Satellite M70-147 - rpm and the graphics card.

What is the number of turns of the M70 - 147?


It is also not clear what graphics card is inside. In the header, it says:

ATI MOBILITY RADEON X600SE with up to 128 MB of RAM or the ATI MOBILITY RADEON X 700 with up to 256 MB of RAM

but it says in the specification:

MOBILITY® RADEON X600SE 256 MB HyperMemory

Thanks for your time and your answers.

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AFAIK the m70-147 was delivered with a 80 GB HARD drive.
This HARD drive has the rotation of serial ATA interface and 5400 RPM of the training.
I put t know if is it possible to use the 7200 due to heat production.
The HARD disk with a 7200 RPM produce more heat as a 5400 RPM HARD drive.
In this case, it is possible to s that you have an overheating problem.

Good bye

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    I'm watching DVDs on my satellite L30, but also good Windows media player and the application of Toshiba, will not let me.
    He said that there is an error between the decoder and the graphics card.

    I checked and I'm set for region 2 and windows says I have the right drivers for the dvd and the graphics.

    Any help would be appreciated with gratitude


    Try it please with the K-lite codec pack. Download and install it. Maybe it helps.

  • Re: Satellite L350 - can update you the graphics card?


    For the model Satellite L350 - can upgrade you the graphics card in it? I know that you will very likely not be able to because it's a laptop, but I am struggling to find out if you can certainly or not?


    > Can upgrade you the graphics card in it? I know that you will very likely not be able to because it's a laptop, but I am struggling to find out if you can certainly or not?

    I don't know much about your model and have no idea if a removable or integrated graphics card. But as he posted the article toshiba does not approve the upgrade of Cpu/Gpu

  • Can I upgrade the memory and the graphics card on Satellite A60

    Hi all..
    I have a satellite a60 652.
    I want to improve it with new ram and graficcard.
    can I use more than 1, 5 GB of ram? later with an update of the bios?
    and if I can change the graficcard? If the answer is Yes... What is the best card I can actually use?
    or is there a map which is almost a geforce 7600 or 6600 (or ati 9700) I can use?

    Thank you for the help

    PS excuse my English ;)

    > I want to upgrade the ram and the new graphics card

    Upgrading RAM is possible but the graphics card is unable to be updated!

    If you want to upgrade the memory you could update to 1536 MB max.
    The A60 supports 512MB internal memory and it is so that one memory slot where the extra RAM module can be inserted.

    These modules are compatible:
    PC2700 512 MB (PA3312U - 1 M 51)
    1024MO PC2700 (PA3313U-1M1G)


  • Satellite P10 and the graphics card driver updates


    I'm a newbie on this forum, but let's get to the point. I have Toshiba Satellite PSP10E (PIV 2.8HT 800 Mhz, 1 GB of system memory bus speed and UNFORTUNATELY a GF 5600go...).
    My (not only) problem is that Toshiba use engineering video BIOS version and it does not have the latest drivers for the geforce series. The most up-to-date driver that really works is the last of the series 5xxx... so you can see that none of the newer games can be run with a performance on this map... because older drivers don't use really not (available at directx9.0) 2.0 pixel shader. It would not be a problem if Toshiba would give an update not only BIOS system, but also the bios video (new system BIOS contains the same old video bios.

    I really had to settle for playing games that are 2 years old? First of all pay a lot of money for a witch of the computer has enough power to run some new but don't care support Toshiba for this...

    I was the proud owner of a Toshiba laptop, but I'm not! If I had to choose again, I decide to buy computer Toshiba...
    My Question: is that Toshiba will do something with this problem? Someone knows how to help? Thanks for any help (I have not found such a problem in this forum, sorry if it has been the front sign) and sorry for my English (hope that's understandable)
    My video Bios is: v4.31.20.56.A6

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    We know that you can not install the drivers downloaded from the download page of GF because of the restriction of material. It's not only the Toshiba models, but also on other producers of portable and if you visit the download page of graphics cards, it is always recommended to download drivers designed by the manufacturers of portable.

    I think that nobody can explain why it's because I'm sure you know the reason. The performance of the graphics card will always be a topic of discussion and you will always want to have maximum performance for games with laptop, although performance may not be the same as on the desktop where you have the possibility to change the graphics card and install the latest drivers.

    Because of this, I think that it is really unnecessary to some turbulence here. Believe me, you can buy what you want, but after two or three years you will be always satisfied with something.

    In any case, good luck and enjoy life!

  • Satellite M45-S169 - overheating and the upgrade card RAM/graphics


    I have need some answers and solace to the questions I have on my laptop. Here are the following questions:

    Laptop overheating fast enough, hereby, I mean in about 10 minutes, the laptop Burns upward. It is the model or is there something wrong with it? I can't keep the laptop without maintaining that it plugged into the wall at all times. That this has something to do with my battery like that I need a new?

    I am able to install the new RAM * (2 GB Max) and if yes, someone knows how it slots are for this model? (Not really opened to check because I'm bad to put things together after taking them apart)

    I am able to install a new graphics card for the laptop or I'm stuck with ATI RADEON XPRESS 200 M Series? (and if it is not too much to ask, is the graphics card, I have good, bad, or so - so)

    Sorry if there are too many questions, but it would be really nice if I get the answers to all these.

    Hi Honu_2,

    (1.) you should clean your laptop using a jet of compressed air. This could blow out the dust from the cooling fans and read this article please:

    2.) Yes, it seems that you need a new battery if your laptop only works with AC/DC adapter connected.

    3.), you should check your owner's manual. As far as I know this model supports up to 2 GB of RAM. This means that you can install 1 GB into the two slots.

    (4.) the graphics card upgrade is not possible because it s/set soldered on the motherboard and your laptop is designed only for the preinstalled graphics card.

    By the way: these questions are already answered here. Check out the forum for similar topics, you will find many interesting things! ;)

  • Satellite M70-337 - replacement of the main card

    Hi, can any 1 tell me. is the K000033860 new Toshiba Satellite M70 computer laptop motherboard
    the same TOSHIBA EQUIUM M70-173 card MOTHER K0000333860.

    where can I get a list of cards that will fit the Equium m70-337.
    Thank you

    I think it's the same thing. As far as I know Satellite M70 was offered with two hardware configurations:
    -Satellite M70 with PSM70E part number and Intel graphics card
    -Satellite M70 with PSM71E part number and ATI graphic chip

    Your laptop must be identical to PSM70E so I m 99.9% sure it's the motherboard even if you can use it.

  • Satellite A200-1AX - overheating of the graphics card in Windows 7 64 bit


    Model of my laptop Satellite A200-1AX possessing a Mobiliti Radeon 2600 video card.

    After installing Windows 7 64 bit can't find the correct work display driver.
    Fan does not work quickly, by the suite and heavy applications is overheating and the laptop is turned off.
    Not able to find a driver for Windows7 64 bit or Vista 64-bit for my card on the Toshiba site.

    The site of a driver for Radeon 2XXX series:
    Windows 7-64 bit ATI Catalyst a? ¢ Display Driver Version: 9.9, Edition Release
    Date: 09/09/2009. -Drivers do not help.

    I tried to increase the fan speed you programs 'ATI Tray Tools', has not helped.

    Please help me with my problem. Sorry for my English


    The drivers of Toshiba laptops are a bit different and not the same thing as the drivers from the manufacturer of the graphics card.
    The original ATI drivers are made for office use and not for mobile use. Drivers Toshiba takes supported thermal protection that allows to control the performance of gpu and the dissipation of the heat.
    If you want to use a page ATI driver then your GPU could create more heat as usual which leads to the unexpected shutdown.

    I installed Win 7 on my A210. I didn't install the driver of ATI graphics card because the Win 7 automatically recognizes the graphics chip.
    After installation, I went to the Device Manager. Then, I chose the graphics chip and looked for the driver automatically. Windows has found the right driver and installed this
    Since the unit works perfectly with Win 7

  • Satellite U500 - how to change the graphics card?


    I have a Satellite U500-C10 of the Australia and I am a serios gamer and I have found that I hace lots of lagg on my pc. I want to get a new graphics card and I just want to know what are the steps to opening the U500 to find the graphics card.

    Thanks Jaso444


    If I understand correctly, you have an Australian model, then you should visit:

    This is a page of pilot for Australian laptop models. Choose your model and serial number and download, then. UnRAR / unzip the downloaded file and install it by following the instructions on the screen

  • Satellite M70-193: installation of the graphics driver - issue minimum requirements

    I can't install the driver on my M70-193, this meesage is coming "this system does not meet the minimum requirements for installing the software. Setup will close. What can I do? Thankss...


    Very strange?  :|
    How have you tried to install the graphics driver and what graphics driver you tried to install?
    You must use the on the Toshiba page.

    I recommend you to first download the graphics driver.
    Then go to Device Manager and remove (uninstall) the graphics card in the system.
    After restarting again the OS should automatically find the new device and ask start the installation.

    In this case, you must follow the installation procedure and install the new driver downloaded.

    Good luck

    Good bye

  • Satellite M70: How install driver ATI graphics card


    I want to install the graphics card ati form homepage, which means the newest releases drivers :)
    I downloaded the driver from (catalyst), that this driver is specially designed for NOTEBOOK computers!

    I can't install driver, Setup writes that I have to contact toshiba.
    What can I do to install the ati drivers?
    Please help me if you can!


    Hi Michi

    Nothing to do!
    I checked the site Web of ATI. I chose the notebooks with ATI graphics card and checked which laptop manufacturers are supported.
    and... Is there any Toshiba laptop.

    It is not advisable to install the other drivers for graphics cards. You should always use own graphics driver Toshiba because it is a little bit different. Graphics drivers of Toshiba supports an overheating protection to control performance and temperature.
    The laptop card is a module of own cooling as the desktop PC.
    If the temperature rises to the critical level driver degrades performance.

    Now you know why you must use the drivers from Toshiba. However, I read that it is possible to install the omega drivers.
    But if you install the drivers and use so you can do it at your own risk!

  • Re: Satellite L670D-11 q and upgrade graphics card


    I want to buy alaptop where I can upgrade the graphics card in the future.

    You can do this on this model - Satellite L670D-11

    Also is there any other price of £500-600 books to consult laptops where you can update the graphs?

    Thank you


    Before continue us the discussion about control upgrade graphics card, this document -

  • Can satellite A300D-125 - I change the graphics card?


    My question is very simple that I write on the subject.
    Is it possible to upgrade graphics card on the model named "Satellite A300D-125 cm?

    I know it seems absurd for some users, but I have to say there are phones that you can update their graphics cards easily. On laptops from other manufacturers, you can!


    Why do you want to update the graphics card? Do you have any problems with it?

    Well, I n t have good news for you because it of not possible to update the graphics card on this laptop because the graphics card is soldered on the motherboard.
    So I prefer this Toshiba document:

    Good bye

  • Re: Satellite A300 - can I replace the graphics card?

    Can I replace the graphics card with a best in Satellite A300-14 (PSAJOE)?


    As you can read in 100 other discussions here in the forum s not possible to repalce the graphics card because it s attached to the motherboard.
    [Is it possible to upgrade the CPU or GPU of a Toshiba laptop computer? |]

    Here are several interesting information:

  • Problems with the Precision M4400 and the graphic card Nvidia quadro 770M

    I have a problem with my Precision M4400 and Nvidia Quadro 770 M. After I installed Windows 7 64 bit, I have problems with the graphics card. I get a blue screen or graphic errors. I tried several versions of the driver. In the Nvidia forum had this problem even more. Here, they told me that only a BIOS update for the graphics card to solve the problem. Update the BIOS, but I should refer by DELL. So my question is this problem with Dell is also known, and there is already an update of the BIOS to the Quadro 770 M?

    Hi all

    I have the solution by chance. I was looking for the latest drivers GeForce for Windows 7 x 64 and I read the accompanying note:
    On page 17, you can read the following note to fix: "[GeForce FX 770 M] [portable]: blocking of the blue screen occurs after Windows starts."

    Of course, GeForce FX 770 M does not exist (and never was), and it should be Quadro FX 770 M. I can bet that nVidia has corrected this famous BSOD problem in the wrong driver because always there is nothing about any "Quadro FX 770 M - fix" in the note accompanying the latest Quadro (340.52) driver.

    You try the GeForce driver above, but to install it, you may need to download an INF file modified with the addition of the ID of Quadro FX 770 M (= "NVIDIA_DEV.065C ="NVIDIA Quadro FX 770 M"). Try without the first modified INF file because the Quadro FX 770 M is listed as a compatible chip in the version of the driver GeForce 337.88 note...

    I'll try that, even though I am completely sastified with the latest driver for Quadro (feasible) (285.62) without disable Powermizer. I did not try the latest Quadro drivers again (to be honest).

    Late me know please.

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