Satellite M70-337 memory card reader

Can someone help me. My memory card reader, used to work until the laptop crashed and has been corrected now, it will not show well Yes on my computer cannot get the images out of my camera. HAVC


Hi pwashford,

I'm happy to hear that and I thank you for this feedback!

From my own experience, I can also say that the card reader driver update is to solve the problem. :)

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  • Satellite L300 - 17l - memory card reader


    I have the Satellite L300 - 17l. I wonder what is that thing on the left side next to the 2 USB slots - it's a card reader?
    It has a lid that can be pushed inside... A few friends told me that it's the slot for the memory card reader and all what I have to do is buy a card reader and install it in this slot.

    Is this true?


    Please do not be angry on me, but in the s manuals you can find the chapter titled the grand tour.
    You can find description for each port and location on your laptop.

    Please check it out. If you have questions about this please let us know.

    BTW: I don't know what you do understand under the memory card reader, but check it please front of your laptop. You will find several digital media card slot. The description of this slot, you will find on page 34.

  • Re: Can not find the driver for Satellite M70-340 SD card reader

    I have a Toshiba Satellite M70-340
    I want to install the SD card reader driver but on the product page after the selection of search criteria:
    Sorry, we couldn't find the drivers corresponding to your search criteria.

    -Toshiba Satellite M70-340
    -win xp 32 bit
    -flashmedia controller

    device, the name of the seller: 0 x 8033 Integrated FlashMedia Controller 0x104C Texas Instruments

    Where can I download a driver for this device?
    Please email me if there is no solution: ghjkl_ at freemail dot hu

    Have you installed Cardbus driver version
    If you have made new and clean OS install it according to the installation Instructions of Installation documents please.

  • Satellite M60 - 104 - memory card reader does not read the MemoryStick pro duo

    Hi guys,.

    built in card reader on my laptop does not recognize/read stick memory Sony pro duo - is this normal or not?
    I know it must read MemoryStick pro, but not sure about pro duo.

    Can you help me please?


    > the built in card reader on my laptop does not recognize/read stick memory Sony pro duo - is this normal or not?

    Of course, this could be a normal behavior as not all cards are compatible and taken in charge.
    I would recommend look in the user manual because you can find there information cards can be used in the portable card reader!

  • The M70-267 Satellite internal memory card reader does not work


    Internal memory card reader no longer works on my M70-267.
    Device Manager reports the error with the driver of the bus PCI 6 mass storage controller, device 4, function 3.
    The first problem, the result of this is?

    Help, please


    Yes, this mass storage controller could be the card reader. So, you can try to reinstall the drivers, which can be downloaded here:

    or you can remove it from the Device Manager and restart your machine

    or, if that didn't help then you should send your machine to a service partner chartered for an assessment of health/repair of equipment.

    To find the closest, you can check out this site:

    Good luck
    See you soon

  • Satellite M70-337: how to pass my memory?

    Hi all

    I was hoping someone could help me, I have the satellite M70-337 and 512 MB ram.

    I want to improve this, but when I click options next to my laptop it says my model does not, it means that I'm not able to upgrade my memory?

    Thanks for any help.

    Check you user manual you should find details on upgrading memory

  • How to adjust physical memory in Satellite M70-337?


    I'm buying a memory upgrade for my Satellite M70 - 337.

    However, I'm not sure how to adapt really.
    I unscrewed the memory Panel and watched it not really knowing what to do.

    All the tips, links to diagrams would also be very useful.

    Thanks for any help.


    First before you install or remove a module, turn off the computer with the closure of the option in windows. The laptop should t be in standby or hibernation, because you will lose data.
    Some modules of memory can be physically installed but are not entirely compatible with the laptop. In this case the machine will issue a warning as 3 short beeps.

    Here's a short instruction end how the modules;
    -Turn the laptop (don t forget to unplug all cables) and remove the battery.
    -Remove the two screws holding the plug cover memory modules
    -Slide your fingernail or a thin object under the lid and remove it
    -Mount the fittings of modules in connectors from computer to a 45 degree angle, and press the modules taken care to ensure a good contact.
    -Push the module down so it lies flat. Locks on each side will be lick into place to fix the modules.

    But note; to do this, carefully and don't use any force!

    Good bye

  • Satellite L670-DX1 - after the installation of SP1 cannot use the memory card reader


    Since I upgraded my Satellite L670-DX1 of Win7 64 bit to Win7 64-bit SP1 (2 days ago) I can't use my memory card reader, he always says it is a bad card and I should reformat the card with any card.

    Does anyone have a similar problem or better yet a solution for me?


    You have installed SP1 using Windows update option?
    Have you tried to roll back the OS to an earlier time to see if the card reader is working properly again?

    Have you tried reinstalling the driver of the card reader?

  • Multiform memory card reader does not work on my Satellite M30

    Nothing I will allow me to get my on my satellite m30x 111 multiformat card reader to recognize any type of memory card, I put in the slots, whether sd, mmc, etc... Can anyone suggest a solution? Should I install specific drivers? The same cards are recognized when it is attached by usb, for example in a camera, etc.

    Thank you! Toby.

    Hi Toby

    Can you please check the Device Manager and see if there's some hardware component indicated as unknown? As far as I know that the card reader should be listed under SCSI and RAID controllers.

    Please check!

  • Satellite M70-337 - Possible to watch & record & playback TV?

    Can I use my EQUIUM M70-337 (standard spec) to watch & record & playback tv.., (prefer TNT connection)
    If Yes, what is the best option to connect up to..., reflected on "win tv" stuff does tosh's place, (card or usb or!)

    Have XP Home do I need new laptop with MCE
    Will be upgraded to 512 of ram? 1 gb.., help
    This tosh has 40 GB hd...? or more., as read it on net forums
    help appreciated... Thank you

    On the satellite M70-337 you will not find any signal in the ports for signal reception.
    This laptop supports only a s-video port to a TV connection output. You can use it to display the screen of the laptop on the TV.
    So if you want to save and receive TV signals, strings, you must use an external solution as a 3rd party TV card

  • Satellite M70-337 random startup failures

    Hello, I hope someone can help with this problem.

    In the past months, my Satellite M70-337 (18 months) began to refuse to start. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. When that happens, it will be often blue screen, reboot, and then work fine. The BSOD seems to graphics (ialmrnt5) driver-related, so I'm not too concerned about this.

    Anyway, more specifically, here's what happens:

    I'll turn on the monitor and recharge the battery and the power LED lights up. Then I press the power button and the power led lights up. But the hard drive light does NOT illuminate. The display shows lifeless, and the laptop shows no sign of life other than the three lights. It does not even show the toshiba start screen which normally invites me to press F2 or F12.

    I then turn off the laptop by pressing the power button and hold.

    I checked the event logs, and it seems that the problem coincides with the date and time being reset to January 1, 2005. So, the problem could be related to a dead CMOS battery? The strange thing is, if I leave the phone off for a week and it will restart with no problem. Yet it can begin to misbehave after be off for 6 hours only. If the CMOS battery need replacement, probably after a week without being able to time could be reset?

    And if that's the CMOS battery, why won't the laptop start not at all on a few occasions? I'm confused!

    I checked the memory of errors (with MEMTEST) and it is fine. I reinstalled the memory and changed the locations of memory, he is sitting in (while wearing an anti-static bracelet!). No change.

    Similarly, I checked the hard drive is in place. Yet once again, it was fine. I scanned using CHKDSK/r, and it turned out to be very good.

    Thus, all the advice, please!

    Thank you



    I do not know how to start so I will try to explain things step by step.

    Regarding the battery CMOS;
    If the battery is empty, all the parameters of the BIOS as time, data will be set to the default settings.
    But the CMOS battery empty should not has a bad influence on the start-up procedure. Usually, you should get a message to access the BIOS and restore and save the changes. Then the cell phone should start as usual.
    If the CMOS battery is empty, you can reload on the laptop for about 12 to 16 hours on the AC adapter / CC.

    However, in my opinion the start-up problems have nothing to with the CMOS battery

    Regarding the graphics driver ialmrnt5;
    I have goggled a bit and discovered that many people receive a BSOD caused by ialmrnt5.dll
    This file seems to belong to the Intel graphics driver.
    It would be desirable to delete the old driver Intel of the operating system and install version a new driver from the Intel page support.

    But to be honest I don't think that a graphic driver could cause this problem!

    I had a similar problem with my laptop 6 year old. He froze, and then it was not possible to restart the laptop. I thought it was an overheating issue. I cleaned my cooling module and assigned and new thermal grease for cooling modules and CPU, but it did not help.
    I have checked with the Memtest86 memory but found no problem.
    Then I removed ONE of the memory modules that have been installed in the laptop and have tested the BONE for an extended period.

    Since then I have not received any errors or other trouble...
    In my case it was a defective module!

    Best regards

  • Digital Memory Card Reader - updated driver required

    Where and when can I get an updated driver for the internal memory card reader?
    I just tried to format a 8 GB Sony Memory Stick, but can only 3.5 GB format - after discussions with Sony and re-formatting on a Toshiba laptop not quite new, I reached the full format of 8 GB.

    However the Satellite cannot read the card :-(

    Published by: ADMIN

    Hi Martin

    Compatibility with memory cards depends on the available hardware and not software!
    This means that a update driver card reader won't help you!

    First of all, you should check your user manual to see which cards are compatible with your internal card reader!
    Generally, these details can be found in the manual pre-installed.

    Model of laptop you know me not, but I doubt you'd be able to use the 8 GB Sony Memory Stick. Perhaps the size didn't is simply not supported.

  • Satellite M70-337: cannot install the Wlan driver


    My Satellite M70-337 has a problem. WiFi does not work and I can't install the driver for network controller. I downloaded all the drivers from the Toshiba Web site but it still does not work. If anyone knows what's going on, please let me know.

    My email: [email protected] Best Rgs.

    Hey Buddy

    Depending on the laptop that you use, you will need to choose the right WLan driver.
    Have you downloaded the WLan driver in the computer category laptop good?

    It seems that the satellite M70-337 contains the number of PSM77E and that is why you chose this series of mobile in the download form.

    Check that you have installed the wireless network card. It is important because the laptop might be bundled with various wireless network cards; for example with Intel or Atheros.

    I think that if you chose the right laptop and use the good Wlan card that everything will work out ;)

  • How can I replace a 5 in 1 memory card reader in a HP Pavilion 500-027c desktop PC

    I bought a desktop PC computer given to nine HP Pavilion 500-027c Wal-Mart, 2 weeks ago... 5-in-1 memory card reader does not work... the Device Manager indicates that it works correctly, but when I put a memory card, nothing happens... The white light will come on indicating that the memory card has been inserted, but the computer does not recognize that something has been done... I would just replace the card reader itself... I see on the hp support where it is possible to replace the reader of card memory (before I/O), but I don't know where to buy the card reader itself real... I have no card on the card reader either... Help, please!


    You can find a list of the parts for your machine:

    What card you use, the machine only supports the following cards:

    • Secure Digital (SD, SDHC, SDXC)

  • Can satellite M70-337 - I put the HARD drive?

    Hi all,.

    I have a Satellite M70-337, the vehicle currently has 40 GB of hard drive. The laptop has served me well and I want to upgrade the hard drive 100 GB +, anyone has done this?

    If Yes please advise on the type of hard drive required and their availability. I have 2 GB of RAM and want to run Windows 7 on this computer.

    Hey mate,

    Of course you can upgrade the HARD drive why not? :)

    AFAIK Equium M70 already use hard drives with Serial ATA interface. This means that you must buy a 2.5 HARD drive with this interface.
    For example, a 120 GB model should work!

    In my view, it is irrelevant, what type (manufacturing) that you choose. There is no major differences, but I have good experiences with Western Digital.

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