Satellite P100-463 and Intel VT


I have a Satellite P100-463 laptop (model Nr. PSPA6E-03N01CGR), with Bios Version 2.7. Intel VT (virtualization) is disabled and Toshiba said there is no way to enable it.

One of my friends has almost the same model P100-354 (model Nr. PSPA6E-03H01FGR), but with BIOS Version 2.4 and on this laptop VT works. Tool Intel said that :-)

2 laptops have similar hardware (354 has a 2 GHz cpu, but VT should work on both).
So, I do not understand that...? ! ? This is the Version of the BIOS? Is it possible to downgrade my BIOS.

Thank you

The point is not all processors support Intel virtualization technology.
If the processor supports VT BIOS must contain this ON / OFF option.

But if the BIOS does not support it ON / OFF option you should check the European driver Toshiba page and should update the BIOS!

Then the power button VT should reappear.

Best regards

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  • Satellite P100 - 324 (PSPA6E) - Intel T7400 - disabled virtualization

    Hi Toshiba support staff

    I have a toshiba satellite p100-324 (pspa6e) with the processor intel core2duo t7400 and my problem is hardware virtualization (VT aka VMX) does not work due to it's locked off the coast by the bios. Also there is no option in the bios to enable it. It's not making any sense that you have this technology, but you can not use.

    I'm a professional programmer but I can't test my programs in a virtual environment due to this bios chip. I've been waiting since the 3.30 bios version. Now I use phoenix bios v4.70 but it does not!

    I think that the irresponsibility of it's toshiba and toshiba not published a new BIOS to support the features of what they sold, this will be my last toshiba product purchase. It's a waste of money. You should have said clearly what are the features have been disabled if you do not plan to resolve this problem. If the toshiba will continue like this, the number of dissatisfied customer will happen.

    As far as I know that virtualization should be Springs per CPU.
    Seems the Intel T7400 supports the VT:, SL9SK, SLGFJ, SLGFV

    If I m not wrong not the VT is enabled and supported by default if the VT option is not available in the BIOS.

    How did you check the State of VT?

  • Try to get the HD-DVD player to work on the Satellite P100-463

    Hello world.
    I bought this baby the weekend and since I am struggeling trying to get HD-DVDs to work on it. I added the HD_DVD xbox 360 drive, but Power DVD Software Advisor continues to say that the graphic card 9Geforce Go 7900) drivers must be updated to read HD-DVD content. Now, there is no available such as newer driver installed (84.0?)

    Can someone please advise if the card supports protection hdcp anyway? Maybe my problem is another source.
    Thanks for the tips.

    Wait do you use player designed for the Xbox in the Satellite P100?
    Hmm, I m surprised that this device is compatible with the Toshiba laptop.
    Anyway, as far as I know you need a special DVD player to play and watch HD-DVD on the laptop.
    A simple WinDVD does not support the new HD-DVD.

    By the way: I know a Toshiba model that shipped with the HD_DVD drive.
    It was a Qosmio G30 DVD HD model.
    I found a new Nvidia GeForce Go7600 Version graphics card driver update in the download section of driver on the Toshiba site
    But I put t know if it s compatible with your card...

  • Satellite P100-160 and memory upgrade

    I have a P100-160 with 2 GB of memory installed.
    I use Win7 (32 bit) and do some really serious graphics, and management changes.
    I use about 2.75 TB of hard drives (USB).

    Can you get it someone please let me know if I could reasonably expect to see an improvement in the performance and reliability by increasing the installed memory.

    Other (other than buying a new laptop) suggestions for performance improvement would be welcome.

    Thank you


    If you are happy with this old piece of hardware you n t need new laptop computer. Upgrade of RAM is OK and you can do it alone. According to tender specifications that your P100 can be upgraded up to 4 GB of RAM.

    Compatible memory modules for your Satellite are:
    1 GB (PA3411U-2M1G)
    2 GB (PA3513U-1M2G)

    If you have any other questions you are welcome.

  • Satellite P100-324 and 4 GB of RAM

    I just installed 4 GB of RAM in my notebook (P100-324). Although on the Toshiba site, on the product page of my computer laptop, is said that this model supports 4 GB of RAM, it detects only 3 GB (3070MB). In the BIOS and Windows (Vista 64-bit) it's the same thing...
    Is a solution for this?

    PS: of course, the two RAM modules are fully functional - checked in the same round, one. Both were detected as 2 GB RAM modules.
    BIOS is upgraded to the latest version.


    Check it please this subject

    Good bye

  • Satellite P100 stops and then restarts

    G ' Day, my laptop starts up fine and then after a while, a few minutes to a few hours, it will instantly die without warning, then restart as if it was a new beginning. There are no errors of seizures.

    I had verified system, wiped the hard drive, changed the HDD and mem, I am runnimg XP pro.
    It is now in the bios ok, but when in windows it will shut down and restart. I don't think that this temp is a problem due to restart at 4 minutes. 3 years running fine, then this.

    Any ideas?



    You can stop due to overheating. you need to clean:

    If you do not have a jet of compressed air, you can use a vacuum cleaner (not the best solution to clean but better than nothing).

  • Satellite P100-439 and Ubuntu 6.10-> no sound

    PCI: cannot allocate recource region 7 bridge 0000:00...
    PCI: cannot allocate recource region 8 of the bridge...
    PCI: cannot allocate recource region 9 of the bridge...

    USB 1-1: device not accepting address 2 not, error-71

    I have no sound. (Sorry my bad English :-))

    What is the model of your sound card? It is an ac97 codec or something else?

  • Crackle sound windows and games on Satellite P100-354

    I have a Satellite P100 - 354 and keep problems with the sound, I frequently get crackles of sound effects to Windows, games, a media player. Recently the speakers stopped working for a short time, then returned.

    When I tried to turn the volume up I could not access the speaker controls as it said that there is no active device.

    I have the new update of Bios (3.30) and Sound Update (

    Please, can anyone help

    He s strange because according to these Toshiba document the problem should be solved:

    The sound card which serves on the Board of Directors is supported by an Intel High Definition Audio
    Chip Conexant CX20551-22.
    Maybe it's possible to find another audio driver that supports that s chip

  • Satellite P100 (PSPA6A) - white screen, crashes and then restarts by itself


    I have a Toshiba Satellite P100 (PSPA6A) and am running Windows XP on it. Last month, I had a problem with my computer when the screen becomes white, then freezes and restarts itself.

    I took it to a computer store to get the snippet, but they couldn't find anything wrong with it. I tried to find if all programs are at the origin of this problem but I have not been able to find. My computer can be on for 10 h, before this occurs, and it can be on for 5 minutes before this problem occurs. It can also occur during the loading screen before reaching the windows welcome screen. If it helps, there is a slight delay when the screen becomes white and when it's freezing (I have music in the background several times where the music was still playing for a few seconds while the screen was white, and then it froze and rebooted).

    Any help would be appreciated.


    Have you checked the RAM yourself using Memtest86 as resident suggested? I mean Memtest86 is really great to test the RAM and if there is a problem, Memtest86 should prove.

    In addition I recommend you to check the HARD drive. Therefore, you can use Drive Fitness Test and Google is your friend to find.
    This program is also free.

    In the worst cases, you should go to an authorized service provider. Maybe it of a problem of the motherboard or processor, and this can be checked by a technician of the laptop.

    Good bye

  • Satellite P100-277 - recovery connection and WLAN problem

    Hi, I have a Satellite P100-227 and of the format and reinstall windows. First of all, the Toshiba Recovery disk wouldn't work - it would go through the motions, but windows would freeze on the screen where it is intended to calibrate your screen before entering the windows installation. It is the SECOND disc I bought at Toshiba who broke by the way! I'm worried about my CD before ask you, I used this disc once before to shape about a year ago and it has not been touched for. I tried both discs and no work - the other oldest won't read even since the drivers of compression at the beginning of the recovery.

    So I'm an old XP disc (I run XP btw) and decided to try to install windows this way to check that my laptop was working, which is - I installed XP very well to a good Windows disc and a code is legitimate. However, I have now no drivers for my laptop and the internet does not work - my wireless will not connect at all, let alone register that there is a wireless connection (he used to appear in the lower right, once it was turned on). "When I go to Device Manager and look for network adapters, all there is ' 1394 Net adapter" is said works very well.

    I wonder if there is no drivers for my wireless card, as I have not used the Toshiba restore disk. I tried to put in the 'work' toshiba disk in to see if there are drivers out there that I can access but can't find anything. I can't afford, or be bothered to order a different CD from Toshiba that will break after a format, so my question is; can someone link me to the drivers/software I need for my laptop to connect wirelessley to internet please?

    I hope I gave enough information for a person to be able to answer me - I need my laptop ASAP to work!

    Thank you!


    Perhaps this Toshiba HowTo might help you:

    I think that you didn t find a good driver Wlan and that's why you couldn't get the WLan to work.
    Check the Wlan card, then you will get the right driver.

    PS; Here you can find all WLan drivers for Toshiba laptops.

  • Satellite P100-196 is not blue light under speakers

    iI have satellite p100-196 and I saw that this model has speakers light blue but my don't hav lights
    mayby someone I have this problem or know how active this or sth else?


    I found information that all cell phones series Satellite P100 with Intel graphic 945GM has been delivered without the blue speaker lights.

    I studied a bit and these books DON T support the lights of the speaker:

    Satellite P100-130; Satellite P100-133; Satellite P100-141
    Satellite P100-142; Satellite P100-146; Satellite P100-151
    Satellite P100-186; Satellite P100-189; Satellite P100-196
    Satellite P100-199; Satellite P100-214; Satellite P100-227
    Satellite P100-229; Satellite P100-230; Satellite P100-233
    Satellite P100-235; Satellite P100-236; Satellite P100-241
    Satellite P100-247; Satellite P100-253; Satellite P100-255
    Satellite P100-256; Satellite P100-257; Satellite P100-258
    Satellite P100-268; Satellite P100-275; Satellite P100-277
    Satellite P100-281; Satellite P100-299; Satellite P100-308
    Satellite P100-309; Satellite P100-312

  • Games on Satellite P100-160


    Can you tell me if the Satellite P100-160 is a good machine for games?

    Thank you


    Why not; Satellite P100-160 supports Intel Core 2 Duo (Merom) T5200 1.6GHz CPU, 17 inch screen and 100 GB HARD disk.
    BUT it uses only an Intel 945GM 128 MB shared memory graphics card.
    I think the older games will work, but you can only dream if you want to play games like Doom3 or another generation with a maximum yield games!

    I m also a hardcore gamer and I would use only the desktop PC with new graphics cards to play games. Desktop PC are easier to upgrade and you have no problems with graphics cards drivers ;)

  • Satellite P100-> no sound with Vista

    You can download a lot of drivers Vista for TOSHIBA Canada support i.e. page 0 & partnum = PSPA3C-SD402F

    After installing display driver Vista is stable and fast even in Word of Warcraft.

    There is always a small problem. Canadian HD Audio drivers do not work. Original XP driver allows sound but DVD on WMP11 playback, or play WoW does choke system. Uninstalling the drivers for HD Audio done system and DVD run smoother, but there is no sound. 'Funny', it's that play the same DVD with sound with WMC does no problem.

    Someone knows what to do to properly install HD Audio drivers? To have sound and not smothering system?

    Some of the portable Satellite P100 supports his Intel chip Conexant CX20551-22.
    I recommend to visit the Intel Web site and install the latest chipset and drivers!
    Maybe it helps!

  • Satellite P100-354 - audio driver for Windows 7 64 bit


    I ve got a Satellite P100-354 and yesterday I installed Windows 7 64-bit. Now my problem:

    My system doesn´t have all the sounds. I tried to install all the drivers I ve got (Vista 32-bit, XP 32 and 64-bit and a new conexant, but he says that he cannot find the right sound for this driver card.
    I ve you have a sound card conexant high definition, but for my this card and do not exist a driver for my type of laptop.

    Anyboby help me?

    Best regards

    Hi Sebastian,.

    I think it might be a little difficult to get drivers Windows 7 for old Satellite P100... I checked the Web from Toshiba site and it looks new Satellite P500 also uses a card his Conexant. In your case, I would try this driver, it seems to be a newer version. > support & downloads > download drivers

    Check this box!

  • Satellite P100-434 won't boot to the top

    Hi Ive got a Satellite P100-434 and Ive had for more than a year.

    Unfortunately today I couldn't get started.

    The power led lights up, the HARD drive makes light very briefly.
    The display lights. If she does not even there to boot in the bios.

    Any idea what the problem might be? Im hoping that the CPU or the motherboard is not fried.

    see you soon


    Unless you bought the extended warranty, I don't think you have a lot of luck. My suggestion is to return to the place of purchase, if you still have warranty.

    However, try to remove the battery for 1 minute and then replace the battery again. Try it turn on.

    Also try with the power cable plugged in power and remove the battery.

    If all else fails, then you have a very expensive paper weight.

    Good luck.

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