Satellite M40-184: Temperature increses to 95 degrees if CPU load fully


I have this laptop for almost two years and it works perfectly, but I discovered thease days that the temperature of the cpu at full load is charged to O it comes to 70 and 95-98 degrees celsius.

My question is is there a hardware protection built into the motherboard of the laptop from overheating or shuold I worry more about the problem?

I always keep a litle raised to allow the laptop airflowbelow and I can hear the fan operation.



It s nothing unusual that the CPU temperature increases to a higher level during the CPU works with maximum performance.
It is a fact, not a problem!

If you ask if there is a protection of equipment built into the motherboard to protect the laptop from overheating.
-> Yes, the phone supports this overheating protection! If the temperature occurs at the critical level the laptop stops automatically.

In your case the laptop no shutdown and so I don't assume that everything is ok

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  • Satellite M40-184 MP3 without OS


    I have laptop Satellite M40-184 and I would like to ask you, how to play MP3 on this laptop without OS for long time as possible. I installed the program of express Media Player, but it is not possible to play MP3 with it. Or y at - it an upgrade that would allow to read MP3?

    Thank you for your answer
    Best regards
    Pavel Zidlik

    Hello Pavel

    As much as I know there is no update that allows this option. Installation Express media player the idea was that the user can watch DVD movies and listen to music CDs without booting the operating system.

    Perhaps in the future the Toshiba will design a newer version that can play the mp3 music format.

    Good bye

  • How do I start bluetooth on Satellite M40-184

    I bought a new Satellite M40 and I found that I have the Bluetooth Manager, but it does not show me the that Bluetooth at all besides it still gives me the message "Bluetooth device is not ready" even when my bluetooth is turned on! Kindly let me know how to solve this problem, as I have been through the whole pages of starting Instructions and possible help, but nothing seems to work. Thanx


    Hello Imran

    It will be interesting to know what unit should be connected to your device (mobile phone, printer). I hope that use you the FN + F8 key combination to activate the Bluetooth connection. If the Bluetooth connection is enabled you can start a wizard and search for other Bluetooth devices.

  • Satellite M40 184 - Question on battery and speakers

    Hello everyone.

    A few months ago, I bought a laptop (M40-184), which uses the harman Kardon speakers. I have two questions to ask you.

    1. the battery does not work for more than 1 hour (when the laptop is any more, or when internet explore is enabled). There are no other programs running. I think that this is not normal. What can I do? I'll be back there?

    2. speakers are a strange low frequency noise, when I'm listening to music or watching DVDs. It doen not to be little heavy or something. It was supposed to be a very good pair of speakes.
    What can I do?

    Thanks in advance


    Usually battery working time depends on the use of the laptop.
    If you use a high performance such as 3d graphics tools tools, games or watch DVDs battery working time goes down.
    But if you only use the explore IE the battery should work more than 1 hour. In this case I think that it s a battery failure. If you need to contact the ASP for the replacement of the battery.
    In addition you must always remove the battery from the unit if the power adapter is plugged.

    2.) as far as I know that the Toshiba Virtual sound utility is preinstalled on his unit. Here, you can change some sound settings. Maybe you can solve the problem with the speakers.

    Best regards

  • Satellite M40-184: how to connect a projector?

    How can I connect to a projector?

    Thanks in advance


    You can connect the projector with either an RGB connection or an S-video connection.

    Kind regards


  • What power supports PCMCIA on Satellite M40-184 location?

    Hi all.
    Could someone tell me please what is the power of the pc card slot?
    I bought a card that has need of 1 ampere and it doesn? t work.
    I n don't know if power is sufficient, or the card is defective.
    Thank you

    I put t I think this question seems due to low power on the PCMCIA port.
    First check if the maps are compatible and complementary, you can change settings in the BIOS.

  • Satellite M40-184 and noise problem

    I bought two days ago, this laptop and I already found two problems. The first is that always before the speakers seem to start working a strange noise (ICT) and it is very annoying for me. Is there a problem with the speakers.

    The second problem is that when I use the laptop for more than two hours the AC adapter also makes a very annoying noise. He is also very strong (more strong that fans or anything else). Is it normal to do what noise?

    Thank you

    Hi Manos,

    I'm not sure of the sound from your speakers, normally I wait till they're totally calm, unless a job is running that use.

    Regarding your power adapter, should make any noise at all. It can become hot for what is quite normal. I would recommend the adapter/notebook back to your provider as soon as possible.

    Kind regards

  • Satellite M40 - the update of the BIOS

    I have Satellite M40-184 and I want to Flash the BIOS with a bootable CD, but can't do it.
    I downloaded the bios file - and extract the file, but it gives me error to run the file.
    I extracted the exe with rar and I saw an image file, I burned it but it is not bootable.

    I have not now what to do WHOW can I FLASH THE BIOS NOT BY WINDOWS?
    I read the flashing method, but it has nothing to do with the file that is downloading.


    The driver from Toshiba site doesn't provide the traditional BIOS but only the BIOS that can be updated only running Windows OS!

    This means that you will not be able to boot from the floppy drive using the unzipped BIOS file.
    It s .exe file and should be conducted under OS.

    I think it should be clear now.

    By the way; the update of the BIOS is risky and if you use bad BIOS or bad update procedure can damage the ROM. module


  • CPU in Satellite Pro U200 temperatures are too high


    I'm a little confused / concerned about the temperature of my CPU (Intel T7200) in my Satellite Pro U200-199. The confusing thing is that the case temperature is generally higher than that of the junctions of the two nuclei, which is the opposite of how it should be.

    Everyone knows this?

    As well, the case temperature is higher at seems reasonable, even in basic use. Basic use of office applications takes the temperature to 49 c, and then everything above that (opening an application for example) increases the temperature has high degrees of the years 50 or 60. Under a larger load, temperature (T-box) goes up to 65 C.

    One of the consequences is that the fan is on most of the time.

    I would like to know if there is a problem with the measurement of the temperature T-box is measured correctly, or if the processor overheats. If the measure is a fault, then do nothing about this? Like changing the BIOS?

    I should mention that the computer is only a week and has a BIOS update.

    Any ideas or help greatly appreciated.



    The temperature of 50-60 degrees is not unusual. But I wonder how you measure this temperature or what tools or utilities did you use?

    Usually the CPU is not only responsible for the temperature inside the laptop.
    The graphics card and HARD drive also produce heat which increases the temperature of the laptop.

    Anyway, the computer supports protection against overheating. This protects the laptop and parts from overheating.
    If the temperature reaches a critical threshold the laptop would be automatically stops down
    but it seems that the laptop works properly so in my opinion that you should not be worried. ;)

  • On Satellite M40-223 some games make the display freeze

    I have a Satellite M40-223 with an Ati Radeon X 600 is.
    Some games (such as shockwave, world of warcraft games or never)
    Winter Nights 2) make freeze display and the crash of the laptop
    (accidents do happen after the same amount). I downloaded the drivers
    on the toshiba site (16/11/05, drivers) and nothing has
    has changed. Then I downloaded the latest drivers from the ati site
    ( and removed the older
    (following the instructions of ati). The display freezes always but
    Sometimes the VPU recover the previous session.
    What should I do?
    I will try to uninstall these drivers and install the ones toshiba
    Once again? When I installed the drivers from toshiba for the first
    I did use uninstaller first, time could this affect the most recent configuration?

    I will try to use the omega drivers?

    Best regards



    It s not advised not to use the graphics driver from Toshiba. The other drivers don't support the overheating protection. The games are a high performance programs. If these applications are running on the laptop all devices must operate with maximum performance and produce a lot of heat. The high temperature could be responsible for this gel and close downs.

    I read in the forum that you can install the other drivers (not Toshiba) at your own risk.
    I think you should check the fans for dust and debris.
    Sometimes the cooling modules may not cool properly because the dust and, therefore, these problems occur.
    Additional do not forget that there is enough free space around the laptop to the airflow correctly

  • Satellite M40-285 - CPU overheating after the accident with water

    Hello everyone,

    I have a Toshiba Satellite M40-285, and 2 days ago, my girlfriend dumped a cup of tea on the keyboard... The computer turns off after a few seconds. Immediately, I put the laptop upside down and disassembled parts. There was some liquid inside (especially inside the speakers under the keyboard and where is the DVD unit). Other parts (CPU, memory, wireless card, hard drive area) were completely dry. I have it with napkings and dry with a hair dryer (later I read that I shoud never use a hair dryer...).

    The turs laptop on one seems to work fine (only the first screen where it says toshiba remains more than normal long (15 seconds or more) before entering windows). But the problem I have is that the CPU gets overheated and the laptop shuts down after 5-15 minits of use. I'm getting attention via the RightMark utility I said "* Core overheating * ' and the temperature always between 45 - 55 c

    I replaced the thermalgrease but the problem remains. The CPU fan works (I think that the two speeds). The heatsink is very hot after the computer turns off (it burns my fingers if I touch)

    What could be the problem? * Is the processor damaged? Can be a problem in the motherboard? *
    I don't know what to don't know because is not woth the money to send it to the technical service, but I can't buy a new laptop now...


    I m wondering that the laptop is still ongoing and no more parts are damaged. In addition he s very cool that you could fix it yourself and dry. Many people don t know how ;)

    In any case, if the CPU is overheating it seems that something on the assembly or the cooling fan is damaged and must be replaced. Possibly peut t fan run with the highest speed more, who knows.

    Of course, it is difficult to say what is the cause of the problem, but in your case I would try ordering a new fan and the heatsink too. The two parties shouldn't t be expensive and it seems that you can replace yourself.
    So just contact a service provider allowed in your country to order these parts. They can do this.

    Good luck and feedback would be great, I am interested on this! :)

  • Satellite M40-133: problem starting after a stop

    When my Satellite M40 - 133 EN if I start it again all that I get is the Toshiba welcome screen.
    If it is left for a while it will start as usual. When executing it is quite hot.

    Help, please.

    To me, this looks like a problem with overheating.
    It seems that the laptop can not start and start properly due to high internal temperature.

    The main reason why an overheating problem is very simple.
    Don t cooling modules work correctly. In my view, that dust and debris prevent cooling with maximum performance running fans.

    Simply cleaning fan should help you.
    From time to time, I clean my fans too. I use a jet of compressed air. These sprays are very useful to get rid of dust and most computer/computer laptop dealers offer these sprays.

    If it will not improve the situation, then a mobile technician needs to disassemble the laptop and recommended to clean properly. In addition, it should renew the thermal grease that is placed between the CPU and the cooling module, too.

    Good luck

  • Satellite M40 startup / shutdown problems!

    For almost 3 months now, my Satellite M40 * don't power up * unless it is completely and absolutely * cold *. It freezes at the beginning.

    Every time I have shut down or restart my laptop, I have to wait about 25 minutes, so I can start it up again. What is happening is stops at the "* Toshiba" logo * screen, from the beginning and he * gel *. I have to press the power button until it turns the power off.

    It's a fact: the laptop is * NOT * extremely hot. Its temperatures are * regular *, I've been monitoring for some time now. If overheating is not the problem here.

    -It also won't stop; it freezes again in the * ' Windows is shutting down * ' display messages... and it freezes.

    -I know that another user of this forum who has had the same problem, but access to its wire has alleged that closed just because some have said of him/her to format and install the OS again. This is * NOT * a software problem! I have tried myself, for all its worth.

    -Today I have updated the * BIOS * also, it has not solved anything.

    So, knowing that I'm not the only one to have this kind of trouble with M40, what to do? Just buy a new one after 2 years?

    Hello Ricardo

    Let's be realistic. It is really possible that software is not the problem but tell me please what you can do in such situation. Not much. In another thread, the guy wrote quite reasonable notice. All you can do is make clean OS install and hope it helps.

    I agree with you that problem described is certainly hardware related issue but you can not do much and portable must be verified by the service. Using specific diagnostic tools, they can say with certainty what can be the problem.

    I don't really understand your last sentence. To be honest on this forum I have seen similar topics but unrelated to the M40 and it's really pointless to understand as untimely M40.

  • Satellite M40 PSM40E - big problem

    Model: Satellite M40-237 (PSM40E)

    To start from the beginning. Around a year ago, the laptop began to restart occasionally. Overheating is not the cause, sometimes randomly - even when I just turn on the laptop. I searched the net for the question and found that many laptops Toshiba have reboot problem. It seems that if the portable computer "thinks" it's overheating as sometimes it is not just a reboot, it stops, but leave the cooler work.

    Since there is no solution to the problem I just use the phone normally, ignoring the ocassional restarts. Sometimes, he would spend months before it restarts, sometimes it would happen a few times a day. Recently, it has started to happen a lot, so I decided to clean the laptop again to make it East of cooling perfectly. Coolers are clean and I applied a new thermal paste on the processor, chipset and graphics card. When I turned it on it has restarted several times and then it worked fine for a few days.

    Today it restarted again, to be precise, he stops and left cooler work (although it was obviously not overheating). I turned it off by removing the battery and it works again, something I've done many times before, when this happens - usually it stops just restart later. But this time it would be closed again, I turned and he left like that for awhile.

    And here's the last problem, something that has never happened before. Now when I turn on the turn it restarts immediatelyover and more. It goes no further than the toshiba welcome screen I can see briefly.

    I tried a few things to eliminate a potential cause of this problem:
    -It works with or without battery
    -removed the optical drive
    -removed HARD drive
    -removed/changed the order of the RAM chips

    It just keeps restarting, so as much as I think the problem might be connected with:
    -power - maybe my diet started to malfunction about a year ago when this problem started, and it's completely broke down somewhere now?
    -battery - it is a lot (it's on about 40% of the original force), this could be the problem? But, the tour should work without the battery at all, so I don't see how
    -motherboard - something could be broken on the motherboard, this case, it is virtually impossible to find and repair the fault
    -temperature sensors - they are showing the correct time but since the round is underway down to 'cool', there is perhaps a problem that makes the tour think it is overheating. If this is the case, is it possible to disable the detectors somehow?

    If you have experience with something similar or tips please answer. As it is, it seems that I can just recover the removable parts and throw everything in the garbage :-/

    HELO drool

    Long story. What to say? Friend of mine has Satellite M40 for a year now and it still works fine without any serious problems. May be time to cleaning it but he must know what he wants to do with his laptop.

    In any case when the is in your sentence followed by validation
    > so I decided to clean the laptop again so that it cools perfectly. Coolers are clean and I applied a new thermal paste on the processor, chipset and graphics card.
    is there for me, end of story. Laptop has been opened, no one knows what you did exactly, did you all following some manuals.

    Sorry but I do not see a solution for you. Or you can ask for professional help and pay for it or sell the laptop on eBay. Please do not throw it garbage. ;) earn money with it.

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