Satellite M45-S265 - cannot install the wireless network

Hi all!

My laptop has had a big problem and HARD drive crashed. Unfortunately I lost all the data with no chance to recover anything. I installed a new HARD drive. I installed Win XP - SP3.

But I'm unable to install the wireless network. I continue to pass the button in front of the laptop - nothing. I type the combination Fn + F8 - nothing. I think that I have not installed the driver corectly.

P.S. - of course, I lost the CD.

Can someone help me?

Thank you.



> I think that I have not installed the driver corectly.
Then you need to (re) install the WLAN driver. Otherwise, you are not able to use the WLAN connection correctly.

Anyway, your model is listed on official Toshiba US page so that you can get all the drivers:

If you have any other questions, please let us know! :)

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    I have problems with the installation of the card WiFi on Toshiba Satelite M45-S331. The Intel pro 2200BG card is

    After you have reinstalled windows and the drivers for this card, I get the following message: "this device cannot start. ' / Code 10 / '. Where could be the problem? I found a few guides and tips for installation and reinstallation of this card but nobody does not work.

    Any help will be appreciated.

    Thank you

    Hey Kramer,

    Are you sure that you have installed the right driver WLAN? As far as I know that Toshiba laptops are delivered with various wireless network cards. The Toshiba page also shows Atheros WLAN drivers then perhaps you have an Atheros card?

    In addition I would try reinstalling Windows using Toshiba recovery disc. There are all the drivers and tools pre-installed.

  • Satellite M70-181 - cannot see the wireless network


    I reinstalled the entire system (Windows XP) and now system did not see the network wireless at all. How can I install it and put it back?

    Laptop Satellite M70-181.

    Thank you.


    Have you installed all the drivers for your laptop and also the network wireless driver? You can find all the drivers on the Toshiba site.
    Check for yellow exclamation marks Device Manager.

    Here in the forum, you can find 100 or discussions on the wireless LAN using.. Please search for it.
    Use of WLAN you should check the TCP/IP (DHCP or IP) WLAN card settings and you should use the same standard WLAN (e.g. 802. 11b) as on the router. Then, you should see the router and if you know the password, however, you can connect.
    If you can find t the router, disconnect it from the AC/DC adapter for 5 minutes and then plug it in again.

    Good bye

  • Satellite M70-337: cannot install the Wlan driver


    My Satellite M70-337 has a problem. WiFi does not work and I can't install the driver for network controller. I downloaded all the drivers from the Toshiba Web site but it still does not work. If anyone knows what's going on, please let me know.

    My email: [email protected] Best Rgs.

    Hey Buddy

    Depending on the laptop that you use, you will need to choose the right WLan driver.
    Have you downloaded the WLan driver in the computer category laptop good?

    It seems that the satellite M70-337 contains the number of PSM77E and that is why you chose this series of mobile in the download form.

    Check that you have installed the wireless network card. It is important because the laptop might be bundled with various wireless network cards; for example with Intel or Atheros.

    I think that if you chose the right laptop and use the good Wlan card that everything will work out ;)

  • Cisco linksys router and cannot access the wireless network

    We have cisco linksys wireless router.  When we installed everything first, we could connect our wireless laptops to the network.  Now, however, the network is detected, but there is no access to the internet.  We have even a guy from ATT were out and he said that the wireless router has been installed backwards?  He installed a dsl fast access on our laptop icon, and now we can access the wireless network but only if we connect as the first.  We can also connect iPod to the wireless network.  They detect the network, but when we enter the password cannot connect.

    Hi JC_3094,

    Welcome to the Microsoft Community and thanks for posting the question.

    According to the description, it looks like you aren't able to access the Internet.

    The likely causes of this problem is if the router is not configured properly.

    Here are some steps that should help you to solve this problem.

    Method 1:

    Check if the router is configured properly to get access to the Internet.

    Method 2:

    Try the steps mentioned in this link and check:

    This tutorial is designed to help you identify and solve problems with a wired (Ethernet) and wireless (Wi - Fi) network connections in Windows.

    Wireless and wired network problems
    Method 3:
    If there is a frequent disconnection try to update the firmware on the router and check.
    In addition, visit these links for more information:
    Why can't I connect to the Internet?
    Hope this information helps. Respond us if you have any questions with windows and we will be happy to help.
  • Satellite Pro A40 fell on the wireless network card; Damaged PCMCIA slot

    This morning my Satellite Pro A40 (Celeron 2.6) fell 40 cm. He fell right on the wireless network card that has been inserted. This card is still alive and so is the rest of the laptop, but the PCMCIA location is little damaged. I can insert PC cards almost completely, just the last piece (when the pins are) wrong.

    I removed the cover near the CPU, and there, I could see the inside PCMCIA slot; I could see the main part and the last part where the pins are. That little part as is pushed upward, as you can see in the pictures.

    I think I'd be able to fix myself this PCMCIA slot, but I can't remove it. I removed all the screws on the rear plate, but he is still blocked.


    PCMCIA slot

    The PCMCIA location; on the left, you will see the part with the pins, which is pushed upward. It's also what I see when I look at the pins in the PCMCIA slot. as they are pushed down, but I don't think they are folded.

    Wireless network card

    Wireless network card; It is a little damaged but it still works.

    Does anyone have an idea how I can remove the back plate, or another way to remove the PCMCIA slot and fix it?

    Hi Steve

    Well, I can give t well you not answer how you can just remove the PCMCIA slot.
    There are a lot of screws and to my knowledge, it is necessary to remove all covers and screws that are placed at the bottom of the unit and inside under the keyboard.
    Please check this specific device. Perhaps you have overlooked a few screws.

    But if it is impossible to remove the PCMCIA slot of the unit, I recommend to ask the service partner for a detailed instruction.

    Good luck

    Good bye

  • Can satellite M65-S9092 - I put the wireless network card?


    Can I put my card Intel pro 2200BG on Satellite M65-S9092 wireless network so that it is no longer compatible with Windows 7? The Intel Pro 2200BG is no longer supported by Intel as it was abandoned and so they have not issued a new driver so that IPv6 works.

    So I would update my card if possible.

    Thanks in adavnce



    I think that it shouldn't be a problem to upgrade the WLan card.
    As far as I know its a card wireless network of miiPCI and you would need to also use a WLan card which would support the miniPCI interface.

    The wireless network card supports two pins for the WLan antenna cable.
    Usually, you must connect a white cable to the HAND and a black to the auxiliary voltage

    All that s

  • Portege 3490CT: operating system cannot detect the wireless network card

    Portege 3490CT with windows XP

    Problem: Try to install the wireless lan card. Windows is not able to detect the new hardware.
    Details of LAN card are NETGEAR 54 Mbps, model WG511v2

    Specifications for lan card
    It is 16-bit PCMCIA and CardBus 32-bit compatible and works in any available PCMCIA or
    Location CardBus. IEEE 802.11 g and b standard wireless technology.

    Specification for laptop Portege
    PC card slot supports two Type II or Type III PC cards; R2.01 PCMCIA, CardBus, PC Card16

    all tracks on this will be very useful
    Best regards


    What the BIOS has been installed on your laptop?
    If you use the Toshiba BIOS so there could be an option called configuration of the device.
    (it s is available on my Satellite)

    You change the option for all devices, you will be able to change the PC Card controller mode. I think you should play a little with this option.
    In other cases, the user was able to resolve a similar issue by changing this option.

    Please report if you re successful because it would be very interesting for me.

    Good bye

  • HP LaserJet Pro CM1415fnw color multifunction printer - cannot FIND the WIRELESS NETWORKS

    PRINTER: HP LaserJet Pro CM1415fnw color multifunction printer

    OS: Windows 7

    OWNER: More than 2 years without any problem

    LOCATION/SET-UP: To my personal residence. All-in-one router through the cable company.

    QUESTION: Suddenly, printer cannot find wireless networks. Nothing has changed recently in my service provider or equipment. I know that the router and the internet is not the problem because our 2 smart phones and three laptops still not connect. I triend manually configure the network using the SSID and key phrases, but still nothing.


    I would like to perform a hard reset by removing the power of the whole machienethrough the power cord for 30 seconds. Depending on whether I have would reconnect the printer to the wireless network and set a static IP address.


  • V715w cannot set the wireless network

    Reference Dell V715w printer.  W7 x 64.

    Firmware already updated, clean uninstall/install, restarted router & modem, disconnect, etc. (all bases).  The name of the network on the control panel of the printer says '7ff5c4 print server.  This isn't my SSID.  When reinstalling, I never get the window to select the wireless network; Instead, the Setup program goes directly to methods of connection/bug.  Any help?  How can I do a hard reset of the printer?  I already unplugged for a long time; I don't see a reset button. I already have the two software on the printer resets.

    Short version: printer not finding a decent wireless network; install the software never gives me the chance to choose the wireless network.


    It's confusing. I have this model and have minor problems with it.

    Unplug the printer from the wall. Remove the brick power for 60 seconds. This will reset the printer receives error messages. Maybe this will reset the printer.


  • Router E4200, cannot secure the wireless network

    When my E4200 wireless network appears on a discovery list of wireless networks, there a padlock beside him in devices (like my Xbox and iPhone) that who would use to show that it is a wireless network, requiring a password. When I use my Xbox to connect wireless now, he said: "you connect to an unsecured network. Are you sure you want to continue? »

    I used the web portal to select 'Factory Reset' of my router. I also told my iPhone to forget and not automatically connect wireless network. After factory reset, I went to the configuration section of the web page wireless network access router, put a new name for the wireless network, personal WPA2 enabled for 2.4 and 5 GHz networks, developed a completely new password for two I had never used before and then looked for the network on my iPhone. I chose it and it connected right away without asking for a password. Still once, the network does not appear with a padlock next to him in the list of devices to the network from my iPhone WiFi and my XBox says always that this is an unsecured network.

    When using my internet browser to access router, WiFi networks are both classified as WPA2 Personal and each has a password in the password box (and Yes, I recorded the changes - that's what it shows even if I disconnect and then reconnect to the router access.) I tried to remove the power cord for 30 seconds and plug in again and there is no change.

    It's quite a recent change, like maybe the last week or more. I don't know if there was a firmware update or what - my router is configured for auto updates and when I click to check the latest updates, it says that there are no more updates available.

    TL; Dr: said access my router my wireless security is turned on. None of my wireless devices see as secure WiFi networks and each of them can connect without having to type a password.

    Do a reset factory and set up from scratch.

    If this fails, try this:

    Manually download the FW file to the local office of PCs.
    Reset the router, use IE or FF with all security disabled add-ons, load the FW file and let you treat.
    Factory reset the router once more and set up from scratch.

  • Photosmart C6180 cannot detect the wireless network

    I have a Photosmart C6180 for over a year, and until recently it connected wireless very well.  But since a week ago, it can't detect the wireless network.  I turned off the printer and wireless router several times each without success.  The "Wireless Setup Wizard" running on the C6180does not help. Watch simply screen printer "looking for... wireless router. "indefinitely, until the function Cancel.  The wireless router is about four feet from the printer, in a direct line of sight.  In addition, I have wireless Internet access using the same router and continue to do this successfully, then the router itself works.  Recently I have updated the firmware on the router as well (after the beginning of this problem).  Running the network Test report wireless on a 'PASS' C6180 returns for "Radio on" but a "FAILURE" for "use of Radio". The radio broadcasts as "about" section of the Menu Radio wireless network.  My router is a Belkin Wireless G Router model F5D7230-4.  The printer prints very well with a wired connection, but wireless connectivity has been a key reason behind my purchase.  Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

    Sorry, but your wireless radio is dead.  Its time for a new printer.

  • Moved from Office Windows 7 from one room to the other and now it cannot find the wireless network

    Hello world

    I have a HP Pavilion running Windows 7.

    He was hooked through the ethernet in a single room.

    I moved it to another room where there was no inflexible access, so I relied on the use of our wireless network.

    Now, the computer will not even find the wireless network.  When I have the help, it says "no available connection."

    In the center of the network, selecting wireless has a red X to the left of the green signal bars.

    At first, I wondered if maybe the computer was in a "dead point" in our House, but I've put a laptop beside him and he found the thin wireless network.

    Any help?

    Update: I tried system restore and tried to stop/resume knowledge network locations, but to no avail.

    Here is the info on my card wireless directly from HP site:

    Original driver for the solutions of Dualband network Atheros 802.11 Wireless Module a/b/g/n.

    I found what I think, it's their website, (, but surprise... they only model # s, my info does not.  Ugh.

  • 5525 printer cannot find the wireless network


    I'm not good with technical stuff and need help with this problem.  Printer works well before going on holiday - power off, including the CISCO router when we went away--returned and turned on any return, printer will not connect to the router again.

    Have reinstalled router without result.  All other computers, phones, etc. to connect to the router fine.

    Wireless network test that the MAC address filtering is enabled, they suggest however have checked this and it's not.

    Wireless configuration wizard can find the network but it just seems impossible to connect to him.

    Please assume the lowest level of technical understanding when you reply!

    Thank you

    Hi K27,.

    I see that you are having some problems getting your Photosmart 5525 reconnected to your network after just unplugging a bit. I understand that you have your information wirelessly, but I don't want to set a link here which will take you to our HP print and doctor Scan, which can help you check some things on the wireless network.

    Since you already feed the router to bike, I would recommend restoring the default values of network on the front panel of the printer. You'll want to have your printer on the home screen (should say Photo, Apps and copy). On this screen you want to touch the key/tool icon in the upper right corner, then you want to click on wireless and made scroll down looking for default network. Once you click on that it will ask if you are sure and you want to say Yes. Once that is done, I would recommend the router/printer power cycling tips that were previously provided and then run the wireless configuration that you've been already and it should be able to connect at this time.

    That should hopefully fix it for you, so let me know what happens and I wish you a nice day!

  • Satellite C660-15 cannot install the update of wireless lan

    I receive a notice indicating that my wireless lan driver should be updated. I followed the instructions and know which unit my laptop (Realtek: RTL8188CE) and download the appropriate driver software. It appears as a zip file in my downloads folder. I unzip and then what?

    Read the instructions Dutch (although I prefer English on notice that download and update the driver) it is said to look for a readme file (they are all very old, since 2010, none in 2011). Really they don't say anything about what to do. In Dutch, he also says to click on SETUP. I find one that is marked as an application, so I double click that.

    It runs, and then on the screen it says something like: "the software may or may not have installed correctly". So I click on it to install it again. Same thing.

    I had no idea if it installed correctly or not, so I clicked on the features of network/system/control panel (?) / Realtek... and right-click to see which version of the device driver is there and it has not changed.

    So, what should I do to get this new driver works correctly?

    I tried several times and it doesn't work right. It becomes very frustrating and there seems to be no way to contact Toshiba support, other than through this forum (which is users rather than support from Toshiba, I think).

    Help, please.


    Try to install the driver using the old-school method.

    Enter the card WLAN (Device Manager) properties > driver > Update driver and browse to the RTL_Driver folder. Choose the folder 7 x 64 or 7 x 78, according to the version of the OS you are using.

    I think that it will install the driver.

    By the way: If your WLAN is working properly you should not install this driver.

Maybe you are looking for

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