Satellite P100-115 - vertical lines to appear on the screen


My Satellite P100-115 is 2.5 years but yesterday a thin vertical line appeared on the screen.
I already checked this problem by connecting an external monitor.

The line does not appear on the external display.
Could you tell me what might get hurt? I always took care of the laptop so he couldn't be a race of misuse.



Hello, Lukas

You did the right thing and tested it with the external monitor. There is evidence that the display is faulty and must be replaced. It has nothing with the help of the ADB. Such a thing just happens.

Sorry, buddy, but there are two solutions, either Exchange the screen or use it with external monitor. :(

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  • Re: Satellite L300 - vertical lines of color on the screen

    All of a sudden my Satellite L300 has many colored lines running up and down the screen.
    have never seen this before on any pc, so do not know what could be the cause.

    have tried a search on this forum but found nothing relevant.

    need to know if its worth trying to fix...

    Failed to contact Toshiba other than the robot which is useless.

    Thank you

    I can't say for sure, but it might be faulty display.
    What you can try is to connect the external monitor or TV to the laptop and check if there is a problem on an external device. In case contrary it comes to the display and it should be replaced.

    Googling around you can check how much you must pay for the display again and do a rough estimate, if Exchange is the right option or not.

  • Satellite M60-162: vertical and transparent stripe on the screen


    Satellite M60-162 appeared a transparent white vertical stripe on the screen of my laptop. The band is present at startup in the BIOS and in normal operation of the computer. How can I fix?

    No doubt with the replacement of the screen.

    A few years ago I had old Satellite M70 and it had a horizontal white line on the top of the screen. The line was also visible all the time, in the BIOS, when the home Toshiba screen showed and using OS.
    I replaced the LCD screen and everything was OK again.

  • HP 14 laptop: there are vertical lines that appear on my monitor HP 14-r024TX

    When I opened my laptop, a vertical line has appeared in the centre and disappears in a short time like 5-10 minutes of using the device. The case is repeated for 2 weeks until week 3, there are more lines appeared and does not disappear. I went to my dealer and they said they will send the laptop to the company here in the Philippines. Should I back up my files first before sending it even if just the monitor will be replaced? How long he's going to be fixed? and my unit has a genuine copy of Windows 8?. Also, my unit did not fall to the ground to make. Please help! and I thank you in advance.


    Thanks for coming back!

    Ok. In this case backup all your data by copying and pasting on external hard drive and the HP Recovery Manager backup tool & expected repair with HP in your region.

    You could also do an entire hard drive / image back to another external drive using the built in Windows 8 Control Panel tool and using third-party tools such as Macrium Reflect free. You will need Windows rescue CD to return after restore everything back to the laptop.



  • Horizontal line to appear in the display of Toshiba 32BL502


    I recently bought a Toshiba 32BL502 32 in Super Slim LED TV - purchased the 11th of this month.
    The first time, I unplugged my blu - ray player HDMI cable and connected to my laptop instead, it was absolutely perfect.

    The 2nd time, however. It caused a horizontal line to appear on the screen - and it is always there now. I tried to turn it turned off and unplugging everything - is there any which output is on.

    I informed E-buyer, the company I bought, and I think they should be able to replace or repair.
    But I would like to know how to avoid what is happening again!

    Is it as simple as just turn off until I unplug the blu - ray player HDMI cable to plug into the laptop? Thanks for your help!


    In my opinion its just not lucky.
    There is no special procedure to connect a display to a blu - ray player or a laptop.
    The display can be ON or OFF which makes no difference.

  • Satellite P30 - three vertical lines appeared on the screen

    I have a problem with the display on my p30 110 three vertical lines appeared on the screen, the pc has been scanned with three different antivirus programs and seems to be clean any suggestions would be helpful


    These problems usually occur due to a malfunction of the equipment.
    But have you tried to update the graphics driver. If this isn't the case, so I recommend to do.
    The update may solve some problems.

    However, if vertical lines persists then you should ask Toshiba service for assistance.
    He must check the laptop.

  • Re: Satellite L750-11w - horizontal lines appear on the screen

    I seem to have a problem with my screen... for example when I play cs (100 fps)
    When I move my mouse some horizontal lines apear... they ar not colored apear just like someone cut my screen... Another example is when I move my window meessenger or any other window if I slowly move across the screen it apears as it is made of parts? ...

    This is annoyng me... If my description is not enough good small an enswer to please tell me and I'll try to eplain it better or make a demo...
    the laptop has a geforce gt 525 m gpu and the sistem has 8 GB ddr3 1333 mhz, if this can help

    I didn.t overthrow what whether at this point think I didn.t drop it I didn.t hit it... This can be... I just noticet this a couple of days... .this and the fact that it starts a little slower than befor... windows but the start thing is form office 2010


    Connect the external monitor and check if the same lines would be visible on 2nd screen.
    If these lines are not visible, then it means that the internal display may be defective.
    Otherwise, it might be a graphics card problem if line would appear on two screens.

  • Hello my MacBook Pro model (MacBook Pro (15 inch, early 2011 am Dubai bought the Sryalsh C02FD2CPDF8 number and I am in Iran that MacBook Pro not enter the device screen when I turned on the pink vertical lines can be seen, the problem is restless))

    Hello my MacBook Pro model (MacBook Pro (15 inch, early 2011 am Dubai bought the Sryalsh C02FD2CPDF8 number and I am in Iran that MacBook Pro not enter the device screen when I turned on the pink vertical lines can be seen, the problem is agitated and it is not difficult to work with him because I like and what I should I do?))

    Serial number C02FD2CPDF8V

  • Re: Tecra S1 - weird lines appear on the screen

    I have a Tecra S1. It has the graphics card ATI Radeon 9000.

    When I turn on the strange machine lines appear on the screen... and blocks to move on the screen when you use the operating system.
    Basically, it seems very strange. I think there may be a problem with the graphics card and I was wondering if Intel has left the jury on the graphics chip on the system and if it was possible to switch to him?

    I've had the laptop hooked up to an external monitor and the same problem on screen exists, so there is no problem with the screen that I can tell.

    If anyone has any other suggestions, what could be the problem I would be interested as well.

    Thank you


    Hello Paul

    If the same vein occur on the external monitor, I'm sure it's because of the faulty graphics card. The graphics card is part of the motherboard and it cannot be exchanged separately. Sorry, but in this case, the entire motherboard must be exchanged.

    I'm pretty sure new costs a lot of money, but only a chance of getting is cheaper is looking for used one. Maybe you should check eBay. There you can find a lot of laptop parts for models of different laptops. Maybe you will be lucky and find mainborad for your Tecra S1.

    Good luck!

  • Satellite C660 - 115 WLan connection only works when the power cable is connected


    A few weeks ago, I bought a Satellite C660-115. I want to surf the internet anywhere in my house without any son/cables.
    On the first day, I had this problem: when I disconnect _power_ cable, the wireless connection will stop working.

    The Web page on my screen will always be there, but a new page loading is a problem.
    It is sometimes useful to recharge (by pressing F5), - sometimes not. It is always useful to "ip address of repair", but not for long.

    The only solution is to atach regardless of how much power the battery has still the power cord.
    When I do, it is no problem whith the connection at all.
    I went back to the store where I bought it, they related to their own wireless network and they have had the same problem after a few minutes. In the shop too attach the power cable solved the problem.

    So the problem must be in my lap top, not in my network (modem or almost).

    Doesn't this all seem familiar, and if so, how can I solve this?

    I hope that my English is understandable, I live in Holland.
    Thanks in advance!

    Here is the solution:

    Change options for saving for the Wlan in Windows 7 power management

  • Satellite L850D - lines of color on the screen of the BIOS


    I have a q L850D-12 (PSKGAE) and sometimes when I try to boot in the BIOS by pressing F2, I get vertical and horizontal lines and colorful on the screen some time, I get a beep sound while its weight this and other times I just get the line that I usually remove the battery and put it again and it will enter the bios setup.

    Any ideas what the cause?

    It s just an idea, but maybe it s a graphics card problem.
    In your case, I would ask the authorized Toshiba maintainer for the verification of the material.
    It is best to do while the laptop is always protected by the guarantee.

  • LaserJet M5035 MFP: I have a purple line which appears in the scanned document


    When sending e-mail through the printer scanner, I have a purple line which appears in the scanned document. Scanning is done from the "feeder ' ' the printer and not the glass.

    The windows were all cleaned.

    I did the test and digital printing of the "feeder ' ' and I have no lines for printing!   I did update the firmware of the printer and I still have the same result.

    You have a solution to this problem?

    Thank you

    The small windows of the charger scanner had a small red above mark.  When the analysis has been done and sent on an e-mail, the line shows as it is scanned were made with the color scan option.  If I print the line doesn't show because the printer is not color!

  • Whenever the computer is started, two different styles of start menu appear on the screen, divided vertically from left to right.

    Original title: is this monitor or windows?

    This condition began while I was running xp sp 3.

    I worked in google earth at the time.

    I don't remember exactly what happened.

    But now, every time I start windows, two different styles of the start menu

    appear on the screen, divided vertically from left to right.

    The menu on the right can only be extended to about half of the control panel to the left.

    The menu on the left can grow to the right once the right image has been reduced.

    I tried to reset the start menu in the program settings without success.

    Anyone have any ideas?

    I hope that I was clear enough with this info.

    The article you referred to seems to apply to vista and windows 7.

    How ever, before I received your reply I had already solved the problem myself"

    I appreciate the proposed both help Lisa M and Azeez 'n'

    No further assistance is necessary.

    Thanks again.

  • Red line square appear on my screen.

    Is my phone than any problem? Red line appears on the screen of my phone. He follow poping like ads. It seems less than 1 second to 1-2 minutes. I use Xpedia Z2. What it means? Help, please.


    This line appears when you use any application specific or similar? Are you having the same behavior if you start the phone in safe mode?

  • Pavilian DV 5: line double black has just appeared on the screen

    double-line horizontal black has just appeared on the screen. What should I do and it is good to be used the machine with the problem?

    Dear customer,

    Welcome and thanks for posting your question on the Forum of Support HP

    It seems that you are having problems with your laptop display. We will surely help you with this problem

    1. Please check if the display screen / laptop showing black double lines even in BIOS or not

    Note: Turn on the computer laptop and typing on the F10 key to access the BIOS

    2. Please tilt the laptop display slowly to the back and the front, check and check

    If the black double lines are visible to all the corners of the screen

    3 Please connect an external monitor to your laptop and check if the double black lines appear even on the external monitor

    Hope this helps, for other queries in response to the post and feel free to join us again

    * Click on Thumbs Up white on the left to say thank you *.

    Make it easier for others to find solutions by checking a response "Accept as Solution" if it solves your problem.

    Thank you

    K N R K

    Although I am an employee of HP, I speak for myself and not for HP

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