Satellite M45-S265 hangs on reload XP


I have a M45-s265, when I try to reload XP family, it crashes when it tries to install devices.

Any ideas?
Thank you



What you mean with crashes? Please check the M45-S265 Model Home and look for the drivers. You can also find support 8 ballots there.

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  • Satellite M45-S265 does not recognize WLAN adapter

    I just restore my computer and it does not recognize the WiFi device,
    I tried with the support from Toshiba but I couldn't find an answer, the switch is on but I do not have the Green ligth and in the network of connections is not appear.

    Could you tell me how I can implement this feature? or check the hardware?

    Is a Toshiba Satellite M45-S265

    Thank you

    You see the device wireless in Device Manager?

    Its drivers are installed correctly?

    If the driver is installed, try to disable or reconfigure your firewall

  • Satellite M45-S265 - no boot & gel

    Hi all

    I have a Satellite M45-S265, it won't start.
    When I start it sometimes it will start to load Windows XP then it will freeze and a small ramindomly box appears on the screen, and sometimes it does not start it and other times where I put it to the top of the screen displayed only half size.

    Any ideas what it is?

    PS: I know that the hard drive is good


    > displayed only half size.
    This occurs on an external monitor too?
    If so it could be a problem with your graphics card or motherboard, and this would be the reason why Windows doesn't start over.

    Have you tried to recover the laptop using the Toshiba Recovery disk? Is the same problem occurs if you do this?

    Good bye

  • Satellite M45-S265 - how to remove file system WiFi?

    This Machine of M45-S265 has Intel Pro/Wireless BG network connection.
    The driver installed is only intel Version 12\19\2007 dated

    So I want to "completely" uninstall this driver from the system.
    Go through Device Manager and simply ask to uninstall does not completely uninstall.

    Because as soon as it updates it will reinstall the same file from a cache somewhere in the system.
    So, how can I completely uninstall such a driver of the machine?

    Can someone answer this for me? Thank you very much.


    In Device Manager, you can check were the WLan driver file has been installed and the way in which it is called.

    Choose the card WLan-> properties-> tab driver-> Driver Details

    You will see the path and how the driver files are called.
    Go to this folder, and then delete it.

    Good bye

  • WiFi is so screwed on Satellite M45-S265

    Before using a recovery disk, I would like to see if I can solve the problem of WiFi with this machine M45-S265.

    Now WiFi is so screwed with this machine I can't Wireless at all.
    Fortunately the Ethernet works fine so it's on the net.

    Then, how they "completely" uninstall drivers WiFi for this machine?
    If I use the uninstall in Device Manager, it will just refresh and then reinstall the same bad drivers.

    So first of all, I need to know "exactly" I should use to update this naughty drivers?
    So what should be the real procedure to uninstall all the bad things and then reinsert the new.

    I hope that all makes sense.
    Thank you much for the help. It drove me into a wall.

    > So how it "completely" uninstall WiFi drivers for this machine?
    If I use the uninstall in Device Manager, it will just refresh and then reinstall the same bad drivers.

    In Device Manager, you can see what WLan card you have; Intel or Atheros.

    So after verifying that you can visit the page of the Toshiba driver us and choose your model of laptop.

    Choose the driver WLan and download and unzip.

    Then go to Device Manager, uninstall the old WLan drivers and then install the downloaded driver WLan again.
    I would recommend pointing to the place where the new Wlan driver was decompressed.

  • Satellite M45-s265: how to read a DVD without having to start?

    I have a M45-s265 and it says it will play a dvd without boot. How can I enter this mode?

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    Press the button with the disk image.

  • Satellite M45-S265 trying to start then dies

    I have a M45-S265 and when I turn it on the light (market), fan turns then it just dies. I tried taking the battery and it worked once then froze. Kept by train over a period of one week, same result, came back after a week, with the battery and it started and then frozen again.

    I don't know if this could a defective switch or what! The fact that it froze on the two occasions he actually started confused me!


    Hmm. First check if you AC adapter is ok and if it s properly connected to the laptop. You must make sure that AC adapter provides power to the laptop.

    As a next step, you should check if it s not a software problem. In this case, you should try to boot from the recovery disc.
    If it of not possible to reinstall the OS using this disc, then a hardware problem might be possible.

    In this case the RAM modules should be checked. Perhaps one of the modules or the two RAM modules are defective and so the laptop does not work as it should.

    Last but not least if you don t have enough resources to perform this laptop computer test then you should contact a technician for laptop.

  • Cannot use the recovery for Satellite M45-S265 disc

    I tried using the recovery disk for M45-S265 of my granddaughter.

    According to the instructions that I'm supposed to put the DVD drive, and then turn off completely the machine. After that, restart and immediately hold down the F12 key, which should produce some sort of menu and then go through the recovery from there.

    However when I take the key F12 is pressed after the closing, nothing happens.

    So I'm looking for some real help here my friends. Thank you very much.


    Can access you the BIOS as suggested by Feliks?
    Select this check box and set the CD/DVD player in the first position.

    Save the changes, and then attempts to boot from the disc of recovery again.

  • Satellite M45-S265 - cannot install the wireless network

    Hi all!

    My laptop has had a big problem and HARD drive crashed. Unfortunately I lost all the data with no chance to recover anything. I installed a new HARD drive. I installed Win XP - SP3.

    But I'm unable to install the wireless network. I continue to pass the button in front of the laptop - nothing. I type the combination Fn + F8 - nothing. I think that I have not installed the driver corectly.

    P.S. - of course, I lost the CD.

    Can someone help me?

    Thank you.


    > I think that I have not installed the driver corectly.
    Then you need to (re) install the WLAN driver. Otherwise, you are not able to use the WLAN connection correctly.

    Anyway, your model is listed on official Toshiba US page so that you can get all the drivers:

    If you have any other questions, please let us know! :)

  • Is there a Toshiba Power Saver for Satellite M45 with Vista

    Dear all,

    Is there a version of TOSHIBA Power Saver for windows Vista that do not check the model of the computer before installation because I Satellite M45-S265 and I know that it is not supported for Vista, but I got vista successfully work on GST on it to help I will be grateful.

    Kind regards
    * Fr. Mohamed Hussein *.



    You're right about the support of Vista. AFAIK there is no version of universal power saver, but in my opinion you don't need it at all. Tool for Vista does not seem like the old version and Vista many parameters were taken over from Vista itself.

    Because of that I'm sure you didn't need at all. Be happy that Vista works well on your laptop satellite. Optimize the operating system and enjoy.

  • Win XP hangs on Satellite M45

    Satellite M45 crash.

    XP cannot start, the reason

    Winlogon.exe, services.exe and lsass.exe UNABLE to LOCATE COMPONENTS, try to reinstall the applications

    problem is that I have no idea how to!

    I am also unable to boot xp in any form, safe mode, safe with prompt, latest config, etc.

    All expert commentary would be appreciated. Thank you very much


    In your case I am looking for someone who is familiar with computers and ask him to back up all the important files on your machine. SO I highly recommend that retrieve you (restore) your operating system since the error described looks absolutely like a software problem somewhere in your operating system.

    Be really logical to format the hard drive and reinstall everything on it.

    Welcome them

  • Satellite M45 hangs after startup

    Hi people,

    I got by Satellite M45 and it's almost 3 years, I use it. Now he started to gel after starting. So I formatted using the recovery DVDs, even now he kick survey and if I click on the start menu it freezes.

    Someone has this kind of situation? Is this hard drive problem? What would be the best solution to do this, change the HD, RAM?.

    Thanks in advance.


    > Is this hard drive problem? What would be the best solution to do this, change the HD, RAM?.

    You must understand that no one will be able to say exactly what's wrong.
    Several tests are needed to find the fault.

    If you reinstalled the operating system on the HARD drive and then I n t think that the HARD drive would be malfunctions.
    I had a similar problem on my 6 year old laptop. Laptop computer frisotté after 2 min.
    After a long investigation, I discovered that one of the memory slots would be defective, because the two modules worked correctly in another location.

    Of course, in your case, it could be a failure of memory but it's only a suggestion or suspicion. You know

  • Satellite M45 won't start at all

    Greetings! My Satellite M45 seems to be really sick! It started a while the battery dies slowly, and finally, the laptop would refuse to go into the BIOS to the battery power.

    I ordered a new battery (which I'm still waiting) and continued to use the computer laptop external power, but every now and then, he would refuse to boot from an external power supply.

    When you press the power button, the screen 'TOSHIBA Touch with tomorrow' arrives - but with a problem - then crashes (with the fan). The problem (other than the hanging), is that the screen is 'moved' to the left. Rather than fill the entire screen, the start screen "ignores" the rightmost 2 inches and a half inch low and appears in the rest of the screen. Its a little hard to explain...

    This morning, refusing to boot at all!

    Any ideas? I tried to reinstall the ram, turn on/off without battery, only on the battery, I have removed all the 'extras' and am quite a loss now!

    I can't go to the menu of the bios either - so its very frustrating!

    Any help would be great!


    This s a shame! Description does not sound you well ;(
    For most hardware is malfunctioning if the laptop is unable to successfully pass the TOSHIBA Touch screen with tomorrow!
    Seems the POST (power on self-test) failed!

    I think that there's not a lot to do! The laptop must be professionally checked by an authorized technician. Guys might start and run tests from diagnostics and could locate the source of the fault.

    Call the ASP in your country and describes the history and details. I guess you will have to send the laptop to the service provider authorized ;(

    Good luck

  • Satellite M45: Can I do recovery without disk


    My DVD player does not work because of the VCD virtual drive program. (I hate this prog)
    When I try to uninstall Virtual VCD, everything goes crazy and no executable can be run.

    So I have to install the original image using the image on the HARD drive.
    I did dozens of times on other laptops (CTRL + F11) but I could not know how I can do it on my Toshiba Satellite M45.

    I appreciate your help
    Thank you

    > Can I do recovery without the disc?

    What to say I created a clean image of the operating system file using Norton Ghost utility and saved this file on the second partition.
    In this case I can still use this image file to restore the C partition any and I do not need the recovery CD.

    I ve made a good experience with utility Ghost and in my opinion it s one of the best tools to create images and backups.

    Best regards

  • Satellite M45: Windows XP does not start when you click on the user name

    I have a portable Satellite M45 in XP service pack 2.
    After starting the PC, he gets that windows journal under the screen, I click on connect my name and nothing happens.

    I have completely reinstalled the operating system, updated all drivers etc, and it was fine for one night.

    The next day, I'm back to square 1 and cannot log in again.
    It starts in safe mode, but I don't know how to start to solve the problem.

    Can someone advise please?
    Thank you

    It's very strange!
    Have you removed any spyware or Trojans?

    Question you is really, really strange, and I guess that the 'bad' software causes such problems...
    It seems that something changes that replaces Userinit.exe.

    A similar question has been described here in the MS knowledge base:

    It seems that some registry have changed and that's why the connection does not work correctly!

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