Satellite P100: Memory Stick Duo Pro with MSD adapter is not recognized

When I insert the CSDP in my Satellite P100-473-multi card reader - Vista preinstalled - (using an adapter MSD), the removable media is listed in the Solution Explorer, but the card cannot be read.
With a 32 MB card, he pointed out that the card needs to be formatted first... but correct data are inside and must be visible.
With 1 GB card, it reports that card is first inserted...

Did anyone experienced this problem?


Have you checked the user manual you?
Take a look at Chapter 8!
There is information that the card reader is supported only SD; MMC; MS; Cards MS Pro and xD.

As you can see that it supports the Memory Stick Pro, but not the Memory Stick Pro DUO!

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  • A Qosmio F10 read Memory Stick Duo Pro card does

    I have a memory stick duo pro 512 MB in an extension of memory card stick (case making it a full size memory stick)
    I can read the card on an external memory card adapter, but not as part of the internal drive?

    I think I have the latest drivers, but can be difficult to install in the right place, I can read the cards not pro using the same set up. How to read what the Pro cards on the internal card slot which driver should I I downloaded from the forum?

    Clues please!


    I think that it of not possible to use the Memory Stick Duo Pro card in the internal drive.
    As far as I know, you can't use every SD card with the Toshiba unit.
    You should check the manual for this laptop. You will find information what SD cards are compatible and supported on this laptop.

    Good bye

  • Multi-card reader don't like to give back the cards Memory Stick Duo Pro 23 Pavilion all-in-one

    I want to just make sure I don't do something wrong.

    When I plug it into a SD card seats when inserted about 2/3 of the way into the slot and I can easily put my fingers on it to remove it when it's time to take it out.  When I plug the Memory Stick Duo Pro that is not recognized until it is at least inserted 9/10 and I can push completely rinse with a case and am not sure that it has bottomed out or not.  It works fine, but now it is not removable without the use of pliers tweezers.

    Is this normal behavior and waited for the mult card reader integrated into 23 all-in-one Pavilion?

    I have a more than adequate solution.  I plugged in the little USB card reader that accepts MS Pro Duo in their own homes. This post is therefore more closely to ensure that I'm not missing something obvious.

    My guess is that the drive or the motherboard was designed for the case to be a little closer it is.

    Hello @MarksPavilion,

    I understand that you have problems, remove the Memory Stick Duo Pro card reader that he will not jump out far enough to catch. The problem you describe seems to be a physical problem. Please contact our technical support at the 800-474-6836. If you do not live in the United States / Canada region, please click the link below to get help from your region number.

    I want to thank you for display on the HP Forums. Have a great day!

  • Satellie Pro A120 - network adapter wireless not recognized by any operating system


    I have a satellite Pro A120 (I bought two - it's a long story!)

    A month ago, I replaced the battery as life batt had fallen to 30 minutes. As a result, there were major problems with windows and toshiba software compete on power management and the long and short it wasn't that XP needed to be reinstalled.

    However, due to the relocation, the wireless card is not recognized. It is not the card, I swapped it out of the computer and it works fine in my other A120. If anyone has any ideas as to why it would not be recognized and that I could do to remedy the situation?

    Thank you very much for your time.



    The WLan card was working before you have major problems with the OS?
    Is this a new WLan card or was this card that came with the laptop?

  • DSC - h3, and memory stick duo

    my daughter gave me his camera which was almost never used... so it is almost brand new, but it's obsolete. It is not a memory stick duo with her, and they are not available in the store. is the memory stick duo pro compatible? If this is not the case, I can use? No matter what?

    Yes, you can use a Memory Stick Pro Duo with capacity of up to 32 GB. More information on compatible Memory Sticks for the camera can be found in this link.

    If my post answered your question, please mark it as "accept as a Solution.

  • Satellite Pro P100-327: memory card reader does not read the Memory Stick Duo

    I just received a P100-327
    aShop = true)
    According to this page, is supposed to have "1 x 5-in-1 Bridge Media slot (supports SD Card, Memory Stick®, Memory Stick Pro, MultiMedia Card, xD-Picture Card)", but the pdf manual that comes with it says that it supports not the Memory Stick Duo, Memory Stick Pro Duo or mini-SD.

    However, I have a Memory Stick Pro, and a Memory Stick Pro Duo in a Memory Stick Pro adapter, and the reader can't read one of them (they both count as Memory Stick Pro, which should be readable, right?)

    Would I be able to read my Memory Stick Pro cards? Why I can't because it says that I should be able to? Should I install something first?


    To my knowledge and according to the manual of bridge housing media supports media type
    -SD memory card
    -MultiMediaCard, xD-Picture Card
    -Memory Stick
    -Memory Stick Pro

    Please note that the Memory Stick and Memory Stick Pro are not the same in the Memory stick Duo and Memory Stick Pro Duo.
    Don t mix.

  • Satellite A200 - adapter memory stick duo work?

    Should this combination work?
    Portable satellite A200 - 14 d and on memory card reader memory stick duo 1 gb with memory stick duo adapter.

    Say the user manual?
    Have you checked it?

  • Qosmio F30 - 141 Memory Stick DUO / card reader problem

    I have a problem with the Memory Stick Duo Adapter/Memory stick PRO DUO card.
    Computer does not recognize volume. Unit Memory Stick appear in the system, but when I click on it in the Solution Explorer, computer say "insert the disk in drive E". I have the original card Memory Stick PRO DUO 2 gb and MS Duo adapter. 30 sec computer try plug this card.

    Computer properly operate with the Memory Stick Pro 1 GB card and Memory Stick M2 card 1 Gb with adapter M2.
    all this work cards in my Photo and on another computer.
    I am trying to connect this card to Sandisk 6 in 1 adapter PCMCIA, but in this case, no one card works.
    This device appear in IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers like '___Memory_Card_Adapter_II', but the driver for this device is not installed (KODe 28).

    Thanks for the wonderful world of the internet for this info:
    F30-141 does not support memory stick pro duo and adapters has not been tested.
    I'm afraid that also use adapters of doesn't help.

    I bought an external card reader. It s a small device and was very cheap and the best is that this external card reader takes in charge most of the maps ;)

  • Satellite R20 - Memory Stick PRO Duo problem

    I looked and saw a lot of similar posts from users with a similar problem. Unfortunately, most of the answers suggested by looking at the user manual and taking note that the phone does not support the Memory Stick PRO Duo. Technically, that's true. However, many Sony cameras come with an adapter that turns the PRO Duo stick a Memory Stick PRO. These include very well in Flash Media Bridge adapter. The manual also indicates that the drive supports this stick.

    What's weird, is that Windows Vista recognizes the insertion of the memory stick, but he then told me that I need to format it before so I can use it. I don't remember what I used the term, but there was a time eventually (with an older driver and/or the installation of XP?) when I could operate using a tip of reboot or something. No, however, I get boor. The stick (and its adapter) work very well. I can read it using another USB adapter. (Connected to my dell monitor 24 "... so not exactly a portable solution)

    My laptop is the Satellite R20 Tablet and my OS is Vista Business

    Thanks in advance for your help.


    Duo cards have been gradually were they not? I'm sure that the Duo do not support Toshiba laptops. The only solution is a USB adapter, preferably a compact.

  • Use of adapter Memory Stick Duo in Satellite A200 (PSAE6)

    I have a Satellite A200 (PSAE6).
    My camera have a Memory Stick Pro Duo and I have an adapter.

    But when I try to put the card into the memory, the same adapter card reader it go so deep that I can't remove it without assistance tools.

    So I don't know if my work drive card?

    What I've done wrong?

    Please help me

    Have you checked the manual for types of compatible card?

    Perhaps the Memory Stick is supported, but not the series Duo.

  • Memory stick Sony pro duo

    Hello a while ago, I bought a sony pro duo memory stick... two of them acctualy, in any case, I lost the psp and I had no use for em. so I put em in my portfolio that I always carried around in my back pocket in a very warm weather here in Egypt...

    So now that I had an another psp... When I tried em, the light continues to Flash and it is not read. May be stupid to ask after all that... is there SOME hope it works again? seriously, I need em, I filled 600 concerts on the computer in 3 months...

    Sounds like it is fried if two different systems, not correctly recognize
    or read.

    wrote in message
    News: * e-mail address is removed from the privacy... *

    Hey, the light turns red on the drive, but on the contraption disk management
    It manifests the removable disk and nothing else and I did (pluging
    (in) the music when it is plugged

  • Satellite P100-286 - video RAM shared with RAM system


    First note that I m French sorry for the bad English, I can use.

    I have a satellite P100-286 - PSPAGE (T7200 @ 2 GHz, 2 GB DDR2, Gef7900GS) and I noticed that some of the RAM (exactly 271MB) was reserved for the graphics card.

    I think that the graphics card has enough memory with its 512 MB, so I don't want to have a part of my RAM to be reserved for the Geforce. I have not found the way to reassign this small part of the system in the bios, and it is independent of the OS (I use Vista and debian and I see the booking even on memtest86) so I ve tried to flash with the latest BIOS but no change.

    Is there a way to 'recover' my memory?

    Thank you

    Additional question for fans of Linux: why can not I get sound on my laptop running Linux? :'(
    It seems that there is no error, but there is no sound even if the sound card, the "HDA Intel", seems to work perfectly, even with the latest updates of the kernel and alsa.
    I tried several Linux distributions, including Suse and Mandriva.

    Unfortunately you can not affect the amount of memory shared by yourself since it is regulated by the BIOS/Chipset and depends on the amount of main memory that is installed.

    As far as I know that the shared memory is allocated flexible, which means that if a graphical application needs a graphics memory more then the system returns to the 271 MB shared memory. That's what I know of my machine... but I don't know, it might be different on other models.

    Otherwise I have no information on this shared memory thing. You can also see this article:

    See you soon

  • Satellite P100: 5-in-1 reader with XD but not working with SD cards


    I have a problem with my satellite P100, the 5-in-1 reader successfully read SD and XD cards, but since 3 days ago (no upgrade, or any new software), it still works perfectly well for XD cards, but no more for SD cards. When I insert an XD card, I get a drive letter, with an SD card and tried several other different, nothing happens, as if they did not exist.

    I am running Win2k server, and the problem started about 3 days ago.

    Thank you!


    How about the update driver?
    As suggested go to Device Manager, select the card reader and reinstall the driver.
    What you can do, is also to remove it from the Device Manager and after new OS restart, the drive should be recognized again.
    In this case, the driver must be initialized again. Check it out.

    Another question. Have you used the option remove? Usually if you want to remove the card or disconnect the USB device you should use first remove it safely and then you can remove the card from the slot. Don t forget.

  • Satellite P100-429: Intel Wireless Wifi Link 4965agn card is not compatible?

    Hey guys

    I have a Satellite P100-429 with a 3965abg to intel, I have a few router purchased months ago Netgear wnr834b n project, then think, it is high time, I upgraded my internal adapter.

    I wanted to know if the Intel Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN adapter would fit that is a right with the 3965 swap, as it says it's connection is Mini PCIe card * and I have no idea if it would fit?


    Yes, she should go, because the W-LAN-mini-card slot is a PCI-Express, so you'll just have to swap the cards. But be careful with the antenna connections, if you bend them too so they break very quickly and then there is NO WAY back and you will pay for the exchange of
    the whole cover, where are the antennas of screen.

    Best is to contact a local service partner if they exchanged, you don t therefore the risk for the guarantee void if you do something 'not very good' on your machine. :)

    Welcome them

  • Satellite P100-197: Geforce GO 7600 driver update - games does not work


    Y at - it a update for the graphics card that goes with my satellite p100 - 197? I had a lot of problem with most of the games. They do not initiate.


    If you check this topic you will see that Shane has problem with World of Warcraft.

    Sorry I have to ask you once again: you have a problem with the games launch or installation?

Maybe you are looking for