Satellite M70 (PSM71E) Firewire / IEEE 1394 Device number

I recently bought an Iomega eGo 250 GB Portable Hard Drive with USB 2.0 connections and Firewire 400.

The Firewire port on the drive's type 6 pins. My Satellite M70 notebook computer has a Firewire 4 socket pins on the left side. I have an external power supply for the reader of the eGo. When I connect it to my laptop using a cable Firewire 4 pin 6 pin is not recognized. Nothing happens at all. I tried to disable the IEEE 1394 network adapter and reboot of Windows XP Home Edition with no luck. This drive connects and works very well using the USB cable, but I prefer using Firewire. The reader connects and works very well using the Firewire cable 6-pin 6-pin on my PC at home.

Is there something I need to do to make the drive work using the Firewire port? I have no other Firewire devices to test the port with.

Any help would be appreciated!

Maybe the cable is defective? Is it the cable supplied with the HARD drive or did you buy it separately?

You can buy more 6-pin to 4-pin adapter online. Google "firewire 6-pin to 4-pin adapter.

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  • Firewire IEEE 1394 - lost installation Pulg-and - Play

    I have two firewire devices. A DV video camera and a 1 TB hard drive. Since the installation of the hard disk, I lost two of my Firewire IEEE 1394 connections.

    I tried:

    1 switch the DV camera and the hard drive, but the system does not detect the connection.

    2. I visited the Device Manager and checked the unit is activated and working properly.
    3. I'm sure the device driver is fully up-to-date.

    I have a Firewire connection on the front and the back of my PC, and both do not work.

    I am currently using my hard drive of 1 TB via a USB 2 port.

    Can anyone help

    See you soon


    Hi Graham EF G,.

    To check the State current, the DV camera and the external hard drive not detected? The external hard drive has worked successfully before? Please also relay if there are error messages when you try to access the external drive.

    If devices are detected not below are some steps to solve the problem:

    You can check that both devices are compatible with Windows Vista by visiting the Windows Vista Compatibility Center, which includes a list of drivers, hardware and applications that are compatible with Windows Vista.

    For reference, the link to the Windows Vista Compatibility Center is included below:

    Then, if the external hard drive is not detected in Device Manager, please check if the external drive is detected in the management of the computer:

    You can check this by going to: start then click on computer

    When it is connected and switched on, the drive should appear as a drive letter on the computer (ie: drive E:, F: or another letter.) An Autorun window may also appear if the drive is detected.

    If the external drive does not appear, please check the following:

    ·         Check the power supply and check if it works normally.

    ·         Check the wiring and confirm that your USB/Firewire cable is plugged into a port. You can also try a different USB or Firewire port.

    ·         Check disk management to see if the drive is detected it:

    1. right click on computer, select manage, select disk management.

    2. check the upper and lower windows to find if the drive is detected.

    If the external hard drive is not detected, try to connect the external drive to another PC to check if the unit is working normally.

    Then please check if Windows Vista Service Pack 1 is installed currently.  If WVSP1 is not installed, you can try to install this service pack and check if the problem still persists.

    For reference, the link below contains information. about how to obtain the latest Windows Vista service pack:

    If the problem is not resolved after the above steps, please see the link which includes a fix for the problem of an IEEE 1394 being more available device.

    The relay please status after the above steps so that we will offer any additional assistance.

    Thank you

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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    I have difficulties to find specifications for eSATA and Firewire IEEE 1394.  I am looking for an external hard drive that has one or two of these connections.  Some have a selection of Firewire 400 or 800, and the list as IEEE 1394 Firewire specifications.  Granted that my laptop is 2009, but it is a workaholic.

    I have several Office Iomega esata drives, but I'm looking for a laptop.

    Thanks for your help,


    It is certainly the firewire 400 and eSATA will be SATA I speed. What else do you need help with?

  • HP FireWire IEEE 1394

    I have a HP pavilion 6803w with windows 7. Can I use this card, HP FireWire IEEE 1394, for capturing from my Canon camera?

    Your HP a6803w expansion slot: 1 PCI Express x 16 slot for a graphics card, 2 PCI Express x 1 slots and 1 PCI slot... 1 slot PCIe x 1 used for the 56 K modem.

    That leaves 1 PCI slot or 1 slot PCIe x 1 for your Firewire card. According to the exact p/n of the HP Firewire card, it must fit into one or the other location.

    If your camcorder Canon provided with a Firewire cable and has a port Firewire/plug top then you'd be good to go.


  • Satellite A30 921: XP does not detect the Firewire IEEE 1394 port

    I have a satellite A30 921.
    There I link port aswell. My problem is that im trying to connect my camcorder dv via I LINK and this is the first time since I bought this laptop. But XP won't dectecting it.

    Can someone help me on this problem?

    Hmm, it seems that the satellite A30 921 supports really 4pol IEEE1334 Firewire/iLink interface. Therefore, it should be possible to connect your external camcorder without big problems.

    May I ask if you are using Win XP with SP2 preinstalled?
    You should do it.

    AFAIK the SP2 contains a bug which has affected the firewire port.
    But it has been resolved with the additional patch. Check this box:

    + * Performance of 1394 devices may decrease after you install Windows XP Service Pack 2 * +.

    I also recommend to check the firewire port in Device Manager.
    It would be desirable to remove it from the list of Device Manager, then restart the laptop for reinstalling the port once more.

    Welcome them

  • Question about satellite for MAC via IEEE 1394 connection


    I have a laptop Equium I have connected to a box of OS x via Firewire to transfer files and use the functionality of the Macintosh to share Internet via IEEE 1394. Someone can tell me why, when I plug the Firewire cable, WinXP detects a new device that doesn't have a driver for the laptop?

    The Firewire device is already installed and seems to be working properly before plugging in the cable.
    Thank you!


    Sorry, but I have never tried to connect a Mac with a Windows unit.
    As I know the Mac operation use another file as units of Windows mode.

    Usually, the best way is to use a LAN cable and not a firewire cable to connect the two computers. Firwwire does not support the IP or / and TCP protocols.
    In this case I don't know how the conection it works without all the protocols.
    However try to connect the devices via a LAN cable.

    Please also see this page:

  • question about firewire ieee 1394 via chip.

    I have a hp pavilion a705w, missing a chip called "via vt6307" I see online is for ieee 1394, if I use not any device with a firewire port to this computer if they have problems or be less safe, or that make a difference, the chip has disappeared from the motherboard.

    Hi vilig,

    It is a design of single chip with full "plug and play" capabilities for integration in PC systems and electronic public, equipped with an interface HCI open and logical functions initialization and bus arbitration.

    Has 2 ports supporting transmission rates up to 400 Mbps, allowing the use of multiple devices broadband simultaneously.

    If the chip is placed on the motherboard, it would be preferable that you contact the manufacturer for help on this issue.

  • Satellite Pro M30 in IEEE 1394 error

    I think I have a problem whit the IEEE 1394 driver

    I can't find the drive to any party, and the cd of drivers do not have this driver, I don't know how to solve, and the re-installation of the S.O. do not solve me the problem...

    Anu thing?

    Tank is a lot


    you have runing OS OEM Toshiba (Toshiba Recovery CD) or you install a clean OS (XP full version)?

    It would also be good to know if the IEEE 1394 port has worked in the past or if necessary directly after purchasing the laptop?

    Have you checked the IEEE 1394 entry in the Device Manager? Try to reinstall the driver (I think this is a standard windows driver)!

    Sammy Bye

  • Satellite M70-131: BUS PCI 6 - DEVICE FUNCTION 4-4, driver required

    Hi all
    I have a Toshiba Satellite M70 - 131 (model No. PSM70E - 01500RAR, Serial No. 16185917 K)
    I use windows XP Professional.
    I could not install the driver of a fo the below mentioned PCI device that is listed as follows


    In Device manager a question mark '? ' to come up with a description "PCI DEVICE".

    I have already installed the Modem, Lan Wireless, its display and IEEE1394

    So please help me to solve this problem. I need the answer for the following queries

    (1) this PCI card uses to which device?
    (2) how can I know the exact driver software
    (3) why the name of the device (for example: modem,) does not appear
    (4) how do I know which device need me to install

    your immediate support is very appreciated


    Hello Peter

    I don't really know what you are missing, but the fact is that on the Toshiba download page you can find the document Instructions of facilities. All you need to do is install all the things listed here and in the exact order. After having done that, everything should work well.

    I M70 - 159 and using the same document I installed Windows XP Home edition successfully.

    BTW: I'm not sure at 100%, but maybe you lack driver for 5 in 1 card reader (driver cardbus).

  • Interface not found error when using Snap example for Firewire (IEEE 1394)

    Recently, I installed a SONY XCD-SX910 in interface with Labview 8.2.  When you choose the driver, only the Legacy driver would work for the installation of Firewire (R) (or IEEE 1394).  After installing the driver, I have images of the inteface to MAX.  However, when you attempt to trace through the example of Snap 1394 legacy since the document installation IEEE 1394, I get the error "Interface not found".  I tried a few iterations to try to name the camera as "cam0' (the name given to the camera to the MAX) and" cam0: SONY XCD-SX910.  However, the error continues.

    What should I name my camera so he could find the interface?  Will there be another underlying problem that is not obvious?

    Control of IO is not something that will be filled when you use the Legacy 1394 driver. If you use IMAQdx as your driver, it will fill. Thus, when you use the Legacy 1394 driver, you have control of the chain on your façade. When you use control of the chain, you must set the name of the camera as "cam0" as you did before. As long as this corresponds to what is able & Automation Explorer, you should be good as long as MAX uses the same driver that you are trying to use.

  • SatProA60 XP SP2 removes device firewire iEEE 1394 after standby

    I have an external dvd writer 1394 IEEE USB2.0 (LG GSA 5163D) with my Satellite Pro A60 and discovered a problem very embarrassing when the computer comes out of standby the dvd burner is removed by the system. IF I have it plugged into the USB port everything is OK.

    I have the latest BIOS installed 1.9 B
    Does anyone know a fix for this problem?
    Is this a Microsoft problem?

    Thank you

    John Newman

    Hello John

    It is really not easy to tell exactly what is happening, but the fact is that Toshiba don t need driver iEEE as the iEEE port is recognized and installed by the operating system. Any kind of fix is unknown to me.

  • Camera connected DV Firewire/IEEE 1394 is not recognized - Qosmio F20

    Hi - I wonder if anyone has any advice on the following points.

    I have a Qosmio F20 running XP Media Center.
    I have a JVC GR-DVM5 (old but good) camcorder with an i.Link/1394 port. Connecting a DV camera to the PCs 1394 port via a firewire cable 4 pin should recognized the camera as a device of additional hardware and install automatically.

    However, the device is not recognized. Even try to be creating the device in applications such as Movie Maker, WinDVD creator, etc., does not work and the unit is not picked up by these.

    All things were created according to the JVC user manual, the 1394 port works well (depending on Device Manager), and the driver is up-to-date.

    According to Microsoft, the appropriate drivers are included in XP ( - but still MS have failed to confirm to me that this applies to XP MCE as well as professional and Home editions.)

    Can anyone provide any help! ??


    It is the right word. I have connected my older Sony camcorder via firewire to Qosmio G20 and the camcorder is recognized correctly (Sony cam was listed in Device Manager). I was able to copy all saved on the HARD drive movies and create DVDs later.

    Believe me it's very interesting that all devices Sony I have connected with Qosmio laptop computer were recognized correctly (two camcorders different and two digital cameras). I really don't understand what's wrong with your JVC cam.

    I ve checked a digital video forum and a guy with the same problem reported that he was able to connect the cam when the cam is placed in the docking station. Can you please try the same thing?

    Of course, the cam must be turned on.

  • Satellite M70-169 Firewire Port


    I think to buy an audio interface that connects to the * Firewire Port *.
    However, the port looks different than on my new desktop PC.

    Does anyone know if the Firewire port on this laptop is able to power a Firewire device?

    I understand that there are ports 4 and 6 pins or connections, and I'm not sure that we have this laptop.

    Thank you


    As I know the laptop supports the IEEE1394 Firewire/iLink 4pol.
    Here you will find a photo and info on firewire ports and how to publish a firewire 4 pin looks like.

  • Equium A100-299: the Firewire (IEEE 1394) port is not recognized

    I have a new A100299.
    It seems that the firewire port is not recognized. Y at - it software or a driver that is not installed? Or what can I do?

    U Molin


    What do you mean with not recognized? Have you checked the Device Manager and there is a yellow exclamation point or what?

    To my knowledge the Windows XP uses own firewire drivers and you need t use the advantage drivers 3rd for activate the IEEE1394 port.

    As I said above, please check device manager if the port is listed correctly. If there is no yellow exclamation that everything has been installed correctly.

    By the way: you reinstall the OS?
    If yes how did you install it? Have you installed the chipset utility.

  • Belkin Firewire-IEEE 1394

    It's a long story! This is my 3rd Windows re - install after problems with Windows updates.

    After the second installation of service packs2 to my Firewire driver disappeared. Windows then crashed. I reinstalled windows once, all updates have been installed, and now I want to connect my video camera.

    Is it safe to try again? I can't to traverse a full Windows reinstall again.


    Hi emily_elizabeth,

    First of all, make sure that the thread of the camera or a fire is compatible with Windows vista by using the Compatibility Center.

    Also, make sure that you have installed the updated drivers for the video camera on the manufacturer's Web site and check the device manual for installation instructions.

    Import video from a videotape

    I hope this helps!

    Halima S - Microsoft technical support.
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