Satellite M70 - need WLAN driver for realtek RTL8139 Family

I need a driver for the lan wireless for realtek RTL 8139 family in my satellite M70 under windows XP.

Who can help me?


All WLAN drivers, you can download from the Toshiba WLAN portal -
Check it out.

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  • Satellite P850 - need WLAN Driver for Windows 8.1 64bits

    I have Satellite P850: I renewed my Kaspersky Internet Security and Windows update to 8.1 made 64 bit. Now, I have no wireless LAN driver. I can only connect to the internet through an ethernet cable.

    I searched high and low for 2 days looking for a solution. I want to keep all genuine Toshiba so not wanting to spread to other sites of questionable diagnoses. Toshiba has only Realtek WLAN for Windows 8 version 2.00.0020 available for download - which is already installed on my computer but it does not work - I have reinstall to see if that fixed the problem, but no.

    You will appreciate all help. Thank you.

    We can try to check the specifications of the laptop and search for drivers, but you must put the name of the full model P850-xxx.

    What is the status of the WLAN card in Device Manager?

  • Satellite M70: Need WLan driver and his

    Firstly all Hello everyone.

    I am writing because I have format my laptop and now I'm trying to get the drivers on my laptop.

    Downloads of the Toshiba site are very slow, I tried on more than 1 computer and very, very slowly. Something? There is another possibility for me.

    Problem 1:
    I try to look for the WLAN drivers but the only driver Toshiba site gives me is the Atheros, but I try to installed and nothing, can someone help me and tell what is the right driver?

    For audio driver, I need to download virtual audio driver, or only the audio driver on the Toshiba site?

    Thanks in advance,
    Nuno Quitrio

    First of all, you should check your notebook series and must choose the right because there are two different sets of M70.

    In regard to point 1:
    Either your laptop uses the Atheros Wlan card or and card Intel.
    The two driver Wlan are also from the Toshiba WLan Portal:

    In regard to point 2:
    The virtual sound is not necessary to get the sound on your laptop. You can install the virtual sound, but the audio driver is more important.


  • Satellite L450D - need wireless driver for Linux system


    I have a satellite L450D, with a Realtek RTL8191SE wireless card (windows 7). I use Linux for College and I can't get on the internet when I use linux cause the oporating system dose not find my wireless card.

    When I check from command line for wireless cards, it shows that there is not.
    I know other people who have had this problem and basically I need a driver for it.

    Can someone make me know what driver I need or where to find? I would really appriciate what I need to use Linux for the College.

    Thank you


    I googled a bit and found some tips in the internet.
    It seems that there is no driver for Realtek rtl8192se WLan Linux and card rtl8191se.
    Had someone managed WLan installation by installing ndiswrapper from synaptic in Ubuntu + GUI. He downloaded the net8192se.sys driver W2K and net8192se.inf.

    W2k driver work but the combination W2Kxp driver or the xp or vista doesn t work.
    After that, you can use WPA because the WEP encryption is not supported

  • Satellite L305D - S5895 WLAN driver for Win XP


    I had a new Satellite L305D-S5895 and downgrade to Win XP for software configuration required.
    The system does not recognize the wireless LAN adapter, and I got the features of trees not recognized in Device Manager:
    SM bus controller, Ethernet controller (but actually I'm connected ethernet now) and modem device.

    How can I install the WLAN driver?
    Thank you


    Controller Ethernet, two devices; LAN or WLan. If the network card is recognized, then the Ethernet controller can be only a WLan card.

    I put t know what card WLan supports this laptop but you could install a hardware diagnostic software such as Everest home edition and could know what card Wlan. Then, visit the WLan card manufacture page and download the driver.

    Device-> you can try to install the drivers for modem of dome published for other series of laptop. Maybe it will work

    SM bus controller-> I guess it is a card reader. The same procedure as a modem device. Check some drivers published in other series

    By the way; It is a model of cell phone US to look for on the Toshiba U.S. page

  • Satellite 2800 - need a driver for network card


    IM with a big problem...
    I formatted my satellite 2800-28005 with the recovery cd...


    the problem: the windows does not recognize ME the driver... network and im going crazy... I searched all toshiba website... nothing...

    can someone help me? I need this driver... Thanks in advance


    Usually if the unit is pre-installed with recovery CD it should work properly. Identification of laptop model number is a little vague. If you have a Satellite 2800 you should look for a driver on the download of Toshiba Europe site. At present, there are just LAN driver for W2000 available.

    If you have Satellite 2805 driver for WME you can find on the site of Toshiba USA. Please check this link

  • Satellite P20: Need new driver for Atheros AR5001X?


    Could someone help me to get the latest driver for Atheros AR5001X on Satellite P20 wireless network card?

    My version of the driver is

    I have a problem to connect wireless NETGEAR DG834G on Atheros AR5001X P20. NETGEAR suggested to update the driver for Atheros AR5001X wireless adapter.
    Atheros website has not as of any utility download driver (useless!), no new information of driver for this wireless card on the Web from TOSHIBA site.

    Someone at - it had a similar problem? How you solve the problem?

    Thank you

    Hi Tak

    The WiFi card is properly installed and configured on the right should avoid any problems.
    Can you please explain what kind of problem you have?
    You see the WLAN on your device?

    I tried to connect my P20-303 on Netgear WGT634U friends and it works well.

    Good bye

  • Satellite L510 - need Synaptics driver for Windows 7

    The synaptic Touch Pad Driver has stopped working on my L510. The only driver on the synaptic Web site is for vista os. iIhave w7 and need 13261.

    Can I use the driver for vista?


    Theoretically, Vista drivers will work on Windows 7. So I see no reason why it shouldn't t work.

    Can you confirm that it s work?

  • Satellite A200 - need ACPI Driver for Windows XP Home edition?


    I have a Satellite A200-13U Notebook and installed WinXP top.
    I found all the drivers, but the ACPI driver is missing and I can't find it.

    Can someone help me please?

    At the moment there is no help. I'll tell you why. To resolve this problem, you need to install the 'password utility"or"Utility supervisor password". This issue is described on the document tracking descriebe Briefcase with Vista, but I presume that it is the same with Windows XP Home edition.

    So the problem is that this new A200, there is no Windows XP Home edition utility. For now A200 is not supported WXP.

    Pilots should be available!

  • Satellite L650-1MT - WLan driver for Windows 7 x 64 does not work

    Hallo forum-Member Support,

    I reinstalled my windows, because my old hard drive has been damaged. Now I have Windows 7 x 64.
    By installing the hardware drivers for the Toshiba homepage, I had a problem with the W - Lan driver.
    It has a WiFi Atheros adapter, but the driver does not work. After extracting the window closes and the installation starting.

    What can I do?

    + The message was edited: subject has been changed.


    Thanks for posting this message here in the forum, but I think that no one would be able to provide more help without knowing the number of laptop model.
    What cell phone do you have exactly?
    Are you sure that the laptop supports the Atheros Wlan card?

  • Satellite A100 - need a driver for the card reader

    I have a Satellite A100 and recently upgraded from Windows Vista to Windows 7 and my card reader does not work, could someone please help as to where I can get one please.


    Hi ktwilko,

    All the drivers and tools can be downloaded from the official website of Toshiba: > support & downloads > download drivers
    * Archive * > Satellite > Satellite a series > Satellite A100

    If you can t find a Windows 7 driver, you can use the Vista driver. Most Vista drivers work also on Windows 7.

    Check this box!

  • Laptop HP 15-r205TU: need WLAN driver for my new HP 15 - r205TU (32 Bit Windows 8)


    I just bought a laptop HP 15-r205TU. I installed 8 32-bit Windows. Should which driver I download to activate the WLAN?

    It's so frustrating!

    Next to the 64 bit OS, please click View all, or you can see the results below...

    Type: Driver - network
    Version: 2012.13.402.2014(19 juin 2014)
    Microsoft Windows 8 (64-bit) | Hide all
    Microsoft Windows 7 Home Basic (32 bit)
    Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium (32 bit)
    Microsoft Windows 7 Professional (32 bit)
    Microsoft Windows 7 Home Basic (64-bit)
    Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit)
    Microsoft Windows 7 Professional (64 bit)
    Microsoft Windows 8 (32-bit)
    Microsoft Windows 8.1 (32 bit)
    Microsoft Windows 8.1 (64-bit)
    Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise (64-bit)
  • Satellite Pro L450D-need fix WLAN Driver for XP

    I put Windows Xp on Toshiba laptop Satellite Pro L450D with drivers... The only driver I'm not 100% on is the Wlan driver for xp so I can use it wireless...
    Could someone please send me the correct link please... I now use a driver but I keep losing the connection now and again...
    Which wlan card would be in this laptop as well... Thanks in advance...

    > I have other computers here who have windows xp who have no problem to stay online wireless so its nothing to do with
    You can compare two identical OS and hardware to be objective with these comparisons identical books.
    You use the original WXP recovery disk you got with your laptop?
    Have you noticed the same behavior with Win7 you have with your laptop?

  • Satellite Pro L40 PSL43E wlan driver for Windows XP

    I need a driver for Windows XP wireless lan
    Satellite Pro L40 PSL43E
    I can't found.

    or what should I do my WiFi to work with Windows XP?



    I think that the laptop supports Atheros 11 b/g wireless network card, so you will need to install the Atheros Wlan driver.

    See this Toshiba WLan Portal:

    Best regards

  • HP R249TU - product # L2Z88PA: need Windows 7 (64 bit) wlan driver for HP R249TU - product # L2Z88PA

    Urgent need for Windows 7 (64 bit) wlan driver for HP R249TU - product # L2Z88PA.

    I tried to install both of the pilots by (
    But both atheros and broadcom is not installing.



    Realtek RTL8723BE wireless

    Also you may need:

    Realtek RTL8723BE driver Bluetooth

    Kind regards.

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