Satellite P100-240 crashes randomly during game play

I recently bought the laptop above and could not be happier, bar one exception, every time I try to play a game (what happened with all the games I've tried) the machine stops after a random amount of time, whether it's 5 minutes or an hour.

After reading the manual I first thought it was a problem, but after cutting all the settings at least I always get the same heating problem. I tried to update the bios and the graphics card, but the problem persists, any advice would be greatly appreciated.


I also think that it is an overheating problem. Maybe the cooling system is not getting enough fresh air and must be cleaned. Search this forum, it must be described some methods.

Good bye

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  • Satellite P100-240 includes the numeric keypad, and HD Audio and HD video


    I will soon buy a Toshiba Satellite P100-240 of LaptopsDirect with a memory upgrade. It says on the site Web of Toshiba, the P100 is not HD Audio and HD video and it also States that it does not include the numeric keypad. Is - this ture? The processor is good on this machine, I mean like a Core 2 Duo.

    It also comes with Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005, is it possible for me to get a buyout of Toshiba site upgrade

    I highly appreciate your replys
    Thank you


    > Is the processor good on this machine, I mean like a Core 2 Duo

    The CPU is not better than Core 2 Due because he s successor to core Duo.
    Intel Core Duo processor T2400 1.83 GHz Yonah works on this laptop.
    You can check the detailed specifications of this CPU Intel page.

    In addition the unit supports audio chip type high-definition Intel Conexant CX20551-22.
    I put t know what you mean by HD video.
    Do you mean the HD player? The portable player is a simple DVD Super Multi drive (+/-R Double Layer) and it does not play any DVD HD

    You can also check this Toshiba page for more details: aShop = true

  • Satellite P100-240: speakers do not work

    I have a Satellite P100-240 with built-in speakers. Recently the speakers worked intermittently with no control over the volume (the volume was extremely low). Now the speakers do not work at all, either from a cd or a sound system.

    Can you help me?


    You must know that in such cases is really not possible to give a precise explanation. If the audio device is installed correctly and in Device Manager is not listed as problematic there must be a problem with the settings.

    First try to check all the sound settings and make sure that the mute box is not selected. Also check dial volume control. If everything is set to max level and no MUTE is ENABLED, please check the features that you use headphones.

    Please post the results.

  • Satellite P100-240: Media Center Edition - error 3

    I recently installed the Toshiba TV DVB, set up all channels and guides, then recorded a number of television programs.
    Unfortunately, when I have pulled up my Satellite P100-240 this morning to check the last recordings of nights, the Media Center told me that I had deleted all of my recordings.

    I tried to get the library going again without success.
    All I get is a window telling me that there may be essential audio and video files missing and he said that I should quote "error 3" when looking for support. ".
    I tried reinstalling the drivers, etc., but it just goes back to "error 3' anyone able to help?"

    It is a very strange question. To be honest I really don t know what happened with you Windows Media Center software.
    It s a program from Microsoft and my personal experience, sometimes inexplicable things

    What you could do is trying to roll back the BONE to this early time!
    Eventually a point system restore has been created and you can set the operating system on this point.

    I also recommend to check your recorded programs.
    Usually programs stored is located in the following folder:
    C:\Documents and Settings\ all TempSBE TV
    Maybe you could save these files.

  • Windows not start successfully after updating BIOS on Satellite P100-240

    Hi all
    After you install a new version of BIOS my laptop wouldn't start windows xp properly.
    It just freezes in a screen black, I was able to go in safe mode, but then I reinstalled windows and now it's the same problem and I can't go in safe mode as I haven´t went through all the procedures of installation of windows.
    Please help me: I can reset the BIOS to my old?

    I use a satellite P100 - 240 (PSPA3E) and any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you


    What version of BIOS you have loaded? Version 4.20?

    Normally it shouldn´t do problems, especially after upgrading your BIOS. May I ask if the version of Windows installed on your machine you´d is on the media recovery or from scratch (from scratch means install with a genuine Windows CD and install the downloaded drivers)?

    If everything fails then send you the machine and let check the laptop on certain shortcomings of the BIOS.
    Click [HERE: 000000871] to reach the index of ASP (authorized service provider) and find one that is closest to your country.

  • Satellite P100-240 audio problems


    Y at - it software control panel Audio for this model? My friend M100 is a control software provided with the computer that has a wide range of variables to adjust sound its out put.
    On the other hand, nothing for this model except for standard windows volume set Panel. It just seems really strange what HD audio and no advanced to it control system. I tried searching on the web (for the SRS control or other stuff) and found nothing for this model.

    Another problem is that sometimes my audio quality is really bad, you can hear the sound Crackle not even at high volume, internal or external speaker. I tried to restore the couple machine time. Nothing has worked so far.

    my model is Satellite P100 - 240 PSPA3E. Windows MCE

    Please notify



    I guess you have an its installed realtek card. If so, then go to, download the latest driver for Realtek HD audio and install the driver after removing the sounddrivers of Toshiba.

    After that, you should also have a control panel that is accessible trough the "Control Panel".
    Here, you can set all the settings on your sound card.

    Welcome and good weekend

  • Need drivers for Satellite P100-240

    HI I have a Satellite P100-240.

    I'm looking for drivers for this machine running MCE.
    In support, I can only find drivers for p100-PSPA0E / p100-PSPA3E / p100-PSPA6E
    are these the same drivers for my p100-240.
    Also made even the drivers for Vista on this series from Toshiba?

    Thank you

    Hi Jonathan

    The laptop Satellite P100-240 is the series of PSPA3E-xxxx, so you have to use XP for PSPA3E P100 drivers.

    I've updated the Vista on my old Satellite phone and the Vista operating system works correctly I do not have any special drivers for Vista. I installed the Vista Intel Wlan driver only because the former was not recognized.

    I think that you should have no problems with Vista running, but if you will need Vista drivers you must wait. At the moment I put t found any

  • I need to find right laptop model-> similar to Satellite P100-240

    I have a Satellite P100-240.

    Q1 - my boss (a blind Lady) wants a model similar, but without the graphics power of the mine and a 15 "screen. Also, it must have a 102 keyboard keys.

    Is there such a model in the Satellite range?

    15.4 screen and keyboard 102?
    I m not 100% sure if this is possible.
    I know that several laptops but most laptops with screen 15.4 inches keyboard support the 86 emulation key/102.
    What about Satellite M40?

  • Need for a disk to boot flash BIOS for Satellite P100-240

    I need to Flash my Satellite P100-240 on a bootable CD.
    The BIOS only I can find on this site must be run from windows.
    I have seen BIOS 4.40 for P100 on another Toshiba sites, for example: 524xml & sliceId = & dialogid = 56504155 & stateId = 0% 200% 56506013 20

    But do not know if it is appropriate for P100-240.
    They seem to be named completely differently. Not sure if that's a thing based country.

    The BIOS in the mentioned link will be allowed to run on my p100-240?

    Your laptop is NOT American series but the European series and you must use the BIOS from the European driver Toshiba page!
    The incorrect BIOS may damage the BIOS ROM of portable module! And this would lead to the point where you wouldn t be able to boot the machine!
    This is why you should ALWAYS use the BIOS designed for this series of laptop!

    In addition, you won't find updates of the traditional BIOS on Toshiba page!
    There are only updates to the BIOS windows-based and you can update ONLY run under windows.

    If the notebook WHAT BIOS s cannot be updated to the Windows operating system, then you must contact the Toshiba technician and must ask for help!

    That's all you can do

  • Can I put the Satellite P100-240 with internal fingerprint reader

    I have a Satellite P100-240.
    Although he did not come equipped with material to print finger scanning, it has clogged the hole in the box where he would go.
    So I wonder, can I get the hardware scanning separately and adapt it to the laptop?

    I don't see any option for the material to be sold separately on the Tosh site and I'm not even sure who makes the hardware for them so I can source it independently.

    Can we offer here advice or information on this operation?


    You are right. Some P100 units support the fingerprint, and some units have been delivered without this feature.
    As I m not wrong not these fingerprints can be upgraded

    But to be 100% sure you should ask the local ASP (authorized service provider) for details.
    But in my opinion you can not put the laptop with fingerprint reader.

    Good bye

  • Satellite P100-240 - does not start correctly

    I write on behalf of a friend who has this problem, we don't have contact via mobile text :( I am not able to immediately provide all the answers that you are looking to solve this problem.


    The laptop (P100-240) turns off while playing a game there since 2 days, then the following issues have been experianced;

    Loading windows in normal mode in instant blue screen (unavilable specific info) results. Windows in normal mode has not been accessed since the beginning of this problem.
    Loading windows in safe mode worked for a while, but internet allowed access in blue screen, for a period of time this problem solved itself, safe mode does more work to my knowledge.
    The Visual display permanently distorted, similar to the effect matrix. I don't know if this effect is passive, or only during windows startup, details on what it looks like, or something very specific.
    A blue screen mentioned the file nv4_mini.sys is a nvidia notebook driver file, as I know. An update of the healed nothing gfx driver.

    The current situation is the total lack of access to the office, I think that it a blue screen after the Welcome screen. I don't know what the blue screen said atm, but disabling the BIOS memory options has been recommended by something... I don't know if the option is even available for system bios p100-240 s, Googling this problem came with references to disable video caching and shadowing of the options in the bios that the definition of options memory BIOS, and that these options do not always exist.

    However, my diagnosis is that the video card is just fried:(qui serait un problème encore plus grave qu'un logiciel ou options problème dans la mesure où une solution rapide et simple.)

    Solutions, tips or questions? I am struggling to find and give useful advice, and the situation in detail learning is also delicate.

    A clean registry has been done so far, a virus scan has been made, a system restore has been done, did an update the video card driver and a bios update has been done. In this order, what relevance that has.

    Help? :\

    I've seen similar problems on the internet, but once it was a virtually identical problem with the same model of laptop.

    Safe mode now work again, registry cleaned again, updated drivers again, nothing. Better than it was originally when he worked, other than pink points travelling across the display screen:------.

  • Laptop crashing randomly while game


    I usually use my for cell phone games on. I played a lot of games and when Im done with the game I uninstall it. I tend to play online MMO and I was playin sleep since March and started playin World Of Warcraft has recently also. However, lately, the laptop crashes randomly when reading and my games and then sometimes struggled to turn back on.

    I was wondering if it was an internal error with the fan, because it's very hot, or if I need to update the graphics drivers so it doesn't crash. I don't really know how to solve the problem and I can play games for 5 minutes before the laptop crashed and turns off.

    Hi Jack

    It will be interesting to know what model of laptop you have. I presume that it is typical of overheating problem. When the temperature of the material is essential the laptop turns off simply without any warning. The same thing happens to you?

  • Satellite P100-240 only works with ACPI disabled


    I recently bought a second hand P100-240.
    For a day, it worked very well, and I tested it with sisoft sandra, 3dmark, many games etc.
    All played well, and it was not overheating and really powerful.

    Then a day later, he just got started while I was using it. On reboot, it will reach point just sign into windows XP Media Center edition and then cut. Even in safe mode, exaclty the same thing would happen.
    I left it for a few hours, in which case it was overheated, but the same thing happened when I retested.

    I tried the live cd Knoppix, and initially it would turn off at halfway by starting.
    Then I tried to run the Knoppix with a "acpi = off" option and it starts very well!.

    Also, I have tried many BACK start-up based utils and these well everything worked.
    I tested the disk, the cpu (stress and burn in tests), memory (memtest). All tools ran fine and all tested ok (and the machine does not idle)

    I tried to install a copy of windows XP alongside XP MCE, but that on the installation screen lists the existing partitions, and the machine would just power off.

    So try the Knoppix ACPI thing, I tried to install Windows XP without ACPI (i.e. a STANDARD pc), and he got through the fine installation. Now, I have a fully functional laptop again and can play all the games etc like before. Everything I have disappeared are ACPI some associates of power options.

    Now, what I want to know, is this ACPI issue a collateral or the related issue of the BIOS?

    Im running 4.40 BIOS, which is the latest BIOS for the p100-240 (PSPA3E).

    Is there a previous BIOS, which is perhaps more stable and will work around this ACPI problem? But the confusion is how all it worked well for a day and a half at the start?

    Any thoughts would be helpful.


    In my opinion, the laptop is closed due to a higher internal temperature!
    The point is that the laptop supports protection against overheating and sensors (ACPI Advanced Configuration and Power Management Interface) who would yell at the bottom of the unit automatically to prevent damage.

    You said that this happens all by playing a few games. This heavy application leads to higher heat dissipation and therefore the temperature rises.
    I think that you should first check your cooling modules if they are not clogged with dust and debris. A compressed air jet pourrait helps get rid of the dust.

    Second, you must use the graphics drivers from Toshiba because such driver was designed for the use of the laptop and controls the heat dissipation the GPU too.

  • Satellite P100-240: is it possible to replace the graphics card

    Okay, im fairly new to laptops, I had my P100-240 for just under a year.
    I set up with it for long enough, its been really good to me.
    The problem that has really started to check me is the graphics card, Nvidia Go 7600, it slow, Nvidia do not support updated drivers (laim).

    A lot of my games have problems with this graphics card.
    I'm looking at open aperture of my little baby and I hope just place in a compatible graphics card.

    I'm looking to replace the Go 7600 with an alternative of ATI, a list of possible cards that will fit, where I can get my hands on one of these maps and prices if possible fuck. I won't pay too much money if it's not going to be worth.

    Thanks for reading, hope to get answers soon.


    Replacing a graphics card on laptops is not possible because it is part of the motherboard. For example: by faulty graphics card, the entire motherboard must be exchanged.

    Sorry but there is nothing to do.

  • HD DVD Satellite P100-240

    OK, sorry if I'm getting a little blonde here, but...

    Oct 2006 chose P100-240 qosimo 40 like felt the p100 was best option in time. He says HD go and all the news (where in the world) PC WORLD (!) says he's ready for the HD... However, after buying a find of HD DVD today, he will not play in the drive... now all the info I can find on the Internet (including HD DVD site) say I should be able to read.

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you


    Are you sure that this laptop was equipped with the HD DVD player?
    I have goggled a bit on the net and discovered that this laptop only comes with the drive DVD-Super Multi (+ r DL). This is NOT HD DVD player!

    I don t know why but it seems that the PC world has provided incorrect information.

    Best regards

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