Satellite P15 - if the plug comes out, the battery stops charging

My Toshiba is rather annoying. I hope there is a solution to this and it is not integrated in the computer by braindead materials developers.

My battery is toast. For a long time. I find the computer works very well if the power cable is in. If she comes out, the battery has usually about a minute and a half of her life. However, what makes me shit off the coast, it is that the battery does not load again. He will sit and drain his power to zero, even with cable connected sector, if the plug is disconnected even for a millisecond. The only way to load it again, is to shut off the computer and start upward.

What the hell?


Hi floydien,

Wow, Satellite P15 is really an oldie.

I m not an expert, but to me this looks like a battery or motherboard problem. A battery can be recharged about 500 times and after that it will lose a lot of power. This means that you can work a few minutes only on battery mode.

In your case, I'll try a new battery. If it doesn t work I think you need a new mainboard.
Also take a look on eBay. There you can get second hand cheap parts sometimes.

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  • Satellite A30: when the adapter is connected the battery stops charging

    Using a Satellite A30 about three years. Recent problem is that while the power adapter is plugged the battery stops in charge, the orange battery indicator turns off.

    If you look at the power management utility battery poweer bed On Line, % of discharge meter

    So he can load either, I have to turn the machine off (completely or to hibernate) then remove the power cable and reintegrate them, then the battery light turns on. When restart the battery will begin charging for a while, and then for no apparent reason in defence start.

    If left reaches 0% battery - the machine continues to operate when the power cable is connected so its power do ok, but of course starts to beep when it goes below 10%. To get it going again, I need to stop and restart etc.

    I have checked the bios and have the latest version.

    I cleaned around the outlet heat exchanger and deleted all the fluff.

    I use a generic adapter that the original does not, but as far as I can tell its working normally.

    All thoughts


    Hi Richard,

    Your problem is caused by a bad connection where the power adapter is connected to the Jack at the back of your laptop. A slight movement of the cable causes a momentary loss of contact and electronics of management power in Notepad is deceived into beleiving that the battery is no longer available, in which case when the battery goes out and the laptop will return to the battery power even if the AC adapter is connected. As you have already discovered, turn off the laptop will be all back to normal.

    I have experienced the same situation with my A30-141 and have not yet found one solution other than to resort to power off the laptop computer, but I managed to avoid the problem occurs by pinching the cable ca at the back of the laptop so that there is no risk of power do not connect the bending in order to trigger the problem in the first place. This has been a remarkable success to date, and I didn't have a problem for several months now.

    Obviously, it is not a "cure" for the problem but the frustration it causes.

    Kind regards

  • Satellite A660 - recharge the battery

    I'm just after the purchase of a Toshiba Satellite A660-1FM i7-740QM. I brought it home and plugged and then lit it. It turned out perfectly, but it doesn't seem to work on the farm.

    Costs associated with 0% and it is fair to say that the battery is charging. He has served for the last hour and so far nothing.

    If I plug out then he dies immediately.

    Any suggestions?


    Unplug the computer from the power adapter and turn it on. Let the computer battery power until the computer turns off, indicating that the battery is fully discharged.
    Remove the battery.
    Using a soft cloth, wipe the battery packs connectors and AC adapters.
    Reinsert the battery.
    Plug the power adapter of the computer
    When the PC is turned off, allow the battery to charge until the battery status light
    Disconnect the power adapter.
    Remove the battery.
    Wait 30 seconds and reinsert the battery.
    Reconnect the AC adapter.
    Let the battery recharge until fully charged battery status.
    Now your battery must be charged completely. You should notice more autonomy.

    I posted it for a toshiba official support base.

  • Satellite L850-150 will stop even if the battery is charged

    Good evening

    Since I've upgraded to Windows 10, the following occur:

    The laptop battery stops unexpectedly without warning the minimum level, even if the battery is charged
    I bought a new battery and it is exactly the same as the previous battery

    What can happen?

    Best regards and thank you

    More details
    The first OS is Windows 7
    I created two partitions
    In the second partition, I installed Windows 8
    After awhile, I installed Windows 10 on Windows 7 and also installed 10 Windows on the partition of Windows 8
    In the two bulkheads made
    The computer turns off when you do not have the power cord plugged
    Earlier in Windows 7 and Windows 8, it did not
    Help, please

  • Satellite M70-147 - the battery does not recharge


    I have a problem with my battery, it seems that it does not re - pay.
    First of all, please read the following:

    -When I start the laptop with AC power plugged the battery seems to be charged to 100% according to the Toshiba Power Saver.
    -When I remove the block AC power the display brightness goes down, because it goes to the battery, until here everything is normal. However, you do not see the percentage decreases, it remains 100% which means fully charged.
    -After a few minutes, an audible alarm indicating that the battery is almost dead. When the alarm sounds the Toshiba Power Saver then indicates that percentage is about 6%.
    -Then I reconnect the power supply and turn on the orange light showing that the battery is charging. The light orange he should be in charge, but the percentage remains at 6%. But after 10 minutes the percentage suddenly increases to 100% and the orange charging light turns off.
    -When I turn off the laptop and reboot immediately after that the alarm is triggered, the Toshiba Power Saver says also that the battery is fully charged or 100%. This seems a bit odd.

    So my question is: what is the problem with the battery? or is there something wrong with AC/DC adapter? could result in the fact that he does not seem to charge more. Or is there something wrong inside the laptop.

    If anyone has an idea please let me know, thanks for now.

    > After a few minutes, an audible alarm indicating that the battery is almost dead. When the alarm sounds the Toshiba Power Saver then indicates that percentage is about 6%. So I reconnect the power supply and turn on the orange light showing that the battery is charging. The light orange he should be in charge, but the percentage remains at 6%. But after 10 minutes the percentage suddenly increases to 100% and the orange charging light turns off.

    I think I know what's wrong.
    Your battery seems to be dead.
    My old laptop battery can be used for about 2 min even it s fully charged.
    It pays for 2 min, then it s completely empty.
    Is nothing unusual as the battery slowly loses the own performance and it s just a matter of time where he died.
    I don't need a new battery because I m using Notepad as compensation for my desktop PC and the laptop is always connected to the sector.

    But if you need to use the battery, then you will need to replace it with a new one.

    Good bye

  • My battery stopped charging. For four days, the power button says "59% available (plugged in, does not support)."

    * Original title: charging the battery

    My battery stopped charging. For four days, the power button says "59% available (plugged in, does not support)."

    How can I get the computer to start the battery again?

    The battery is probably faulty. You can say as follows:

    1. Shut down Windows.
    2. Remove the battery.
    3. Wait an hour.
    4. The power supply is cold? If Yes, then the laptop consumes no power (which is normal).
    5. Insert the battery.
    6. Wait an hour.
    7. The power supply is hot? If so, the battery is recharged.
    8. Start normally and check the charge level. If she's still around 59% while the battery no longer accepts the full load. You need to replace it.
  • Carpet mouse stops working while the battery is charging.

    Recently, the mousepad does more, or very slow acts while the battery is charging, and the loptop is flat on the desk. However, if his load and I place on my knees the mouse pad works fine.

    How can I fix?

    Thank you

    Hello JoeNYC65

    Unfortunately you have to is hardware related and not big thing we can do for this purpose. I suggest you contact the manufacture of equipment and have them repaired/replaced for you.
  • Satellite P30-130: battery stops charging

    Problem with my power/charge on my laptop.

    Intermittently, when you use the AC adapter to charge the battery, the battery may charge for a time (with bright amber LED) and then (after no moment) the amber light will come out and stop loading. When this happens looking at the battery icon in the desktop tray shows the laptop running on battery power, even if power supply is still attached.

    Move the power AC jack in the back of the laptop making makes no difference. It's almost as if the laptop is not recognizing that the AC adapter / CC is there.

    To add to the confusion, if I use Notepad on the only current (ie remove the battery completely), the power to randomly stop. It is also intermittent and occurs even if the laptop is not in use.

    I checked the power meter settings, and I have the drivers for toshiba utilities to save energy. I also replaced the power supply and the battery.

    Any ideas?

    Hello Chris

    All that you have done is just but the next step is to control the electronic power to the motherboard. Problem is that you can not do it alone, and it must be done by technicians.

    Please contact the customer Service of your country partner and explain the situation. They have the equipment to control the electronic food placed on the motherboard.

  • Satellite A200 - loses the battery, switch off the power

    I have a relatively old Satellite A200, yet almost all inside is new except the battery. The battery has a very short life, but that's because its old. Recently the computer started to suddenly lose the battery, so the charge light stays on, the battery light turns off and the battery icon said "plugged in, not charging." However, the computer still work on battery power. If I see it at the time, then by removing and replacing the charger repeatedly, I can start it load again, but if I am not it switches off without warning. Since the battery life is now less than a minute which often.

    I don't think that the problem is with the charger because it always shows the charger is plugged in, and when the computer is off the battery light is always on when it is plugged. I had a problem with the power connector, but if the motherboard was recently replaced so I don't think that's it either.

    If someone could help it would save me a lot of frustration, thank you.


    At first, I must say that you should not be frustrated. Problems with consumer products are normal, and each of us has problems with laptops, televisions or other electronic product.

    Let's see what you can do about it.
    Your description is OK, but what I want to know is follow:
    When you remove the battery can work on your laptop with no problems (start work, cut)?

    I also think that the battery is too old and I presume it's troublemaker in the history. It is not easy to explain what behavior flashing if you have a defective hardware or old coin inside.

    Maybe, you need to buy the replacement of the battery and check the features for laptop and the battery, just to see if everything will be OK again. If you will be faced with the same problem again then we can discuss what may be the problem.
    In my opinion only a reason for this could be electronic power supply.

    What do you think?

  • Laptop stops when the power cord is not plugged in but the battery is charged to 100%.

    just happened this morning.  accidentally deleted the decision-making of the laptop.  and the judgment of the laptop.  weird because this has happened before and no problem.

    However, this phone wouldn't turn.  until I have plug AC laptop would be the power of the laptop on.  I checked the battery is the meter displays 100% charged.  in windows, it is 100% loaded.  but as soon as I unplug the laptop, the computer shuts down.

    I have windows 7 and my computer is HP dv6t Quad Ed.  any help would be much appreicated.

    Plug the power adapter. Connect to Windows and open the HP Support Assistant perform the battery test. Post your results here.

    If you have the most recent UEFI (v 5.1 or higher) environment installed-> press-> power button press the ESC key to call the menu of boot - select F2 the System Diagnostics-> PC HP Diagnostics UEFI material-> select components-> battery Test tests.

    Post your results here in your thread.

    Best regards


  • Satellite A100 - save the battery when the laptop in a longer retention

    Hi, I have a * Satellite A100 * about 4-5 years. There was no intensive use (it's hospitality do not work) and is in good shape.

    I go there for at least 6 months and will PLAN A - most likely need to put the computer in stock, that is to say. No one will be able to access. PLAN B - there is a very low probability that someone could "baby sit" it but it can't count on him.

    Can anyone suggest what is the best way to deal with the LiOn battery in the above two cases?

    Can I remove or leave in the laptop?

    Is there a way to stop the battery completely dead while in storage / is not not in use?

    Thanks... any advice appreciated.

    Hey Buddy,

    In my opinion it makes no difference if you put the battery 6 months or leave it in the computer. In both cases, the battery must be charged because it also loses power when it s turned.

    If nobody is using the computer you can remove the battery, otherwise and someone would use you can install the battery.

  • Satellite L750 drains the battery during shutdown

    L750 battery power drains even when the laptop is shut down. I checked power options and seem not to be identical to another laptop that doesn't drain its battery in stop. If I disconnect the battery from the laptop it retains the power OK.

    Any suggestions for what could be the cause?
    Is it sounds like a warranty issue?

    It is certainly not a warranty issue.
    This problem is well known and in the knowledge base of Toshiba, you can find several documents related to this theme.

    Please take some time, visit and try to find it.

    If you still need help let us know.

  • Satellite A500 - Remove the battery when connected to the network?


    I bought a new Satellite 500 and I would use it as much as possible. I'm not sure the stage of development of this battery. Should I remove the battery when I use the laptop at all times with the net supply?
    Or this does not damage the battery longer years yet there is, or is the problem of the destruction of the battery because of the heat and being reloaded frequently persists?

    I'm sorry if I could post to redundantly, but it is difficult to search for information, since I'm not a native speaker.
    I encourage you just for a small tip for a related thread if available.

    Thank you very much!


    To be honest, I often work with connected AC/DC adapter, but I never removed my battery. Sometimes I decide to work in another room and then I just unplug the AC adapter and that s all the! :)

    Furthermore, I founded this interesting link for you:

  • Satellite A110-149: the battery is empty after about an hour

    I bought a satellite A110-149, but I'm worried for the battery as in only 1 hour or a little more, it is already empty. Is this normal?

    If I let my laptop connected to an outlet throughout the day, this can make my battery less efficient?

    Thank you!


    Laptop battery of specification of the run time is until 1:45. But I think it is quite unrealistic. Battery life depends on many factors like the profile selected in the intelligence tool, run the applications and processes and perhaps the use of the optical disk drive.

    At the end I can tell you that there is no problem and this time rung is normal for this laptop and battery 4 cells.

  • Satellite A100-543: the battery appears dead

    My battery died yesterday after I plugged it to my computer. In fact the computer turn off at this time. A burning smell has occurred and after, I tried to start the computer again and it works but the battery seems dead. When I'm on windows with the battery, it is written that it does not load, but I have my doubts because the computer recognizes that there is the battery.

    So I would like to know if this could be something between the battery and the motherboard that is dead or if I can use my warranty. The strange thing is that other people use the same plug that I used without problem, I think, so that the battery has a problem before.

    Thank you.

    Don t know exactly what's wrong, but it certainly looks like a hardware malfunction.
    The A100 is a new machine and the guarantee must be valid and must cover all the trouble with the material.

    Take my advice and don t spend a lot of time for the investigative measures which could be bad or not.
    Simply contact the ASP in your country and explain the problem guys

    I think everything should be done for free!

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