Satellite P100-429 - new wireless network card does not work


I just upgraded my home network to the draft of the standard "n" and thought that I would upgrade my wireless card on my laptop P100-429;
Laptop is under Vista Home Premium and has the latest version of BIOS and drivers installed.

Laptop currently has an equipped Intel 3945ABG card that works very well. I bought an Intel 4965AGN card but when I enter it, the powers of computer to top, but wont load (lights, fan-nothing else)

Okay - so I read on some forums, could be a bad card, so I bought a brand Toshiba 4965AGN card - P/N G86C0002P710
Still having the same problem - the computer refuses to start. Intel technical support say the card should work?
Obviously is a compatibility problem - what can I do about it?

Or did someone knows what kind of card I should use?

Thanks for your help!

I m not a Satellite P100 owner but is your laptop equipped with 3 antennas or only 2?
If your laptop has only 2 antennas t, you can pass it to N project because this WiFi standard needs of 3 antennas.

I think that your laptop has only 2 antennas, so that would be the reason why the two cards are not compatible to your laptop.

Welcome them

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  • Satellite A300D-11v - wireless network card does not work under Win XP

    I ve problem. I'm looking everywhere and I don t know what s happened.
    I installed XP and I ve problem with WLAN. Before I've used Vista and was ok :)
    I got the driver for RTL8187b of Conn = 5 & DownTypeID = 3 & GetDown = false & downloads = true #R TL8187B
    and I tried the official website of Toshiba.

    In Device Manager, everything is ok, but I can't connect.
    This n t work:
    "The wireless network card is Atheros and not Realtek! The LAN card is Realtek but not the wireless network card!
    The Atheros driver can be found here:

    Can someone write me step by step how this fix.

    Please help me and sorry for my English :)

    > Also may try to reinstall the drivers that appear in this web site, appear here the Atheros drivers your need of portable.

    Your computer laptop doesn t support card Atheros, but card Realtek WLan.

    > In Device Manager, everything is ok, but I can't connect.
    As you say the WLan card is recognized correctly, but you can't connect.

    I m do not know why, but you should check first if your WLan router uses the same standard WLan (802.11 A, B or G) as the WLan card.
    Check the settings!

    Then check if the right WLan encryption has been selected, check if the Mac address was not enabled, check if the firewall doesn t affect the WLan connectivity.

  • Wireless network card does not work

    Pavilion dv6-6c01eo (A7Q69EA)

    Windows 7 64 bit

    Network controller is missing

    Have formatted the computer with a disc of CD windos 7 64 bit.

    Drivers updated via the HP Web site, downloaded all four pilots were of a single function, and it is sp54998.exe [1/1, 5.7 M] works. 3 other updates, sp55714.exe [1/1, 279.13 M] sp55805.exe [1/1, 11.55 M] sp56036.exe [1/1, 10.77 M] does not work. I have internet via an Ethernet cable, but I don't have internet through wireless netverk, it won't work because I have no driver for network controller. I need to download these drivers, where they work.


    Please click on the NIC in Device Manager.

    Then click on the Details tab.

    In the property drop-down list, select the second element (Hardware ID).

    After the first string of characters you see in the window.

    Who will be the ID of the model of the network adapter, and I'll send you the link to the drivers you need.

    HP is not sometimes the drivers for the cards they put in Notepad on the support page and pilot.


  • My wireless network card does not work! (Computer HP laptop, 2000;) Win7 Home Premium 64-bit)

    All of a sudden out of no where my wireless network card screwed! I now use a straight-through Ethernet cable. I have no idea how to solve this problem! If it's just a software thing, then whatever, but I will have to consider to Best Buy or what?

    (1) did you check that you have not turned off accidentally any possible hardware switch?

    (2) have you checked that the correct drivers are installed?

    (to benefit other readers, this is a clean install after major problems from the use of registry cleaners and bad advice)

  • Wireless network card does not work with Windows 7 myt


    I installed Windows 7 on an old laptop nc6120 and I can't see any of the wireless networks. With cable, everything works perfectly.

    You are the very welcome.

    Here is the link for the driver you need for the WiFi Intel Pro 2200 B/G card.

    That should make it work.

    Then start the windows update program and see if he can find a newer driver.

    If this isn't the case, run the utility driver Intel update and he must find a newer driver.

    You must have Java installed to run the Intel driver update utility.

  • Tecra 9000: Agere minPCI wireless network card does not work


    I can't get my Toshiba Tecra 9000 to work with the Agere wireless Mini-PCI card.
    The Wifi card is 100% working since I've tested in Tecra 9000 my friend.
    The drivers are properly installed.

    But when I switch the equipment on the side of books, the led remains dark. In addition, Agere MiniPCI Wlan Card is not displayed in the XP Control Panel.

    All solutions?


    > the Agere MiniPCI Wlan Card is not displayed in the XP Control Panel.
    And what is with the Device Manager? The card is listed there?

  • Satellite L500D - 16 M - wireless network card does not appear in Device Manager


    I don't see the wirelless card in device system
    I can't turn them on?
    you have an idea?

    Thank you


    The laptop supports the Realtek RTL8191SE WLan card 802.11bgn.
    Have you tried to install a good WLan driver to get this recognized card?

    Here are all the Wlan drivers available for download:

  • Satellite L50-B-1DZ - wireless network adapter does not work

    So, my network wireless adapter completely stopped working. 2 days ago I couldn't connect to networks wirelessly without problem (although I've disconnected and will need to run the troubleshooter every few hours to reset it...), but yesterday I started to get the message "not connected - no connection is available. In broadcom 802.11n network adapter in Device Manager, the icon has a yellow warning symbol and the error message "this device cannot start. Code 10 ".

    I tried to update the drivers, but it gives just the same error message. I also tried to do a restore of the system since a week ago, but it has not fixed either.

    I found a youtube video that said that the problem can be caused by a software conflict and change value from registry, but that no longer works, and now I'm full of ideas.

    How have you tried to update the driver WLan?
    Have you tried to uninstall the driver first, and then after reboot again to install the new driver downloaded from Toshiba UE driver page?

    Try it!

    You said you reset the system in the past?
    How? Have you used the Toshiba recovery procedure and have you installed already preinstalled system once more?

  • Wireless network adapter does not work on my Satellite A200


    My wireless network adapter does not work under Vista. If I press FN + F8 nothing happens. Wireless communication is always offline.

    What can I do?

    Typ: Atheros AR5008X Version:
    Laptop Satellite 200

    Please help me!
    Thanks in advance!


    BIOS bug? I don t think so

    First of all, you must make sure that this isn't a hardware problem. In this case, insert the Toshiba Recovery CD and reinstall the operating system of this device. This will outline the laptop to factory settings. Notes; This would format the whole HARD drive.

    After the new installation, you must activate the WLan switch on the side of books, and you can then use the switch button FN + F8 to select the WiFi network.

    I assume that you have already configured your Wlan router. So the same settings such as the SSID, encryption of WLan, etc. must be defined on the laptop too.

  • Update my wireless network device does not work after installation of Software Distribution Service 3.0

    After the installation of Software Distribution Service 3.0 update my wireless network camera does not work how do I uninstall Software Distribution Service 3.0

    How did you receive the update?

    Was it via Windows Update or Microsoft Update?

    Before the changes are made to your computer, the system restore points are made. This is so that you can go back in case an update causes problems.

    Follow these steps:

    1. click on the Start button

    2. click on accessories

    3. click on system tools

    4. click on system restore

    5. click on next

    6. in the calendar that appears, select the one which refers to Software Distribution Service 3.0 and click Next

    After the collection of certain data, the computer will restart, and the update will be gone.

    Hope this helps

    Post back if necessary


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  • Satellite L100: Wireless network card does not recognize media

    I bought a Wifi (Gigabyte gn-wi01gs) to my L100, but this card does not work. I installed all the drivers, but it does not recognize any network. No other computer has a problem.

    This shows that, when I press Fn + F8 "wireless communication is disabled. Please activate the wireless communication switch "." What 'switch '? There is no switch!
    What should I do?

    Someone mentioned here in the forum that with the version of the BIOS under 2.10, the Wireless LAN card is unable to get a correct IP address of the connected Access Point or it is impossible to get a connection point of access to all.
    Added the new BIOS that fixed a problem with the wireless LAN switch kill, the switch did not work properly.
    WLAN should be activated by pressing FN + F8.

    So please update the BIOS to Version 2.10 or higher, but don't forget to use the good BIOS and the correct procedure of updating the BIOS!
    Incorrect BIOS may damage the motherboard.

  • Wireless network card does not appear in the Device Manager on Satellite L50 - B - 1 DM

    I bought just new Satellite L50 - B - 1 DM, model number PSKTCE and installed on Windows 7 Professional SP1 64 bit. He came without OS installed and without driver installation disk.
    Problem is that Wlan card does not appear in Device Manager.

    For my Toshiba support model are 37 drivers and programs. I have already installed: Windows 7 Professional 64-bit, all updates to Windows that appeared, SP 1, driver LAN, Toshiba Value added Package. And I tried to install all wlan drivers 4 in the list of "tool utility Intel ' also.
    Does not always display any connection without wireless WLAN card. Pressing Fn + F12 does not change. In "Network connections" is the only connection - LAN. No WLAN, no bluetooth.

    I have "Other devices" in Device Manager with yellow marks on: network controller; PCI device; PCI Simple Communication controller; SM Bus controller. USB controller; Unknown device (with Microsoft ACPI - compliant system location) and video controller.

    Any help would be welcome. Thanks in advance

    If it's not bad - just saw that my BIOS is version 1.70

  • Re: Satellite P300 with Windows7 - wireless network card can not find my BT homehub

    After istalling Windows 7 on my Satellite P300 card wireless LAN Atheros can't find my bt homehub.
    I tried to change the channel on the hub and updated to update all drivers, but still no luck.

    Any ideas anyone?

    The wireless network card is properly activated?
    This BT hub is not known to me, but check settings WLAN hub and laptop and updated on both devices to run on the standard G only.

  • X 31-bet to upgrade to Windows 7 - wireless network card does not

    Hi all

    I'm sure that someone has gone through the same question. I've updated from XP to W7 and knew that I would need a new driver for the card Atheros 11 a/b/g wireless LAN Mini PCI. Since then I have thown a lot drivers offered by Lenovo the X 31, but the map does not work.

    All suggestions and advice VERY welcome. Thanks in advance



    Have you tried it yet?  This is for xp, but it should work.

    You can also download Thinkvantage System Update and let it find your driver.

    Sometimes drivers automatically do not install themselves.  You will have to perhaps go into Device Manager and manually update the driver.  Do not let windows, search for it, that it points to the folder where the driver got downloaded.

  • Dv6 1152tx: wireless network card does not not DV6

    I have my computer hp laptop dv6 1152tx but Wireless does not work after I updated to windows 7 since vista. I downloaded driver for win 7 driver pack sp45524 was last updated, but still it does not work. I tried to check if the wifi is disabled from bios but I can't find there too.
    checked on manage wireless network, but it is to say my wireless is not enabled.
    Red Cross on the network in the taskbar.
    No wifi in Mobility Center icon
    I can not even find my driver in Device Manager.
    I have installed broadcom sp45524 but still nothing worked.


    Is there a wireless key switch or the key to turn on?

    Refer to the user guide for your laptop for the location of this switch.

    Look at Chapter 2, pages 5 and 6 of the user's guide for the location of the wireless button.

Maybe you are looking for

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