Satellite P10 - how to get the Netgear router to work?


Can someone tell me how to get my laptop Satellite P10 to work out of my router Netgear wireless zone that goes with my virgin package please?

I work in the area of modem at the moment... or the P10 wi - fi like my acer laptop which is everything mounted in.
Be more grateful if anyone here can work this 1 out for me the switch on the left side of the laptop is slipped on.

Thanks... take care of Dennis

Hi mate

Have you read the manual of the router?
Do this if you didn't check the manual and the instructions how to set up the router!

Regarding the availability of Sat P10 and WLan.
As far as I know the other Satellite P10 support different hardware specifications, which means that not all P10 have been equipped with the WLan card.
You should check your device manager if the wireless network adapter is installed.
If the laptop doesn't support wireless network card then I would recommend using a USB WiFi key which is the simplest solution to prepare the notebook WLan.

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    Tools and drivers Toshiba download on the Toshiba site.
    If you want to buy the CD of restoration, you can order it from the service partner in your country.

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    Case No.


    It's pretty easy. Go to the [page driver Toshiba |] and download the utility of Vap and Flashcard support. Then, install Vap and restart your laptop. After that do it for the support of Flashcard.

  • Satellite A210-14 t: how to get the Fn keys to work under XP?

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    Will there be a version of the Windows XP drivers in the near future?

    Thank you

    I imagine that you will not be able to get the keys FN works on XP because the XP drivers are not available at this time.
    Seems that you have to wait and hope ;)

  • Satellite P10 - how to get Windows XP?

    I have a satellite P10 I bought again. The HARD drive is dead and I need to install a new one. I have all the recovery disks provided with my machine, but not windows XP that was loaded first. How to get it without having to buy new?

    The HARD drive was replaced by the only agent of service Toshiba 9 months ago in London but they say they offer only a 3 month guarente therefore is not willing to pay another £100.00 + I all saved data.

    Can anyone help please?


    I do not know, you will get an original recovery media for this older model laptop, but you can see the page posted by Akuma m.
    If you are not able to get Toshiba recovery media install WXP using the facilities of Microsoft CD.

    All the drivers, tools and utilities, you can find on Toshiba support and download page - > support & downloads.

  • "Re: Satellite A300: how to get the BT icon in the computer" window like any other device

    Dear experts,

    I own a computer Satellite A300 series laptop with Vista Home Premium 32 bit.
    Previously, "Interchange of information bluetooth" icon allows to be appeared in the 'Computer' window as "other devices."

    Today, I noticed that the icon is disappered from "computer"window, but if I have BT of the the taskbar or system tray icon, it works very well. "

    I can send file from laptop to mobile and vice varsa.

    but I need this icon to the desired location (IE, the working window) to open the window of bluetooth information interchange in order to obtain full access to the mobile Assembly file into the laptop. (when I need a number of files to copy to phone from a mobile phone in turned monkey)

    Please tell me how to get this icon back in; computer"window?


    I think that this appears if the BT device has been activated.
    Disabled or not connected devices does not appear under "My Computer" until the devices are connected.
    Please activate the BT using FN + F8 first, then check the my computer window.

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  • Satellite P10 - how to change the HARD drive?


    I want to change my Satellite P10 for a bigger HARD drive.
    But I Don t know how to remove the DvD drive.

    On this laptop, I mean that the HARD drive is under the DvD drive.

    Please help me, if you know how to change the HARD drive.

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    Hi Frank,.

    I'm not too sure about the P10, but on my A30 the hadr drive is under the DVD-ROM. It is secured in place by a single screw (accessible from under the laptop), and when it is deleted the DVD-ROM slides just to place revealing the hard drive.

    The hard drive is fixed with 4 screws (2 on each side)


  • Satellite C660: How to get the HDMI port?


    Could someone tell me how to get hdmi on the laptop as the laptop has a hdmi port

    Thank you


    But what C660-xxx you? Perhaps you could use a
    It is not possible to add arbitrary ports.

    Ports are part of the motherboard and if the laptop does not provide an HDMI port, so, you will not be able to use that :(

    Of course, you could use a device that would be to convert a digital video signal, but they are expensive and in my opinion not worth trying it s better to buy a laptop that would support the HDMI port instead of buy a converter for 200-$300

  • Satellite P10: How to enable the WiFi of Intel 2200BG card


    I have a psp10e Satellite that I recently installed a WiFi of Intel 2200BG card. After having problems to light up I put the Ribbon on the PIN 13 on the map to turn on the radio.

    I have installed all the latest drivers / BIOS updates and spend hours searching the Internet I am still yet to find a cure for the hardware switch/fn + f8 and the WiFi led to work.

    Is there something that everybody has understood to make the switch/led work material? There must be a better remedy than a piece of duct tape! It is the BIOS that has nothing to do with the hardware switch?


    You isolated the correct pin code? With the 13 PIN is pin 7 when you look at the map. And unfortunately there is no biosupdate for these machines, because everything is 'wired', then you will need to follow the alternative route...

    Sorry man

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  • Satellite A200 - how to get the sound on the TV?


    Im trying to set up my laptop through the TV so I can watch videos via my TV, I have the part well display using an S-video cable but I do not know how to switch the sound of the TV/Surround Sound System.

    Someone can give me a guide or helps to do this?

    Thank you

    Merrry Christmas and happy new year

    Very interesting thread about a similar problem that you find under

    Check what Miro wrote and what he uses to get the transfer of audio and video signals to external devices.
    If you still have any questions please let us know.

  • Satellite M70: How to get the Express Media Player feature?

    I M70, but I formatted it once I bought it. Now, you could tell me how to recover the function of Express Media Player? There is no setup.exe file in the Express Media Player recovery CD.

    Thank you

    Hello Weimin

    In order to use the media functions Express the Mediaplayer Express Recovery CD must be performed before performing the recovery from the recovery DVD-ROM products.
    You can't run Express Media player after performing a recovery.

    Should at least 150-200 MB of available free space on the HARD drive.
    This free space must be on the end of the HARD drive and there must be unallocated.
    To start the installation, you must boot from the recovery Express Mediaplayer CD

    Good bye

  • How to get the crop tool to work faster (is slow)

    I'm growing a few thousand photos, and the crop tool is just slow.

    Change the culture or the displacement of the image behind the harvest is nervous, sometimes he has seconds to change the display, which makes pain culture to work.

    Even though the image is loaded and the lightroom rested some time, cropping is slow, which should not be, since the image is entirely in memory and moving should be easy for the computer.

    So, how can I get the crop tool to go faster?

    I use a Win7 Core i7-2600 with 16GB of Ram, catalogue LR on Intel SSD, images on a fast SeaGate HDD, AMD Radeon HD 6800 grafics adapter, display of 30 "(2560 x 1600)." The files are a Nikon D800E NAVE, but my D700 files are slow, too.

    I've worked through this list , which helped a little, but not too much.

    I'd appreciate some tips!

    Thank you


    This is good and bad news.

    It must draw a ton of pixels in a higher resolution, and I suspect that it only uses the CPU to do. Have a faster card video likely would not help.

    While you perform your crop, maybe you could reduce the Lightroom window so that the actual image which shows takes less than half of the screen space. There has been posts on this forum that indicate an increase in high speed to keep the image small enough. It seems to be quantified: there are certain thresholds, when the Crusaders, causing big boosts in performance. Try a few experiments.


  • Satellite L850 - how to get the product key for Win8?

    How can I get my product key Windows 8 single language?
    Do someone have an idea?

    In the case of the laptop was not pre-installed with Win 8, you must purchase the license Micorsoft Windows 8.
    If you buy 8 Win, you will get an email serial key

  • Satellite A10 - how to get the new job of CPU?

    Hi all

    Cut long story short:

    I own a Toshiba Satellite A10 former model Celeron 1.8 Ghz processor, running Windows XP SP3.

    Just bought a 2.5 Ghz Celeron processor SL75T, verified even FSB, same PIN, compared to the current 1.8 Ghz via Ebay.

    Do you have a swap and replace the 1.8 Ghz with the last 2.5 Ghz, the laptop is able to start, but it just hangs before entered into normal windows.

    I tried safe mode, it went smooth, however intermittently crashes, too, but unless I could enter and change some settings.

    Initially thought it was the power of thermal design of the 24.5W old abreast 35W. Although without any solid evidence to me i.e. get made reliable on temperature processor 3rd party software (coz the 3rd party software cannot run in safe mode environment), the fan is still running strong, just changed new fan not too long.

    My hunch is that, when I was in Safe Mode Windows, I could see that in the list of the hardware in the Device Manager, the processor is still showing old clocked at 1.8 Ghz and not the latest 2.5 Ghz? However, when I right click on my computer and select Properties ==> system properties, it is show 2.49 Ghz-very good, just not inside the hardware of the Device Manager list. I tried to uninstall, but it still does not work after that several reboot.

    I don't think that there is no driver for the change of processor, what should I do to avoid this 2.5 Ghz to hang up every time before, it tries to go in normal windows? I think that this should be an operating system problem I right? (not sure) Please enlighten. Thank you!!


    in my opinion, your motherboard is not strong enough to continue to run this processor and any 2.5 Ghz Celeron processor SL75T has the same FSB and the stem.

  • Satellite A20: How to get the resolution 1360 x 768 on external screen

    Hello. I have Satellite A20 and LG HDTV with a resolution of 1360 x 768.

    What I want is to use HDTV as a second monitor... but I can not correct output resolution. :(

    I can only adjust the output resolution:

    640 x 480
    720 x 480
    720 x 576
    1024 x 768
    1280 x 1024

    If he can do 1280 x 1024, then it surly can do 1360 x 768?

    can someone tell me if this can be done and how to make 1360 x 768

    Thanks :)

    Hmm, usually you can't choose this resolution because the graphics driver does not support!
    You can try to find the driver of the manufacturing of the graphics card and could try to install it.
    If you fail, I guess that you can't use your favorite ;(resolution

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