Satellite M70: How to install WXP Pro without SP with SATA drivers?

I know that this topic is discussed repeatedly,
I get a blue screen when I try to install WXP pro... blah blah blah

The solution is to install the SATA drive.

The problem is that I don't have a floppy drive to install the SATA drive, so what can I do?


The use of the disk is the best way to install the SATA or RAID drivers.
But I searched a bit on the net and found nLite.
You can use nLite and include the drivers then you do not have to use the

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    I wonder if someone can help me. Recently, I bought the laptop Satellite M70-173. My problem is that it comes with XP Home. I need XP Pro. I bought XP Pro, but when I try and boot from the Disc... the drivers are starting to load up and then it freezes.

    To restart, the only is to unplug the power and remove the batery. I checked the disc on another laptop as a test and it works. Any ideas? One eventually is to create a windows startup disk and format? But is not a floppy drive. Many tried to copy the boot to a cd disk but does not drive. Any help would be appreciated

    Thank you


    As far as I know that the Intel SATA AHCI Controller driver has been installed on this device.
    This driver is required for SATA hard drives. The OS Setup is unable to start without this driver, but then the installation hangs.
    On this page of intel for drivers:

    But the recovery procedure works with the recovery CD?
    Have you created a CD of Drivers and tools with the function that has been placed in the assistance of Toshiba?

    You should also find this driver very necessary.

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  • How to install WXP Pro on Equium A60?

    I have the original xp home installed, but for that, you had to install xp prof.

    What should I do?

    I just replace the existing ot do, I need to format the drive and try again.

    I see a discussion on installation command, where it is written down and I need to worry abou it.



    In my opinion the best way is to format the partition or HARD drive, and restart the installation. In this case, you can be sure that your OS is installed.
    As far as I know that Toshiba drivers are designed for the Windows and Windows Xp home.
    All the necessary drivers for the Toshiba units, you can find on the official site.

    Good bye

  • I have problem with installing WXP Pro on my Satellite M70

    Hello all,.

    I have a M70-160 with XP home SP2 and everything is fine, except a wireless issue. I have a pop-up message that says "limited or no connectivity" when I try to connect to my linksys router. It seems that he cannot take the good IP. I searched the web and found that there is a bug in XP SP2. So I tried to install XP pro (without SP) startup from the CD but when it gets all the checks in the blue screen and then says "starting windows" so I format and clean install, nothing happens. He stayed with the blue screen saying "windows start" for 15-20 minutes, as if long waited. So I turned it off. I tried several times but no luck.

    I just have to wait for a while or is this something else and what?

    I hope understand you and sorry for the big post.

    Thank you


    In my opinion, you need to install Windows XP with all service packs.
    I studied a bit in the internet and found this page useful:

    Also check this Toshiba problem page:

    I think it is enough to download and install the hotfix updates and everything should work fine.
    Alternatively, you can try to reset the router.

  • How to install WXP in Satellite A205-s5859?


    I have a laptop Toshiba Satellite A205-s5859 new (US series), and my laptop was completely done by virus so I just want to install Windows XP instead of Windows Vista which is now experiencing in my laptop and wants to make a new partition.

    When I try to install Windows XP Home edition, I get a problem which is in the Middle while confuguring my system hardware (blue screen) a messege is appearning like * "Setup did not all hard disks in your computer instead. Make sure that the hard drives are powred on properly connected to your computer and that all disks associated hardware configuration is correct. It can be runnning an installer of manufacturer_suplliedd diagnosticor "* and dvd r/w works correctly because of this message iam not able to install xp so please help me to solve this problem."



    How to install WXP on this notebook is identical to that described in by Andrej.

    Check it out. Please also check which driver SATA do you need and check page Toshiba U.S. per download.
    I am from Europe and Satellite A205-s5859 is not known to me.

    The Toshiba US support page -

    Good luck!

  • Satellite M70 PSM73A - cannot install the graphics driver

    I install XP Pro (without using the recovery system)
    I don't have the CD and find that none of the drivers display in the downloads section of this Web site will install.

    Message is - can not find material?

    Can anyone suggest a solution please?


    Search the Australian site of Toshiba, you will find the driver and all other drivers too:

    Check it!

    Good bye

  • How to install W8 Pro FPP on laptop, where it has been installed W7 OEM Home Premium?

    How to install W8 Pro FPP on laptop, where it has been installed W7 OEM Home Premium?
    and even if I could reinstall this laptop with W7 license as before?

    See the following topics:

    The upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 8

    Thanks for the reply, André

    but I still confused if I could reinstall my laptop with Windows 7 (where the identical front license) after I installed and try Windows 8 on it?

    I suggest that you use the built in recovery tools manufacturers to create a recovery disc or create a system image. I noticed that the upgrade to a later version of Windows can make your inoperable recovery partition.

    Creating a system image:

    You can use this to easily restore your installation of Windows 7, if you decide to come back.

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  • How to re - install XP Pro without keeping any of the old programs?

    I recently did a re-install XP Pro and all the old programs do not have are deleted. I care about her like new with nothing on it but the program XP. What did I miss? I followed word for Word the installation menu.

    Lol IE7 has noting to do a clean install.

    Are you sure that you boot from the disc.
    How do you start the Windows XP installation. First start XP and go inside the computer and click the CD drive icon.
    Are you sure that you format the HARD drive when it offers you the possibility to do? Cause if during installation you have not selected the option that shows the drive using NTFS Format, then all programs will always be there and will continue to occupy a lot of space on the hard disk.
  • Satellite A60 - lack of drivers after installing WXP Pro

    I installed XP Pro instead of XP home with the PC.
    I can't upgrade because of the other language.
    I downloaded all the drivers of your site, but after insttallation I still have a problem with the FireWire (lack of driver).
    Then I also checked that the drivers of toshiba sure power are missing too.
    What can I do?
    Best regards


    on the driver download site, you can download the installation instructions. Follow this order of installation. Toshiba Power Saver utility can be downloaded from the pilot site, too.

    You can also use your CD tools & utilities. There you can find all the programs and drivers for XP. Doesn't matter if it's home or teacher, the drivers are the same. But maybe some drivers from the download site are updated to a newer version.

    Good bye

  • Satellite M70: How o use Atheros Wireless Lan Driver?

    Since I bought my Satellite M70, I had the same problems described by many on the forum and to keep band from b instead of g and the ability of its 54 Mbit connection.

    I updated the intel lan driver and I am now using intel Pro/set utility driver.
    Last week, I got a message from toshiba for download the latest Atheros driver which is supposed to improve connectivity.

    The problem is that to happen once I installed Atheros driver nothing: there is nothing that I can do with the atheros utility, and I can still only go from Intel or Windows to manage the wireless card.

    Does anyone have a good idea on how to use the atheros driver?
    Thanks for your help

    Hi, Jean Paul

    I never had any message of the Toshiba who advise me to update all drivers.
    However, I don't know what your laptop is the WLan card but you can't use an Atheros driver on the Intel WLan card for example.
    If the Intel WLan card has been installed on your laptop, you must use the Intel Wlan drivers.
    Check in the Device Manager you what Wlan laptop using the card you.

  • Satellite M70 - CLI - cannot install display or SM Bus controller driver


    I have a Satellite M70 - cli PSM73C-CL100E and I got a new hard drive and loaded Windows xp. I went on the Toshiba site and downloaded and installed all the drivers. I have no problem with the wifi atheros, the sound, modem or chipset drivers. I also updated the bios v2.10 all successfully.

    The problem is with the video card. I used huntersoft program and know that the chipset is an ATI. He also says it's an ATIradeon xpress 200 m with 128 MB DDR shared video. When I try and install the ATI driver it says Setup could not complete the installation. Try to configure your graphics card with the standard vga driver.

    I spent hours on the net. I tried the ATI L30 XP driver and it does the same thing. I tried the driver ATI radeon xpress 200 m and it says not found material. I don't have the original CD I know he works as the old drive worked fine. Unfortunately, I wiped as well to put in a laptop more old. I should have gotten the drivers out of it. :(

    Does anyone have an idea? It drives me crazy! Thanks for any help. Marilyn

    Hi mjmx4,

    How have you tried to install the display driver?

    Normally, you can install the driver (screen) If you run the setup.exe file that comes with the driver package. Follow the instructions on the screen thanks to the installation of the driver, the driver will be installed.

    Alternative you can install the driver if you go to Device Manager and right click on the graphics card. Choose update driver and use advanced installation where you can choose the directory and the driver yourself.

    By the way: before starting with the installation of the driver, you must install Service Pack 3 for XP.

  • Satellite L500 - how to install Windows 7 on new HARD drive

    I just bought 2 satellite L500 1xl/1xj second hand to re sell one and keep the other.

    It's both fired their HARD drive and I have no installation CD re install Windows 7.
    How can I do this without the CD or the original HARD drive?

    > I have no CD installer again to install windows 7, how can I do this without the CD or the original hard drive?

    Get Windows copy disk and installation, all the drivers are available on the [page driver Toshiba |] you can also buy a [recovery disk |] I see no other options to do so.

  • Satellite P300 - how to install Windows 7?

    Can someone explain to me in detail how I can format my Satellite P300 and fresh Windows 7 install windows vista without the recovery cd instead?

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    Before installation, remember to back up the data if you have. In the Bios (f2 on startup), together Cd/dvdrom under the 1st boot device, press f10 to save and exit.

  • Satellite M70 - how to remove the memory module

    Can someone post instructions on how to remove / add modules of memory for Satellite M70?
    Thank you


    It of not difficult to remove or Exchange the memory modules because you only check Chapter 8 and 9 of your owner's manual. In the user manual, you can find a detailed explanation how to do this with a few photos and what you need to the modules of RAM.

    Check this box!

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