Satellite NB10 - activate the BIOS supervisor mode?


Just unboxed a NB10 - has and our standard policy to put a supervisor on the bios password.
Now when I enter the bios setup during startup, it is by default in supervisor (e) mode no and I can't find any way to ask me the password to allow me to make changes.
Does anyone know what I forget? All the options are greyed out and I can't do it asks me a password.

See you soon



> Now when I enter the setup of the bios when booting, it is by default in supervisor (e) mode no and I can't find any way to ask me the password to allow me to make changes.

Usually if the supervisor password has been set, you can access the BIOS by pressing F2.
Now you need to insert the supervisor password, or you can proceed to restrict access to the BIOS options by pressing the F11 key.

If you have inserted the right supervisor password, you could delete it again in the BIOS Security tab.
Usually, you will have to insert the right supervisor password and have to press ENTER twice just to remove it. Then save the changes

Here is a brief description is what the supervisor password.

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    original title: supervisor password

    one of my pc has placed on the bios supervisor password. now I need to use the bios settings to make some changes, and I don't remember the password. What can I do to fix this?

    any practical advice will be much appreciated.


    Check with support from the manufacturer of your system (manufacturer of motherboard for customized systems)
    or a real computer store (that makes its own domestic service).

    The Microsoft Community cannot help with password lost or forgotten by Microsoft Policy.

    Keep secure passwords - Microsoft strategy on move the passwords

    I hope this helps.
    Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP<- profile="" -="" windows="" experience :="" bicycle="" -="" mark="" twain="" said="" it="">

  • Satellite M115-S1061 - how to activate the standby/Hibernation mode

    I recently got a laptop from my father and the settings are a bit strange.

    My modes standby and Hibernate are also well off and due to the lack of a cooling device, it constantly turns off when I leave.

    So whenever I leave, I have to shut down my computer, then restart again and his old fact.
    I need to find a way to get my laptop to activate the standby or hibernation mode so I can't go through this process each time.
    Its a Toshiba Satellite M115-S1061.

    Also, I checked the options of standby power, and they say the same things as well.

    Thanks in advance for the help!


    The history is confusing for me.
    Just a few questions to the beginning:
    What operating system do you use?
    You use Toshiba power saver or power Windows options?

    If you know that this laptop turns off when you leave why do the restart if you know it goes off even when?

    You let your laptop with no activity, or you leave while an application is running?
    Maybe is related to overheating decommissioning.

  • Satellite A300 - after the BIOS update I can not install two OS

    Hello everyone:

    I bought a laptop Toshiba Satellite A300-247 with Windows Vista Home Premium.

    Then I formatted it and divided the hard (320 GB) into 6 partitions and installed Windows Vista and Windows XP on drive C to drive D after having changed the SATA controller mode in the BIOS for compatibility. The computer worked well with 2 operating systems. However, when I updated the BIOS to version 1.9, two operating systems stop working and one of them can be installed: XP can be installed when SATA controller mode is placed on compatibility and Vista can be installed only when the SATA is changed to AHCI.

    Is there is no explanation of what past? And can I install operating systems 2 together again?

    Thank you


    First of all, I doubt that this has something to do with the BIOS update. I think that after the BIOS update HARD drive mode has been changed from AHCI to compatibility and therefore the OS didn't start.

    Anyway, in compatibility mode you can install Vista and XP without the SATA drivers. This should t be a problem.

    But do you know the difference between compatibility and AHCI? AHCI mode is faster and therefore I would recommend this mode.
    Like you said Vista you can already install in AHCI mode and for XP, you need Intel Storage Manager. This package includes the SATA drivers you need and here is a step by step guide to use these drivers:

    Last but not least, you can install 2 OS. You can do what you want! ;)

  • Satellite C650D - how the BIOS boot CD?


    I'm trying to make a disc bootable image to update the BIOS for the model Satellite C650D (PSC16A-02U011).

    Can someone point me in the right direction? I found the download area of the driver for this model, but the update to the BIOS it is only an exe file and my laptop has no operating system on it at the moment.

    If I try to load the system hard disk and then use the exe it gives me all sorts of problems so I m try to Flash the BIOS from a CD while the hard drive is out.

    Then after that I updated the BIOS I have reinstall everything.

    Thank you

    {quote} I m try to Flash the BIOS from a CD while the hard drive is out. {quote}

    I m wondering why you n t replace the HDD and install Win 7 first.
    Then you could update the BIOS (if necessary)

  • Re: Portégé R700 - how to reset the BIOS/supervisor password?

    Hi all

    I just bought a used Portege R700 and want to reinstall Windows.
    I can't access the BIOS due to a configuration of PasswordUtility from Toshiba supervisor password. The previous owner did not provide this password.

    How can I reset it?

    Thank you

    Hi Spets

    You cannot reset the BIOS password. It must be done by the Toshiba authorised service provider. I'm sorry.

    If you need addresses and phone numbers, you can find it on Toshiba support page under > support & downloads > find an ASP.

  • Satellite L300 - after the BIOS update I have a black screen

    Welcome! I have a big problem.

    I improve my Satellite L300 BIOS to the old version that I download on the official website of Toshiba. I turn on the update program and after about minute, the system will shoot down and on the screen I see black screen only. The light on the drive flashes green and the led in the DVD-ROM flashes orange. I have no idea what's going on.

    Please help me!


    It sounds like this during the update of the BIOS, that something was going wrong. I think that the ROM module must be reflashed or in the worst cases, the motherboard should be replaced.

    In any case, you should contact an ASP for help. Technicians can try to reflash the ROM module and solve this problem.
    If you don't know where is the nearest ASP, you can search on the Toshiba site: decision-making supported downloads & => find an authorized service provider

    Good bye

  • Satellite M100 - update the BIOS didn't

    Hey people,

    during BIOS update my laptop freezes, so need to reflash it.
    put into service in crisis recovery mode, it's ONE LONG and TWO SHORT SIGNALS.


    Hey Buddy,

    If failure of the BIOS update, you can expect anything to contact an authorized service provider and ask for help. I assumed that the ROM module must be reflashed and this can be done with special tools if you need professional help.

    In your case I wouldn t try these BIOS recovery tools, you could destroy the entire module ROM.

    So, get in touch with your ASP local and ask for help. I'm sure the guys can help you. :)

  • Satellite A110 - update the BIOS for Windows 7?

    Hello. I found two drivers support page to your versions of BIOS for my Toshiba Satellite A110:
    Update the BIOS
    Toshiba Windows Vista 32 bit 5, 40 - WIN World Wide
    Update the BIOS
    Toshiba OS independent 2, 00 - WIN World Wide

    In 'other info' page on first bios there is a warning that this version is only for windows vista, and on the second page 'other info' he warns, that this version is not compatible for notebook computers equipped with Windows Vista.
    My first question is what this means? If I have OS Toshiba idependent 2.0 BIOS will not install Vista?

    My second and more important question is what version of bios should I install if I now use WINDOWS 7 32 bit?


    > My first question is what this means? If I have OS Toshiba idependent 2.0 BIOS will not install Vista?
    You should be able to install Vista using BISO 2.0 but maybe your laptop will generate some questions
    So you need to update the BIOS to 5, 40 - WIN version if you want to use Vista OS.

    If you want to use Win 7 on your laptop then you must first install the Win 7 OS and then you should check out how Windows 7 is running

    Welcome them

  • Upgrade memory satellite A110-103 - the Bios shows only 1 GB of RAM

    {color: #000000} Dear Forum Toshiba,

    I own a Toshiba Satellite A110-103 (PSABE6) bought in 2006 of the Belgium.
    I have trouble about an upgrade of RAM for this laptop. The laptop was originally a Samsung 512 MB of RAM.
    I tried to upgrade the RAM to its maximum capaity supported 2 GB.
    I bought and installed 2 Kingstone SODIMM 1 GB Value Ram DDR2 PC2 4300 units compatible with the laptop, but

    in the BIOS, I see only 1 GB of RAM.
    I tested each RAM separately and they work very well. The problem is that when I install in my

    locations of the laptop, my BIOS sees no Ram.Instead 2 GB 2 GB, it shows only 1 GB. I updated my BIOS for more later

    version 1.70 (for XP), but the laptop continues to show only 1 GB.

    I tested the RAM separately:
    -inserted only 1 stick in the drive and the pc started ok showing 1 GB of RAM
    -then I inserted the same stick in another location and it also worked well showing 1 GB of RAM
    - then I checked another unit of the RAM in the same way and worked well
    -When I try to put 1 GB of Ram and the old 512 MB RAm the BIOS correctly showed the new value of 1.5 GB
    -i also checked the other 1 GB of ram and the old 512 MB of ram and showed good again in the Bios with the value of 1.5 GB
    - but when I tried to put the 2 ram set units to obtain the BIOS only detected 1 GB 2 GB.

    Here's the description detailed 1 GB modules that I try to install:

    SLOT #1
    The module size: 1024
    Band Max bandwidth: PC2-4300(266Mhz)
    Manufacturer: Kingston
    Reference number: 9905293 - 0.14A00LF
    Serial number: 6ACC0C46
    Frequency: 200-266
    CASE # standby time: 3,0-4,0
    RAS # for CASE #: 3-4
    Tras:9 - 12
    TRC: 12-16
    Voltage: 1, 8V - 1, 8V

    SLOT #2
    The module size: 1024
    Band Max bandwidth: PC2-4300(266Mhz)
    Manufacturer: Kingston
    Serial number: AD0CCE10
    Frequency: 200-266
    CASE # standby time: 3,0-4,0
    RAS # for CASE #: 3-4
    Tras:9 - 12
    TRC: 12-16
    Voltage: 1, 8V - 1, 8V

    What should I do?
    Help, please!

    It IS concerning.
    Marius Militarescu

    [email protected]


    I think the problem is that the two s of RAM are not compatible, but it is not explained to me because use you two identical modules.

    In your case I return the RAM to the computer dealer and say the modules work together in your notebook, but your laptop definitely supports 2 GB of RAM.

    I think that there is no other way because you have updated your BIOS to the latest version.
    Here is the part number for RAM Toshiba compatible:
    1 GB OF DDR2 400/533 (PA3411U-1M1G)

  • Satellite L850 - opens the BIOS on reboot, even if no one press F2

    My laptop opens if restarted BIOS through Windows, even if no one supports on F2, but this only happens when I stop. I recently updated to the latest version of Windows updates. Funny, it's guaranteed expired 2 days ago. I had to manually, press the power button just started my unit.

    The unit is a model of Satellite L850-B150.

    > My laptop opens if restarted BIOS through Windows, even if no one press F2, but this does not occur when I shutdown

    I understand this correctly?
    The laptop and the system works properly. If you click on restart the device stops, then boots to the top and switches in the BIOS.
    Is this correct?

    Hmm its really strange.

    To be honest, I don't think that its a software issue related because no application is able to access the BIOS directly after the POST (power selft test) has been produced.
    This is why I think it could be a motherboard problem material? Keyboard? I m not quite sure

    However, go to BIOS (F2) manually and set it to default settings (F9). Save the changes and restart the device.
    Check if the device would still access the BIOS automatically.

    In which case the matter would be always available, recover laptop using Toshiba recovery media.
    This would create the laptop back to factory settings.

    Finally if this is insufficient, the device must be checked by professional service guys.

  • Satellite U400 - after the BIOS update I can't start Windows

    I have laptop Toshiba Satellite U400, PSU44E and Win XP. After you have installed the new BIOS v. 3, 80-WIN32, it is not possible to start Windows, it always ends in restart. It is also not possible to reinstall Winsdows, as it always ends with the blue screen.

    Any help or suggestion?
    How can I install back my backup BIOS BACK?


    Did you really choose the good BIOS for your laptop? Because on the Toshiba site Web are different models U400 has so you choose for PSU44E BIOS on Toshiba page?

    After the BIOS, you should load the default settings in the BIOS.
    Did you check that?

    A downgrade from the BIOS is not possible. This is possible only from an authorized service provider. So, you should contact them and ask a technician for help. I m sure they will help you. ;)

    Good bye

  • I can't activate the Server execution mode

    I'm 10.11.3 on a mac pro with the version of the app 5.0.15 server OS. I tried to activate the performance with the success mode. I started on the recovery partition to disable the integrity of the system, but still an error message when you try to activate performance mode in the terminal:

    RP-server: ~ Server$ serverinfo - material

    This system is currently running on the server hardware.

    RP-server: ~ Server$ serverinfo - setperfmode TRUE

    ERROR: Server execution Mode could not be changed.

    RP-server: ~ $ Server

    Any idea is appreciated

    Once you have a full backup of the system or another archiving mechanism allowing you to return to your software, try:

    sudo serverinfo - setperfmode TRUE

  • Satellite A30 - after the BIOS update I can not install any OS

    Hey everybody

    I have a problem with my laptop Toshiba Satellite A30 PSA33E. I update my old BIOS and 1.7 and now I have a problem: I can not install any OS on my PC because it stops whenever I try to install. After 50 tests, I installed a Windows SP2, but my PC turns off always.

    My CPU is at 100% after I launch mozilla so I guess my problem is the BIOS. I try to install v1.8 BIOS and is not working and I get an error (not compatible with the installed BIOS)

    Where can I find the 1.3, 1.4, 1.5 ROM BIOS? Can someone help me please?

    The latest version of the BIOS should not cause this kind of thing. Have reset you the BIOS to its default settings?

    Have you checked the CPU radiator for an accumulation of dust? A can of compressed Air can help remove dust through the vents.

    What was the reason that you updated the BIOS, in the first place? Had previous problems with the system?

  • Satellite P840 - Accessin the Bios or boot boot order

    Howdy all, first post here.

    I have a Satellite P840, part PSPJ6A - 00 h 001

    Windows 8.

    I have difficulties to access the Bios or boot order. I need to boot from a CD/DVD and I can't go in the boot options to change the boot order.

    I tried F12 F2 repeatedly pressing boot, pressing F12 and hold for 1 second (according to the manual) with no luck.

    What Miss me... I've never not been able to get start options before. The only thing is that it is Win8 which I am not familiar with.

    Any suggestion would be appreciated.

    Thank you

    Perform the shutdown complete, restart the laptop press F12 and you will be able to enter the boot menu. Here you can choose which device should be the first boot device.

Maybe you are looking for

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    When I connect my screen is magnified and I opened applications have all been expanded, so are the shortcuts and blurred even the at sign on level. How to reset the screen back to normal.

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