Satellite P100: How to activate the AHCI mode?

As all you know, some laptops P100 series are equipped with a controller Intel 82801GBM SATA natively supports the AHCI and with a Fujitsu HDD which takes in charge the NCQ.

However, the disc is forced in compatibility mode, and therefore the NCQ is disabled, resulting in a loss of performance (which is certainly necessary that laptop hard drives are generally slower than those of office).

Unfortunately, there is no option in the BIOS which activates the AHCI mode and no tool like HWUtility that can twist that (although it wouldn't work). As far as I know, newer laptops support AHCI mode and there is also an option in the BIOS to enable it.

Is it possible to activate the AHCI mode in our laptops beloved and make the most of our hard drives?


Do you think that the AHCI is disabled?
You can run the Intel Chipset ID utility to determine if the ICH7DH SATA controller is already running in AHCI or not.

However, I studied a little more on other forums that are a little more specific and find this:
Activate the AHCI on Intel chipsets, without having to reinstall Windows 2000/XP

But you know, everything you make are at your own risk!

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    Thanks in advance.


    AHCI is enabled by default and the setting can be changed to anything else.


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    New view of the laptop is not cheap. You need to spend a lot of money.
    If you need one that is compatible then get in contact with your ASP.
    The authorized service partner would be useful to order 1.

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    You will need a 17 WXGA LCD.

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  • Pavilion 15 p204tx: activate the AHCI Mode

    I want to replace the existing hard drive in my laptop with an SSD. While reserching on this subject, I learned that I need to change the SATA Mode from IDE to AHCI Mode. I tried to find this setting in my BIOS, but I wasn't able to find it. I would be grateful if you could help me with this.
    Thank you!


    The drive of your laptop is already set to AHCI in the factory and cannot be changed in the BIOS.

  • activate the AHCI mode on Envy Dv7 - 7398ca with SSD

    Year old i7 envy Dv7 - 7398ca notebook with SSD Samsung 840 Pro x 256.  Windows 8.1

    I've updated to the SSD shortly after I purchsed the laptop.

    No problem except the Samsung SSD Wizard software keeps tagging me as AHCI mode is disabled and must be enabled and I do not see it in the BIOS.

    Or I see anything that relates in the device as IDE Manager or other.

    It seems that the SSD is optimizing not itself based on the fact that it considers that AHCI is disabled.

    I apologize for the issue being this topic seems to be beaten to death over time, but I do not see what relates to this model or similar.

    Thanks for all the ideas.

    The system is set to ahci or RAID mode. You can tell that by opening the Device Manager and look at the storage controllers. Anyway it is optimized for SSDS and TRIM is activated. You can simply remove the program from Samsung and rest assured that your SSD is optimized.

  • Satellite L300 - how to activate the RW function after installing xp?

    After my laptop was repaired with a new hard drive, I installed xp instead of vista.
    Now I can use the dvd rom for watching movies and install programs, but it is not accessible to any blank discs.
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    And the size of it always shows 0 bytes. CD or blank dvd-smoking works.

    Because it's a dvd/RW rom, usually I can just open and drag any file I want on the disc and then burn easily.
    I already updated the firmware driver.

    I wonder what the problem of the xp system that blocks the RW function?

    Hi mate

    Check the suggestion posted by Akuma.
    But, in addition, you can check if the write option is enabled in the ODD properties.

    For this, go to my computer-> CD/DVD drive properties (right click / Properties) registration mark called the option activate the writing of CD on this drive

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  • Can I upgrade to SSD with Compaq Presario V3000? If so, how to activate the AHCI?

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    Thank you

    The service guide shows only 2 GB maximum memory installed.

    SATA IDE to AHCI passing via regedits

    For safety reasons make registry changes by hand instead of download the script.

  • Satellite Pro P100: How to activate the sound of keyboard typing

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    I tried all obvious and don't see any mention of how to do this anywhere?


    I can just confirm that there is no standard option WXP and for that and you need some additional software.
    Expensive chain, you are great. I really wonder how you find it. ;)

    A BIG Thank YOU for your great job offers!

  • Satellite A300 - how to activate the touchpad?


    I accidentally disabled the touchpad on my satellite A300. Can someone tell me how to re - activate it please.


    Press Fn + F9 to turn it on.

  • Satellite A300D - how to activate the touchpad?

    Hello world. I have a problem.

    When I used XP I turned off touchpad while I use the mouse. So I decided to install Win Vista and there is a problem. I forgot to activate it before reinstaling. This is why my touchpad does not work. The drivers are fine and I tried to reinstall, but it did not help. Everything works fine except that I can't turn on the touchpad.

    Any ideas how to do this?

    Thanks in advance

    Have you installed Vista using Toshiba DVD upgraders?
    The mouse works if you use an external mouse?

    When you install Vista with the recovery image you factory again and touchpad is not disabled by default. Check the FN + F9 option and do not forget the touchpad is not disabled.

  • How to activate the silent mode for iPhone 7 more?

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    Tap Settings > do not disturb then switch either manual or scheduled IT.

    When do not disturb is activated, you will see a in the status bar. There are two ways to turn on or off the do not disturb:

    If do not disturb is not want you wanted to say, tap Settings > sounds turn vibrate silent walk,.

  • Satellite A200 - how to activate the graphics card?


    I have laptop satellite A200 with Radeon HD 2600 dedicated graphics card. Recently, I checked with a program that my laptop also integrated X 3100 graphics card which is disabled.

    I am curious to know is there, is it possible to disable HD2600 and X 3100 active?

    Hi mandragor6,

    What model of Satellite A200 you have exactly? What is the part number?
    And what program tells you this information? These 3rd party programs show sometimes as well erroneous information.

    As far as I know no A200 model is equipped with a X 3100 graphics card. They have HD2600 graphics card

  • I sold Satellite P100 - how to cancel the registration on the Tosh site

    I don't want the warranty registration/activation. I don't have it. I registered just the laptop by serial number on the site, to make information page appears each time I connect.

    Also, do you think I need to remove my personal information (name and address) of the receipt and shipping note for security reasons?

    Any input would be much appreciated.

    Don t think you can do it yourself on the page Toshiba have you tried to contact the service provider authorized in your country?
    Not? So did she and guys should be able to manage it.

  • How to enable the AHCI for HP ENVY TouchSmart m6-k015dx Sleekbook


    I upgraded my hard drive to an SSD and it's done. Laptop works very well.  The Samsung SSD software installed and it says that I need to enable AHCI to get the SSD running at full capacity.

    I searched the BIOS and don't see anywhere to change that.  I then went to the Device Manager in Windows 8.1and I don't see any ATA/SATA controller.  All I see is a RAID controller. RAID controller in a laptop?

    Can someone tell me how to activate the AHCI?

    Thank you.


    Because your laptop is a portable consumer there is no way to change the BIOS to AHCI setting.

    The BIOS is set by default for RAID on your model series because some models come with one of these drives covering with a SSD and for a technical reason, that those who must be configured in RAID 0 mode so that Setup work right.

    It is my understanding that if you install the latest driver Intel RST, which is supposed to support TRIM SSD starting with the Intel 7 series chipset, and yours has series 8, so he must have full support for one SSD usage even in RAID mode.

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