Satellite P10 switch randomly between battery and AC

I have a satellite P10 who had some problems of strange power for about a year now.

My laptop switch to the power of the battery even when it is plugged. I will then either use the computer until the battery runs out and turned it off or Hibernate in until the battery may charge.

I thought that I had fixed by downloading and installing a new Bios from the toshiba site, which seemed to work for a while, but now it the problem seems to have returned.

I also bought a new battery and the bar of power, thinking that was the problem... but it does not solve the problem.

Someone else out there with similar problems, or a method to solve this?
any thoughts would be great.


Hi man,

I had similar problems with my machine, so you can check some things:

-When the CA is connected, then move him soft in all directions, there are maybe a few micro cracks on the AC connector.
-try to boot your machine without the battery, your motherboard charging system is may be defective
-Discover an another AC adapter, maybe the CA is defective

If you encounter some strange phenomena as power cuts or no charge while you perform this action above, then you have definitely a hardware problem and you will need to contact your local dealer or the service partner for the other instance.

So I had to do, and it's a faulty motherboard.

Hope I could give you some ideas.

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  • Equium L10-273 kept switching between battery and power


    I saw a similar post here and I was wondering if anyone could tell me if they have had this problem sorted? My Equium L10-273 kept switching between battery and power all others second, which made it impossible to type, it's got worse and worse. I thought it was a problem with the power supply, but when I removed the battery from the laptop is ok running of the adapter.

    He kept also make a noise of hissing/crackling growing fan region, which stopped when I removed the AC adapter. The adapter was unusually hot, and the fan area became too hot to the touch. This stopped now, I removed the battery, so I want to know is what someone has solved this problem by replacing the battery or it should be returned?

    This laptop is less than 2 years old, but apart from his one year warranty.


    According to the description of your problem, I think there is a problem of electronic power supply. Sorry but there is not a universal solution, and I recommend you contact the service authorized in your country. Explain the situation and see what they say.

  • Fan of D4T - 1500 HP continuous switching speed between hi and lo

    My laptop is switching speed between lo and hi when the battery and the AC adapter / CC are connected.  If disconnected the unit is operating normally.  It does not matter if I have a window open, 3, 6...   I replaced the original battery (2009) with a battery 8800mAh to increase time between charges about 6 months ago.  The battery has a bump to raise the notebook off the surface, it's on and improve the flow of air.  Everything was fine until a few days ago.  The Unit feels not hot when the bike fan starts but stops immediately after disconnecting the adapter or pulling on the battery.  Any thoughts?  Thank you.

    Thank you for visiting the Forums HP's Support and welcome. I read your thread on your HP Pavilion dv4t-1500 Notebook and having issues with the fan switch to salvation and weak. Try perform a reset. When you perform a hard reset note remove all USB devices and remove cards memory card reader location. Disconnect all non-essential devices. If that doesn't help try to turn on the computer, on which you begin to press F11 repeatedly until the menu opens. You can do a System Restore. System Restore will return the computer before this fan problem began.

    Here is a link to test and calibrate the battery. Here is a link to test the ac adapter.

    If everything fails, you can try to restore the default BIOS. This would force the machine to look at what the material is on the laptop.

    Hope it will be useful.

    Thank you.

  • Satellite P10 - 792 lock ups / crashes and battery

    I used my P10 792 even since I bought it 3 years ago. S there was a decreasing battery box that appears on my screen (sometimes) say I should replace the badly inserted battery and restart my computer. If there is also a problem mouse touch pad. He touchpad doesn't respond well to orders while he was trying to move the pointer.

    The battery alarm message usually comes with the dysfunction of the touchpad. I have to press ESC to restore the touchpad back to normality and close the application of process Btrychkr.exe under the menu CTRL + ALT + DELETE to make the gibbous Moon box to disappear.

    But the main and most recently problem are blockages, especially when running programs that require a video grand advanced such as 3D games and DVDs. The screen freezes for several seconds, and then he comes back to life. This is sometimes followed by a sudden stop down.

    Finally, when I try to turn it on, it doesn't even get to loading windows before it stops again, and so on. So I have to wait several minutes before pushing on the button again. Now, we have reached a critical situation where the computer won t last more than 10 minutes before its shutdown automatically without notice. There is no error message so I don't see what is the cause of the problem. (Battery? Overheating?)

    It is also important to note that one of my friends with a series of P10 also had these same problems and finally had to buy a new one because the laptop has been just the hand. I fear me comes with the same situation of m.

    How can I solve this problem?
    I would really appreciate the help.
    Thank you


    You you use laptop for 3 years. You replace the battery during this 3 years?
    Isn't it? I think it would be a good idea to replace the battery.
    Usually after about 500 times of loading and unloading procedures the performance of the battery goes down and the life time decreases

    Additional during those 3 years, the laptop needs to be cleaned. Fans suck dirt and dust and sometimes cooling modules cannot turn with maximum performance and can not cool the CPU and other devices.
    Of course, the overheating could be a reason for your shutdown problems

    Looks like you haven t much experience so I think someone with more experience (technician) is recommended to clean the notebooks cooling modules

  • Satellite P10-304: the problem writing and erasing CD - RW discs

    Some need help pls. I own a Toshiba satellite P10-304 with a combo player SD-R2412 installed. When I try to burn a new CD - RW, it does ok, but wouldn't allow no other written on the same CD in another session. The written CD - RW is then recognized as a CD-ROM. In addition, it is not possible to erase the cd - rw usinig this player. When I take the cd written for my laptop office of deletion, as it's done with success and my toshiba can then burn again. Any ideas on what to do?

    Additional information: laptop computer came bundled with "drag n dro cd" but I had to install Roxio and even tried the cd writing software provided with windows XP are done everything to nothing. I checked the 'advanced system info-error log' and the report there is 'the device, \Device\CdRom0, has a bad block'; I don't know what that means.




    In my opinion, it's probably caused by software. In my opinion, you should remove all burning software and verify all burning functions with windows option. After deleting some software, it can happen that, in the registry editor it is a lot of waste that will not be removed completely.

    In any case, delete all the burning software, and you can also try to remove the device from Device Manager DVD. Restart the laptop and DVD should be detected and installed correctly. Try using the option of engraving of Windows and if there is still problem writing once again please.

  • Satellite Pro A100 - flashing light battery and no start


    I was sitting watching a video with my daughter yesterday when five minutes in my Satellite Pro A100 suddenly stopped working - cut out completely and not be reactivated. When I tried to restart the orange lit battery eleven short blinks blinked, and nothing else has happened. The battery has been low for some time, so we always run the AC adapter. The adapter is currently connected, but there is no blue light charge as I expect.

    With the battery removed do not get the flashes orange. With the battery and power adapter, I get the flashes orange.

    I was wondering if the AC adapter was missing, and we do not have a "low battery" warning because we were watching a video. That would explain the lack of charge indicator. When we get the flashes orange, we get this from the small amount of residual charge of the battery.

    Can anyone back this idea up - or anyone who can interpret the error code?

    Thank you


    Hey Buddy,

    This means that you are able to start your computer or battery or AC/DC adapter only, good point?

    Well, theoretically it might be possible that AC/DC adapter is defective.
    When you try to start your laptop, nothing happens, right?

    In the best case, you know a friend who has the same AC/DC adapter, so you can test if the AC adapter is defective or not. Otherwise a professional diagnosis of an ASP would be necessary.

  • Satellite P10 824: card reader SD and IrDA doesn't work

    I have a tosiba Satellite P10 824 a I don't know why I can use Infra red and sd card reader.
    I installed the driver but I do not have nor why I can use.
    When an sd card I can't and I can't send anything via infra red.


    Check the Device Manager.
    Are the mentioned devices properly recognized in Device Manager or there is some yellow exclamation points?
    How did you install the operating system? Train the Toshiba Recovery CD or manually? This issue has been published since the first day, or you have installed any 3rd party applications?

    As you can see there are a lot of questions because no one knows what you have done on your laptop. In my opinion the damaged registry entries might be a reason for these issues.

    I think that you should try to remove the SD card reader and Irda device after the Restart Manager again you should auto search devices.
    The drivers have to update and it should be possible to use the devices.

  • Satellite P200 - 17 c PSPB6E - battery and charger delivers


    I was wondering if anyone can help.

    I had my laptop Satellite P200 - 17 c PSPB6E for about 2 years. For the last 6 months the battery and the AC adapter have been gradually getting worse.

    The adapter is now very loose and I need to hold it with one hand while using the laptop. The same battery with the AC charger in place does not increase (it shows 0% available plugged in, load). If the AC adapter slips, the laptop is dead and I need to recharge.

    Essentially, it seems the only thing keeping the laptop on, is the adapter (which itself is very loose).

    I need to know whether a battery or a problem with the AC adapter. I had only the laptop for a short period and would not have expected problems early.

    Thank you



    In my opinion, that your laptop is quite old (2 years) and these things can happen, mate.

    But I think you need new batteries and AC adapter or motherboard. If the battery doesn't charge with adapter connected the case is clear: the battery is faulty because she will not be charged.

    Regarding the connection of the adapter problem AC/DC it's hard to say because theoretically, it could also be a problem with the socket on the motherboard. This is why you should ask a technician for laptop. The technician can tell you what the problem is.

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  • Satellite L300 - problem with the battery and with the FN keys


    Please help me with the following 2 problems:

    1. I bought 10 L300, 2009 with Vista, and then I switch to Win7. After that the FN do not work. I can use a couple of access keys, but anyway, they do not appear on top of the scr4een as if it was on Vista. You have the solution to work again?

    2. after the upgrade to Win7, my battery is almost dead. I use 230V taken to work on my laptop. I used my laptop properly and it is really surprised that the battery had a life so short. You have a similar experience or you may have a solution to work again?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    (1) install VAP (value added package) and Flash memory card Support utility.
    For example, you can find the driver area L500 software.

    (2) you can try to define some battery saving options in the power management Windows 7 in order to reduce the working time of battery.
    I switched to Windows 7 and the battery still works fine.

  • Satellite A30 switch of the battery, while the AC is plugged

    I've had my A30 for 3 years now, but recently it has begun to move to the power of the battery while it is still plugged into current alternative. Does anyone else have this problem?


    In my opinion, there are two possibilities:
    First the adapter has a fault or cable is broken and there is sometimes power fluctuations.
    The second possibility could be bad connection between AC and power plug on the laptop or between the power supply and the motherboard.

    However, I don't think you have enough experience to solve alone. I recommend you contact the ASP in your country for the control of the laptop.

  • Satellite P10 804 is over heating and cutting

    My Satellite P10-0804 seems to be stopping down to often cause of overheating.

    I guess that there is a thermostat to control it.

    Is there away that I can fix this, without sending the unit?

    Changing the setting in the "Toshiba Power Management Utility" can improve things? With that, I don't see much possibility to change settings if the unit is plugged into current alternative.

    -In the "Advanced" tab, there is a selection for the "method Colling", default value 'Max Performance Mode' which is the best choice or can it be changed to 'Mid Performance Mode' or 'silent '?


    No, you should not change some settings powersaver. Simply do the following:

    1. take a brush and a can with compressed air (which can be obtained in every electronics store)
    2. use the brush to clean the outer holes the cooling system for your processor
    3. use the bottle with compressed air to blow some air trough the cooling modules, I guess they must be really clobbed with dust
    4. If the product overheats again then go to a computer technician who is familiar with the mobile computing systems and let it clean the CPU cooling system correctly, including the fat CPU cooling

    That's all


  • Satellite Pro A120 - need stronger battery and memory modules


    I wanted to update memory on my laptop A120. I don't know what kind of memory I have.

    I never opened before.
    Also, I would like to buy a longer battery. It will help if anyone can point me to a detailed specification of the laptop...

    Thank you.


    As I m wrong not the Sat Pro A120 RAM can be upgraded up to 2 GB with DDR2 533 MHz (PC2-4200) 200 - PIN SODIMM barrettes.
    So, you can use 2 x 1 GB RAM

    In addition, you can consult the Web from Toshiba site Options & accessories to see what batteries are compatible for you Satellite Pro A120.

    The page can be found here:> peripheral services & -> Options and accessories

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  • Satellite A-L50-19N 0% battery and not charging


    I used Toshiba eco utility and battery lifecycle saving mode (power icon in the State reported half full and not load bar).

    Recently, I was forced to reinstall Windows, which has also removed all the drivers and software from Toshiba.
    Now II'm having problems with the battery charge not, reports set to 0% and no battery power icon not charging even when main DC is plugged.

    I noticed this laptop often turns off the coast during the start or restart.
    I guess that's due to the condition of the battery.
    In other words, I can't re-enable charging battery.

    Power off the battery voltage in the BIOS and two sequential reboots do not seem to solve the problem.


    How and what system reinstall you?

    Have you used the image of Toshiba (average DVD or recovery USB memory) or maybe the HARD drive recovery? Or did you install the system using Microsoft Windows disc clean?

    In case you have used the Microsoft Windows disk clean; have you installed all the drivers Toshiba and the Toshiba UE driver page tools?

    Your comments would be greatly appreciated.

  • Satellite M40 184 - Question on battery and speakers

    Hello everyone.

    A few months ago, I bought a laptop (M40-184), which uses the harman Kardon speakers. I have two questions to ask you.

    1. the battery does not work for more than 1 hour (when the laptop is any more, or when internet explore is enabled). There are no other programs running. I think that this is not normal. What can I do? I'll be back there?

    2. speakers are a strange low frequency noise, when I'm listening to music or watching DVDs. It doen not to be little heavy or something. It was supposed to be a very good pair of speakes.
    What can I do?

    Thanks in advance


    Usually battery working time depends on the use of the laptop.
    If you use a high performance such as 3d graphics tools tools, games or watch DVDs battery working time goes down.
    But if you only use the explore IE the battery should work more than 1 hour. In this case I think that it s a battery failure. If you need to contact the ASP for the replacement of the battery.
    In addition you must always remove the battery from the unit if the power adapter is plugged.

    2.) as far as I know that the Toshiba Virtual sound utility is preinstalled on his unit. Here, you can change some sound settings. Maybe you can solve the problem with the speakers.

    Best regards

  • Satellite A500-19N - Wlan switch between on and OFF in battery mode


    I bought a new A500-19N Satellite three days ago and one have the problem,
    When I used the laptop battery, the wlan switch mode between connect and disconnect.
    With powersupplier, I have no problem.

    All energy wlan settings I adjusted to full performance and now I have now idea how can I solve the problem.
    Do you have any ideas or advice?

    Thank you very much


    You must verify power WLan settings in Win 7 power management and need to disable the power save for WLan in battery mode

    I found a great HowTo but for Vista OS.
    But the settings are not really different.

    Check this box:

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