Satellite P200D - 11L sound problem - sound gets distorted

I bought a Satellite P200D - 11L a couple of weeks and when I got it sound was perfect.
There was good amount of bass and distortion-free when I turned the volume to 100%. Harman/kardon speakers are cool :) But now the sound is distorted. It started week ago.

When I try to listen to music (in windows media player and winamp, there is no difference) it is very distorted through the laptop speakers, but on my helmet, it is good. Also, same song/songs are normal on my desktop PC.
I don't know what the problem is so please help. I tried to restore windows with Toshiba product recovery disc but same problem is still there. If the speakers are in some way damaged, because on my sound headset is OK? And Yes, I told you on my sound headset is OK, but it is a little bit different than it was when I got the laptop...

When I got laptop sound had more bass, but now when this problem occurred, its also a less serious (bass is almost imperceptible).

Hi mate,

Since you´ve already tried everything, I would say that your speakerhardware went... so, please click [HERE | 000000871] to find the next and nearest to the ASP in your country, contact them and send your machine for them.

They should fix this.

Welcome them

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  • Re: Satellite P200D - 11L: how to install Windows XP

    I have a laptop Satellite P200D - 11L for about 5 months and it has preinstalled windows Vista.
    I can't stand them.
    They crash every 5 minutes and they consume all my resources for no reason!
    I can't run any program for my work that I used to run under XP without problem because of the incompatibility.

    I just discovered that I can not play games for reasons of incompatibility.
    I can play games that are very new, and of course these games play well due to lack of resources.
    I'm desperate. I tried loading XP on it, but it just stops when I boot from the XP one cd will not open again.

    I need to install urgent XP but I don't know how.
    Please give me a few steps or a few links so I can get rid of this bad software called vista.



    I think I know what you the problem might be.
    First you must make sure that you Win XP CD contain the SP2.
    I know the different problems that might appear during the installation of XP if a SP2 was not included. If you XP CD doesn't have a SP2 then use the program nLite to built your own XP CD with SP2.

    In addition your P200 supports the SATA controller and you will need to install the first SATA driver (among others).
    It is not very difficult. You need the Intel Matrix Storage Manger.
    During XP Setup, press F6, and then you could include the the USB FDD drive SATA driver. Search this forum for more details. There are many useful discussions.

    This crib of storage can be downloaded from the Intel Web site or on the European driver from Toshiba website.
    Unfortunately, for Satellite P200D XP drivers are not available on the Toshiba page at the moment and I think you should try some different P200 series drivers.

    Good bye

  • Satellite P200D - 11L - VGA card is dead


    My VGA on my Satellite P200D card just died. It has been overheating for a while with several abrupt closing of the bottom, but I have finals. This model has a very poor cooling, the design is very underrated. I thought that there was dirt on the inside, but when I took it out it was not. It was clean. The cooling block disappeared, but clean.

    Someone know what video card is compatible with my laptop and where can I get a cheap replacement?

    The serial number of my laptop: Satellite P200D - 11L, S/n: 97397677K
    My VGA card details: VGA BOARD M76 256 S/N: K000056620

    Thanks for any help.

    To be honest I don't think that you can choose between several different graphics cards. I have the same model of laptop, use it for 3 years now and it works perfectly so I don't agree with your opinion on bad cooling. Who knows how to use it?

    On the design of the portable equipment, it's that it is really difficult to find spare parts, except the RAM or HARD drive. You can find the whole motherboard, but I don't think you can order somewhere new graphics as part separately. In this case the whole motherboard will be exchanged.

    Try eBay. Maybe you will be lucky and find something.

  • Need help to update BIOS on Satellite P200D - 11L

    I have a portable satellite P200D - 11L. I have a problem recently with my FN key is not working and a few problems with my camera. My BIOS version is 1.00, and I saw that there is a version 1.2. Although I downloaded the update when I went to unpack, I have seen that there are 2 versions of it. We called Setup and another called Setup64.which one should I launch?

    Any help would be extremely useful.

    Thanks in advance.


    I guess you have 32-bit of Windows Vista or Windows XP 32-bit installed and not a 64-bit operating system.
    Thus, it would be optimal to install program installation and not Setup64. If you install the Setup64 your won´t OS works as it should.

    Welcome them

  • Satellite P200D - 11L - FN keys do not work on Windows 7

    I installed new Toshiba value added package official (1.2.28) on Windows 7 32-bit but do not touch the combination FN + F1-9 on Satellite P200d - 11l.

    Can you help me? Thank you

    I can also confirm what Luke_1 wrote. Installation of the Flash Cards support utility has worked for me also! :)

    By the way: thank you for your comments, Marosh.

  • Toshiba going drivers XP for Satellite P200D - 11L

    I have a Satellite P200D - 11L and waiting for almost six months for the official XP drivers. I'm starting to think that they are not released.
    My question is - does TOSHIBA intend to release XP drivers? And if no one here knows, could you tell me where I can ask for such information.

    Published by: ADMIN on May 25, 2008 08:04

    Don t think you will receive a response from Toshiba directly because it is a user forum.

    Is your P200D equipped the CPU of the AMP?
    If yes then I guess that XP drivers will not at this time.
    A few weeks ago I talked to an authorized provider in my country and he said that XP drivers are not available for AMD machines

    It seems that you should look for the XP drivers on chip manufacturer s Web site.
    I have an A210 laptop with an AMD processor and I didn t find XP drivers for my laptop. But I ve installed XP and it runs great.

    I've found only XP drivers in another Satellite to categorize. Some unique drivers works.
    I recommend to do the same thing.

    Good bye

  • Re: Satellite P200D - 11L and a station

    I have a question about Satellite P200D - 11L. Is there a docking station for this model (except Dynadock i.e.)? For example is forward compatible with this laptop Port Replicator?
    Thanks in advance.


    Satellite P series is not designed for use with the docking station. Can be used with docking station for all models have expansion port placed in the lower corner.

    Docking station can be used with all mobile hat belongs to the class of cases like Tecra and Portege. As far as I know a few Satellite pro models can also be used with docking station.

  • Where can I find the drivers for Satellite P200D - 11L / model PSPBQE?


    I just bought a * Satellite P200D - 11L (AMD Turion 64 X 2 TL-60, 2 x 1 GB RAM, 200 GB HDD, ATI Mobility Radeon HD 2600, 17 '', DVD Multi *). The machine came with preinstalled operating system (* Vista Home Premium 32 bit *).

    I had a look on the DVD of recovery, but it does not all drivers. I tried to find & download the drivers for this model, but all that is available on the Toshiba site is upgrading the BIOS.

    Does anyone know where to find the rest of the drivers?

    Thank you very much.

    To my knowledge, this laptop is very new on the market and it seems that the drivers for this series are not released.

    Looks like we have to wait a bit.
    But I m sure that pilots will be published in the next time!
    Don t lose patience ;)

  • Win7/Satellite P200D - Admin Login - problem with keyboard - password is not displayed

    Hi all

    My Satellite P200D has Vista Premium o/s, was about 5 years old now

    Has worked well enough until the last of three months or more and developed a problem of restart.

    Hit restart button and it stops, then after several attempts get it at startup and on the screen that shows the internal PC Repair or Normal startup mode option. The only way that I can get to the login screen is to click on Normal mode as the automatic repair option does not work.

    Has decided to switch to Win7 to see if that would solve the problem.

    Now there is another problem, and it's the login admin password screen. The cursor flashes and any attempt to type password does not visibly show the words you type.

    Also tried and external usb keyboard does no difference

    Help, please

    Thank you

    I have the Satellite P200D with Win7 32 bit and it works perfectly.

    You have this keyboard problem when you start the operating system in safe mode?

  • Is it possible to use the Satellite P200D - 11L with Windows XP

    I want to buy this model from Toshiba (P200D - 11L). Is it possible to run it with Windows XP? Because I'm not interested in Windows Vista now... thx

    Of course, it is possible to use the XP on this laptop.
    But the question is; All the XP drivers are available for this series of satellites P?

    I checked the page European driver of Toshiba and, unfortunately, I didn't find the XP drivers for the series Sat P200D currently

    Well, as far as I remember the XOP drivers were unavailable for the A200 series too. But after a few days/weeks Toshiba comes to present all the XP drivers.
    I guess that this series is brand new on the market and it may need to wait a bit until all the XP drivers will be available.

    Please do not get out of patience ;)

    Best regards

  • Satellite P200D-127 - where can I get a new card of mother?


    I have a Satellite P200D-127 (part number: PSPBLE-02100LEN) which has a tired motherboard. I have a white screen when I turn on the laptop. All lights are on and I can hear the HDD spinning in life, but nothing on the screen. I have tried just about everything I can think of:

    External power supply tested - no problem
    HARD drive removed and put to the test - no problem
    Readability HDD tested - data
    Tested display - VGA screen attached to the laptop. Still no image
    Etc. of cables/connectors/motherboard tested memory for the creep of the component - reinstalled everything

    Then... Any idea where I can get a replacement for this laptop motherboard? I 'Google' Satellite P200D-127 replacement motherboard (and variations of!) and I don't seem to be able to find anything.

    See you soon

    Hey Buddy,

    I think it's pretty easy: just contact a service provider allowed in your country and ask for a replacement motherboard. They can order spare parts Toshiba and can also exchange the motherboard for you.

    Here, you can search an ASP: > support & downloads > find an authorized service provider

    Good luck! :)

  • Satellite P200D - 11L: Vista Device Manager indicates a bad CPU?


    I just bought p200D - 11L with turion 64 x 2 TL-60 2, 0 ghz with Vista and the problem is that the hardware Manager shows x 2 athlon not stalk TK-55.

    Why is this?
    Have I been wrong or something?

    This CPU is indicated in the properties of the system?

    I checked the specifications in the internet and it seems that unity P200D - 11L was equipped with AMD Turion 64 mobile 2 X 2 TL - 60 CPU!

    In my opinion it of a entry all simply wrong in the Device Manager.
    The solution is:
    Remove the CPU of the Device Manager and restart the computer again.
    Then the CPU must be recognized again correctly, please check this!

  • Satellite P200D - 11L - where to find added value pack for Windows XP


    Anyone know where I can download value pack for Windows XP?
    My laptop is P200D - 11L... Value pack doesn't have to be for this laptop (I think that the PPV for this notebook and WinXP exist)...

    Thank you


    Value added package is designed ONLY for Vista.
    So you won't find this package for Win XP!

    Welcome them

  • Satellite L555 - 11L - Sound and keyboard problem

    (1) 2 months after the purchase, laptop began screaming sound. He brought back to Fnac, they restored the system. The screeching starts now if the level of speakers is higher than 50% or if I plug headphones with microphone. Making it difficult to use Skype. What could be the cause?

    ((2) recently, keyboard became slow - Return key and SPACEBAR react unless you press several times and 'double letters' (repeat) will not work unless I stop everything first before typing the new letter--regardless of the letter). I tried to change the properties of keyboard long/short, delay/frequency, no difference. Browsing the forum, I noticed that + users with similar problems also have a computer laptop french keyboard +. Would he be there? What should I try how can I set the properties of the keyboard, anyway?

    Thanks for help.


    Are you running the factory settings or did you do your own installation of Windows?

  • Re: Satellite P200D - 11L - FN key doesn't work, installed VAP

    Recently I have reinsalled Windows 7 last month and everything is OK except for the FN key. When the added value package is NOT installed, some of the functions of work (in fact most of them do). BUT after that I installed the VAP, it does not at all! I checked the settings and nothing is disabled. Flash cards are running, but I can only interact with them with the mouse.
    So I uninstalled and installed the previous version of PPV I used before. The result was the same.

    I tried other things too: I used the DVD provided with the laptop to install windows vista from recovery. The FN key worked! I tried to do an UPGRADE to Windows 7 and see what happens and FN key does not work yet.

    Then I thought that the reason was a Windows Update. I installed all available updates and even once - nothing happened.

    All this is very strange because the FN key and flash cards worked well before the first reinstallation of Windows 7.

    The only other thing I can think is that I did an update of the BIOS before resettlement - had some problems with the sound and I think that helped. If I could, I would have tried to go down but I don't see how it's possible - I can't download the previous version of anywhere! And if there is a backup, it is not on the computer more secure.

    I know this is a little thing, but it drives me crazy! Two lost days just a FN key!
    My warranty has expired 1 year ago and I don't want to lose money on just a key... it is not a service of toshiba in my city.

    Thanks for sharing this with us!

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