Satellite M40 184 - Question on battery and speakers

Hello everyone.

A few months ago, I bought a laptop (M40-184), which uses the harman Kardon speakers. I have two questions to ask you.

1. the battery does not work for more than 1 hour (when the laptop is any more, or when internet explore is enabled). There are no other programs running. I think that this is not normal. What can I do? I'll be back there?

2. speakers are a strange low frequency noise, when I'm listening to music or watching DVDs. It doen not to be little heavy or something. It was supposed to be a very good pair of speakes.
What can I do?

Thanks in advance



Usually battery working time depends on the use of the laptop.
If you use a high performance such as 3d graphics tools tools, games or watch DVDs battery working time goes down.
But if you only use the explore IE the battery should work more than 1 hour. In this case I think that it s a battery failure. If you need to contact the ASP for the replacement of the battery.
In addition you must always remove the battery from the unit if the power adapter is plugged.

2.) as far as I know that the Toshiba Virtual sound utility is preinstalled on his unit. Here, you can change some sound settings. Maybe you can solve the problem with the speakers.

Best regards

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    I have laptop Satellite M40-184 and I would like to ask you, how to play MP3 on this laptop without OS for long time as possible. I installed the program of express Media Player, but it is not possible to play MP3 with it. Or y at - it an upgrade that would allow to read MP3?

    Thank you for your answer
    Best regards
    Pavel Zidlik

    Hello Pavel

    As much as I know there is no update that allows this option. Installation Express media player the idea was that the user can watch DVD movies and listen to music CDs without booting the operating system.

    Perhaps in the future the Toshiba will design a newer version that can play the mp3 music format.

    Good bye

  • Satellite L20-101: Question on battery & BIOS password

    Dear Sir or Madam:

    I have a Toshiba laptop satellite L20-101, so can u please answer my questions below.

    Is it better for the battery life to always stay connected to an electrical outlet when possible, or charge the battery and then use it until it needs to be recharged again? I mean what is best for the life of the battery, and I need to know if stay connected to AC power affects the battery life.

    How can I set a password for the laptop not windows? Because when I enter BIOS setup and set a password for user and supervisor. He just ask me about this password when I try to login to Setup again, but it is still continuous to the windows boot without asking me about a password.

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    Kind regards


    The fact is that you can charge/discharge the battery about 500 times.
    After this period, the battery will lose performance.
    More recent laptops and batteries use the latest technology of load.
    But I recommend to remove the battery, if you work on the DC for a long time.
    In this case, you can extend the life of the battery and the performance

    Please also check other topics on this topic like this.

    If you want to set the BIOS password and it should appear at the beginning, you must activate the password at startup option in the BIOS.

  • How do I start bluetooth on Satellite M40-184

    I bought a new Satellite M40 and I found that I have the Bluetooth Manager, but it does not show me the that Bluetooth at all besides it still gives me the message "Bluetooth device is not ready" even when my bluetooth is turned on! Kindly let me know how to solve this problem, as I have been through the whole pages of starting Instructions and possible help, but nothing seems to work. Thanx


    Hello Imran

    It will be interesting to know what unit should be connected to your device (mobile phone, printer). I hope that use you the FN + F8 key combination to activate the Bluetooth connection. If the Bluetooth connection is enabled you can start a wizard and search for other Bluetooth devices.

  • Satellite Pro A100 - flashing light battery and no start


    I was sitting watching a video with my daughter yesterday when five minutes in my Satellite Pro A100 suddenly stopped working - cut out completely and not be reactivated. When I tried to restart the orange lit battery eleven short blinks blinked, and nothing else has happened. The battery has been low for some time, so we always run the AC adapter. The adapter is currently connected, but there is no blue light charge as I expect.

    With the battery removed do not get the flashes orange. With the battery and power adapter, I get the flashes orange.

    I was wondering if the AC adapter was missing, and we do not have a "low battery" warning because we were watching a video. That would explain the lack of charge indicator. When we get the flashes orange, we get this from the small amount of residual charge of the battery.

    Can anyone back this idea up - or anyone who can interpret the error code?

    Thank you


    Hey Buddy,

    This means that you are able to start your computer or battery or AC/DC adapter only, good point?

    Well, theoretically it might be possible that AC/DC adapter is defective.
    When you try to start your laptop, nothing happens, right?

    In the best case, you know a friend who has the same AC/DC adapter, so you can test if the AC adapter is defective or not. Otherwise a professional diagnosis of an ASP would be necessary.

  • Satellite P10 switch randomly between battery and AC

    I have a satellite P10 who had some problems of strange power for about a year now.

    My laptop switch to the power of the battery even when it is plugged. I will then either use the computer until the battery runs out and turned it off or Hibernate in until the battery may charge.

    I thought that I had fixed by downloading and installing a new Bios from the toshiba site, which seemed to work for a while, but now it the problem seems to have returned.

    I also bought a new battery and the bar of power, thinking that was the problem... but it does not solve the problem.

    Someone else out there with similar problems, or a method to solve this?
    any thoughts would be great.

    Hi man,

    I had similar problems with my machine, so you can check some things:

    -When the CA is connected, then move him soft in all directions, there are maybe a few micro cracks on the AC connector.
    -try to boot your machine without the battery, your motherboard charging system is may be defective
    -Discover an another AC adapter, maybe the CA is defective

    If you encounter some strange phenomena as power cuts or no charge while you perform this action above, then you have definitely a hardware problem and you will need to contact your local dealer or the service partner for the other instance.

    So I had to do, and it's a faulty motherboard.

    Hope I could give you some ideas.

    Welcome them

  • Satellite P200 - 17 c PSPB6E - battery and charger delivers


    I was wondering if anyone can help.

    I had my laptop Satellite P200 - 17 c PSPB6E for about 2 years. For the last 6 months the battery and the AC adapter have been gradually getting worse.

    The adapter is now very loose and I need to hold it with one hand while using the laptop. The same battery with the AC charger in place does not increase (it shows 0% available plugged in, load). If the AC adapter slips, the laptop is dead and I need to recharge.

    Essentially, it seems the only thing keeping the laptop on, is the adapter (which itself is very loose).

    I need to know whether a battery or a problem with the AC adapter. I had only the laptop for a short period and would not have expected problems early.

    Thank you



    In my opinion, that your laptop is quite old (2 years) and these things can happen, mate.

    But I think you need new batteries and AC adapter or motherboard. If the battery doesn't charge with adapter connected the case is clear: the battery is faulty because she will not be charged.

    Regarding the connection of the adapter problem AC/DC it's hard to say because theoretically, it could also be a problem with the socket on the motherboard. This is why you should ask a technician for laptop. The technician can tell you what the problem is.

    Welcome them

  • Tecra 8100: Question on battery and adapter

    I had problems with my 8100 stopping himself so I returned to the store and he exchanged the battery, he only gave me a battery 10.8V my charger and the laptop 15v and are now my charger cable started to melt and melted through the carpet.
    so I need to know, is a 10.8v battery and charger 15v compatible and is it causing overheating or do I have a different problem?

    Help, please

    Hello Diane

    Your device needs AC/DC charger with PA2444UE part number. It is AC 100 - 240V to AutoFix, 50-60 Hz, 15 V, 4 A, 60 W charger.

    The battery is key to the 10.8 V Lithium-ion, 4 500 mAh with PA3009U-1BAT part number. Please don't over use the unit and immediately contact partner in your country. On this path, it is not easy to tell what can be the problem and the unit needs to be checked.

    Don't risk anything and check the unit. Your dealer can give you an address of the service partner or you can visit this page

    Good bye

  • Satellite M40-184 and noise problem

    I bought two days ago, this laptop and I already found two problems. The first is that always before the speakers seem to start working a strange noise (ICT) and it is very annoying for me. Is there a problem with the speakers.

    The second problem is that when I use the laptop for more than two hours the AC adapter also makes a very annoying noise. He is also very strong (more strong that fans or anything else). Is it normal to do what noise?

    Thank you

    Hi Manos,

    I'm not sure of the sound from your speakers, normally I wait till they're totally calm, unless a job is running that use.

    Regarding your power adapter, should make any noise at all. It can become hot for what is quite normal. I would recommend the adapter/notebook back to your provider as soon as possible.

    Kind regards

  • Satellite Pro A120 - need stronger battery and memory modules


    I wanted to update memory on my laptop A120. I don't know what kind of memory I have.

    I never opened before.
    Also, I would like to buy a longer battery. It will help if anyone can point me to a detailed specification of the laptop...

    Thank you.


    As I m wrong not the Sat Pro A120 RAM can be upgraded up to 2 GB with DDR2 533 MHz (PC2-4200) 200 - PIN SODIMM barrettes.
    So, you can use 2 x 1 GB RAM

    In addition, you can consult the Web from Toshiba site Options & accessories to see what batteries are compatible for you Satellite Pro A120.

    The page can be found here:> peripheral services & -> Options and accessories

    Welcome them

  • Satellite M40 - DVD / CD player - reading and writing problems

    My M40-704 has developed a habit of not recognizing some discs DVDs and also a few CDs. This is unrelated to the quality is very difficult to find what exactly is the cause. I have the TOSHIBA DVD-ROM SD-R6112 drive. On an another Tosh I have for work (a Tecra) I have a NEC drive, which works very well. I'm stumped and annoyed.

    Right now I can't read all white or written on DVD/R is the most annoying question... Is this just a reader of trash? I wait too long? Yours confused


    You know that not all CD/DVD media are compatible with all readers.
    As far as I know that you will find information about the support of CDs and DVDs in the user manual.
    However, I use TDKs and I m very satisfied with them.
    In my opinion, you should test several media.

  • Satellite T110-121 - Question about disk and hard drive recovery


    I started to use my nice new Satellite T110-12. How can I create a recovery disc?

    Why is there that a common message on the vibration has been detected, HDD head has been moved to a safe position? Is there something wrong? I would return it before the week is up?

    Please answer, thanks a lot a lot!

    Hi LindaMon,

    > How to create a recovery disk?
    What about reading your user manual?
    You need a 8 GB USB key for the creation of a support recovery and preinstalled Toshiba Recovery Disk Creator.

    > head drive has been moved to a safe position?
    Yes, that's normal and everything is ok with your laptop. Your HARD drive will be protected by HDD/SSD Alert utility which is a nice feature of Toshiba to avoid accidents of the head and can improve the lives of the internal HARD disk.
    But yoou can disable these notifications if you want. ;)

  • Satellite M40-184: Temperature increses to 95 degrees if CPU load fully


    I have this laptop for almost two years and it works perfectly, but I discovered thease days that the temperature of the cpu at full load is charged to O it comes to 70 and 95-98 degrees celsius.

    My question is is there a hardware protection built into the motherboard of the laptop from overheating or shuold I worry more about the problem?

    I always keep a litle raised to allow the laptop airflowbelow and I can hear the fan operation.


    It s nothing unusual that the CPU temperature increases to a higher level during the CPU works with maximum performance.
    It is a fact, not a problem!

    If you ask if there is a protection of equipment built into the motherboard to protect the laptop from overheating.
    -> Yes, the phone supports this overheating protection! If the temperature occurs at the critical level the laptop stops automatically.

    In your case the laptop no shutdown and so I don't assume that everything is ok

  • What power supports PCMCIA on Satellite M40-184 location?

    Hi all.
    Could someone tell me please what is the power of the pc card slot?
    I bought a card that has need of 1 ampere and it doesn? t work.
    I n don't know if power is sufficient, or the card is defective.
    Thank you

    I put t I think this question seems due to low power on the PCMCIA port.
    First check if the maps are compatible and complementary, you can change settings in the BIOS.

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