Satellite P100-188: how to perform the procedure for recovery of the product?


I just had a bit of trouble to install a piece of software that, in the end I could settle with a system restore. This process was worried at the time that I could not get the software uninstalled properly (I had to download a program from the machine to uninstall!)

At one point, I considered the restoration of my laptop Satellite P100-188 with the product recovery disc, the thing is I never did this before and I was wondering if someone could tell me the best sequence for later use.

I have a standard Windows Media Center Edition OS, a recovery disk of the product, a disk Express Media Player and a CD of Drivers and tools that I created when I got the laptop.

I have a feeling telling to restore Express Media Player before Windows, is does that mean that I have to insert this disc, install Express Media Player, then insert recovery disk product to install Windows?

The Express Media Player disc formats the drive? It's not clear to me and I don't want to run into problems when I finally don't have to reinstall my operating system.

I searched this forum to see if this information was already posted and could not find all the relevant information, all I can find are problems with the help of recovery and lack of discs discs.

If it has been posted before could you provide me a link and I'm sorry again calls for data.

Hello Gary

If you want to have own OS preinstalled, the best solution is to use supplied recovery media. If the Express media player works well the leave it as it is and use the recovery DVDs only for clean operating system installation. All that s!

Tools and Utilities CD can be used if you need to reinstall Toshiba designed tools or if you want to install your own operating system by using the facilities of Microsoft CD. If you have any other questions please post again.

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    How do install the BIOS after download as I canoe find the beginning of the installation in the downloaded files?

    Any help is appreciated as I am new on this.
    I have a Satellite P100-429 PSPA3E

    You must start the WinPhlash.exe file to start the update of the BIOS.

    In addition, here are some practical info on the update to the BIOS:

  • Satellite P100-188: where to find the Power Saver & Virtual Surround Sound


    We know when or if Toshiba will allow us to download these utilities compatible with cell phones series P100-188? I've very disappointed with the sound quality compared to my satellite M45 I replaced this P100-188 (PSP3AE).

    I still don't see these utilities on the list tailored to this particular type of laptops. Can someone help me please?
    Thank you and Merry Christmas John

    Well, as far as I know some units of the P series are delivered without the energy saving and the virtual sound.
    I don t know why, but I guess that it s a kind of policy
    However, I don t think that Toshiba will design and develop the tools if the laptop has been delivered without these features.

    I remember from one of my friends bought a unit in a series of P a long time ago and this laptop has not also been bundled with Toshiba power saver.
    He had to use Windows power options instead of the energy saver.

  • Satellite P100-160 - how to connect the camcorder?

    Hi all!

    Can anyone can advise, try to connect the Sony camcorder with 4 pin, but can't seem to connect the two devices.

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    is thinking why is this?
    Thank you


    As Garrett Satellite P100 supports the firewire port.

    Normally, the port is always on and you need an application that does not recognize your camcorder correctly. You can then copy the videos on your laptop.

    Good bye

  • Satellite C870-1JV - how to get the product key of Windows 8?

    Hello people

    Is there a way to find the product key windows 8 that was originally installed on the laptop that my laptop is not the windows sticker anywhere. I reinstalled windows once I deleted the partition by accident and now its asking me for the product key which I do not know.

    As far as I know, product key used on the original recovery image can be used if you use the version of the OS. Even with the key to the sticker, you cannot enable clean version.

    If you want to have the original version of Win8 (Toshiba recovery image) you must order the Toshiba restore disk and you can do it on

  • Re: Satellite P100-106 - how to pass the BIOS?


    I'm trying to downgrade the BIOS on my P100-106 of 4.80 to the 3.30 original but I don't have a copy of it. No matter who or where it is available?

    (Please note I looked already and these BIOS are NOT for the P100-106)



    It seems that you have a European model for laptop and so you need to download all the drivers and tools of Toshiba's official website:

    But it seems that he not there no old version available for your laptop BIOS because you can download the newest one.
    You must contact an authorized service provider and ask the guy if you have an older version of BIOS.

    But why you want to downgrade it?

  • Satellite P100-286 - how to get the Lan 1 Gbps with Vista speed

    Many critics say the latest range of P100 with Vista installed Gigabit Ethernet support.
    However, I have a P100-286 card Intel (r) PRO/100, which only seems to support 100 base.
    Can anyone suggest a way to get 1 Gbps on this laptop on LAN?

    Hello Allister

    Maybe I'm wrong, but in my opinion, you must wait for official Vista drivers, install them and after making this check the mobile functionality of any computer.

  • Satellite C850-b71 - how to get the product key of Windows 8?


    I have my computer toshiba laptop Satellite C850-b718 and there win 8, but unfortunately the hard drive no longer works.

    IM wondering if there is a way to get the key to the victory 8 from here or any where using the model laptop or something
    If I can use it on the new hard drive.

    Thank you


    Toshiba does not any serial key for activation of the system.
    In most cases, computers laptop Toshiba are preinstalled with Windows that is already activated system or activation would be done during the first internet connection.

    I suppose that you did create recovery media that would allow you to recover the laptop to factory condition. This recovery disc (medium) could be created using the preinstalled software Toshiba Recovery Media Creator.
    It s always advisable to create this media because the HARD drive may begin to malfunction and in this case, it is not possible to perform HARD drive recovery procedure.

    In any case, to cut the long story short. the recovery disc can be ordered here:

  • Can I upgrade the Nvidia on Satellite P100-188 card?


    Having the Satellite P100 - 188 PSPA3E back to the United Kingdom. It seems now that I have a faulty card of the VGA GF-GO7600-N-A2, which is separated from the motherboard (A000006530), which is good news.

    As I will have to replace it now, can I switch to the best map? I looked through google for replacement for 7600 cards, but have been unable to locate the exact card replacement. I have sent emails to different suppliers in the United Kingdom and now am waiting for answers. Nothing on ebay either right now, outside the chip 7600 Hong Kong, which would mean a soldering job?

    Thanks in advance.

    In General, graphics card can not be updated -

    What do you think about possible risks (more heat and so forth)?

  • Satellite P100-188 starts after the upgrade of the wireless network card

    I recenty installed a new Intel 5100 Series 512AN_MWW Mini PCI NIC in my Satellite P100 - 188 PSPA3E database.
    However, when it is installed, he refused to view and start.

    I'm sure (read the technical info) that these cards use the same interface.
    So why it won't work?
    Is an update of the BIOS to enable a feature. If so, could someone kludge one together please?

    I have the latest version of the BIOS installed 4.70 and am running Windows Vista.
    I am desperate for this that I already have a project N AP 2.0 and want to use it to its full capabilities.

    Cheers, Rob


    If I understand your message you have improved the Interior card WLan Intel (Golan) Intel 3945ABG 802. 11a / g to Intel 5100 with project support.

    Boyfriend although it seems that you can't use the WLan draft N card in this laptop model.
    Seems such card is not compatible and cause interference.

    As I know the Draft N need of 3-wire antenna the antenna Satellite P100-188 supports 2 wires only and can be used with the 802.11 A, B or G standard.

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    You must grant execute on the package in plan a plan b. You then Norman to either create a synonym in plan B or the fully qualified name of the call, for example

    exec schemea.my_package;

  • Satellite P100-188: Question about upgrade Ram and CPU

    HELO everyone,
    I need a major update so I wanted to know if it is possible to upgrade the processor. I'm already playing Doom 3 ulra high with 4 X Ati and 1024 X 768.
    He sent me some 46 frames per second, with 2 GB ddr 533.

    Then I put the Satellite P100 - 188 T2400 T2500 or T2600 CPU and can I use ddr2 667 mhz Ram?

    Any suggestions how much performance increase if you upgrade hard drive 5400 RPM to 7200 RPM with 8 MB of cache?

    Thank you


    The CPU cannot be replaced. But you can expand the memory with the modules:
    PA3499U - 1 M 25 (Kit of memory 256 Mo DDR2-667)
    PA3511U - 1 M 51 (Kit of memory 512 MB DDR2-667)
    PA3512U-1M1G(DDR2-667 1GB Memory Kit)
    PA3513U-1M2G(DDR2-667 2GB Memory Kit)

    DDR2-533 256 MB (PA3389U - 2M 25)
    512 MB DDR2-533 PA3412U - 2 M (51)
    1 GB OF DDR2-533 (PA3411U-2M1G)

    The maximum memory that you can use this camera is 4 GB.

    Good bye

  • Satellite P100-188: where to get a nVidia sticker?

    Hey everybody. I bought my Satellite P100-188 last Sunday and I must say he realizes a lot in terms of games and General all-around use.

    In any case, inside when you open the lid... I can see on the left, the badge sticker 'Core Duo', higher than is "Vista ready" sticker, but on the extreme right, there is a hack to help nothing stuck on it! If I am not mistaken, the Nvidia badge stickers belongs to this indenting.

    If anyone knows how I can do to get one? I keeps not working machine, but it seems a little weird.

    Thank you

    The first thing I do with a new computer is remove all the hardware popup stickers.
    But, I'm willing to accept offers from potential sponsors for $50 per square centimetre of the surface of "advertising."

  • Satellite P100-188: tips on battery charges

    I just bought a Satellite P100-188 and this is my first laptop, it says in the manual "once the battery is fully charged, it is recommended that you use the computer only on battery power until the battery completely discharges.» This prolongs the life of the battery and helps to ensure accurate monitoring of the battery capacity"and"leave the AC adapter plugged in will shorten battery life. At least once a week, power the computer on battery power until the battery is completely discharged and then recharge the battery."

    I was wondering if I should unplug it sector whenever that appears the battery charged? I only need to use the PC on batteries for short periods of time (most of the time I can connect to a power outlet) it would completely remove the battery and running on current alternative alone (even do that?)

    in these moments, I know that the batteries have a finite charge time and I am just a little worried about the procedure to follow if there is place for long battery life, because they can be quite expensive to replace. So it is wise to place the battery on charge when it displays as power by half or a quarter, or should I let it drain completely before recharging?

    I would appreciate some advice from all you seasoned users of laptops out there.


    You should treat a battery as if it was in the manual.
    Completely load, use it until it is empty, then charge again.

    Only connect the laptop to power if necessary (means that the battery is empty).

    Good bye

  • Incorrect version of MCE on my Satellite P100-188

    I just bought a Satellite p100-188 PC world and it came with MCE 2002. Why there no 2005, or where I can get the latest version of?

    Kind regards



    On this forum, you will find very useful and already answered the questions. Before you create topic you can use the search option to see if you can find answer to your question. I found already answered subject

    By the way: a lot of useful info, you can also find under > support & downloads > Support homepage

    Here, check the troubleshooting area. I recommend you to use the knowledge base.

    Good bye

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