Satellite M40 - format and install NO CD from recovery

I need to format the hard drive and install XP Pro SP2 on my Satellite M40 - 239 (pre installed XP HE). How do we install the Express Media Player? Do I need to do before installing with my own XP disks? The Express Media recovery disk reformat the hard disk and let me choose the size of the partition etc.? Or should I first install XP SP2 (not from the recovery disk, it is my own), then the media player? And how do I install all of the tools supplied preinstalled in the factory? On the product recovery disc, it seems there is no installation of software for them, am I stuck with XP it if I want to keep the tools (Bluetooth, ConfigFree etc.)?



Well, the drivers needed on the Toshiba page you will find:
Please also check out this other post:

On the express media player:

Should at least 150-200 MB of available free space on the HARD drive.
This free space must be on the end of the HARD drive and there must be unallocated.
To get this space available on party products 3rd HARD drive must be used.

Please also check this document

Good bye

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    Yes, you should be able to select a destination drive during installation. Is that what you mean?

  • No one knows what buttons to press so I can format and reinstall windows xp from scratch?

    Hi all.

    Hi all. No one knows what buttons to press so that I can format and reinstall windows xp from scratch on my lap top compaq pentium 4 from a CD-ROM.

    Thank you.

    E-mail address is removed from the privacy *.


    In your other thread, you said that your XP CD is damaged.

    The manufacturer normally gives you one way or the other to reinstall; not both.

    If you had a recovery partition, this is the information:

    1. Turn on the computer.
    2. Just after the first screen display (the display of the logo), press the F10 key repeatedly until a recovery menu appears.
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    See you soon.

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    It is the key which is the basis of the license, rather than the disc.

  • format and install windows xp without cd rom drive

    I want to format my laptop and install windows xp but I have not cd player rom. someone can tell me how to format and install without using a cd rom?

    Hi x zero90.

    I answered your post located in the link below. Please respond to this post.

    Thank you!
    Shawn - Support Engineer - MCP, MCDST
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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    I am running on DirectX 11 right now, is if there is a new DirectX or am I a jerk, and that is a different problem? I can't understand it.

    Thank you


    Try this link... it's a complete Installer for DirectX Runtime June 2010... This is an optional package that use a lot of games...

    The file is self-extracting, so take note where extract you it to.

    Open the folder, and then double-click DXSETUP...

  • my hp pavilion entertainment dv6t 2000 pc formatted and I don't keep recovery DVDs

    my hp pavilion entertainment dv6t 2000 pc formatted and I don't keep recovery DVDs


    No, you can not download, you will need to order that the recovery disk set as I mentioned in my previous post.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • Satellite M40: Win XP install after crash problem - ser.number system


    I would ask you what I'll do. I bought new computer toshiba satellite m40 laptop about 5 years in London.
    There was no Win XP Recovery cd (no partition recovery on the hard disc as well), just cd with drivers of toshiba in the box. Now my system crashed.

    Took me a long time to understand what it was. (BSOD - 'not ACPI-compliant') I almost tried everything same format of HARD drive.
    Later I completely dismantled cell, cleaned up the dust inside and it works again - no BSOD.

    Now I need to install my WinXP back. So I downloaded Windows XP service pack 3 CD and tried to install it.
    It won't take my serial number I have on a sticker on my toshiba.

    Please help me, what should I do?

    I paid for WinXP (System was included in the price) and now I can't use it.

    > There was no Win XP Recovery cd (no partition recovery on the hard disc as well), just cd with drivers of toshiba in the box.

    I put t think that recovery disk came with the laptop.
    Recovery disk shipped with the laptop from the M40 because it s an old series of laptop and drive HARD recovery was not available on this old laptop series. If HDD recovery is not available and that the Toshiba Recovery Disk Creator was not preinstalled, then you will always get a disc of recovery with Notepad.

    Therefore, I am sure this recovery disk was part of the package as the other disks (disk s, tools and utilities in Toshiba driver base) were part of the package.

    The point is that the serial number which is a space at the bottom of the unit belongs to the operating system on the recovery disk.
    Generally, you may not use other Windows systems.
    The recovery disc has already been activated, and therefore, it was not necessary to activate it again.

    Please check this page of order recovery disk Toshiba:
    Here you can order recovery disks, but I do not know if your laptop is still supported because it 5 years.

  • Satellite M40-129 and drivers Win7


    I just installed Win7 on my Toshiba Satellite M40-129. It was really hard... Windows refuses to complete the installation until I deleted pcmcia.sys in the windows system folder.

    Now I have the problem that my pcmcia cardbus is working nor my SD card reader. As soon as I ask for Win7 to update driver PCMCIA, the doesn´t of the computer unbootable until I have again to remove pcmcia.sys.

    Now my question: I can live with having one for not working the PCMCIA port, but there all the drivers available for windows 7 and the Cardbus SD?

    Thank you very much.


    This old Satellite is not supported for Win7 and you won't find any driver for it. It is not easy to configure the hardware on these old books but Win7 has good drivers base and, after several Microsoft updates most of the equipment must be installed correctly.

    What you can try is to try to install the driver designed for another model of laptop. Perhaps satellite A100 or Satellite A200. I put t know if this will help but you can test it in any case.

  • Satellite M40-313 and Vista


    I m a surfer of money with a counter top, but my 22 year old daughter, as recently bought it a second hand Toshiba Satellite M40 313, now she wanted to put Windows Vista Ultimate OS on it, I had my doubts, so I increased the RAM to 2gbs and gave it a try, it seems to work very well, he's a bit slow , after a couple of days a week and after several software maybe init started acting a bit erratic.

    Question is the will of the hold of the laptop operating system or would it be wise to low-grade it back.

    Yes, you must reinstall WXP. There are several reasons for this. My friends has the same model of laptop and it works well with Windows XP Home edition.
    So, this former model of laptop is designed for Windows XP Home edition and Toshiba offers no Vista support for this model of laptop. This means that there are no drivers or tools or utilities available. You will never be able to set up well with Vista.

    Install WXP using recovery delivered image or install your own WXP and all drivers, tools and utilities. You can find them on the Toshiba support page. In my view, it must be some leaves in ARCHIVES.

    If you need more help with installing Windows XP edition family thanks for posting again.

  • Satellite M40 - start and stop issue


    I have a problem with my laptop Satellite M40 on stop to the low process sometimes also on windows start and I think it's BIOS associates.

    When I start my laptop, sometimes (not always) I get an error message in a blue screen saying that my BIOS is not fully ACPI-compatible... I reboot, and if I wait a while, the system boots normally, but if I just restart immediately, he'll get the same message.
    It happens sometimes that the computer goes further opening in the black screen message: contact tomorrow: toshiba

    The other problem, I don't know if it of related or not, is that the computer is not shut down or restart. I have to do it by pressing the button for a while. I thought it was an application that I had in my system that was the cause, but I have just formatted the hard drive and the same mistakes are still ongoing...

    When it stops, it stops right on the message: 'Windows is shutting down... ". »

    I updated my BIOS with the new available for download here to toshiba support, and I think it was the trigger for all these problems... now I don't know how to go back, or even if it's the reason.
    I really hope someone here can help me, because I just wanted all the information related to the internet without success.

    Thank you!


    Satellite M40 is well-known for me because one of my friends has one at home. Laptop very nice.

    So, what can I say? It's really not easy to say what the problem is here, but if you use Windows XP Home edition for a long time, it can happen that one day to happen strange things. I believe that no one here can say with certainty what the problem with your machine.

    If possible, you should clean OS installation using recovery media delivered. After doing this, you should see what is happening. In this case, no one can say that there are programs that have bad influence on the execution of the operating system.

  • MBP re-formatted and installed Mountain Lion!

    Hi all, I've successfully migrated my old MBP of 4 year in a new "slimline" MBP

    I am now preparing my old MBP to transmit to my older daughter, I have re-formatted and restarted with command-R, am now downloading and installation of Mountain Lion.

    My question is the following:-what should I do then, to be able to get El-Capitan installed, which after all is the version of Mac OS X had it before as I have re-formatted. ????


    You say to download and install El Capitan by his Apple ID. With the exception of needing to be connected with another Apple ID, the process is the same as that used for update to the original.


  • How can I get windows xp Setup to format and install.

    I am trying to format and reinstall windows xp on a home build I have for my nephew, but having all sorts of trouble. I tried on three different drives and get the same thing. When I get to the point of delete the partition and create a new partition it it still affects in RAW format. I don't give me the opportunity to FAT or NTFS. and then when I try to install says windows cannot be installed on the disk. the first time I thought that the hd could have been killed, but when it happened on the second and third discs I am at a stand still. Anyone out there have any ideas for me? Thank you

    What do you mean by "treated as main system internally disk"? If these discs are in external boxes USB, your method will not work! If they are REAL internal drives, and then booster cables and the master/slave relationship must be correct. Depending on whether the drive is IDE or SATA, a certain BIOS setting may need to be set or you may need to have the SATA drivers on a floppy disk so that you can hit the F6 key at the right time. See:

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