Satellite P Series: Volume knob problem

The volume on my P200 dial only turns the sound down regardless of the direction in which I turn it on.

Someone at - it ideas?


Hi Paul

And what will happen if you change the volume by using the icon in the taskbar? In any case, this behavior is unusual. If you have noticed this since the first day and with the settings, you should contact your local dealer and speak with him.

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  • Wheel of Satellite U400 - 138 Volume - software problem


    Recently * Toshiba Tempro * suggested I upgrade the bios driver sound (Conexant) and a few other drivers for my Vista. I did and then I noticed that the volume of 'material' control - * volume wheel *-did not work. Still, I have the right volume level control by clicking on the 'volume' icon, but turning the steering wheel left to right and does not affect the volume level. I tried all the options in the Control Panel, but there is simply * no. OPTION for a wheel *.

    I thought it broke. BUT: there was a miracle - if the * registry editor * (regedt32.exe) open the wheel _works_ perectly! But if I close it (or even if I click on another window or minimize regedt32) everything is bad - volume stops at the last level, "recalled" my Vista (I have tested hearing music in the background).

    That's why I think that:
    1. the wheel is working and sending its changes but Vista (or a pilot of its new) does not recognize
    2. when the Registry Editor opens these changes are "up-to-date" - so the wheel seems to work. But when the registry editor is not active there is no mechanism for this "update".

    All solutions? You know the keys on which registry changes when I turn the volume knob? That I should


    I have the latest drivers for my Satellite U400-138 today (28 January 2009)


    I think that you need to reinstall just the PPV again.
    The value contains some applications that control Toshiba media, keys FN and also the Volume indicator buttons.

    First, you must remove the old system VAP.
    Then clean the registry using a tool like CCleaner, for example.

    Then after restarting new install the VAP and reboot the laptop.

    Welcome them

  • The screen is discolored on Satellite C series - cable GPU problem?

    I installed flows at the start of the first question, since so I uninstalled flow and performed a system recovery to be double sure that the software of the laptop has been restored to its state before problem.

    No luck, so I tried a diagnosis from you guys, I can understand if its something I can fix myself or should I hire someone to do it.

    The laptop is only 3 months, so still under warranty but as I do not have the receipt I don't know if I can claim the guarantee. - download I tried via the forum, but it did not work

    You can reset the colors in graphics Intel utility? (Or utility AMD according to what specifications model you own)

  • Exe on the Satellite L series files reading problem

    Please can someone help me?
    My laptop is no longer automatically open almost anything.
    He asked me what to use to open things so I can't download new programs or updates because it does not open them.

    He tells me that it is a problem to read exe files.
    Not sure I understand this and can I do to fix this


    Don't know what this cause but maybe your system is confusing to the top
    Have you tried to get the BONE to this early time before this problem occurred?
    If this isn't the case, I recommend you this option.

  • Satellite U300: How do I change the sensitivity of volume knob

    I'm not impressed with the volume knob on my new Satellite U300.
    Much preferred the version of the 'real' material on my old A100 - the U300 suffers from "lag" and is also requires a lot of the composition to make changes.

    Is there a way I can adjust the sensitivity?

    This is not possible dude, you cannot change the sensitivity of the volume control.

    But to be honest I n t agree with you!
    I like the new generation of the volume control. I ve such control in the A210 volume and it s nice.

  • Satellite A300D-11 q battery problem


    I was on the point of start almost the same topic, when I saw there was very similar question several hours - []. Yet, I decided to share my problem.

    I have the Satellite A300D-11 q PA3534U-1BRS 4000 mAh battery and 10.8 V.
    The difference in my case is that I bought a new battery, PA3533U-1BRS, 7200 mAh, 10.8V, but a third-party manufacturer.
    Before that, I was told by the official service of Toshiba PA3533U-1BRS is compatible with my computer. Of course, this trusted third party (Brainydeal, a U.S.-based company., but the battery is made in China, by AGPTEK). It was pretty tempting as the price was half that quoted by Toshiba for a 6000 one mAh. And there were 16/16 sides of 5 stars on Amazon for the same battery.

    So, the problem. I had very similar flashing red LED, but nevertheless the battery could be charged and was able to power the laptop for about 2 hours. However, the computer could not get information nor on the level of load (and therefore couldn't not to assess what is the period of hibernation, so was suddenly stopped), voltage, or manufacturer.

    And the model seems to be PA3593U-1BRS depending on the software (Lavalys Everest and also BatteryMon).
    I've had a few matches clumsy with Brainydeal where they assured me that the battery is high quality and all going well, 3593 is compatible with my laptop model.

    Finally, I returned it to the manufacturer for replacement, and yesterday, I received a new. However, the same is happening again.
    Exactly the same thing.

    Before writing back to the manufacturer, I decided to check here for review.
    May be the battery Electronics is a failure?
    Or could it be somehow related to the fact that the computer is purchased the battery - of the USA and Europe? Or I just had very bad luck?

    Post edited by: marchemence

    Just one question: the old battery is working correctly?
    I mean do a blink led using the old battery or only the new battery?

    I read in some discussions that last BIOS should be used for series Satellite A300 to solve some problems of battery.

    Please check if you are using the latest version of the BIOS!

  • Satellite L100 series starts the error message

    I have a Satellite L100 series PC laptop I've had for a few years now and he's got a problem. When I boot it it goes as far as the windows loading screen then flashes blue for a mili second then restarts. I try to start safe mode, and it produces a long list that has the following text:

    Multi (0) Disk (0) rdisk (0) partition drivers then sys various titles of files. After that it appears for a minute or two then restarts again.

    I searched the web to find what is the problem and the general answer that I can find is that the hard drive is faulty. I also found that the BONE may need to reinstall I try first before buying a new hard drive.

    My question is this:

    Can anyone confirm that this is the hard drive which is a failure?
    If Yes, is this the right hard drive for the L100 series laptop PC:

    Any help is very appreciated.

    Thank you very much


    Yes, it could be that the HARD drive is faulty.
    So I would check this with a special tool.
    With the Drive Fitness Test, you can test your HARD drive. Download the CD image, burn it to a CD and boot from it. Then you can test the HARD drive.
    On the same site is a user's guide if you want to know more.

    Good bye

  • Speakers have stopped working on the Satellite a series

    I have a laptop satellite - not sure what mono - speakers have stopped working and are unable to turn back.

    Have tried checking volumen and none controls mute buttons are slected. tested and it says ther no problem but still no sound. have uninstalled the driver and reinstalled - what else can I try?

    > have a portable satellite - not sure that we
    Roll on Notepad and check the label at the bottom of the unit. You will find the name of the laptop!

    > Speakers have stopped working on the Satellite a series
    Open the Device Manager and check if no yellow exclamation point appears. If you can see this yellow sigh perhaps the sound card driver is not installed correctly.

    In addition, please plug the headphones to your laptop and check if you can hear anything through the headphones.

  • Satellite 1800 Series, upgrade for video editing

    Is it possible use you my Satellite 1800 for video editing. (pinnacle studio 8/9)
    I now 256 MB in use, HD is original and the processor is the processor INTEL celeron-995 MHz.
    And is it possible to replace the DVD on a DVD - RW
    Thank you

    The my Satellite 1800 Series drive is fixed mounted, yours is too (I think). The only way to change the disk is to go to the next dealer Toshiba one ask him if there is a reader, that it might recommend.

  • Satellite Pro P100 - Synaptics touchpad problem with Win 7

    Satellite Pro P100 with Synaptics Touchpad, was now running Vista, Win 7 64 bit.
    The original driver had an option "disable when the external pointing device connected.

    I installed a Synaptics Synaptics_v14_0_3_C_XP64_Vista64_Win7 driver - 64_Signed_default.exe that does not have this check box.

    It works fine except that sometimes the Microsoft Mouse becomes works all the seconds that she or the touchpad to fight everyone. I have to disable the touchpad.
    So the next time I turn. If I do so without a mouse, I can't use the touchpad until I plug the mouse, turn it back on, then disconnect the mouse.

    Thank you


    Try to install the Synaptics drivers and Alps touchpad page pilot European Toshiba.
    Choose the touchpad Win 7 drivers out for a satellite L500 series.

    By the way; the touchpad can be enabled and disabled by using the FN + F9 button combination. It is not necessary to have all the options if FN + F9 works very well.

  • Hiding on Satellite Pro U200 volume icon

    How to hide the (decreasing) volume icon when the volume control using the volume knob?
    Otherwise, it appears in the course of presentations and is blank on any media submitted even after the release of the wheel.


    In Vista you can toggle the volume Icon in the "Notification area" tab "Taskbar and Start Menu Properties":
    You can do a right click on the taskbar and choose Properties. Then click on the tab 'Area of Notification' and uncheck/check volume and click on apply.

  • Portege M750 - Volume knob does not control the sound


    Just made a new intall of Windows 7 (32 bit). Made from scracth with CD from Toshiba. The drivers that I downloaded from the site Web of Toshiba. Everything is ok, except the volume knob does not control the sound.

    Does anyone know driver I'm missing? All buttons and other functions are active except volume wheel.


    Have you installed the VAP (value added package) for Win 7?
    EU from Toshiba are page pilot VAP v 1.2.40

  • Satellite Pro U300 Expansion Chassis problem

    Hello fellow users.

    I am trying to use an expresscard with my satellite pro expansion chassis. Problem is that in Device Manager, I am getting error code 12 for PCI bridges in the chassis and the error code 31 for the PCI bridge on the card I want to use in the expansion chassis.

    I installed latest version of the BIOS but cannot solve the problem.

    Slot for Express card in my computer is fine because I use an Ethernet Express of 1 card G without problem.

    Hunting on the web, it seems that the problem is related to the BIOS being unable to handle the number of PCI bus in the system, refer to the knowledge base article 942959 Microsoft. This article explains the problem and how to Vista and W2008 reslove.

    I am running XP and work around, that they said, does not work. Upgrading to Vista is not really an option as software I want to use is not yet the version for Vista.

    My only options left at this stage are fresh install XP to see if it corrects the problem, or vista fresh install and hope I want to use drivers/software works under Vista.

    Has anyone else seen this problem, got any other suggestions.

    Thank you very much


    your problem is unusual, but what I want to know is: which model / manufacturer, what is this expansion chassis?
    It would be interesting since without knowing what we´re talking expansion chassis, it would be difficult to know where exactly the problem could be...


  • Is it possible to use the port replicator with the Satellite Pro series?

    Is it possible to use the port replicator (Docking Stations) for Tecra series laptop with the Satellite Pro series?


    No, as far as I know it of not possible to use a port on laptops Satellite Pro Replicator.
    All laptops that support the Port Replicator has a port extension at the bottom of the unit.
    To my knowledge, the Satellite Pro series don t have this port.
    For now only the Tecra and some units Protégé(ie: S100) supports this feature.

  • Qosmio G20: I miss is the volume knob after XP installtion

    I reinstalled win XP [no original recovery DVD] and I was able to get all the features of work - the only thing that miss me is the volume knob.
    Should which driver I? What is the name of device?

    I installed win xp pro / eng OEM


    On the Toshiba download page you can find the instructions facilities document. Please check and make sure that you have installed all of the things listed in the order of good facilities.

Maybe you are looking for

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