded the program 64 bit of Toshiba for this program and install it I tried but doesn't seem to work. I have uninstalled and try to install the program, but still does not work.

    Unable to find the problem, why it won't work. If anyone knows how to solve this problem it would be a great
    help for me. If anyone knows how to solve this problem please answer me as soon as possible.

    Thank you for your time.

    Kind regards


    What you downloaded exactly on the Toshiba site?

    As written Akuma you must install first added value Package you will find also on the Toshiba site. Check this box!

    An interesting thing: it does not work if you are using the preinstalled operating system? It should have everything installed for your laptop.

    Good bye

  • Satellite A500 - 17 X: how to get the new backlight keyboard to work?


    I recently had to replace the keyboard on my A500 - 17 X (PSAR3E-00N005EN) and I decided to replace it with the same keyboard backlit model. The original keyboard was not backlit, but I thought I'd give it a go anyway, as it was the same price.

    I installed it in my laptop and everything works fine apart from the backlight function.
    There was even a port for the Ribbon to be back so it is definitely installed properly. I read on other forums that it is sometimes a problem with the BIOS or HWsetup but my BIOS does not give me the opportunity for her and neither does HWsetup.

    I was wondering if there is a way to get the backlight to work on the keyboard.
    Perhaps another driver or by changing the BIOS/HWsetup somehow?

    Would be grateful all the answers!



    In my view, there is no way to activate the backlight through drivers or BIOS settings. You may need to send the laptop to a Toshiba repair center to get it activated.

  • Satego X 200 21 d - how to get the new motherboard


    I try to repair the laptop my father (Satego X 200 - 21 d). The motherboard is obviously default (does not start).
    How can I get a new one? Toshiba still selling these parts?

    Reference of the motherboard is K000055260 (I discovered, this motherboard was also built in satellite X 200 series)


    > How can I get a new one? Toshiba still selling these parts?

    You can get one from supplier Toshiba, which is available in your country.
    Here is a page where you can find all available worldwide s ASP.

    But new card mother isn t part cheap are sure to want to remedy?
    I think a workbook good 2nd hand would be a cheaper option.

Maybe you are looking for