Satellite M30X problem: keyboard speed.

My keyboard responds late and sometimes stutter. I can type, but can not play games that require the keyboard, because timing is all out-of-whack. I checked the Control Panel keyboard settings and they are fine.

Also, sometimes when I put on, the mousepad doesn't work and will be only after one or two reboots.

I guess that these two disasters are linked. Please help, I'm losing my mind.

Hi Jill,

Just a possibility, make sure you have all enabled accessibility options dealing with the keyboard and mouse. Some of them may have effects that you describe. You can check on the ACCESSIBILITY tab in the control panel.


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  • Power supply with Satellite M30x problem

    When I connect my Satellite M30X in power, he sometimes shows the power light and the battery light. It can then be turned on and will start and run.
    Most of the time the power light blinks and the battery light stay out: it will not illuminate.

    When it turns on, it will work for a period of a minute or two till about 4 hours and stops randomly.
    Now the led starts flashing and continues to Flash while it is powered.

    There must be some problem with electronic control gear. Strange is that this problem occurs from time to time.
    Sorry, but if you want to get rid of it you must contact Toshiba service and let check your laptop.

    To be honest, it can happen that
    Entire motherboard must be exchanged, and it can be quite expensive. Might be time for the new laptop computer. Satellite M30 is really old.

    What do you think of all this?

  • Satellite M30X: Problems with external USB 2.0 HARD drive

    I have a Toshiba Satellite M30X. I bought recently a 200 GB external hard drive. It has its own power supply. If I connect with USB 2.0 on my laptop, it happens to disconnect and reconnect leads him. Sometimes it works, so I can put data on the disc. Then again, he diconnects and reconnects repeatedly. I've tried a different USB Port, but there is no difference. It's very strange, because I plugged the external hard drive to many other computers (Laptop and Tower) and it STILL works! It is that with my cell phone, it disconnects and reconnects all the time. As I said, not always. Sometimes it works for a half an hour or two and then the action begins again...

    If anyone can help?
    Oxford Lutz


    I put t know if this can help, but you can try to connect a USB hub with an external power supply. Then try to connect this external HARD disk to the USB hub.
    I know that it of not a exactly the solution but maybe it will help you to solve this problem of USB.

    Good bye

  • Satellite M30X-102 keyboard problem

    Hi, I have destroyed the thing plastc, with fixed cable from the keyboard to the motherboard.
    Someone knows what's possible?



    The replacement of the motherboard is very expensive, and first of all, I would contact the service partner Toshiba you for an opinion. Maybe it's possible to solve without replacing. You should check it out.

  • Type of keyboard on Satellite M30X-130

    I need to change this keyboard---> COMPAL P/N PK13CW10180 - Darfon P/N 99.N5682.30E - MODEL NSK-T430E - K000016100 WK442K - ITALIAN LANGUAGE
    but on the internet, the models I found that they have these characteristics---> MODEL MP-03436I0-698 - P/N PK13CW10280 - K000016100 WKA16K - ITALIAN LANGUAGE

    The only difference I've seen looking at the photos is the dish that connects the keyboard to the motherboard.
    My doubt is about the feature and if they are hardware compatible.

    Can someone help me in this choice?

    Thanks a lot for all


    Satellite M30X is old enough laptop model, so I think that you should have no big problems to get the new keyboard. I had similar problem on my old Satellite M70 and I bought the new keyboard on eBay.

    At this time keyboards were quite similar and a keyboard could be used on some models of laptops. eBay is the right place to find different hardware parts for old models of laptops and keyboards.
    Unfortunately I can't help you with this keyboard control, so if you find the specification that says that it is compatible with M30X you can buy it.

    Don't spend a lot of money for it. as I've written before on eBay you can find keyboards for reasonable price.

  • Satellite L855 - 12N - keyboard problem after upgrade to Windows 10

    Greetings friends,
    the problem goes like this: I have a TOSHIBA satellite, L855-12N, Series notebook.

    After updrading to win 10, some of my keys (a, n, enter) did not work initially.
    If I wait for awhile, they start work later.
    I find that I continue to press a button, (for example the button "a") for a long time, I see that he started to answer, then stop again and then answer - stop, until finally it works OK.
    I tried to update the drivers, uninstall and then reinstall, but it doesn't seem to work.
    Anyone know what's going on, or have any suggestions?
    Thank you.

    You are 100% it's a matter of Windows 10?
    Looks more like a hardware problem, keyboard should replace.

    Go into the BIOS and test the keyboard in there.
    If it goes into the BIOS and then replace the keyboard.

    If it's a software problem, try uninstalling the driver for the touchpad Control Panel, then reinstall it via Windows Update.

  • Satellite m30x: keyboard for linux driver

    Hi all
    I have a satellite m30x running Linux. I would like to know if anyone has a driver for the keyboard on the left control the cd player.

    Thank you.


    Here are some interesting sites of linux

    There are hardware compatibility lists...

    Bye Bob

  • Satellite M30X windows 2000 installation problem

    I noticed ribooth has also posted a message with the same problem... but I haven't seen a real answer. The problem: if I try to install Windows 2000 Professional (including SP2) on my satellite M30X-130. The windows 2000 Setup program crashes with a "page in a no fault paged area" in acpi.sys just at the moment where the status in the status bar has been changed from windows 2000. If I press F7 during startup, acpi support is disabled and no page error occurs but the windows 2000 installation hangs on "the first screen" where you should be able to start, stop and? installation. There is no additional hardware installed and I'm unable to partition and format the HD with W2k. If I do it with win98 and create a FAT32 partition and try to install w2k on it I get the same ' page in a no fault paged area "acpi.sys error. Any suggestions to fix this?

    Make sure that the system BIOS and other hardware is compatible with Windows 2000.
    This article may also help.

    HOW to: Specify a specific HAL or a third party during the installation of Windows

    Good bye

  • Satellite M30X starting problems


    My Satellite M30X doesn't start normally more. When I press the power button, it turns on, the fan starts, but nothing happens. Or sometimes it takes almost 5 minutes before then the Toshiba logo appears, it begins in place.

    After that, I sometimes get a message that the Smart HD feature has detected a failure in my HD. But not all the time.

    I have Linux and Win XP on my hard drive. When I use Win XP, it starts normally, then after a few minutes, I get the BOD with message IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL. Or sometimes, the system just hangs. If I boot mode safe, everyting works fine.

    On Linux, the system freezes after 30 minutes of use.

    I'm tempted to think that I just need to reformat my HD (I have a 100gig HD of Fujitsu), and everything will be fine. I have to try again. And also once again, on Win XP Safe Mode, everything works very well - I can't even use WLAN, and I am writing this same post! But if it's just a software or an OS problem, why not not my laptop start normally? I mean, why is that sometimes it does not start at all (the Toshiba logo does not appear), and I have to turn off my phone and turn it back on so that it works. Sometimes it is not boot at all, no matter how many times I try it turn on and off. The power on light comes on, fan will start, then fan turns off, light is always turned on and nothing happens. Or it could be caused by a faulty hard drive? Is that why it sometimes does not start at all? But if it is the HD, why is there not a problem in Mode safe?

    It is so weird coz it wasn't a problem before, and he appeared out of the blue.

    Any help will be appreciated! Thank you in advance!


    To me, this looks like a hardware problem. I think it works in safe mode because other such graphics card device drivers are not loaded.
    As I know the IRQL error also occurs if the blue screen of death appears on the screen. I think that it us something wrong with the graphics card or the memory modules.
    I think you should ask the AEP from Toshiba for help.

  • Connectivity to the Satellite M30X USB problem

    Hello everyone,

    I have a problem with the USB to the Satellite M30X connectivity. I purchased a M30X and had problems with connecting devices of differnet in one of the USB ports.

    I tried to solve his problem and but nothing resolved.

    Goodbye, Meier


    Rudi is right. There is a new update of the BIOS and it should solve the problem of USB.

  • Satellite M30X and Mat * a dvd - ram uj-8205 burning problems

    I have Satellite M30x and Mat * one year dvd - ram uj-8205. On the beginning everythinks worked very well, but in the last months of 2-3 that it cannot reads some CD and have problems with CD burning
    I restarted the laptop with the recovery cd, but still the same problems. Before robooting, I used nero 6, thougth perhaps, this is the problem in nero, now using just Sonic record now accompanies the DVD.

    Please anybode help me?


    How to help you if you don't mention what CD cannot be burned (original music CD, homes burned CDs, just specific producers, only some files are not readable). Give us more info on this issue.

    Check a little better, and if there is no success is perhaps the defective drive. It is well known that some CD (a cheaper) cannot be burned properly.

  • Problems on the Satellite M30X 124


    I have a Satellite M30X-124. He stopped the electric network load when the laptop is turned on. The battery seems to be OK and witnesses to support lights online when I play with the charge lead to the back of the computer. I tried another charger and it is certainly not the charger or the charging cable. The problem seems to be at the back of the laptop when the mainstream point of entry is.

    I referred to this problem in the decision-making authorized Toshiba service and they believe the problem is the motherboard and I would like to replace it (they have not seen or inspect the laptop). The only problem is that the replacement of the motherboard is like buying a new laptop for high cost. Any ideas?
    I believe that the problem must be that he connection between the charge lead and the entrance to the main power supply does not work and there may be something loose that can be fixed. I'd rather do something myself rather than spend a lot of money.

    Any ideas please.

    Thanks for your help


    I wouldn recommend you do it by yourself, but could try. I heard that this phenomenon comes from a loose AC plug that must be welded to the card.
    Here´s a site that should help you in your mission:

    If in doubt then I suggest you buy a new machine, rather than spending money for your old beautiful Clipboard. ;)

    Welcome them

  • How to redefine the keyboard of the Satellite M30X?

    Can someone help me to redefine the keyboard of the Satellite M30X?

    Unfortunately my mother tongue (i.e. Polish) widely uses the right Alt to produce some unique signs. There are many schools, but I prefer to use thumb to press. Unlike other laptops that I used this key on my current Toshiba is far right, making it impossible to strike by the thumb. There is an empty key right next to the space bar. In my setup, it is equivalent to--------, and I want to make another right Alt.

    Thanks in advance



    As much as I know there is no possibility to redefine the keys on the keyboard. The only thing that allows you to redefine is the keyboard input language. This option, you can find in Control Panel under regional and language options.

    Good bye

  • Strange keyboard on my Satellite L500 problem

    I have a Toshiba Satellite L500-11V and in recent months the keyboard was make it worse (some keys work only when they want too) and now it has stopped working completely. I bought another keyboard hoping it would be a simple difficulty however, this has not solved the problem.

    I did some research and updated the bios to v2.1, but it still does not work. The weird thing that I found which is good to use an external via USB keyboard when I press Caps and number on the external keyboard the two lights on the laptop keyboard lights?

    I am running out of ideas, and it's really bugging me now. Any ideas how to sort this?

    If the new keyboard didn t sole that there must be a serious hardware problem, keyboard controller, maybe.
    I think you need professional help with this then I recommend you contact the nearest Toshiba service provider and ask for help. They can check with diagnostic tools and tell you with certainty what the problem is here.

  • On Satellite A505-S6973 keyboard problems

    Goodday once again everyone,

    Can someone tell me if the built-in on my Satellite A505-S6973 keyboard has a backlight.
    I watch a lot of these new laptops and similar to mine, under the keyboard it is white and I don't know if that's how it's supposed to light. If so, can someone tell me.

    On the Toshiba U.S. support page I checked the specification for laptop computer and, of course, your laptop doesn t have this backlit keyboard.
    Just FYI: all illuminated keyboard have FN + Z option to turn on/off illumination.
    With other words symbol small keyboard will be on the Z key.

    This option, when the backlit keyboard is in the book is also available in Toshiba HWSetup tool.

Maybe you are looking for

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