Satellite M40X-169 when it is connected to the wireless device stop with restarts and blue screen


I had the problem with my laptop when I connect and get connected to the wireless network. My laptop stops with the Blue error screen, then restarts.

Maybe you can help me solve this problem, because I can't work normally when I need to be connected.

Plaese help me.



It is not easy to give you a precise answer, but try to remove WLAN card from Device Manager, and then restart the device. You can also check the Toshiba download page and try to install the latest driver for the WLAN card.

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    I am able to see all the wireless networks that are available in the range and may try to connect (provide the WPA password) but after watching the "preparation to connect" screen for a while he seems to abandon without reporting any error

    Hi guys

    First check if you are using the latest version of the BIOS.
    Second, clear all options of the router WLan security (filtering by MAC address, Firewall, encryption of WLan, etc.) and try to establish the WiFi connection.

    If you're going to succeed the problem is certainly related to the encryption settings
    Step by step, activate the settings and set up the router again.

    Good luck

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    I can not get my RE6500 to reconnect after a router main reboot or power failure, even if I restart the expander control.

    I have to open a session and revalidate the basic settings.

    However, when I connect the expander control for my android phone, used as access point, it always reconnect after a reboot of the phone.

    But I noticed a dialog box (when I select the router from my ISP for the first time) saying WPA is unsecure (WPA2 is not available on the router).

    If I connect the expander control to my phone AP, there is no dialog box because it uses WPA2.

    Is there a relationship? Is there a dialog box hidden when the expander control trying to reconnect to the router?

    Of course, the firmware is up-to-date.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Kind regards


    Good troubleshooting. You have narrowed down the problem on the router device. I recommend that you buy a new router because the router you have looks like this very outdated.

  • Unable to connect via the wireless router "problem with wireless adapter or access point" _


    I recently replaced my old Toshiba laptop with a new model of Toshiba Satellite L500/033HNX, it installed Windows 7.

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    I had help from my internet service provider, the installation correctly the problem not because of the connection.

    I had a Linksys online support, the router is a wireless, model - WAG54G ADSL gateway, is not the problem of all the correct settings and other devices can connect via my wireless network. I ran Dr. connectivity several times and it is always impossible to connect, "problem with the wireless adapter or access point.

    OK, you're my next hope to solve the problem can you HELP Please!

    Hi, JoelbX
    I want to thank very you much for your support and effort do to help me solve this problem, but we receive have been, and I don't want to waste any more of your valuable time, so I am the son of closing and deleting of Tring in Microsoft Answers.
    All the best

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    IM using an Inspiron 8600 that worked fine on wireless networks, when my girlfriend returned by this student teaching, is currently not connected to my network home.  I currently have another computer using the wireless network.

    OK the real problem is that is shows connect to my network, when I type it brings security, I enter the key, and when he opens the window that says «Please wait while windows connects to the newtork...» Pending network"he animation for what I believe to be long, then it just POPs to available networks, showing with having bound.

    I went through what I believe to be all the lamen steps, with the computer and network troubleshooting.  So all advice is appreciated.

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    Can you help me?

    Message has been modified: name of the laptop has been added to title

    What laptop do you speak?
    .. .and what operating system is preinstalled on this laptop?

    You use the pre-configured Toshiba system?

    Is the resolution of the screen for both devices (display and external monitor) set correctly?

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    Hello. I have a Toshiba Satellite M645-S4070.

    Lately, I have no problem connecting to networks wireless in my office. Until this morning when I start my laptop, I can't connect to the internet more. I already use a recovery disk to check if I can solve the problem but nothing is. When it connects to the LAN it runs.

    Thank you.


    The wireless network adapter is listed correctly in the Device Manager? It is maybe just disabled, and you can enable/disable using FN + F9 key combination.

    You should write more details not connection might mean everything, so first of all, that you should check if the wireless network adapter is recognized and activated correctly.

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    I have the macbook pro (OS 10.6.8) and the iphone 6 s. The latest version of iTunes is 11.4. When it is connected to the MAC, I get the message that itunes must be upgraded. How to synchronize or import/export files(images/music)?  Fact is need to update itunes?

    Hi sonalnj,

    I understand that you cannot synchronize your iPhone as iTunes is requested it must be updated. I can help you with that.

    According to the technical specifications for a 6 s iPhone, you need a Mac running OS X v10.8.5 or later version with iTunes 12.3 or later. Because you are on OS X 10.6.8 your version of iTunes is up to date with this OS.

    iPhone 6 s Tech Specs

    Now to fix that, you need to update your Mac OS X 10.8.5 Mountain Lion or OS X 10.11 El Capitan. If you want to go to the Mountain Lion, you can do it with the first link below. The cost will be $19.99 and a code will be delivered to you if you can download it via the Mac App Store. Once you have upgraded, be sure to make all software updates to go with him to get the latest version of iTunes.

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    Now the other option is to move to OS X 10.11 El Capitan, and is a free update that you can do right in the Mac App Store, if you meet the system requirements. Take a look at the following article for more details on how to do it.

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    Nice day!

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    My desire to HP dv6-7206tx with Windows 8.1 has a problem when it is connected to the internet. An application named 'gen64.exe' makes the CPU to run at 100%. And Microsoft Security Essentials doesn't pick it up as a malware. I checked on the internet to confirm that it is a malware. Please help me. I have no idea how he broke into my laptop.


    There are many programs for cleaning system of malware, adware etc which would suggest Members here.

    I like this one to detect & fixing malware:

    Update latest version & tick "Scan rootkits" before starting the analysis.

    After the scan, quarantine the detected objects. Restart the system. Yet once, open the Malware Bytes program, go to the history tab in there: remove all quarantined items from there

    Restart the system.

    Open the prompt as administrator, do a SFC SCAN, check if integrity violations are:



  • the pop up Windows Defender when you are connected to the internet by dial-up readings; change of system in known application, type of change; running applications, cwindowssystem32mswsockdll, I am disconnected and then reconnected___

    the pop up Windows Defender when you are connected to the internet by dial-up readings; change of system in known application, type of change; running applications, cwindowssystem32mswsockdll, I disconnected and then reconnected.

    I just ran windows update on a large number of files all successful before this happened, it happens when I am connected to the internet, I use dial-up access

    added on 25/11/09 still have the problem mentioned above, even explore two windows are runnibg on the system, or two IE browsers running?

    Added 27/11/09 I ave followed all instructions up to and including thefix tool kb/93623, stiil I have this report of windows Defender quickly appearing twice in a row, then I'm disconnected from the internet. any more ideas thanks sam

    Visit this link:

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    Hello gematz,

    The sound does not work when it is connected to the TV via HDMI.

    Go to start.

    Type sound.

    Click sound

    On the playback tab, click with the right button on the HDMI interface, and then select set as default device.

    If you do not see the HDMI, right click and select devices see off, then set as default.

    I would like to know how everything goes.

  • computer not automatically standby (formerly titled "impossible computer automatically sleep when it is connected to the internet with modem cable")

    Hi, I noticed recently that my computer (Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005) is unable to sleep automatically when it is connected to the internet with a cable modem. Change the settings for my current power mode and try a different feeding regime (diagrams of Windows XP default power and power management, I created) only solves the problem for 2 days at most. I also tried to change the settings for the other power plans mentioned, and yet once again, the problem was only set for two days at the most. I also tried turning off my computer, restarting my computer, recording Powercfg /Restore Default policies in Run, saving sfc/scannow in Run, and again, I got the same result. Reset and power cycling the modem cable is not helped either. To help you better understand the problem, for example, if I had the date set for the screensaver set to 1 minute, the time for the monitor to turn off set to 2 minutes and time for your computer set to 3 minutes, the screen saver activate after 1 minute, the monitor turns off after 2 minutes, but the computer would not sleep mode after 3 minutes , even after an hour or more. I tried to check the Task Manager, and I have not noticed any process that would be interrupting the day before. However, I noticed that when I turned on the monitor by moving the mouse, even when the computer was unable to sleep and unplugged the ethernet cable from the cable modem and waited, the computer has entered standby as it should have.  I tried to find a solution for more than a week, contributions for this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to read my post. (Update: it seems that the problem is something else then my cable modem.)


    Thank you for the update.

    This behavior can occur because of possible conflicts of third-party software, which includes the third-party security software.

    You can also temporarily disable third-party security software and firewalls installed on the system and check the issue.

    If disabling the antivirus software solves the problem, you may need to configure the settings of the antivirus as a result program. Please contact the software vendor for assistance in this regard.

    Note: be sure to enable the security software on the computer after checking the issue.

    Note: When you perform a clean boot, you can activate services for the modem, network card and disable third-party services to check the issue.

    Hope the helps of information. Let us know if you need help with Windows related issues. We will be happy to help you.

  • Impossible to connect to the wireless network when the wireless Internet is filled to connect to the Local network

    I tried to fill the connection between my laptop Wi - Fi and an ethernet cable LAN via the connection to the Local network for my xbox 360. However, when the connections passed the wireless connection would show that it is disconnected and would not reconnect. When I tried to repeat the process sometimes the same thing happens sometimes it says that it is still connected.

    However, be that as it may, both times I could not load any page of the website from my laptop and xbox connect any.
    How can I create a network bridge and get the wireless internet to connect please?

    Any help to fix this would be appreciated,

    This Microsoft Knowledge Base article might help: bridge may not work with a Non-Promiscuous Mode network card .

    If not, I recommend to delete the network bridge and enable sharing of Internet connection on the wireless network connection. Boulder computer Maven
    Most Microsoft Valuable Professional

  • Help! Fuze heats up when it is connected to the pc...


    I recently bought a 4g version black Sansa fuse and I got a little nasty gets hot problem-it when it is connected to the pc or the USB power adapter.

    I know that some readers mp3 or other devices can become hot during charging, but I really don't think that the above 50 ° c temperature is normal (since its even hotter tham my GPU...). Ive noticed a post on where a guy had a same problem, so I just want to ask a few questions he did: is there the "anyone else having this problem as well? Should I worry about this? »

    BTW. My sister uses the same pc (even the same USB port ) to recharge his Creative Zen Stone and it does not seem to warm up. Oh, and the USB power adapter I have has the following specifications output: 5.0V +/-0, 1V and 150mA to 1000mA

    Thank you in advance... and sorry for my bad English (if its bad )

    It is not normal, please contact technical support for replacement or return it.

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