Satellite M55-S325 - error when starting of the OS and reinstall

OK, so I got the Satellite M55-S325 for awhile.
But after a while, he started to read errors when trying to log on to my normal account, so it me logged on temporary.
After you perform a system restore and go back to my old account, I backed up my work just in case it happened again - and he did.

This process is repeated several times until the laptop has reached the point where it starts... the windows splash screen appears, but after it is loaded, it will restart and go to the crash of the screen where I have the option "Start windows normally", when I press this option, he repeats the entire process of restarting after the splash screen.

I tried to reinstall the operating system, and it worked once. It has been fully functional for a few days after I installed the necessary drivers. But then it happened again (the repetitive cycle of rebooting). Now it wont let me re - install the OS... it keeps reading error disc as soon as I clicked the quick format NTFS option.

Someone has an idea of what's going on?
What is the motherboard, or a damaged drive? Maybe something wrong with the BIOS? I have to get a new HARD drive if it's associated drive?

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.



> Now it wont let me re - install the OS... it keeps reading error disc as soon as I clicked the quick format NTFS option.
I think that this could happen due to HARD drive failure if you get an error during reading of data from the HARD drive then the first device that should e tested is the HARD drive.

If you n t want to buy a new disk only to run tests, then you could contact the mobile technician who could check the HARD disk and could eventually replace them.

Welcome them

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