Satellite M70 - black screen on startup


I have a problem with my Satellite M70-309, so for two times after logo Toshiba, Windows Xp (home sp2) does not start.
The result is a WHITE & BLACK SCREEN.
So I turned off manually appeared then black screen where I can choose if starting normally, last good configuration etc...

That's happened?
Is a hardware problem? Because my cpu died last month I changed it.

Thank you!
(Sorry for my English I'm Italian)



It is not easy to tell what can be the problem, but I assume that there is something wrong with the HARD drive. It will be interesting what happens with the new HARD drive.

If possible also start the recovery procedure to see if the HARD drive will be recognized correctly and if the recovery procedure starts correctly. Check it using the installation in expert mode where you have access to information from HARD drive (partitions and so on).

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    For two days my laptop Toshiba A100-495 / model-No. PSAA9E-18F047GR / Y6065357Q with Windows XP SP3 serial shows a black screen at startup. There is still no picture Windows startup.

    The laptop is all starting, but after finishing and be ready for use, the screen is always black. When I am pressing Fn + F5 keys, the desktop appears.

    The black screen is only starting cold after stopping, not awareness of standby or pause.

    > When I am pressing Fn + F5 keys, the desktop appears

    It seems that the display output is set to external monitor
    You see the Toshiba start screen if the laptop is connected to the external monitor?
    Check it!

    In addition, I am agree with Akuma BIOS should be the default value.
    To access the BIOS F2 press while turning on the laptop. I hope that you can do this then press F9 for default settings and then exit the BIOS save settings.

  • Satellite L640 - black screen on startup

    When I go to start the portable computer I only get a black screen. I can hear things fan and the startup sound happens to connect but only a black screen.

    Any suggestions to solve this problem would be great!

    For better understanding, you should put a little more useful information. Who knows what you do with your machine.

    What operating system do you use? What was your last step when everything worked OK?
    Normal shutdown of OS?

  • Satellite P300 - black screen on startup


    My book freezes the other day and then stop. Since he was unable to rebot. Are power and battery light and when I go to turn it on it lights up and will ether stay on for 5 seconds and turn off or stay on but always with a black screen.

    Anyone of you guys please help.


    In your case, I would first check the memory modules.
    The point is that a faulty module would affect the startup process of laptop you would not be able to access the BIOS, if the modules are defective.

    You said that the laptop shut down it would mean that temperature is rising to a higher level and so the laptop turned off to avoid the equipment against damage

    In your case, all may be possible as I said; RAM should be checked initially, if the Rams are ok, then other parts like the CPU and motherboard must be verified
    I think you don't have much experience, and not enough resources to run tests and this is why I recommend to contact a technician. The professional guys could test parts and eventually could replace

  • Satellite M70 - black screen after the installation of recovery

    So far, what I did is put in the Recovery DVD - ROM product. Then when my computer restarts I was invited to restore my computer failing and said. After that he went through this process, that he told me to remove the disc that I did. Now he only get a black screen after the Toshiba screen that gives me options f2 for Setup and f12 for options.

    I don't know what to do now to make my laptop works again. Help, please.

    Hi Zach_1,

    Have you tried to launch the installation of recovery again? Maybe that something was wrong during the first installation, it might have arrived
    Then retry the recovery facility and see what happens.

    If it doesn't work you should try a normal Microsoft disk so determine if the problem is related to hardware or recovery disk.

  • Satellite L300D - black screen on startup

    Hi guys, I need help please. On Thursday, I was on my computer and noticed that the weather was bad, I thought I have to do something wrong and were going to remedy. I went to my computer, but it wouldn't boot just had a black screen. I knew that I didn't damage the display. After a bit of research on Google I read to take out the battery and plug the charger in and low and behold, it worked!

    Friday, I charged my battery for an hour and put it in the computer and that worked too so I thought that the problem has been resolved.

    Unfortunately today my computer does not start with or without the battery to still get the black screen. Fan runs but apart from that very quiet sound. I tried putting the cd in see if that would be nothing, but it didn't.

    Any suggestions please?

    Try this:
    Unplug the AC adapter and the battery. Press the power button / stop along 30 sec.
    Connect the battery and the AC adapter and turn on unit t - it work?
    If this is not the case, connect an external monitor and check if something would be visible on 2nd screen
    If anything wouldn't show so I suppose you ve you have a motherboard serious hardware problem

  • Satellite L755D: black screen after startup or switching of external monitor

    I have a strange problem with my Satellite L755D. I normally use an external monitor that works very well.

    If I want to switch to the laptops monitor using Fn + F5, the laptop monitor remains dark, but you can see (more guessing) office.

    Just the bright background lights. Same thing if I boot without the external monitor. In the beginning (phase BIOS?), you can see the normal symbols, then the screen turns to.

    Funny, is that these two problems do not appear when I cut the power supply and the laptop runs on battery only.
    Any ideas, what the reason could be?

    Thank you

    Funny, is that these two problems do not appear when I cut the power supply and the laptop runs on battery only.

    Maybe you should check the configuration of power plan that is used only in battery mode.
    It might be possible that the backlight settings have been set at a lower value by using the power of the battery.
    I recommend you to check this in the ATI catalyst and windows power options.

  • Satellite A300 - black screen on startup


    I have display problems with my Toshiba Satellite A300 series laptop PC, like when I turn on my laptop I can hear the sound when the system is under the boot, but I do not see the screen. Everything I do is just try to force stop with button / stop if it does not then iam does for one several times.

    Thanks in advance,

    If possible try to connect the external monitor to your laptop and check if you can see something there.
    You know, on this virtual path, it is not easy to say why this happens.
    It may be faulty laptop screen, problems of connections or graphics card failure.

    It is not easy to say why this is happening.

  • Satellite L300 - black screen on startup


    I have the Satellite L300 nine out of the box, I used it twice now, when I turn it on the power light turns on but no screen.
    Does anyone have a solution?

    See Toshiba welcome screen?
    Finished configuration of the operating system (after the first start)?

  • Satellite A100: Black screen on startup of windows

    Hello everyone,

    my screen doesn't show anything until windows XP starts. No toshiba start screen, no boot menu. The rest works batteries, no errors. I would like to have the normal start with: "press del to enter setup" etc.

    Thanks for the help


    Something like press DELETE to enter Setup does not appear because usually, at the beginning, only the Toshiba start screen should appear.
    If you want to get into the BIOS you press "F2". Pressing the DEL you will not enter the BIOS. It s a notebook, not a desktop PC, my friend ;)

    What you can do is to disable Quiet Boot in the BIOS. Then active diagnosis and summary screen appears.

  • Satellite A305-S6898 - half black screen at startup

    I bought this laptop in early March and had to return to store due to a problem at startup when half of the screen would be black on the Windows login screen. They ordered me a new I got about 3 weeks ago and I used it for about a week before I had the same problem of a half black screen on startup.

    Now he has been running really slow and there is a time, I've had it freeze on me and my screen turn into a bunch of colored lines.
    I had to reboot in safe mode and run a virus scan just to make sure it wasn't my problem.

    I do not download anything on this computer other than basic messengers and photo editing programs.
    I have a HP MP7170N desktop computer which I use to download everything that seems to work faster than the laptop and I use photo, download torrents programs and store most of my pictures and music on this one and it has only 1 GB of memory compared to this the 4 GB.

    What is the problem?
    Anyone have any ideas as to what I can do.
    I can't really go back to the shop because they give only a grace period of 14 days for returns.

    > I had the same problem of a half black screen on startup.
    > Now he has been running really slow and there is a time, I've had it freeze on me and my screen turn into a bunch of colored lines.

    Doesn't look good for me it sounds a bit like graphic problem.
    Before contacting a professional Toshiba authorized service provider would be, it would be interesting to know if you have seen improvements after recovery procedure and BIOS updated.
    I think you n t get a recovery disk because you can create it using the verification of software preinstalled Toshiba manual how to create the recovery disk

    If, after installing new check usability of portable and so similar issues still persists.
    If nothing will change it s is strongly recommended to communicate with an ASP.

  • Black screen on startup Satellite A80

    I get a black screen at startup what is the problem and what is the solution for it? It might have something to do with the cold?

    Hi poly

    Please put more details on the problem, because it s not easy to say what has happened without any detailed information. You hear the operation of the HARD disk or fans?
    Switch you to other devices to display, before this problem occurs?
    Unfortunately it FN + F5 key combination doesn't work if the operating system has started so it could be a malfunction of the equipment. I don t think you can solve this problem by yourself. In this case, the only way is to contact the service.

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    Try to leave is SafeMode as shown here:

    Try safe mode if your Mac does not end commissioning - Apple Support

  • Satellite L450D - white screen at startup


    my laptop shows a blank totally black screen on startup of the hard drive light is not blinking but I can hear the fan.

    Suggestions welcomed

    On this virtual path, it is not easy to say what the problem is here.
    Did you do something that might be responsible for such behavior of s to laptop? Update the BIOS maybe?

  • B540 TDR and black screen on startup

    Hi all, I bought a B540 in April a power works fine until end of July when it began to show the error "display driver has stopped working and has recovered." a few days later I let him (I have need as a wifi station to connect devices remove) and after a few hours of work, when I came back, the screen was off and there wa no way to turn it on. I press the power button for a few seconds to turn off the pc and he died. When I turned on, the computer started but the screen is off (not the 'lenovo' logo was shown on the eve) but everything else seemed to work (play plug/unpluging usb external hard drive the sound of the carachteristic). I turned off again and wait ten minutes before the market again, this time above the 'lenovo' logo was shown, but it seems that the pc failed to boot win 8. I unlplugged everything, removed the power cord, wait an hour and after that all started ok but the error message "display driver stop" was still there. After this date the computer randomly starts ok or with the screen. Given that I do not use it intensively Isuspected some windows update to cause this strange behavior and I'm trying to use a point of restoration, until July 17, but the problem was still there. Then I removed all recent windows update of June on, and I realized that in one case, it was not possible (i.e. the "remove/uninstall" button not showed that KB). I googled around and found the subject KB has been reported to broken system and the only way to react was to use a DOS command to reatore a new installation of the system. I did and actually everything works ok for 2 days (one day, I actually use the PC all day to upload stuff to iternet it to work). Unfortunately, after that day, everything seems to repeat: new 'pilot not resposinding to display' and a black screen at startup.

    Please consider that the system is quite new and clean (only 3/4 months of life) and everything works fine until end of July. What do you suggest me?

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