Satellite M70-340: screen went completely blue or black

Hello world
I just bougth a portable Satellite M70-340 and twice tonight screen entered a single color (black once, once blue) and although I could still hear the windows work (I could hear the Windows alert sounds and alerts by MSN mail), the screen went completely blue or black. I assume that the error is caused by a problem of display driver, so I downloaded the latest driver present Intel on this site. I don't know if it will work.

My question is, did this happen to someone of you? How did you solve this problem? And even though I have an Intel Graphics Media Accelerator Driver for Mobile, I could install the ATI driver on this site? (I prefer ATI driver since it is out of date.)

Thank you all for your interest,
Best regards.


I guess you have mobile Intel graphics card. In this case, you can only use the graphic driver intel from the Toshiba page or are also website of intel.

But you cannot use the ATI graphics driver! You laptop has ATI No. graphics card!

However, you suggested that it is a new laptop. I would recommend to contact Toshiba service partner in your country. The guarantee is valid and you should take it!

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  • Satellite M70 - 340 - the screen turns black after that charge BIOS

    Satellite M70 - 340 screen turns black after that BIOS loaded. Please help

    Hi Totius,

    This means after the Toshiba BIOS screen, nothing happens or you tried upgrading the BIOS? Maybe you can explain that it still a little more detail.

    The problem is in this case you can t a lot because this problem of material based on s.

    You can try to remove the battery and the AC adapter at least an hour. Then connect the two devices again and try to start your laptop.

  • Satellite M70-340 - white screen before windows loads

    I have istalled a new Windows XP on my laptop Satellite M70-340, and after having installed the drivers and the Quick Fix Engineering I restart the laptop...

    The laptop is the auto start and it stopped just before starting the loading (white screen and no disc HARD answer stopped - HDD led lighting-)
    I am able to get into the BIOS and change the boot order.

    I boot from the recovery cd, but it is is stopped with the same blank screen just before his screen should start.
    I boot from the Windows cd, but it is is stopped with the same blank screen just before the blue screen should start.

    I unplugged the battery and pluged in again and the problem continues to be.
    I have restored the defaults in the Bios, but it didn't work.

    Please help me

    You see the Toshiba start screen at the beginning of the boot process?

    I searched this forum for the same problem on M70 but I found nothing didn t.

    But I do remember that one of my friends had a similar question. If the adapter has been unplugged the system locked and the screen is dark.
    It has fixed in powerplay disable in the ATI graphics settings and it didn't put the CPU low speed in Toshiba Power saver mode fixed.

    But like I said this happened only together running the operating system without the AC adapter.

  • Satellite M70-340 - mobile scroll continues to fall down


    I have a Win XP based PC notebook Toshiba Satellite M70-340. Last week one - the problem I encounter is that fullscreen window/browser/e-mail, I opened rolls selection at the bottom. There are very small (in seconds) periods of time where behavior is not seen, but it appears again. If an e-mail window scrolls down and if I'm moving around the keyboard/mouse/scrollbar I'm impossible to do and scrolling lowers again.

    I thought that this is a virus/malware/spyware and I scanned it (deep scan) with Malwarebytes, iObit i360 Spyware, Mcafee Stinger, Avast, Avira, Eset NOD32, Essentials of Microsoft, but the problem is not resolved. Threats have been found & removed but the problem remains.

    This morning I noticed that the configuration of the BIOS screen showed behavior similar is that the last parameter of a chosen/selected automatically which leads me to believe that the DJ can be conking off the coast? I also hear strong beeps when I put that run Windows when I click F12.

    Disabling the USB mouse has no impact. For the most part, I can scroll upward with the keyboard but the parchment falls down after a certain time which is most frustrating.

    I have reset the default BIOS, run the recovery disc (reinstalled / restart of the operating system), SP3 installed on Windows XP without result.

    What can be bad beats me. Help, please.

    Sandeep Maher


    This is most likely a faulty keyboard.
    If the problem is in the physical keyboard, it will not help to simply attach an external.
    Also, you must unplug the built-in keyboard.

    So if you are ready to use a screwdriver, try please remove the keyboard.
    If the problem disappears, consider ordering a new keyboard for your device. They are not very expensive.

    Good luck!


  • Data to recover the Satellite M70-340

    Satellite M70-340 - is possible to * recover * data by a way or software after using * product * recovery * CD.

    Try a program called Power.Data.Recovery. Once, I could recover important data through this program after formatting the hard drive. But it's not free (Google can help you how to activate)

  • Satellite M70-340 does support SATA 300 MB/s?

    I want to replace the original with MK1237GSX MK6034GSX hard drive. The difference is 150 and 300 MB/s transfer rate. will be mk1237gsx works with my M70?


    The Satellite M70-340 was delivered with the 60 GB SATA 5400 RPM HARD drive.
    I don't think that the speed of the HARD drive could have a bad influence on the compatibility of the HARD drive.

    You must only make sure that the size of the HARD drive and the interface are supported!

    Best regards

  • Satellite M70-340 battery not charging

    I had a problem with a Toshiba Satellite M70 - 340 portable hard drive, but everything else worked perfectly, and it was possible to operate on battery power. So I sent it to a maintenance shop where they changed the hard drive and installed a fresh new copy of Windows XP. Once I got it I found that I am not able to turn it back on, except when it is connected to electricity and after a little or looking around, I found out that the battery is not.

    In addition to this, when I plug first laptop for electricity while it is turned off, the yellow/orange battery LED lights only for like 3 seconds. And even if it is activated, the led is still off, and the the battery icon on the status bar indicates that the laptop works on AC and does not say that the battery charge, he repeats to me 1%.

    I also tried leaving it plugged to AC while it is off, hoping he can recharge, but I bite the dust.

    So what would cause the battery won't charge if from one day to another (and just by changing the HARD drive and install a fresh copy of windows XP), the battery has stopped working?

    And I was just wondering is an update of the BIOS or your driver fix? I want to say a battery need some kind of driver or software to run?

    Thank you

    Hello Zaher

    I have Satellite M70-159 and issue described is not known to me. If you are sure that this strange issue started after get it back you with 100% service I recommend you speak again with technicians.

    Behavior described is not really normal. As much I know BIOS update or drivers have no influence on it and to me it sounds like a malfunction of the equipment.

    BTW: remove the battery, connect the laptop to the power adapter and start Notepad. When the operating system starts correctly, wait a few minutes and put the battery in the laptop. Please let know us what happens when you do this.

  • The button on my lockscreen does not work on my phone. Recently, my screen went completely black. I can turn on siri. How can I get my screen to turn back?

    My 5 IPhone lockscreen button does not work so I use touch help to the screen power off and screenshot. As I was using my phone my screen went completely black. I tried to plug it into a charger and call but the screen still won't turn. My phone vibrates when I call and I can't turn on siri. I tried to search the Internet on how to re-enable it. Everything I've seen involves using the screen lock button but obviously I can not use it. How do I reactivate it?

    Hello tumbler3100,

    Thank you for using communities Support from Apple!

    I understand that your iPhone screen is returned while you were using it and the on/standby button does more either. Because your iPhone is always vibrate when you call and you are able to use Siri, it seems there is a problem with the backlight on your iPhone.

    Because you have a separate hardware two related issues going on with your iPhone, I suggest putting your iPhone in an Apple Retail Store or Apple authorized service for an assessment of your device provider. More information about these options can be found in the following link.

    Apple - Support - Service Response Center

    See you soon!

  • How to install Sata on Satellite M70-340?

    My version of WinXP Pro does not see the HARD drive in sata mode. I read on the chipset and supports sata and my HARD drive. How can I install I do windows see my HARD drive in SATA mode. thanx


    I'm a little confused about your ad.
    As far as I know the Satellite M70-340 has a SATA HDD and it should works with this mode. If you use the Toshiba Recovery CD so the AHCI (Intel SATA AHCI Controller) V5.1.0.1022 should pre-installed with the operating system.
    You must also install the Chipset (Intel ICH6M) V7.1.0.1014 first.

  • Re: Can not find the driver for Satellite M70-340 SD card reader

    I have a Toshiba Satellite M70-340
    I want to install the SD card reader driver but on the product page after the selection of search criteria:
    Sorry, we couldn't find the drivers corresponding to your search criteria.

    -Toshiba Satellite M70-340
    -win xp 32 bit
    -flashmedia controller

    device, the name of the seller: 0 x 8033 Integrated FlashMedia Controller 0x104C Texas Instruments

    Where can I download a driver for this device?
    Please email me if there is no solution: ghjkl_ at freemail dot hu

    Have you installed Cardbus driver version
    If you have made new and clean OS install it according to the installation Instructions of Installation documents please.

  • Satellite M70-340 - need to old Bios

    Hello everyone

    I have a Satellite m70-340.
    I'm updating my bios bios-vista-510 but after that my function keys does 't work (Fn + F1 to F12) also does work' utility t zoom, bad contact on off pilot also does ' t work :-(

    Mention that I install windows Vista and then I formatted it and go back to my Windows XP operating system... then I have all these troubles.

    I think that the problem in the new Bios, so I hope that someone can, please, share with me the old bios

    Thanks in advance


    Driver Toshiba page provides two versions of the BIOS: one for Vista 5.10 and one for XP 1.50
    Both are available on the page so what's the problem?

    You must choose a laptop right dude! Your Satellite M70-340 seems to be a part of the PSM70 series! Check it out!

    Something more: on the page, you will also find the XP installation instructions. You must follow these steps and you need to install the drivers in this order. This is important if you want to use the phone with all the features of Toshiba!

  • Satellite M70-340: Question about the warranty if I buy in Russia and move to Australia

    I would buy the Satellite M70-340 laptop here in Russia. Next month I'll move to Australia. What the warranty in this case?

    Will I be charged if problems occur?
    How can I recognize a laptop that is officially sold (= I mean legally delivered and comes with a guarantee in the world)?

    Thank you very much for your answer!

    To my knowledge, you can save your laptop on the European site of Toshiba for services and extensions of warranty and uprisings.
    The serial number of the laptop must be registered generally on this site.
    I think you can buy a few additional warranty packages that allow you to get the guarantee availability in the world.

    But usually if something goes wrong on the laptop you will need to contact Toshiba authorized service partner in your country.
    On the Toshiba support page, you will also find a database for service partners worldwide.

  • Satellite M70-340: battery not charge when AC is branch

    Hello world

    Well, my problem is that I just bought a Toshiba Satellite M70-340 and used only for 2 days, but I have problems with my battery.

    The battery does not seem to load. When I plug in the charger, the battery indicator turns on but the windows loading indicator is constantly at 0%. When I unplug the charger after awhile the laptop immediately turns off.

    I noticed today morning problem, but the incident in question just as I remember it's the charger fell yesterday from a distance of about 50cm in height on a floor tiled. I don't know if this could affect it or not.

    The only changes that I made to the software are also updated Microsoft Windows & Office.

    Kindly help me knowing the cause of the problem and the solution that he.


    HELLO Faiz,

    If your laptop works when the power adapter is plugged it works correctly. The THST is that the battery does not load can indicate a problem with the battery or the electronics in the laptop. However, I would first check very carefully that the battery is correctly installed and that there is no insulating plastic part that prevents the battery contacts to connect properly.
    If everything looks well then you laptop is covered by warranty Toshiba and I would say that your outlet or send it to your provider to be extracted.

    Kind regards

  • I need driver sound for Satellite M70-340

    I have a portable satellite M70-340, but the sound does not work.
    I tried to install an audio driver that I downloaded on this site, nothing helps.

    PLS, I'd appreciate it really all useful suggestions.

    Satellite M70-340 belongs to the series of PSM70E and all drivers (also his driver) have been published on the European driver Toshiba page!

    Go to;> support download &-> download drivers

    The laptop uses the Realtek audio chip so you can download the audio driver also from the Realtek page.

    In any case; Please don t forget to install all MS patches;
    * KB835221 * and * KB888111 *.

    After this installation, you must follow up with the audio driver installation.

    This fixed the problem on my laptop!

  • I can't find driver for Satellite M70-340 mass storage controller

    I am the owner of a satellite M70-340, but I can't find the driver for mass storage controller.
    Having lost my recovery disc, I would be grateful if I am headed on how to get this driver.


    I think you are talking about drivers Win XP. Is this good?

    I found this FAQ from Toshiba:

    There, you can find this statement:
    + After the installation of Windows XP, there might be a yellow exclamation by a "PCI memory controller" or "* Mass Storage Controller *" in the Device Manager.

    _Solution: _
    + This hardware will only supported by Windows Vista. +
    + That is why there is no Windows XP drivers. +

    Hope I could help.

    Good bye

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