Satellite M45 - logo error bad/missing OSB


I'm having a serious problem with my laptop

When I turn on my computer, the toshiba logo appears with an error message in the upper right corner that says: missing/Bad OSB logo.
And that is, the computer has frozen, I can not even access the bios...

Could plese someone help me?



Hi Kelly,

The logos of the BIOS stand on the CMOS chip on your motherboard, your display will show an error message may indicate that you CMOS chip has developed a fault which needs to be re-flashed the BIOS. If you are unable to get the OS to load after the BIOS screen, you get the BIOS flashed by a Toshiba authorized Service partner.

You may also like to try = pass the screnn LOGO by pressing the ESC key as soon as you pressed the power button. This should show that then it the BIOS load progress.

Kind regards

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  • Satellite Pro 4300: error - NTLDR missing

    Hi all

    I have an old Satellite Pro 4360, P3 700 mhz.
    I'm trying to upgrade the Bios to install Ubuntu Linux.

    However, by following the instructions on the download of Toshiba Bios, IE change the boot sequence for the floppy drive with the disc in the drive that contains the update files, I can't update and just got the message:

    NTLDR missing

    Someone help with this?

    Also, when I try to run the live CD, after changing the boot sequence in the CD-ROM, I get no response and the computer continues to boot from the disk with Windows 2000 Pro?

    Someone help with this?


    "NTLDR is missing" usually means that the "NT Loader" of an operating system with the kernel NT or NT-technology cannot start the operating system. (Such system NT could be Win NT, Win XP or Win 200o)

    But it s strange when a drive reports an error message. What was on the disk before? Was the drive some disk before starting? If so, then proceed as follows:

    Format the drive in Windows 2000 with the option to make a disk and copy the files from the BIOS on this subject. Then boot from the disk and update your BIOS. Ususally it should work.

    Please give a few comments if you managed...

    Welcome them

  • Satellite L100: Logo Centrino Duo missing

    I bought the Satellite L100 Centrino Duo of China and as all the pilots were in Chinese, so I upgraded the site Web of Toshiba. He had the BIOS update as well... after I have done... the Centrino Duo logo disappeared from the start. Instead of as single Intel appears...

    How can I get that back?


    As far as I know this laptop uses Phoenix BIOS.
    The "quiet boot" option should appear on the fist page 'Hand' BIOS.
    If this option is enabled, the diagnosis is disabled and LOGO should appear.
    But if it's disabled if the diagnosis appears and summary screen is displayed.

    I think you should check this posibility

  • Satellite M45 - Missing/Bad OSB logo at startup

    When I turn on my Satellite M45, everything he says is missing/Bad OSB logo.
    I press ESC and still it does nothing.

    What should be my next step?


    I found this thread.
    CA? s very similar to your question.

    It seems that your CMOS chip where the BIOS is stored has developed a fault.
    In order to solve this problem, the BIOS must be re-flashed

    But BIOS reflash can only happen if you can not access the OS. If you are in an uncomfortable situation and only a Toshiba ASP could help you.

    Contact the guy and ask for help!

  • Power calibration error - Mat * a UJ - 830 s drive Satellite M45


    I have a problem writing files on my carpet * a writer uj-830 s. My laptop is Satellite M45. When I try to burn a CD or DVD in nore or dla, it gives the power calibration error.

    I'm sick and tired of this!
    Can someone help me please?


    Power calibration error is known to me and revealer of truth he s just doesn't sound right.
    For the most part, this message appears if the lens of the player is unable to calibrate in the right position.

    The goal must always be calibrated before you start read or write the middle.
    If this procedure fails, the drive is not able to manage the CD or DVD and get the power calibration error.

    Frankly, in most cases, the drive needs to be replaced, because AFAIK this dysfunction is not repairable.

  • Error bad pool on Satellite C650-152


    I have a portable Satellite C650-152, recently bought 3 weeks ago. Have been suffering blue screen, a certain number of times (impossible to read why turns off quickly).
    Yesterday, I stop the laptop and a blue screen appeared "error Bad Pool then it started again."
    I don't have anything that is put on the laptop since acquiring outside MacAfee internet security suite 2011.
    Any suggestions please?


    Hi Jeff

    Try to start with this article and the procedure of cleaning the registry.

    Please send comments.

  • Satellite C660D-14F - error "Missing operating system".

    Satellite C660D-14th, W 7.
    System froze and I had to turn off. The following happens
    1 error message "Missing operating system".

    After cutting the boot won´t system.

    I have no hot spare. I have a separate PC.

    Can I download a boot sequence to use on a USB key?


    Looks like something's happened on your HARD drive. Its defective, or maybe just the system partition is possibly corrupt.
    Well, in the best case, you will need to reinstall the system.

    If you n t have the recovery disc, you can order it here:

  • 26.4:01 error: bad contact detected in slot 4 ISS floater

    I get the 26.4:01 error: bad contact detected in slot 4 ISS on my HP Designjet Z6200 floater.  When I click ok it display reinstall the ink cartridge and then I click ok again once it appears faulty cartridge.  No matter how many times I reinstall cartridge plotter never recognizes it.    Any ideas?

    The service manual for the Z6200 won't. You will need to hold + ok while turning on the printer to access the diagnostic menu. You can release the keys when appears the HP logo.

  • Satellite M45: Windows XP does not start when you click on the user name

    I have a portable Satellite M45 in XP service pack 2.
    After starting the PC, he gets that windows journal under the screen, I click on connect my name and nothing happens.

    I have completely reinstalled the operating system, updated all drivers etc, and it was fine for one night.

    The next day, I'm back to square 1 and cannot log in again.
    It starts in safe mode, but I don't know how to start to solve the problem.

    Can someone advise please?
    Thank you

    It's very strange!
    Have you removed any spyware or Trojans?

    Question you is really, really strange, and I guess that the 'bad' software causes such problems...
    It seems that something changes that replaces Userinit.exe.

    A similar question has been described here in the MS knowledge base:

    It seems that some registry have changed and that's why the connection does not work correctly!

  • Satellite M45: After Norton "Go-Back" facility is more primer

    I loaded Norton 'Go Back' on my Satellite M45 with the result that it will not start.
    I tried running the recovery without success disck receive the following error message;
    "Load error - press any key to restart."

    Can anyone help?

    HI Mike,.

    Check out this article on the Symantec support site. It seems to be similar to your situation.

    Kind regards

  • Satellite M45: Smart Media Card Reader SD does not


    I have a Satellite M45, computer laptop, and for some reason any SD Smart Media system does not work. The Bay is attached to the laptop, it is not an external drive. I insert the chip SD, 1 GB or 512 mb not load disc, it, or show no signs of him being even in the computer.

    However, I see a blue light next to the Bay that happens when I plug a disk in it. But it reads nothing for some reason any. I tried already (repeatedly) to re - install the drivers, and then restart the computer, but nothing happens I get the same bad thing.

    You have and suggestions or ideas that might solve this problem of mine.


    You you connected this external Bay USB ports?
    Did install the drivers for this external device?

    After the driver installation, please check the Device Manager if the external device appears.
    In addition, you can try to disable the option allow the computer to turn off this device to save power in the USB root hub properties.
    This you will also find in Device Manager

  • Satellite A100 BIOS update - BAD CHECKSUM

    I've just updated my BIOS to version 6.0 that TOSHIBA said > 26/11/07 "this Bios update adds functionality to your system: Satellite A100 Toshiba 6, 00 - WIN (PSAAN).»

    My original BIOS was 5.9
    My computer works fine A100-33 but when my computer restarts, showed it to the BLACK screen.

    I noticed that it displays BAD CHECKSUM and suugested I select default BIOS but I * ignored this advice * that wanted this new Version of the BIOS.

    What means BAD CHECKSUM and what effects will have on my computer peformance please if any?

    Under the system information that is displayed for my BIOS Version/Date Phoenix Technologies LTD 6.00, 07/12/2007

    Name of the Microsoft OS? ® Windows Vista Home Basic


    Don t worry if the message "bad checksum" will appear only once.

    'Bad checksum' means that the BIOS has been changed, rewritten or settings have been restored by default. Thus, whenever you save your bios settings, bios made a "checksum" to check the next time you start the settings were stored and all goes well. If something is wrong or has been changed, then the checksum stored since the last save a Don t match real new generated checksum.

    So if you make an update of the bios, all your settings will be modified logic - you get an error "Bad Checksum".

    Another reason for such "Bad Checksum" is an empty BIOS stack or a malfunction, so BIOS cannot keep it s settings and you will get every time you start the computer a message "Bad Checksum".

    Welcome them

  • Win XP hangs on Satellite M45

    Satellite M45 crash.

    XP cannot start, the reason

    Winlogon.exe, services.exe and lsass.exe UNABLE to LOCATE COMPONENTS, try to reinstall the applications

    problem is that I have no idea how to!

    I am also unable to boot xp in any form, safe mode, safe with prompt, latest config, etc.

    All expert commentary would be appreciated. Thank you very much


    In your case I am looking for someone who is familiar with computers and ask him to back up all the important files on your machine. SO I highly recommend that retrieve you (restore) your operating system since the error described looks absolutely like a software problem somewhere in your operating system.

    Be really logical to format the hard drive and reinstall everything on it.

    Welcome them

  • I can't install Toshiba Power Saver on my Satellite M45-S169 - Code: Ox7E

    I can't install/reinstall/remove/run Toshiba sleep on my Satellite M45-S169. After I reinstalled the system (now it is Windows XP Professional SP2). When I tried to open Power saver via Control Panel I saw denied it, and every time that I reboot the system, I get the error message:

    Toshiba power save
    A fatal error has occurred. The program will end.
    Code: Ox7E

    I can't delete or reinstall energy saver. Can I try to run saving for Windows XP SP2 applies for other laptop models? I couldn't find one for my model. That one will fit? Any other solutions / advice to the problem?

    Help, please

    Thank you very much, Oksana


    First of all, you knew that this laptop was designed for the U.S. market and all the drivers, tools or any other Toshiba utility should be used on the Toshiba site we.

    Please make sure that you have already installed Toshiba ACPI common Modules before as you continue to any other Toshiba Software installation.

    An important tip; the Toshiba power saver profile must be selected in the Windows power options! Don t forget!

  • Re: Satellite C650D-12J - BOOTMGR is missing

    See previous thread Re: Satellite C650D-12J - recovery of missing HARD disk image
    Posted the: 06-Aug-2011 16:07 in response to: bobmc

    I am back with another problem.
    I ordered a Toshiba Recovery arrived ok.
    I inserted in the drive and follow the instructions.
    Everything is fine but when he got to the F = u = \HDDRecovery\SWImg \ZZImg\11675XSP5_swm copy (5/8)
    He said 0 file copied
    ERROR = copy of splitpart or CRC failed
    Press a key to continue.
    I pressed a button and the screen went white.

    Now when I try to start, I get a message:
    BOOTMGR is missing
    Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete to restart
    whenever I do this, I get the same message.

    Any thoughts on what to do next?

    Check my answer to your first thread:

    BOOTMNG is missing error is displayed because the installation of the OS was not successful.

    Try to boot from the recovery disc once more, perhaps you will be able to install the operating system.
    If this isn't the case, you must check if the HARD drive is OK. For this, you can use a tool called Drive Fitness Test. This s free software which would test the HARD drive.

    If the HARD drive is ok and you still can't install the OS by using the new recovery disc, then it means the recovery disk is defective. In this case, you will need to replace this drive.

Maybe you are looking for