Satellite M60 and the display driver installation

Help people to the display driver "installation cannot continue because the size of the specified directory path and the name of the installation folder exceeds 88 characters.
Shorten one or both of the limit specified below and try again"! that to me?


This looks like your username to long and the path of files extracted more than 88 characters.
I think you should change your username or try with another account to update the driver, for example the admin account.

If it doesn't work try to download the driver again.

I hope this works, but you can give us feedback, what's going on.

Good bye

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  • Re: Satellite P100-160 - failed display driver installation

    Satellite P100-160, PSPAAE, 32-bit vista.

    Today, Aero is not working and not available in graphics properties. Later installed the site of Toshiba UK, Intel display driver. This version was actually older than my current driver but I thought that maybe she was the only availabel that it must be correct.

    The driver installation failed with an error (no details don't just "year error has occurred"). Now, I don't have aero and my screen resolution cannot be set above 1280 x 800 - 1440 x 900 is expected

    To say that I'm pisseed would be an understatement. Can anyone help? Thank you


    If Aero is not available I think that it s display driver problem

    In any case, did you remove the old display driver before installing a new? Go to Device Manager > right click on the graphics card > uninstall. After the restart the display driver must be uninstalled and you can start with the display driver installation.

    If you install drivers make sure you are logged in as administrator and antivirus/firewall is disabled. Reboot once again and you should be able to choose the native screen resolution now.

    Check this box!

  • Re: Satellite C660 - update the display driver (PSC0QE)

    Hello to you all, wonderful people.

    I am writing this post to ask why the display driver for this model has not been updated since 2010
    I played a favorite game of mine (Civilization V) on this model. They have updated the game with a patch in November and the computer can no longer display graphics properly because the old drivers.

    I did my research on the game forums to try to solve this problem, and after watching my dxdiag his appeared clear that drivers are up to date. I've been on the Intel site and they have updated the drivers for the card (card Intel(r) HD), I downloaded these drivers but the laptop don't will not install them unless they are verified from Toshiba? My questions are...

    Why Toshiba stop me to install these drivers from the Intel website?
    How can I get around all this Pfaff and update my graphic drivers?

    Thank you very much

    Although it is not recommended the use of drivers Toshiba not can you please tell us what did you do exactly?
    Short feedback can be very useful.

  • Battery, not supported by the system and the display driver stopped responding with Dell Inspiron 1564 laptop


    I had my laptop dell inspiron 1564 about two months ago and today when I turned on my laptop a message appeared on the screen the battery is not supported by the system . Can someone guide me through this question please?

    I have another question as well... the second day of my purchase of this product, that the screen is empty, n when I tried to turn on the key to the power of the laptop, a message appeared that the display driver has stopped responding earlier and it happened recently in a few days back as well. I will be very happy if someone can help me please on these two problems. In the hope of a solution in due course.

    Thank you


    2 months old?

    It is under warranty.

    Contact Dell and file a claim of guarantee on their records. as it may be the precursor of coming problems with it.

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • I have a laptop toshiba satellite... the display driver is a 3100graphics of radeon card. and I was wondering if I could activate parameters of theHD would work the upgrade?

    its pretty cut and dry wat are ways to solve this problem. driver date is 2009 im trying to play wow so it's a bit difficult when its crash ive been told its my driver but its saying my adapter does not support. I need help please


    1. What version of Windows is installed on the computer?

    I suggest trying to update the latest drivers for the graphics card and then check if it helps: ' t-work correctly

    It will be useful.

  • Satellite A100: update the display driver

    My laptop is equipped with an Ati Radeon X 1600 graphics card. I tried to update the driver, so I downloaded the 2 drivers who agree to my system. My problem is the same for both drivers:
    If I try to install the driver by double-clicking the "Setup.exe" I get an error message: something about the very large number of characters in the installation folder (it is written in Greek, and I don't know how to translate).
    If I try to install the driver by using the Device Manager-> maps-> update driver procedure (by following the instructions on I get a "file not found" message on the files.
    I thought to uninstall all Ati drivers and then the installation of the new, but what happens if the problem persists?
    Help, please!

    Hi Doc

    I didn t understand where you found these updates. On the download page of Toshiba or ATI?

    If you download drivers on the Toshiba download page, please be sure that you have chosen the right laptop (PSAxxx) model.

  • Re: Satellite L855 and AMD display driver update

    Hi all
    Does anyone know when toshiba released a new driver for the graphics cards from AMD? Because the one who s for download is ONE YEAR! It s 12/12... I tried to go on the AMD website, but they say the driver they support doesn t computers laptop toshiba... I m quite sad to have an old one year for my graphics card driver.
    Thank you

    You don't have to be sad about it. There is great difference for laptops and desktop support.

    As you know for desktop GPUs manufacturers offer new versions almost every month.
    With computers portable situation is a little different.

    Due to the design and construction GPU performance must be controlled. More performance means more heat and more heat can be problematic for the material of the laptops. Cooling system is designed to provide the optimum temperature of material. It's a little complicated.

    All you can do is check for newer versions offered for new models of portable computers.

    By the way: GPU is inside?
    I would check if some newer model with the same GPU has preinstalled latest version of the driver.

  • HP Officejet software 4620e Windows XP SP3 and the base driver installation problems

    I am running Windows XP SP3 and installed the software the printer HP Oficejet 4620e and, when it is finished installing, all I see are two pages of text of the code.  In addition, the printing software disables my wireless network connection and I need to fix the adapter wireless network at regular intervals.  I uninstalled the printer software and installed 4620e HP basic driver software that HP offers as an alternative for computers that cannot use the full package.  I get the same results with the HP basic driver package 4620e as with the complete software package (two screens of text of the code).

    Please help.


    The reason why the pages are open as code is because something has changed to the association of files of these types of files.  The discussion below describes the problem on a 6520 and offers a solution for it.  Try this patch and let me know what happens.

    HP Photosmart 6520 "printer assistant" will not work

    The problem with the printer lock up your computer is caused by ink alerts defined as always, and because the analysis of the functionality of the computer is turned on.  The document below will guide you through fixing the problem.  Let me know what happens.

    Printer loses the network connection in Windows XP after the computer is turned on for four to 12 hours

  • Satellite C660 - M21G SM bus controller and display driver installation problem


    I recently bought toshiba Satellite C660 laptop M21G with windows 7 32 bit installed (not not licensed) and I installed all the hardware drivers except the SM Bus controller and driver of Nvidia GeForce graphics card, this because it will not terminate on the web site of toshiba, or other medium there but when I try to install the Chipset utility or the display driver (driver VGA) an error message appears in the two installation indicates that I have not matched the software requirments of minimum requirements for the installation of the display adapter and chipset.

    I don't know why these requirments does not include in the error message?

    I have more than 12 hours, trying to find a way to install the display driver, because the standard VGA driver that installed windows 7 (32-bit) is very poor and I can't run any games or smooth video game
    I'm hurt and I need help

    Best regards

    To my knowledge, the Satellite C660-M21G belongs to the series of PSC1SE.
    I m wondering where did you get the right driver for this series display
    The laptop seems to bear the NVIDIA GeForce 315 M card

    I checked the page European Toshiba and not all driver Win 7 32 bit drivers are available on the European driver page I think you tried to install the wrong graphics driver or is not compatible and that's why this error message during the installation of the drivers.

    But it seems that Win 7 64-bit driver is available for this series, that's why I recommend you to test the driver for Win 7 64 bit.
    In this case, you need to install the Realtek card reader controller driver SM bus controller can be the card reader There is also a version of driver Win 7 64 bit on the European driver page

    Simply test the

  • Satellite L555-S7008 - cannot install the display driver Windows 7

    Hi guys

    I'm confused now
    I have a Satellite L555-S7008, I installed a Windows 7 ultimate edition, but unfortunately the display driver did not work. Now I have pain in my eys because of the resolution. What should I do to make it work?

    Hardware found "Mobile Intel (r) 4 Series Express Chipset Family", but it does not support this type of material

    (2) what driver should I I installed to the PCI network communication controller?

    Hi ROCO_1,

    I had a similar problem with the display driver I t could not install it. I put t know why it happened, but the solution is that you need to install the display driver through the Device Manager and not from the configuration file

    So go into Device Manager and right-click on the graphics card and select put to update driver. Do not choose the Advanced installation where you can choose the driver directory yourself. Select the files that you have unpacked the file downloaded and that s all.

    About the communication network PCI controller, it could be both: WLAN or LAN card. So, make sure that the two drivers are installed.

  • After Bios Update satellite A10 had totally frozen and the display is blocked


    Today, I tried to update my Bios of satellite A10 to 5.20.
    I downloaded the unziped file and executed, as recommended in the instructions.
    After restarting the system, the laptop completely froze and the display is blocked. So, I am unable to do anything...
    How can I solve this problem?
    Thank you very much in advance.

    Wait a moment you sure you used the right BIOS?
    As you say, your laptop is that a Satellite A10 is good?

    I visited the Toshiba driver page and play the version of the BIOS and. It s 1.30!

    Sorry to say but it seems that you used the wrong BIOS!
    You should know that the update of the BIOS is always risky. The bad BIOS or bad update may damage the jury!

    I put t know how to help you try to use the good BIOS. Maybe you are a lucky man and it will work. If not, contact the technician

  • Can not download the display driver for my C55 - A Satellite

    I'm not sure I've come tro the right place that my post is not really computer related, but I will ask my question in any case.

    I tried to download the display drivers for my C55 - A Satellite for the past 3 days, the download happens to between 10 and 15% done then stops just I don't know if it's the Toshiba site, my pc or my internet I tried several times during that period of time, and each time the same thing happens.

    An ewlse had this problem with the Toshiba site. If I'm in the right place to post this comment, please direct me to why I should post.

    Thank you


    Probably your driver download problems were related to problems of time server.
    The fact is that I could download the display driver for this model and the process was not interrupted.

    This is why I think that the server problem has been resolved.

  • Re: Satellite P300 - conflict with the display driver

    Yesterday, I suddenly had a conflict with my display driver. While working on my laptop, a blue screen appeared and then the screen went black and stayed like that. When you use an external monitor, it is possible to start in SafeMode (in normal mode, a blue screen appears). It is possible that a Windows Update has occurred, but I can nog
    cancel anything (no Windows recovery point).

    I uninstalled the display driver and downloaded the latest version, but it doesn't seem to help. Reinstalling Windows won't work or the other cause the installation DVD detects a hardware error (the display driver).

    Does anyone knows how to fix this?

    Kind regards

    Hey Buddy,

    > Reinstall Windows won't work or the other cause the installation DVD detects a hardware error (the display driver).
    What Windows disk, you used exactly?
    Normally before starting with the installation of Windows, you must format the hard disk and create partitions. If everything is clean at the disk Windows installation starts.

    I advise to use the Toshiba recovery disc. This disk can restore the original settings of the case and before Installation starts the drive HARD to wipe completely.

  • Satellite P300D 10V - how can I update the display driver?

    I have a Satellite P300D 10V and there ATI radeon hd 3xxx series display panel. I bought Starcraft 2 and there was an error message: that the display driver is outdated.

    I went on They say I have to get the driver from Toshiba. I went to Toshiba, had the driver. When you try to install it says no components to install. I uninstalled the ati driver and tried again. The same thing.

    Now I don't have driver for the graphics card. How can I install the driver?

    Help, please!


    This means that you have uninstalled the old display driver, but now, you are not able to install the latest version of Toshiba?
    Well, what OS do you have?

    Before installing the new display driver, you should decompress all the files. Then run the setup.exe file.
    If you get the same error message, try to install the driver through the Device Manager.

  • Should satellite L300-170 - I install the display driver?

    I have Toshiba Satellite L300-170 and I install Windows 7. When I go to the resolution of the screen (left click on the desktop) in the display writing "* display: display Mobile PC'* ' is this normal or should perhaps write" * Intel (R) 965 Express Chipset Family * "?
    What should I do to change this, if it's not good?

    When I'm working on Autocad 2009 go to work my laptop slow that he work on same autocad 2009 on Windows XP is only display driver or something else?


    Normally in the graphic properties where you can change the resolution of the screen you can see the type of graphics card. Looks like you didn't install the display driver

    To verify the Web from Toshiba site to download the driver: > support & downloads > download drivers

    After installing the driver, you might give us a feedback, what happened! :)

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