Satellite P200 - HD-DVD Player Toshiba can not read HD-DVD


I have a problem with my Satellite P200-1: can not read HD DVD. There is a message that says that the video may not be in an external device.

The problem is the same if I try on the screen of the laptop or on the TV (Sony Bravia Full HD) with HDMI. I have the latest driver and software for vista sp1 installed...

Some have an idea?
Sorry to talk so badly...

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I think I know what's wrong;

Check this Toshiba TB document;

[HD DVD title does not play ("unable to output the video to an external device"): 788xml & sliceId = & dialogid = 41741513 & stateId = 0% 200% 20 41739828]

To resolve this problem, you will need to update the Audio driver Realtek for Windows Vista.

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    I think I have the solution
    You must first install the Intel Matrix storage Manager before you continue the installation of XP Setup!

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    Good bye

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    See you soon,.

    Hi mate

    I think that the portable player s (optical disc) DVD region is set in the United States and therefore you can not read the DVD released for the European market.

    To resolve this problem, you must change the option of DVD region 2 region.

    My computer-> drive CD / DVD-> properties-> Hardware tab-> choose the CD drive / DVD-> properties-> DVD region

    Notes; You can change this settings ONLY 4 times. After that the parameters is no longer editable.

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    Good luck!

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    Use all the methods in the Troubleshoot utility above including checking with the manufacturer of system and
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    I hope this helps.
    Rob Brown - MS MVP - Windows Desktop Experience: Bike - Mark Twain said it right.

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    Your computer may be missing code, download and install K-lite code pack can solve the problem. K-lite code Pack is free and safe, and it includes almost every video code and audio code.

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    I finally had the time to install the RC (build number is now 7229) and the problems disappeared. Just thought I would add this track to the top.
    WMP now works fine! Zoe

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    @ richardgho: I agree, however, I do not work for HP, so I have no authority in the matter. Despite this, describing results from the troubleshooting steps you have already accomplished should demonstrate that your tablet is defective.

    If you are still in yout seller of trading period, which may be an easier option for you, instead of getting the HP Technical Support to approve a sectoral approach. Whatever it is, you've been sick, so I hope that you won't encounter any hassles even when organizing an Exchange.

    When you are satisfied that this issue is resolved, please indicate your message 'Resolved' to make it easier for others to learn what works for you.

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    Thanks for posting your question in the Microsoft answers Forum. Your question it will be better answered in Forum Windows Live Hotmail. Please repost your question here.

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