Satellite P200 - 17 c: USB ports do not work after BIOS update


Just updated my BIOS for my Satellite P200 - 17 c to version 1.80, running Vista Home.

Now my USb ports do not work according to the normal when I insert flash drive microdrive or my Creative Zen MP3 player. (crash explore and not entirely file transfer)

I just wanted to know if it is a known problem or is the problem unrelated to the update of the BIOS.

Any info or advice would be great.

See you soon.

Glad you ve found a solution and thank you for sharing this with us

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  • Satellite A135-S2286 - USB ports does not work after BIOS update

    I recently had the dreaded BIOS password prompt problem. I checked online to the toshiba support site and took the laptop to a toshiba authorized service center and is fixed by getting the updated BIOS updated to 1.60, but after update BIOS, none of my USB ports work.

    When I connect a USB device, a warning from yellow pop up comes up unrecognized USB device. The same USB device works fine on other computers/laptops. I searched online for a solution and found on a lot of people have the same problem, but did not find any fix for this error.

    It will be useful, if someone has a solution for this error.

    Hey Buddy,

    Is there yellow exclamation marks in Device Manager next to USB ports or they appear correctly?

    If you notice a yellow exclamation you must remove the USB port and restart the computer. All USB ports are installed automatically, you do not need an additional driver.

    I hope that it helps :)

  • Satellite L855 - 14 p - USB ports do not work after the mode 'sleep'

    Heya guys,

    I have a strange problem today. The 2 USB inputs on the right side of the laptop (idk who is 2.0 or 3.0) does not work with the reason I can not perceive. These 2 guys are on different days, but in the same way. A month ago, I plugged the mouse USB wireless to one of them, then entered mode 'sleep'. When I came back, I discovered the work of mouse aint.

    Then I realized the port I plugged the key USB has no electiricity inside no more. I found it very strange and continuous without using the port of broken, until yesterday. Yesterday, I made the same mistake (a la mode "sleep" in a USB port plugged into the other port - work-) and I have re-opened, the 2nd port is broken in the same way, too. I've mastered Manager devices, regedit, but it has no use. This lead me to think his could be a hardware problem, but how can be possible? Is this a coincidence?

    Now, I have to use my 3rd and last port on the right side of the laptop with a USB duplicator.
    You have any ideas? Can it be a software problem?

    Understand this correctly? The USB ports mentioned don t work even after restarting a new laptop?

    In this case, it could be really a hardware problem
    But before talking about hardware problems, I recommend to recover the laptop using Toshiba recovery.

    Defining the notebook back to factory settings will help you identify the problem: If the USB ports wouldn't work, this s hardware problem.

  • Satellite C55-A-16Z - graphics card does not work after BIOS update


    I have a portable Satellite C55-A-16Z with windows 8 and a Nvidia geforce 740M graphics card.

    Last week he asked me to update the version of the bios at 1.30.
    The bios update was successful.

    However when I restarted my laptop I started having a BSOD dgxkrnl.sys.
    Correction of the error and restarted for an another BSOD Windows, and after the second solution, I stopped making BSOD.
    But now, I noticed its games running, if not use the dedicated card, but use the 4000 Intel.

    In the settings Nvidia dedicated card is configured to be always on.
    It seems that my card is missing, but it appears in Device Manager.
    I tried to delete, update the drivers and the default factory reset, but nothing helped.

    Also, when I go into Options power the Intel card is listed and when I disable the card intel in the Device Manager it starts to use the graphic viewer for windows.

    How can I get my Nvidia card to work again?
    Any help is appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.


    After the BIOS update the BIOS should be set to default settings.
    You can do it in the BIOS.

    In addition, you mentioned that Windows 8 is still installed on your laptop.
    8.1 to win has already been published by Microsoft and I highly recommend that update you the system of 8 to 8.1 Win Win.

    Before you start the upgrade to 8.1 win, you should check and read the instructions step by step for Toshiba:

    I guess that after the Win 8.1, nVidia graphics card upgrade works well also.

    Your comments would be greatly appreciated.

  • Satellite X 200-20 s - LAN does not work after BIOS update

    Hi all

    I've updated the BIOS version 2.7 and NIC LAN just disappeared from my list of device. The wireless network card works fine however. When I plug the ethernet cable, the green light turns orange not, so I guess that it is not broken, as it worked fine before the BIOS update.

    I tried different drivers lan Windows XP and still nothing. Any ideas please?

    I have Windows 7 x 64 installed.

    LAN option is listed in the BIOS boot menu?

    If you have tested with Win7 and WXP maybe you should do finally test and install recovery image original Toshiba that you got with your laptop and see what happen when you use the laptop with the factory settings.

  • USB ports does not work after automatic update in Windows 8.


    There was an automatic update that occurred a few nights ago on my computer that I never knew until after that I turned on my computer back the next day. The computer starts up, then stopped and restarted about twice more - a total of three reboots in all.
    It is really annoying, because my Bluetooth has also stopped working a few days before. So I'm completely paralyzed - I've been using USB keyboard and mouse since the Bluetooth went bankrupt. I can not connect.
    The computer starts as usual. The 'numlock' keyboard lights, like the optical light under the mouse; This happens just before the Windows loading screen. However once windows loading screen comes and the "pearls" downstairs begin circulating, the mouse and the keyboard go quiet. I am sure that there is no hardware problems, and the keyboard and mouse work on my Mac very well.
    I tried system restore and PC options refresh on the Startup Options page, but unfortunately, my hard drive is unlocked, and system restore won't work; It says that I need to specify which Windows Installation to restore. I also tried my options with the Windows CD.
    Do a complete restore of the system is not really something I want or feel that I can do. Being the sidenote, I have school work on this machine in question, and it was already over. Otherwise, I would have not had any problems.
    Anyone had this problem before?

    Hi, I just have this problem, but I have noticed that the driver has been disabled, when I activated, it works fine now.

  • My USB ports do not work after that I updated. I discovered that they were not working because my mouse no longer works

    My USB ports are not working after I upgraded to don't know what could have caused this and there is no fix auto feature that opens, I discovered that they were not working because my mouse no longer works HELP Please

    Original title: hardware device

    Hello Neale,

    Two things for you to try: and if that does not work, try this one: .

    Let me know if one of them might be your problem.

    Kind regards


  • USB ports do not work after waking up Satellite A200 from sleep mode

    After that I spend my Satellite A200-244 "sleep" or "hibernate" USB ports do not work!

    Hi mate,

    already tried this:

    Open start and type Device Manager and then press ENTER, to start Device Manager. Click on the sign + next to "Controllers of Bus USB" and then in the list, you should see some devices called 'USB hub root'. For each one, click right, hit properties, go to the power management tab and uncheck the box "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power." Then restart.

    Maybe it works. Another solution would probably be this Microsoft KB document:


  • Satellite L40 - 18W - USB ports does not work after format HARD drive

    I formatted my laptop "L40 - 18w" after that all usb ports do not work.

    Could you please help me on this issue

    Thank you

    Ben is right. After the installation of the operating system as a first step, you need to install driver chipset.
    Please see the download page for Toshiba under
    There you can find all the drivers for your model of laptop including driver chipset.

  • Re: Computer laptop Satellite U does not work after BIOS update

    I was updating my BIOS.

    My computer restarted abruptly, saying: there was a problem and that a check should be performed.
    After reaching 100%, he's stuck. I waited for a while, but eventually it turned off.

    When I rebooted, it stopped working correctly.
    The screen, keyboard and USB ports do not work.

    Can anyone help with this?


    Looks like something was wrong during the update of the BIOS.
    In this case the module ROM was flashed properly and therefore your laptop cannot start properly.

    I think the BISO ROM must be flashed again, but this can be done by a Toshiba ASP because guys have had a trad-BIOS version that is necessary to Flash the ROM module

    Good luck

  • Satellite Pro 6100: USB port does not work after the return of the mode "Eve"

    I have a strange error on my USB ports on Satttelite Pro 6100 with XP SP2.

    Two USB 1.1 ports work fine after cranking up what the laptop goes into mode 'sleep' (automatically or manually).
    The restart afret optical mouse connected to the USB port does not illuminate and the XP system displays the error message on the device not recognized on USB port.

    Plug the mouse on or off doesn't change anything. Only restart helps.

    Any ideas?

    It's very strange, but it will be interesting to see if the same problem persists with other USB devices. Can you test and post again on the results?

  • Satellite Pro C850 does not work after Bios Update

    My satellite pro c850 cd does not work after updating the bios of toshiba.

    What should I do?

    Saying: don t work do you mean it does not fuel upward or what do you mean exactly?
    Flash the BIOS correctly?

    Maybe something went wrong during the upgrade, which means that l ROM flashed module isn't properly

    In most cases a special disc of crisis of the BIOS would be required to operate
    Not sure if you can get it repaired by your own
    Check this thread. Maybe this helps:

    Otherwise you need help of the authorized service provider available in your country.

  • Satellite C50D-A-12 x - touchpad does not work after Windows Update

    the touchpad does not work after the windows updare

    I always recommend you read other threads / messages and spikes before considering opening new thread in the forum

  • Satellite P205-S6257: Chicony USB Webcam does not work after upgrade to Vista Ultimate

    I've upgraded to Vista Ultimate Home and now my Webcam does not work. When I tried to update the driver, I get a message that says that Windows has encountered a problem installing the software driver for your device...

    The installation file forthis training device is missing a necessary entry. Maybe it's because the file INF was written for Windows 95 or later. Contact your hardware vendor.

    I succumbed to find the drivers on the Chicony website. My laptop is a Satellite P205-S6257 and the Toshiba is not yet display on their support site. I don't have a disk for webcam.

    Any suggestions?

    I wish more users would use the advanced search for the Toshiba forum because many topics have already been discussed here and the solution was already planned.

    Check this box:

    or this thread

    In the thread above, you will find a link to this page in the solution: = TIU00000038fc

    I hope I could help

  • Satellite P855 - 10 H does not work after BIOS update

    I bought a new laptop Toshiba Satellite P855 - 10 H recently and there is no problem. Yesterday (August 12, 2012), I saw a warning from center of Toshiba it is has updated dated August 1, 2012, for BIOS and followed all the instructions until you reboot. Laptop not a not restart after you finish all the process successfully.

    Closed and now I can't start. Downloaded the latest bios file in a usb port on the support site, but because it's the exe, I couldn't use it.

    Any suggestions to save my new laptop?

    For me, this looks like screw at the top of the BIOS.
    I put t know whether you will be able to get this working again, but check it please

    Maybe it will help you.
    Be so kind and post comments.

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